Mon Nov 7 00:32:45 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

test/ruby/test_optimization.rb (test_tailcall_interrupted_by_sigint)

ignore on Windows because we cannot handle signaled status of child ruby process on this platform.


Sun Nov 6 23:36:07 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

test/ruby/test_optimization.rb (test_tailcall_interrupted_by_sigint)

send SIGKILL if the child process doesn't die within 1 second.

Sun Nov 6 21:54:28 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

tool/vcs.rb (export_changelog)

generate ChangeLog file from vcs's log. [Feature #12283]

tool/make-snapshot (package)

overwrite ChangeLog by generated ChangeLog.

Sun Nov 6 21:36:33 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Added entry for RDoc 5.

Sun Nov 6 21:35:37 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


ordered entries and adjust styles.

Sun Nov 6 18:23:31 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Added entry for [Feature #12160]

Sun Nov 6 18:18:25 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Added entry for r56624.

Sun Nov 6 15:53:03 2016 Shugo Maeda <> (-Wno-maybe-uninitialized)

gcc 6 also shows the same warnings as described in r49410.

Sun Nov 6 14:42:50 2016 takkanm <>

eval.c (rb_mod_include, rb_mod_prepend)

check if arguments are given, as well as Kernel#extend. [ruby-dev:49854] [Bug #12887] [Fix GH-1470]

Sun Nov 6 11:59:05 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

test/rinda/test_rinda.rb (test_make_socket_ipv6_multicast, test_make_socket_ipv6_multicast_hops)

skip if IPv6 multicast address is not available.

Sun Nov 6 11:53:23 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/irb.rb (Binding#irb)

new method like Binding#pry.

Sun Nov 6 11:48:55 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

test/net/smtp/test_smtp.rb (test_tls_connect, test_tls_connect)

use Socket.tcp_server_sockets in case localhost is resolved to ::1.

Sun Nov 6 11:49:47 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/irb.rb (IRB::Irb#run)

split from IRB.start.

Sun Nov 6 11:45:11 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/e2mmap.rb (E2MM.def_exception)

remove old definition if exists so that works multiple times.

Sun Nov 6 10:03:00 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

test/ruby/test_optimization.rb (test_tailcall_interrupted_by_sigint)

don't use sleep to run faster.

Sun Nov 6 09:58:47 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

process.c (rb_exec_fillarg)

honor the given path environment variable. [ruby-core:53103] [Bug #8004]

Sun Nov 6 01:52:31 2016 Akira Matsuda <>


Alias regist_scanner to register_scanner

Sun Nov 6 01:39:36 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

compile.c (tailcallable_p)

disable tail call optimization for toplevel, eval, and load to avoid SEGV when interrupted by SIGINT. [ruby-core:76327] [Bug #12576]

Sun Nov 6 01:28:41 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


rename REG_(CFP|PC|SP|EP) to VM_REG_.… [Bug #12527]



Sun Nov 6 00:25:11 2016 Sho Hashimoto <>

enumerator.c (InitVM_Enumerator)

Enumerator::Lazy#chunk_while defined. [Fix GH-1186]

Sun Nov 6 00:22:51 2016 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

vm_eval.c (vm_call0_cfunc_with_frame)

pass method id to dtrace hook. follow up r56592.

Sun Nov 6 00:06:38 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/resolv.rb (Resolv::LOC::Coord.create)

fixed. [ruby-core:72567] [Bug #11912] fixed by Eric Wong and Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA.

Sun Nov 6 00:03:09 2016 NARUSE, Yui <> (-Wimplicit-fallthrough)

gcc7 introduces case fall through warnings but it is too noisy.


Sat Nov 5 23:58:32 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

numeric.c (rb_int_round)

cast to SIGNED_VALUE to suppress warnings by -Wsign-compare.

Sat Nov 5 23:48:27 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

file.c (rb_home_dir_of)

convert given username into filesystem encoding. [ruby-core:76682] [Bug #12652] patched by Davis Mosans

Sat Nov 5 23:46:03 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

time.c (vtm_add_offset)

Fix yday on last day of year. [ruby-core:72878] [Bug #11994] Fixed by Andrew White.

Sat Nov 5 23:30:41 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

lib/net/http.rb (

new convenience method to send a POST request. [ruby-core:75484] [Feature #12375]

Sat Nov 5 23:03:54 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

lib/net/http.rb (transport_request)

other than HTTPContinue in 1xx (HTTPInformation) also needs to continue. [Bug #12890]

Sat Nov 5 22:51:06 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/time.rb (make_time)

“now” argument as nil works again. This is broken since Ruby 2.2. Mathieu Jobin pointed a problem.

Sat Nov 5 22:50:13 2016 Akinori MUSHA <>

lib/ipaddr.rb (IPAddr#==)

If coercion fails, return false instead of passing through the exception. [ruby-core:77451] [Bug #12799]

lib/ipaddr.rb (IPAddr#<=>)

If coercion fails, return nil instead of passing through the exception. [ruby-core:77451] [Bug #12799]

Sat Nov 5 22:11:33 2016 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

vm_trace.c (tracepoint_attr_callee_id, rb_tracearg_callee_id)

add TracePoint#callee_id. [ruby-core:77241] [Feature #12747]

cont.c, eval.c, gc.c, include/ruby/intern.h, insns.def, thread.c, vm.c, vm_backtrace.c, vm_core.h, vm_eval.c, vm_insnhelper.c, vm_trace.c



tests for above.

Sat Nov 5 22:09:48 2016 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

eval.c, method.h, proc.c, vm.c, vm_eval.c, vm_insnhelper.c, vm_method.c

TracePoint#method_id should return method_id, not callee_id. [ruby-core:77241] [Feature #12747]


change accordingly.

Sat Nov 5 18:49:37 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

numeric.c (flo_round, int_round)

support round-to-nearest-even semantics of IEEE 754 to match sprintf behavior, and add `half:` optional keyword argument for the old behavior. [ruby-core:76273] [Bug #12548]

Sat Nov 5 18:17:54 2016 Akinori MUSHA <>

lib/set.rb (Set#compare_by_identity, Set#compare_by_identity?)

New methods. [Feature #12210]

Sat Nov 5 18:17:08 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

lib/rdoc/*, test/rdoc/*

Update rdoc-5.0.0 Release note:–2016-11-05

Sat Nov 5 17:29:06 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/resolv.rb (Resolv::DNS#extract_resources)

Use each_resource instead of each_answer. [ruby-core:75461] [Bug #12372] reported by Rafael Fernandez Lopez.

Sat Nov 5 17:18:24 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

ext/-test-/file/fs.c (get_atime_p)

Updating of file access times is enabled or not.

Sat Nov 5 16:28:07 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

io.c (extract_getline_opts)

extract chomp option. [Feature #12553]

Sat Nov 5 15:58:24 2016 Sho Hashimoto <>


[DOC] add rbconfig documentation.

Sat Nov 5 15:42:52 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

lib/net/smtp.rb (tlsconnect)

support timeout for TLS handshake. [ruby-core:76893] [Bug #12678]

lib/net/protocol.rb (ssl_socket_connect)

new method to implement timeout for TLS handshake.

lib/net/http.rb (connect)

use Net::Protocol#ssl_socket_connect.

Sat Nov 5 14:17:20 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (brace_body, do_body)

since cmdarg_stack is saved in VALUE val, should restore from the same member. on big-endian platforms where VALUE is larger than int, it restored 0 in the upper word. [ruby-core:77920] [Bug #12900]

Sat Nov 5 13:52:52 2016 Akinori MUSHA <>

lib/shellwords.rb (Shellwords#shellsplit)

Fix the handling of the backslash in double quotes to conform to the standard. [ruby-core:63807] [Bug #10055]

Sat Nov 5 12:14:31 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

ext/pathname/pathname.c (Pathname#empty?)

New method. [ruby-core:76404] [Feature #12596] Proposed by John Backus.

Sat Nov 5 11:53:02 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

test/ruby/test_refinement.rb (test_refine_alias_in_subclass)

add a test to check that alias in subclasses can be refined. [ruby-core:69374] [Bug #11186]

Sat Nov 5 11:20:57 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

cont.c (cont_new)

disable optimization if clang's version is 3.8.0. [ruby-core:77894] [Bug #12893]

Sat Nov 5 10:07:18 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

test/ruby/test_file.rb (TestFile#test_stat)

fix noatime case. [ruby-core:77943] [Bug #12903]


Fri Nov 4 17:52:44 2016 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (heap_page_resurrect)

do not return tomb_pages when page->freelist == NULL. [Bug #12670]

Fri Nov 4 16:31:45 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

util.c (ruby_dtoa)

round to even, instead of rounding to nearest. [ruby-core:77864] [Bug #12889]

Fri Nov 4 15:31:00 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

Add compiler version message into rbconfig as RbConfig::CONFIG. [Feature #12896]

Fri Nov 4 13:03:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

numeric.c (rb_int_digits)

Fix exception message [ruby-core:77502] [Bug #12815]

Fri Nov 4 10:51:16 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/pathname/pathname.c (path_hash)

fix unnormalized Fixnum value bug on mingw/mswin.

Fri Nov 4 10:35:47 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/fileutils.rb (FileUtils::Entry_#copy)

ensure that the source entry exists first, to fix error for non-existent entry. [ruby-core:77885] [Bug #12892]


Thu Nov 3 21:45:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>


Import changes from ruby/bigdecimal repository.

Thu Nov 3 15:01:29 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


include sys/sysmacros.h for ArchLinux which deprecated use of major() and minor() in sys/types.h.


Wed Nov 2 08:45:49 2016 Dmitry Gritsay <>


set ANYARGS as arguments for func1 and func2.


mention the exception object which is passed to func2 as the second argument. [Fix GH-1471]

Wed Nov 2 07:34:27 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

numeric.c (rb_num_coerce_bit)

enable bit operations with coercing by non-integer object. [ruby-core:77783] [Bug #12875]


Tue Nov 1 01:31:09 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (ac_cv_func_round)

round(3) in x86_64-w64-mingw32 is not accurate in an edge case. [ruby-core:77794] [Bug #12878]


Mon Oct 31 17:36:04 2016 Code Ahss <>

test/test_forwardable.rb (TestForwardable#test_on_private_method)

add test for [Bug #12782] [Bug #12840]

Mon Oct 31 11:08:51 2016 Samuel Williams <>

lib/uri/generic.rb (URI::Generic#merge)

merge merge0. [GH-1469]


Sun Oct 30 15:32:43 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

lib/rubygems.rb, lib/rubygems/*, test/rubygems/*

Update rubygems to 2.6.8. Release note of 2.6.8:


Sat Oct 29 19:59:37 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (cond0)

!-operator is a method call, no warning for literal in condition. [ruby-core:77801] [Bug #12881]

Sat Oct 29 10:09:38 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

compile.c (iseq_compile_each)

turn flip-flop in a not-operator into a boolean value. fix up r56315

Sat Oct 29 09:39:14 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_eval.c (vm_call0_body)

follow the original class, not to loop the prepended module. [ruby-core:77784] [Bug #12876]

Sat Oct 29 00:14:30 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


update mapping from 0xCA to U+05BA. [Feature #12877]


Fri Oct 28 23:22:32 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


extract transcode_tblgen method calls for libraries loaded by dynamically generated names, in single_byte.trans.

Fri Oct 28 16:05:03 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

insns.def (opt_case_dispatch)

extract float value only if the Float method is not redefined.

Fri Oct 28 15:58:16 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

internal.h (RB_OBJ_BUILTIN_TYPE)

special-const safe BUILTIN_TYPE.

Fri Oct 28 15:20:18 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

complex.c (id_finite_p, id_infinite_p, id_rationalize, id_PI)

initialize static IDs.

complex.c (FINITE_TYPE_P)

extract predicate.

complex.c (rb_complex_finite_p, rb_complex_infinite_p)

use dedicated predicates instead of switch by TYPE.


Thu Oct 27 23:28:12 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_integer_type_p)

turn into macro to help clang based on old gcc to eliminate CSE.

Thu Oct 27 16:33:47 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

tool/redmine-backporter.rb (rel)

check the exception and show right message.

Thu Oct 27 14:57:33 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/socket/lib/socket.rb (UDPSocket#recvfrom_nonblock)

[DOC] Remove a false statement “If maxlen is omitted, its default value is 65536.” maxlen, the first parameter, cannot be omitted as the method signature indicates. This hasn't changed ever since it was first implemented.

Thu Oct 27 09:42:09 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

object.c (rb_convert_to_integer)

convert a fixable float to a fixnum directly without the conversion method, as well as bignum case.

object.c (rb_convert_to_integer)

should not drop the converted string.


Wed Oct 26 17:09:59 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_intern)

use prefixed version macro RUBY_CONST_ID_CACHE.

Wed Oct 26 11:28:25 2016 URABE Shyouhei <>


added several entries which (if I remember correctly) are added in a year.


Tue Oct 25 12:54:07 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

proc.c (mnew_internal)

follow the original class, not to loop the prepended module. [ruby-core:77591] [Bug #12832]


Mon Oct 24 10:52:17 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

test/lib/test/unit.rb (Test::Unit::Parallel#deal)

update the job status after a task finished, to show idling workers.

Mon Oct 24 10:51:09 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

complex.c (Init_Complex)

undefine methods inherited from Comparable, because Complex does not have <=> method. [Bug #12866]

class.c (rb_undef_methods_from)

undefine methods defined in super from klass.

Mon Oct 24 10:19:44 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

complex.c (Init_Complex)

undefine Complex#clamp, which does not work like other Comparable methods, because Complex does not have <=> method. patched by Tim Peters <zomg.tim AT> in [ruby-core:77720]. [Bug #12866]


Sun Oct 23 11:41:41 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


include “ruby/ruby.h” explicitly for enum ruby_fl_type and VALUE.


Sat Oct 22 23:33:55 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (reg_compile_gen)

always append error message to the error buffer.

Sat Oct 22 22:33:32 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

numeric.c (num_funcall1)

check recursion by inverse pair, to fix fake infinite recursion. [ruby-core:77713] [Bug #12864]

Sat Oct 22 18:52:32 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (rb_hash_compact_bang)

should return nil if no elements is deleted. [ruby-core:77709] [Bug #12863]

Sat Oct 22 10:28:28 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (DLDFLAGS)

fallback to LDFLAGS. [ruby-core:72444] [Bug #11863] (LIBRUBY_DLDFLAGS)


expand the option to be appended/prepended when matching, as well as RUBY_APPEND_OPTIONS and RUBY_PREPEND_OPTIONS.

Sat Oct 22 09:52:57 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

compile.c (setup_args)

duplicate splatting array if more arguments present to obey left-to-right execution order. [ruby-core:77701] [Bug# 12860]


Fri Oct 21 16:44:44 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

dir.c (do_opendir)

retry after GC when the limit for open file descriptors reached.

Fri Oct 21 16:06:25 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ruby.c (open_load_file)

retry after GC when the limit for open file descriptors reached.

Fri Oct 21 11:34:17 2016 Pascal Schmid <>

string.c (rb_str_sub, rb_str_gsub)

[DOC] 'backlash' should read 'backslash'. [Fix GH-1461]


Thu Oct 20 17:02:56 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


added documentation for deprecated method. [Misc #11960][ci skip]

Thu Oct 20 16:57:23 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Add documentation for Digest. [Feature #10452][ci skip] * remove HMAC from list of digest algorithms, * add MD5 in list of digest algorithms, * add information about writing a C digest implementation using Digest::Base, * add documentation for Digest::Base public methods.


add examples for MD5.


add examples for Digest::RMD160.


add examples for Digest::SHA1.

Thu Oct 20 16:19:51 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Improved documentation grammar for open-uri#open option. [Misc #11329][ci skip]


Wed Oct 19 21:48:40 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>


mention refinements with Kernel#send and BasicObject#__send__. [Feature #11476]

Wed Oct 19 17:02:15 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_call_opt_send)

enable refinements with Kernel#send and BasicObject#__send__. [Feature #11476]

Wed Oct 19 14:22:49 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


do not clobber the option by –run-opt with RUBYOPT. reported by Allen Hewes <rallenh AT>.

Wed Oct 19 00:09:06 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

addr2line.c (parse_debug_line_cu)

boundary checks for compressed debug sections. [ruby-dev:49840] [Bug #12850]


Tue Oct 18 16:36:40 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (DLDFLAGS)

append –compress-debug-sections=zlib if available, which reduces the size of LIBRUBY_SO by half or more.


Mon Oct 17 16:20:37 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


add option to enable/disable to install static ruby library. defaulted to “no”. [Feature #12845] (install-static-library)

add option to enable/ disable to install static ruby library. defaulted to “no” if enable-shared. [Feature #12845]

tool/rbinstall.rb (local-arch-lib)

respect the option.


Sat Oct 15 14:17:05 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_args.c (refine_sym_proc_call)

search and call method with refinements.

vm_args.c (vm_caller_setup_arg_block)

enable refinements when enabled in the caller. [Feature #9451]

Sat Oct 15 00:54:01 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

process.c (proc_exec_cmd)

use UTF-8 version aspawn. [ruby-dev:49838] [Bug #12841]


Fri Oct 14 22:26:10 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/optparse/kwargs.rb (OptionParser#define_by_keywords)

[EXPERIMENTAL] extract command line option definitions from the information of keyword arguments.

Fri Oct 14 18:27:18 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Improve documentation for Float conversion. [ruby-core:71661][Bug #11736][ci skip]

Fri Oct 14 18:00:20 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Improve option documentation. [Feature #12803]

Fri Oct 14 17:20:24 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/optparse.rb (make_switch, parse_in_order)

unify underscores to hyphens.

Fri Oct 14 10:48:37 2016 Eric Wong <>

lib/webrick/utils.rb (TimeoutHandler)

use monotonic clock




Thu Oct 13 19:41:32 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

io.c (copy_stream_body)

use IO to write to copy to duplex IO.

Thu Oct 13 17:05:57 2016 Dwain Faithfull <>

hash.c (rb_hash_compact, rb_hash_compact_bang)

Removes nil values from the original hash, to port Active Support behavior. [Feature #11818]

Thu Oct 13 11:35:33 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

array.c (rb_ary_sort_bang, rb_ary_sort, rb_ary_sort_by_bang)

[DOC] describe that sort may not be stable.

enum.c (enum_sort, enum_sort_by)


Thu Oct 13 11:31:40 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

test/rexml/xpath/test_text.rb (test_ancestors)

Array#sort may not be stable. [ruby-core:76088] [Bug #12509]

test/rss/test_maker_{0.9,1.0,2.0}.rb (test_items)


Thu Oct 13 10:37:31 2016 Eric Wong <>


wording fix

Thu Oct 13 00:39:08 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

test/ruby/test_array.rb (test_sort_bang_with_freeze)

make a clone to copy a <=> singleton method, instead of dup. which element will be called is not predictable. [ruby-core:76088] [Bug #12509]

Thu Oct 13 00:21:27 2016 Simon Soriano <>


Replace “You can defined hooked variables” with “You can define hooked variables”. [Fix GH-1460]


Wed Oct 12 21:05:50 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

ruby.c (open_load_file)

revert r56385. it introduced incompatibility about `DATA.binmode?`.

Wed Oct 12 15:24:53 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Removed verification of gem certification. Because signed gem is not working on rubygems ecosystem.




Tue Oct 11 22:08:24 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

io.c (prep_io)

fix typo of struct member name. [ruby-core:77550] [Bug #12829]

Tue Oct 11 16:45:24 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/uri/generic.rb (URI.find_proxy)

Add an optional argument, env.

Tue Oct 11 16:38:32 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/pp.rb (String#pretty_print)

Defined to print a string as multiple lines. [ruby-core:76800] [Feature#12664] proposed by Petr Chalupa.


Mon Oct 10 15:22:27 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ruby.c (open_load_file)

bind the open fd to an IO instance before waiting FIFO, not to leak the fd if interrupted.

Mon Oct 10 12:40:54 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ruby.c (open_load_file)

compare with EXEEXT instead of hard coded name, and do not match with mere EXEEXT.

ruby.c (open_load_file)

open in binary mode if available, as parser deals with EOLs.

io.c (prep_io)

reduce isatty call (and its system call) on Cygwin.


Sun Oct 9 23:05:53 2016 Prathamesh Sonpatki <>

array.c, class.c

Fixed documentation where Fixnum was referred directly to use Integer, as Fixnum and Bignum are now unified into Integer and direct usage is deprecated. [Fix GH-1459]

Sun Oct 9 11:37:19 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_core.h (VM_ASSERT)

stringify expr here before expansion in RUBY_ASSERT_WHEN.


Sat Oct 8 10:54:22 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/-test-/memory_status/memory_status.c (read_status)

use Win32 GetProcessMemoryInfo API.


get memory sizes by mach task_info system call.

Sat Oct 8 09:06:55 2016 Aurelien Jacobs <>

lib/logger.rb (Logger::Period#next_rotate_time)

fix monthly log rotate when DST is applied during a month of 31 days. [Fix GH-1458]


Fri Oct 7 20:21:39 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

gc.c (gc_prof_setup_new_record)

fix the condition to get rusage.

gc.c (gc_profile_dump_major_reason)

remove undefined flags.

Fri Oct 7 19:18:33 2016 Masaki Suketa <>

ext/win32ole/*.c, ext/win32ole/win32ole.h

use RB_INT2FIX instead of INT2FIX, and so on.

Fri Oct 7 14:18:40 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Adjust spaces in class declarations with inheritance. [fix GH-1227] Patch by @adrfer














Thu Oct 6 17:29:44 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

load.c (rb_require_safe)

SyntaxError created by the parser just has the message and needs to set up the backtrace. [ruby-core:77491] [Bug #12811]

load.c (rb_load_internal0)

load/require is not the main script.

Thu Oct 6 11:38:14 2016 Chris Jones <>


Update error message with correct words. [fix GH-1453][ci skip] Patch by @magikid

Thu Oct 6 11:01:49 2016 Tieg Zaharia <>

lib/uri/common.rb (WEB_ENCODINGS_)

Update URI::WEB_ENCODINGS_ hash, and fix documented command to grab it. [Fix GH-1430]

Thu Oct 6 10:37:13 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Add reduce/inject alias note. [fix GH-1400][ci skip] Patch by @getaaron

Thu Oct 6 10:30:27 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

thread.c (update_coverage)

check coverage values, and ignore non-fixnum values.

Thu Oct 6 09:19:21 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

io.c (fptr_finalize)

use dedicated macro RB_INTEGER_TYPE_P.


Wed Oct 5 18:02:44 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Improve document readability. [fix GH-1411][ci skip] Patch by @stz-seongheon

Wed Oct 5 15:43:32 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

node.c (dump_node)

flatten statements in NODE_BLOCK.

Wed Oct 5 14:27:36 2016 Byron Bowerman <>


Add docs for max/min behavior with exclusive range. [fix GH-1433][ci skip] Patch by @BM5k

Wed Oct 5 12:57:21 2016 Richard Schneeman <>


Add proper require for example to work. [fix GH-1378][ci skip] Patch by @schneems

Wed Oct 5 11:47:19 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Fixed equivalent ruby code with core implemention. [fix GH-1429][ci skip] Patch by @sos4nt

Wed Oct 5 11:36:21 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Added missing spaces and Removed needless spaces. [fix GH-1454][ci skip] Patch by @bogdanvlviv

Wed Oct 5 01:19:45 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

internal.h (ST2FIX)

new macro to convert st_index_t to Fixnum. a hash value of Object might be Bignum, but it causes many troubles especially the Object is used as a key of a hash. so I've gave up to do so.

array.c (rb_ary_hash)

use above macro.

bignum.c (rb_big_hash)


hash.c (rb_obj_hash, rb_hash_hash)


numeric.c (rb_dbl_hash)


proc.c (proc_hash)


re.c (rb_reg_hash, match_hash)


string.c (rb_str_hash_m)



Tue Oct 4 12:59:44 2016 Koichi ITO <>

array.c (rb_ary_dig)

[DOC] update an example of error message by Array#dig, because of Integer Unification. [Fix GH-1455]

Tue Oct 4 09:55:12 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_div2)

need more room for precision to round. [ruby-core:77475] [Bug #12805]

Tue Oct 4 06:05:46 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

regcomp.c (onig_print_compiled_byte_code)

make the shown address look relative.

Tue Oct 4 05:53:11 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

regexec.c (OPCODE_EXEC_HOOK)

op is p-1 because p is already incremented.

regexec.c (OPCODE_EXEC_HOOK)

use the exact end address.

regexec.c (match_at)

don't call OPCODE_EXEC_HOOK in CASE() when it comes from goto fail.


Mon Oct 3 21:24:41 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>


mention Readline.quoting_detection_proc{,=}.

Mon Oct 3 21:19:46 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>


[DOC] Fix default value of shift_age.

Mon Oct 3 17:20:05 2016 George Brocklehurst <>

ext/readline/readline.c (readline_s_set_quoting_detection_proc)

support rl_char_is_quoted_p. [Feature #12659]

ext/readline/readline.c (readline_s_get_quoting_detection_proc)



Sun Oct 2 08:22:28 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (RB_INT2FIX, RB_LONG2FIX)

prefix RB to global symbols to get rid of name conflicts with other headers.

Sun Oct 2 07:51:20 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_str_hash_m)

hash values may be negative.

Sun Oct 2 02:04:12 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

string.c (rb_str_hash_m)

st_index_t is not guaranteed as the same size with int, and of course also not guaranteed the value can be Fixnum.

Sun Oct 2 02:03:06 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

numeric.c (rb_fix2str)

detect unnormalized Fixnum value.


Sat Oct 1 23:08:47 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

ext/date/date_parse.c (date_zone_to_diff)

it's nonsence and really harm that to use unary minus operator with unsigned value. get rid of test failures introduced at r56312.

Sat Oct 1 22:17:49 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

compile.c (iseq_compile_each)

move numeric literal range optimization from fixup_nodes() in parse.y.

Sat Oct 1 19:19:34 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

compile.c (compile_flip_flop)

simplify generated code.

compile.c (compile_branch_condition)

flip-flop can appear only in conditional expressions.

Sat Oct 1 02:02:02 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

win32/win32.c (poll_child_status)

rb_w32_wait_events_blocking() sets errno internally, then should not set it here.


Fri Sep 30 19:06:21 2016 Anton Davydov <>


Documentation and code style improvements.


Added test for coverage. [fix GH-1427][Misc #12756]

Fri Sep 30 18:43:20 2016 Jason Yeo <>


Add missing 'as' [ci skip][fix GH-1448] Patch by @jsyeo


Thu Sep 29 23:38:04 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>

lib/yaml/store.rb (YAML::Store#dump)

use table argument instead of @table directly.

Thu Sep 29 22:22:22 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>

lib/yaml/store.rb (YAML::Store#initialize)

Fix arguments. [ruby-dev:49821] [Bug #12800]


Add tests from test/test_pstore.rb.

test/yaml/test_store.rb (YAMLStoreTest#test_with_options)

Add options test.

lib/yaml/store.rb (YAML::Store#dump)

Revert to to_yaml.

lib/yaml/store.rb (YAML::Store#empty_marshal_data)

Use to_yaml with options.

lib/yaml/store.rb (YAML::Store#empty_marshal_checksum)


Thu Sep 29 19:34:23 2016 Pete Higgins <>

thread_sync.c (rb_queue_pop, rb_szqueue_push, rb_szqueue_pop)

Document exception types, ThreadError, raised by Queue and SizedQueue. [Fix GH-1451]

Thu Sep 29 19:21:02 2016 Pete Higgins <>

thread_sync.c (Init_thread_sync)

Remove confusing doc comments, which are picked up by rdoc unexpectedly, from Queue and SizedQueue. [Fix GH-1450]


Wed Sep 28 23:14:19 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/pstore.rb (PStore::CHECKSUM_ALGO)

find available hashing algorithm for checksum. MD5 is not available in FIPS mode. [Feature #6943]

Wed Sep 28 13:00:25 2016 ksss <>

signal.c (sig_signame)

[DOC] Add documentation in the case of return nil. [Fix GH-1449]

Wed Sep 28 10:43:27 2016 URABE Shyouhei <>


delete comments. They were outdated.

Wed Sep 28 09:57:48 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/rubygems.rb, lib/rubygems/*, test/rubygems/*

Update rubygems to 2.6.7. Release note of 2.6.7:

Wed Sep 28 00:21:00 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

error.c (rb_warning_s_warn)

the argument must be an ASCII-compatible string. [ruby-core:77430] [Bug #12793]


Tue Sep 27 23:22:31 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (symbol, dsym, parser_set_number_literal)

set state to ENDARG, so that `do` after a literal should be `do_block` and bound to the outer method. [ruby-core:72482] [Bug #11873]

parse.y (parse_ident)

revert r56198.

parse.y (warn_balanced)

the state of symbol and numeric literals is now EXPR_ENDARG, do not exclude it.

Tue Sep 27 22:59:42 2016 URABE Shyouhei <>


news about Warning.warn.

Tue Sep 27 18:10:18 2016 Jeremy Evans <>


This makes all warnings raised call Warning.warn, which by default does the same thing it does currently

(rb_write_error_str). You can override Warning.warn to change the behavior. [ruby-core

75016] [Feature #12299]

Tue Sep 27 17:35:28 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

iseq.c (iseqw_s_compile_file)

deal with syntax error as well as compile, and should not abort when rescued.

Tue Sep 27 12:07:17 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

lib/cgi/cookie.rb (parse)

don't allow , as a separator. [Bug #12791]

lib/webrick/cookie.rb (parse)



Mon Sep 26 21:37:21 2016 Akinori MUSHA <>

man/erb.1, man/irb.1, man/ri.1, man/ruby.1

Remove Ns before punctuation.

Mon Sep 26 16:23:49 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_seek)

Avoid signed integer overflow. It's not harmful in practice here, but is still undefined behavior.

ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_extend)

Check that the new length does not exceed LONG_MAX. This fixes the invalid write on the overflow.

test/stringio/test_stringio.rb (test_write_integer_overflow)

Add a test case for the above fix in strio_extend().

Mon Sep 26 15:43:34 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

eval_intern.h (TH_PUSH_TAG)

Initialize struct rb_vm_tag::tag with Qundef rather than 0 which is equal to Qfalse. Since Kernel#throw(obj) searches a tag with rb_vm_tag::tag == obj, throw(false) can accidentally find an unrelated tag which is not created by Kernel#catch. [ruby-core:77229] [Bug #12743]

test/ruby/test_exception.rb (test_throw_false)

Add a test case for this.

Mon Sep 26 14:36:12 2016 Naotoshi Seo <>


provide default basename parameter for Tempfile.create. [Feature #11965] Patch by Yuki Kurihara



Mon Sep 26 14:10:54 2016 Ary Borenszweig <>

string.c (lstrip_offset)

add a fast path in the case of single byte optimizable strings, as well as rstrip_offset. [ruby-core:77392] [Feature #12788]

Mon Sep 26 12:00:12 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


update to minitest-5.9.1.

Mon Sep 26 11:50:03 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

tool/rbinstall.rb (gem)

Don't install gemspec if no files will be installed for the gem. This happens when the extension library is not compiled.

Mon Sep 26 11:06:47 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

string.c (enc_strlen, rb_enc_strlen_cr)

Avoid signed integer overflow. The result type of a pointer subtraction may have the same size as long. This fixes String#size returning an negative value on i686-linux environment: str = “x00” * ((1<<31)-2)) str.slice!(-3, 3) str.force_encoding(“UTF-32BE”) str << 1234 p str.size


Sun Sep 25 22:48:06 2016 namusyaka <>

lib/erb.rb (ERB::Compiler::TrimScanner#stag)

The :stag accessor has already been available because it is defined in parent Scanner class. [Fix GH-1445]

Sun Sep 25 19:21:26 2016 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

node.c (dump_array)

remove duplicate header of NODE_ARRAY/ NODE_VALUES.


Sat Sep 24 22:26:20 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/extmk.rb (extract_makefile, extmake, configuration)

store extra libraries to be installed.

tool/rbinstall.rb (ext-arch)

install extra libraries.


install zlib if built.

Sat Sep 24 14:24:55 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>


update URL.

Sat Sep 24 11:28:22 2016 Koichi ITO <>

Sat Sep 24 10:19:41 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

test/misc/test_ruby_mode.rb (assert_indent)

since write-region in Emacs 25.1 no longer displays the “Wrote file” message, shows the explicit message to check if successfully finished. [ruby-core:77355] [Bug #12785]

test/misc/test_ruby_mode.rb (EXPR_SAVE)

use a numeric prefix argument of 0, not to make the previous version into a backup file, instead of backup-inhibited.

test/misc/test_ruby_mode.rb (run_emacs)

always save the buffer if modified.


Fri Sep 23 23:57:40 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

vm_method.c (make_method_entry_refined)

fix wrong use of ||.

Fri Sep 23 21:38:58 2016 Akinori MUSHA <>

tool/mdoc2man.rb (Mdoc2Man#parse_macro)

Add support for the `Lk` macro.

tool/mdoc2man.rb (Mdoc2Man#shift_arg)

A new function to extract a possibly quoted argument.

Fri Sep 23 20:36:05 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

eval.c (rb_mod_refine)

refine modules as well. [ruby-core:76199] [Feature #12534]

Fri Sep 23 20:19:09 2016 Akinori MUSHA <>


Update the paragraphs in “Rich Libraries” which included a dead link.

Fri Sep 23 20:05:27 2016 Akinori MUSHA <>

man/ruby.1, man/erb.1, man/irb.1, man/ri.1

Use the `Lk` macro for hyperlinks, which has been available since mdocml 1.5.1

Fri Sep 23 15:47:04 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/forwardable.rb (_delegator_method)

allow private methods to be delegated, with warnings. [ruby-core:77341] [Bug #12782]

Fri Sep 23 12:15:29 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

compile.c (iseq_peephole_optimize)

enable tail call optimization inside a conditional block.


Thu Sep 22 13:00:04 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>

gc.c (gc_start_internal)

[DOC] methods without arguments like r56194. [Bug #12777]


Wed Sep 21 17:43:53 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

process.c (InitVM_process)


Wed Sep 21 13:47:33 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (brace_body, do_body)

preserve cmdarg_stack so that `do` after cmdarg in a block should be `do_block` and bound to the outer method. [ruby-core:72482] [Bug #11873]


`do` after cmdarg in parentheses should be `do_block` and bound to the outer method. [ruby-core:72482] [Bug #11873]

parse.y (brace_body, do_body)

extract block bodies.


Tue Sep 20 23:02:50 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

gc.c (gc_start_internal)

[DOC] add ObjectSpace.garbage_collect and fix GC#garbage_collect. [Bug #12777]

Tue Sep 20 21:24:01 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>


translate r56189 (rb_gc_adjust_memory_usage).

Tue Sep 20 17:52:28 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Update rake-11.3.0

Tue Sep 20 16:52:23 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

gc.c (rb_gc_adjust_memory_usage)

notify memory usage to the GC engine by extension libraries, to trigger GC. [Feature #12690]


Mon Sep 19 17:05:22 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

numeric.c (Init_Numeric), bignum.c (Init_Bignum)

deprecate Fixnum and Bignum. this may be reverted after previews. [Feature #12739]

Mon Sep 19 10:36:53 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

enumerator.c (lazy_init_yielder)

directly call stored functions. [Feature #6183]

enumerator.c (lazy_add_method)

create lazy enumerator which uses lazy_init_yielder().


Sun Sep 18 22:48:54 2016 Kouhei Sutou <>

lib/rss/rss.rb (RSS::BaseModel)

Remove needless codes. [Bug #12773] Reported by Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA. Thanks!!!

Sun Sep 18 19:23:47 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>


Fix NameError when error.


Sat Sep 17 22:46:02 2016 Koichi ITO <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_throw_start)

Remove too much “;” [fix GH-1432]

Sat Sep 17 19:19:06 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

test/openssl/test_ssl.rb (test_ctx_options)

Fix test failure on Ubuntu 16.04. The fix in r56147 was incomplete. This is a cherry-pick of the commit b039f3e268c2 at ruby/openssl.

Sat Sep 17 10:49:35 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>


translate r56130 (rb_check_arity).

Sat Sep 17 02:40:52 2016 Aaron Patterson <>


Fix stream processing support for heap dumps. Full heap dumps should use JSON lines ( so that we can process very large heaps without loading the entire heap dump in to memory at once.


Fri Sep 16 22:10:31 2016 Naohisa Goto <>

ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ssl_npn_select_cb_common)

Fix compile error with old version of fcc (Fujitsu C Compiler) on Solaris 10. [Bug #12769] [ruby-dev:49809]

Fri Sep 16 21:28:25 2016 Naohisa Goto <>

internal.h (MAYBE_UNUSED)

The fallback definition is needed. Fix compile error with some non-GCC compilers such as Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 on Solaris 10. [Bug #12767] [ruby-dev:49807]



Fri Sep 16 21:19:51 2016 Naohisa Goto <>

hash.c (each_pair_i_fast)

Fix compile error with old version of fcc on Solaris 10. [Bug #12768] [ruby-dev:49808]

Fri Sep 16 19:46:05 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

win32/Makefile.sub (config.h)

fixed compile error with VC introduced by previous commit.

Fri Sep 16 14:54:34 2016 URABE Shyouhei <>


moved to, to actually check its availability rather to check GCC's version. (WARN_UNUSED_RESULT)

moved to here. (RUBY_FUNC_ATTRIBUTE)

change function declaration to return int rather than void, because it makes no sense for a warn_unused_result attributed function to return void. Funny thing however is that it also makes no sense for noreturn attributed function to return int. So there is a fundamental conflict between them. While I tested this, I confirmed both GCC 6 and Clang 3.8 prefers int over void to correctly detect necessary attributes under this setup. Maybe subject to change in future.


renamed to MAYBE_UNUSED, then moved to for the same reason we move WARN_UNUSED_RESULT. (MAYBE_UNUSED)

moved to here.

internal.h (__has_attribute)

deleted, because it has no use now.

string.c (rb_str_enumerate_lines)

refactor macro rename.

string.c (rb_str_enumerate_bytes)


string.c (rb_str_enumerate_chars)


string.c (rb_str_enumerate_codepoints)


thread.c (do_select)


vm_backtrace.c (rb_debug_inspector_open)


vsnprintf.c (BSD_vfprintf)


Fri Sep 16 14:35:55 2016 URABE Shyouhei <>

ChangeLog (add-log-time-format)

Not exactly sure when but recently (25.x maybe), emacs changed its API to take optional two arguments. We have to follow that.

Fri Sep 16 06:43:25 2016 Aaron Patterson <>

lib/uri/generic.rb (def check_password)

don't include bad password in URI exception output

test/uri/test_generic.rb (def test_set_component)

test for behavior


Thu Sep 15 21:40:03 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>


Fix file name.

Thu Sep 15 00:59:30 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


add vnmakarov's benchmarks around hash [ruby-core:75265]


Wed Sep 14 07:02:31 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

hash.c (each_pair_i_fast)

use rb_yield_values2 to avoid var args.


Tue Sep 13 21:32:54 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

string.c (STR_HEAP_SIZE, RESIZE_CAPA_TERM, str_new0, rb_str_buf_new, str_shared_replace, rb_str_init, str_make_independent_expand, rb_str_resize)

Avoid overflow by casting the length to size_t. size_t should be able to represent LONG_MAX+termlen.

string.c (rb_str_modify_expand)

Check that the new length is in the range of long before resizing. Also refactor to use RESIZE_CAPA_TERM macro.

string.c (str_buf_cat)

Fix so that it does not create a negative length String. Also fix the condition for 'string sizes too big', the total length can be up to LONG_MAX.

string.c (rb_str_plus)

Check the resulting String length does not exceed LONG_MAX.

string.c (rb_str_dump)

Fix integer overflow. The dump result will be longer then the original String.

Tue Sep 13 21:30:53 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

gc.c (heap_extend_pages, get_envparam_size, ruby_malloc_size_overflow, gc_profile_dump_on)

Use PRIuSIZE instead of PRIdSIZE as the passed value is size_t, not ssize_t.

iseq.c (get_line_info, rb_iseq_disasm_insn)


sprintf.c (rb_str_format)


thread_win32.c (native_thread_create)


vm.c (get_param)


ext/objspace/objspace_dump.c (dump_append_string_content, dump_object)


ext/socket/raddrinfo.c (host_str, port_str)


Tue Sep 13 21:27:35 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


Renamed from STR_EMBEDABLE_P(). And use it in more places.

Tue Sep 13 21:23:51 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>

Drop support for BeOS now that Haiku is stable since 2.3.0.


Tue Sep 13 21:11:56 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (STR_EMBEDABLE_P)

extract the predicate macro to tell if the given length is capable in an embedded string, and fix possible integer overflow.

Tue Sep 13 18:37:08 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


fix thread issues. * use Queue instead of a local variable for synchronization. * join created thread to solve leaking threads warning.

Tue Sep 13 16:07:26 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

string.c (rb_str_set_len)

The buffer overflow check is wrong. The space for termlen is allocated outside the capacity returned by rb_str_capacity(). This fixes r41920 (“string.c: multi-byte terminator”, 2013-07-11). [ruby-core:77257] [Bug #12757]

test/-ext-/string/test_set_len.rb (test_capacity_equals_to_new_size)

Test for this change. Applying only the test will trigger [BUG].

Tue Sep 13 06:03:34 2016 NARUSE, Yui <> (benchmark)

fix lib path.

Tue Sep 13 00:39:47 2016 Aaron Patterson <>

class.c (singleton_class_of)

Copy superclass serial number to singleton class. This improves singleton class IMC hit rates. [Feature #12364] [ruby-core:75425]


Mon Sep 12 13:46:23 2016 Anton Davydov <>


Removed needless `return` and use `.` instead of `::` with class method.


Added tests for coverage. [fix GH-1426][Misc #12750]


Sun Sep 11 21:30:26 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>


News about Module.used_modules.

Sun Sep 11 19:06:49 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

win32/win32.c (rb_w32_write_console)

should set written length as the return value. [Bug #12748] [ruby-dev:49786]


Fri Sep 9 22:43:29 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>


sort lines.

Fri Sep 9 17:59:46 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

thread.c (rb_threadptr_raise)

set cause from the called thread, but not from the thread to be interrupted. [ruby-core:77222] [Bug #12741]

Fri Sep 9 13:50:05 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

doc/extension.rdoc, doc/extension.ja.rdoc

fix file name. pointed out by @takkanm in the RubyKaigi talk.

Fri Sep 9 10:10:00 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

variable.c (rb_const_search)

warn with the actual class/module name which defines the deprecated constant.

variable.c (rb_const_search)

raise with the actual class/module name which defines the private constant.


Thu Sep 8 17:47:18 2016 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

array.c (flatten)

use rb_obj_class instead of rb_class_of because rb_class_of may return a singleton class. [ruby-dev:49781] [Bug #12738]

Thu Sep 8 17:40:15 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

tool/rbinstall.rb (gem)

use the bindir of each gemspec instead of hardcoded 'bin', since rdoc 5.0.0 overrides it.

Thu Sep 8 16:47:03 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

eval.c (rb_mod_s_used_modules)

rename Module.used_refinements to Module.used_modules. [Feature #7418] [ruby-core:49805]

Thu Sep 8 14:21:48 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

ext/psych/psych.gemspec, lib/rdoc/rdoc.gemspec

Use file list instead of git output. It shows warning message when invoke `make install` [Bug #12736]

Thu Sep 8 13:41:46 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

insns.def (setclassvariable, setconstant)

warn when self is a refinement. [Bug #10103] [ruby-core:64143]

Thu Sep 8 11:29:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

hash.c (rb_hash_transform_values, rb_hash_transform_values_bang)

Rename map_v to transform_values. [Feature #12512] [ruby-core:76095]



Thu Sep 8 10:08:35 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


Import Ruby/OpenSSL 2.0.0.beta.2. The full commit history since v2.0.0.beta.1 can be found at:…v2.0.0.beta.2

Thu Sep 8 07:23:34 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

lib/rdoc/*, test/rdoc/*

Update rdoc-5.0.0.beta2 Fixed ri parse defect with left-hand matched classes.

Thu Sep 8 01:12:47 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

eval.c (rb_mod_s_used_refinements)

new method Module.used_refinements. based on the patch by Charlie Somerville. [Feature #7418] [ruby-core:49805]


Wed Sep 7 17:50:38 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/util.h (setenv)

remove POSIX-noncompliant definition with 2 arguments.

Wed Sep 7 17:21:55 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/timeout.rb (Timeout#timeout)

add custom error message argument. [Feature #11650]

Wed Sep 7 16:00:45 2016 Tanaka Akira <>


Allow http to https redirection. Note that https to http is still forbidden. [ruby-core:20485] [Feature #859] by Roman Shterenzon.

Wed Sep 7 14:56:59 2016 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

lib/csv.rb (CSV::{Row,Table}#{each,delete_if})

returns an enumerator if no block is given. [ruby-core:75346] [Feature #12347]


add test for above.



Wed Sep 7 14:50:01 2016 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>


update to power_assert 0.3.1.

Wed Sep 7 12:16:09 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

ext/psych/*, test/psych/*

Update psych-2.1.1 This version fixed following pull requests.

Wed Sep 7 11:51:06 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

lib/rdoc/*, test/rdoc/*

Update rdoc-5.0.0.beta1 This version is mostly same as r56072. It contains to remove code for Ruby 1.8


Tue Sep 6 09:23:06 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


partly reverted for default gem installer. upstream configuration is not working on ruby core repository.


Mon Sep 5 19:35:22 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

lib/rdoc/*, test/rdoc/*

Update rdoc/rdoc master(f191513)––2016-02-09


Sun Sep 4 00:17:55 2016 Sho Hashimoto <>


[DOC] fix Object#define_singleton_method and main.define_method return value. [ci skip]


Sat Sep 3 11:28:29 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

thread_pthread.c (ruby_init_stack)

check stack bounds even if get_main_stack succeeded, on the “co-routine” case.


Fri Sep 2 16:06:59 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

internal.h (MEMO_V1_SET, MEMO_V2_SET)

fix typos. use the macro parameter, not the local variable.

Fri Sep 2 00:55:11 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/extmk.rb (timestamp_file)

move extmk.rb specific tricks from lib/mkmf.rb. keep RUBYCOMMONDIR prefix not to conflict with a timestamp file in the toplevel.


Thu Sep 1 14:24:16 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/extmk.rb (gems)

move dirty hacks for bundled gems from mkmf.rb.

lib/mkmf.rb (create_makefile)

yield all configuration strings.


Wed Aug 31 17:39:19 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/extmk.rb (create_makefile)

make gem.build_complete file under TARGET_SO_DIR and install it only when the gem build succeeded. [ruby-core:77057] [Bug #12681]

Wed Aug 31 15:36:10 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


move TARGET_SO_DIR stuffs to mkmf.rb.

lib/mkmf.rb (create_makefile)

create target shared object files under $(TARGET_SO_DIR) which is $sodir if it is defined with $extout. [ruby-core:77058] [Bug #12681]

Wed Aug 31 01:56:55 2016 Yuichiro Kaneko <>


[DOC] Fix a typo. [ci skip]

Wed Aug 31 00:52:23 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


make the gems target directory under the expanded name. [ruby-core:77102] [Bug #12714]


Tue Aug 30 15:27:27 2016 Kouhei Yanagita <>

ext/json/lib/json/add/ostruct.rb (OpenStruct.json_create)

Correct documentation, fix the name of values. [Fix GH-1421]

Tue Aug 30 14:53:34 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

io.c (nogvl_fsync, nogvl_fdatasync)

on Windows, just ignore if the fd is associated to non-disk device. if call fsync and/or fdatasync with such fds, it causes Errno::EBADF exception and the behavior is incompatible with ruby 2.1 and earlier unintentionally introduced.

Tue Aug 30 03:38:35 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

vm_dump.c (backtrace)

use rip in the saved context for the case the SIGSEGV is received when the process is in userland. Note that ip in the stack should be used if the signal is received when it is in kernel (when it is calling syscall) [Bug #12711]


Sat Aug 27 10:26:14 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

array.c (rb_ary_concat_multi)

take multiple arguments. based on the patch by Satoru Horie. [Feature #12333]

string.c (rb_str_concat_multi, rb_str_prepend_multi)



Thu Aug 25 00:42:31 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/file.c (append_wstr)

remove a codepage argument, and use INVALID_CODE_PAGE for conversion by econv.

win32/file.c (append_wstr)

exclude the terminator from the result length when input len == -1.


Wed Aug 24 22:41:30 2016 Kouhei Sutou <>

gc.c (gc_reset_malloc_info)

Remove too much “;”.

Wed Aug 24 20:07:57 2016 Naohisa Goto <>

include/ruby/defines.h (ALWAYS_INLINE)

Add alternative definition. Fix compile error with compilers that do not have force inline attribute, including old version of fcc on Solaris 10. [ruby-dev:49773] [Bug #12701]

Wed Aug 24 16:56:26 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


follow r55766's VM change.

Wed Aug 24 12:57:56 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

object.c (rb_mod_initialize, rb_class_initialize)

[DOC] these methods do not invoke module_eval/class_eval, just eval the given block under the new module/class but sharing the context with the surrounding scope like those methods. [ruby-core:77023] [Bug #12696]


Tue Aug 23 10:34:40 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

test/psych/test_psych.rb (test_load_file_with_fallback)

fix Tempfile leak.

Tue Aug 23 10:15:01 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_fs_setter)

check and convert $; value at assignment.

Tue Aug 23 02:09:57 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_str_split_m)

show $; name in error message when it is a wrong object.


Mon Aug 22 16:29:52 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/csv.rb (CSV#shift)

store partial quoted strings in an array and join at last, to improve performance with very long quoted lines. [ruby-core:76987] [Bug #12691]

Mon Aug 22 14:35:57 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


remove useless -width option. [ruby-dev:49767] [Bug #12692]

Mon Aug 22 09:02:56 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

iseq.c (Init_ISeq)

undefine allocator of InstructionSequence, to get rid of segfaults at method call on uninitialized object.


Sat Aug 21 05:47:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

enum.c (enum_sort)

prevent wasteful array duplication.


Sat Aug 20 11:20:32 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


generalize win32/stub.c.


Fri Aug 19 11:39:06 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (primary)

allow parenthesised statement as a method argument. [Feature #12686]

Fri Aug 19 09:12:45 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm.c (vm_set_main_stack)

TOPLEVEL_BINDING must be built. [ruby-core:76973]

Fri Aug 19 01:00:53 2016 Yuichiro Kaneko <>

proc.c (mnew_missing)

Remove an unused argument. After r51126 rid is not used.


Thu Aug 18 09:26:52 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


bump to test-unit-3.2.1

Thu Aug 18 02:36:26 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


skip gems which failed to build extensions. [ruby-dev:49764] [Bug #12683]


Wed Aug 17 23:35:12 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

gems/bundled_gems (tk)

bump up to 0.1.1.

Wed Aug 17 23:14:42 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


build gem extensions into separate directories


install pre-built gem extension files gem extension directories. [ruby-core:76931] [Bug #12681]


Tue Aug 16 21:04:30 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (UNICODE_HDR_DIR)

separate unicode header files from unicode data files. [ruby-core:76879] [Bug #12677]

Tue Aug 16 11:17:51 2016 Koichi ITO <>


Fix typo. [ci skip][fix GH-1407]



Tue Aug 16 11:02:31 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

tool/make-snapshot (package)

save generated header files from unicode data. [ruby-core:76879] [Bug #12677]


Mon Aug 15 20:31:34 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

node.c (dump_array)

show nd_alen field in NODE_ARRAY only in the first node. it is nd_end in the rest nodes.

Mon Aug 15 16:41:32 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>


Update libressl version to 2.3.7.

Mon Aug 15 11:46:50 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/extmk.rb (extmake)

extension libraries in gems cannot link statically.


Sun Aug 14 22:35:40 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

id_table.c (hash_table_extend)

should not shrink the table than the previous capacity. [ruby-core:76534] [Bug #12614]

Sun Aug 14 18:51:24 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


add gemified tk 0.1.0. this needs `extract-gems` to build.

Sun Aug 14 14:54:14 2016 Kouhei Sutou <>

object.c (InitVM_Object)

Update referenced document path.


Sat Aug 13 23:08:01 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

numeric.c (num_funcall0, num_funcall1)

get rid of infinite recursion in fallback methods of Numeric.

Sat Aug 13 11:10:08 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (command_asgn, arg)

fix syntax errors with chained assignment with op assign. [Bug #12669]

Sat Aug 13 10:52:19 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (stmt, arg)

rescue modifier in command op assignment should be limited to rhs only. [ruby-core:75621] [Bug #12402]

Sat Aug 13 07:51:40 2016 Masaki Suketa <>

ext/win32ole/win32ole.c (ole_val2variant)

fix integer conversion in cygwin64.


Fri Aug 12 21:05:19 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

lib/webrick/config.rb (WEBrick::Config::General)

disable reverse lookup by default. [ruby-core:45514] [Feature #6559] Socket.do_not_reverse_lookup is true by default but WEBrick overwrote it. patch by Eric Hodel [ruby-core:45527]

Fri Aug 12 12:50:31 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

error.c (rb_syntax_error_append)

fix newline in syntax error message to the beginning, not after file name and line number. [Feature #11951]


Thu Aug 11 16:24:23 2016 Ferdinand Niedermann <>

compar.c (cmp_clamp)

Introduce Comparable#clamp. [Feature #10594]


Wed Aug 10 22:37:01 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (command_rhs, arg_rhs)

introduce new rules to reduce repeated rules with rescue modifier.

Wed Aug 10 17:26:43 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (command_asgn)

rescue modifier in command assignment should be limited to rhs only. [ruby-core:75621] [Bug #12402]

Wed Aug 10 15:35:03 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


needs windows.h for iphlpapi.h on cygwin. [ruby-core:76791] [Bug #12663]

ext/win32/resolv/resolv.c (w32error_make_error)

use Win32::Resolv::Error, an alias of Win32::Registry::Error.


Tue Aug 9 17:50:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

hash.c (rb_hash_map_v, rb_hash_map_v_bang)

implement Hash#map_v and Hash#map_v! [Feature #12512] [ruby-core:76095]


add tests for above change.

Tue Aug 9 16:09:03 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_getivar)

use always_inline because gcc7 doesn't inline this without always_inline.

Tue Aug 9 15:41:24 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


Tk is removed from stdlib. [Feature #8539] is the new upstream.

Tue Aug 9 00:12:31 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>


Remove moved file section.


Mon Aug 8 20:56:46 2016 Masaki Suketa <>

ext/win32ole/sample/excel1.rb, ext/win32ole/sample/excel2.rb, ext/win32ole/sample/excel3.rb, ext/win32ole/sample/ie.rb, ext/win32ole/sample/ienavi.rb, ext/win32ole/sample/ienavi2.rb

use true instead of deprecated TRUE. [ci skip]

Mon Aug 8 12:51:12 2016 Zarko Todorovski <>


Reroute ANSI C's strict aliasing rule. [ruby-core:74427][Bug #12191][Bug #12657]


Sun Aug 7 18:08:27 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

object.c (InitVM_Object)

deprecate toplevel constants TRUE, FALSE, and NIL. [Feature #12574]

Sun Aug 7 06:48:21 2016 Eric Wong <>

ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ossl_ssl_write_internal)

avoid undefined behavior

test/openssl/test_pair.rb (test_write_zero)

new test [ruby-core:76751] [Bug #12660]


Sat Aug 6 09:35:30 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

id_table.h (rb_id_table_iterator_result)

add dummy sentinel member because C standard prohibits a trailing comma.

Sat Aug 6 00:39:44 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (env_enc_str_new)

make string for an environment variable name or value.

hash.c (env_name_new)

make environment value string with the encoding for its name.


Fri Aug 5 23:18:35 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

hash.c (env_str_new)

taint the string. get rid of a test failure introduced at r55811.

Fri Aug 5 17:04:02 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (w32_getenv)

call rb_w32_getenv and rb_w32_ugetenv via this pointer without further comparisons.


Thu Aug 4 11:54:30 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (env_assoc)

the encoding of the value should be the locale, as well as other methods, [], fetch, values, etc.


Wed Aug 3 21:31:23 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (reg_fragment_enc_error)

compile_error is different between parser and ripper. [ruby-core:76397] [Bug #12651]

Wed Aug 3 17:15:06 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

object.c (rb_obj_clone2)

restrict freeze option to true other than false which only has the effect. [Feature #12300]

Wed Aug 3 10:47:07 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


introduce VM_FRAME_RUBYFRAME_P() and VM_FRAME_CFRAME_P(). Most of case, RUBY_VM_NORMAL_ISEQ_P() is no longer needed.


introduce rb_obj_is_iseq().

cont.c, vm.c


Wed Aug 3 09:25:16 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


rename macros and make them inline functions. * rename VM_FRAME_TYPE_FINISH_P() to VM_FRAME_FINISHED_P(). * rename VM_FRAME_TYPE_BMETHOD_P() to VM_FRAME_BMETHOD_P().

Wed Aug 03 09:15:02 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


introduce VM_FRAME_FLAG_CFRAME to represent cfp->iseq type.


Tue Aug 2 21:42:40 2016 Chia-sheng Chen <>

math.c (tanh)

make faster by the extract form if three hyperbolic functions are unavailable. [Feature #12647]

Tue Aug 2 12:37:00 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/socket/option.c, ext/socket/rubysocket.h (inet_ntop)

share the fallback definition. [ruby-core:76646] [Bug #12645]

Tue Aug 2 04:07:29 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

win32/win32.c (set_pioinfo_extra)

use more reliable way to search the position of pioinfo of VC14, and also support debug library of it. patched by davispuh AT [ruby-core:76644] [Bug #12644] this fixes also [Bug #12631]


Mon Aug 1 21:39:52 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


[EXPERIMENTAL] build extension libraries in extracted gems.

Mon Aug 1 16:07:18 2016 URABE Shyouhei <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (struct RStruct)

no longer.

internal.h (struct RStruct)

moved here.

struct.c (rb_struct_ptr)

a compensation function for the lack of RSTRUCT_PTR. But now that we have RSTRUCT_GET/SET, that must not be used anyway. I mark this deprecated. Dont use it.

Mon Aug 1 14:50:06 2016 Jeremy Evans <>

object.c (rb_obj_clone2)

Allow Object#clone to take freeze: false keyword argument to not freeze the clone. [ruby-core:75017][Feature #12300]

test/ruby/test_object.rb (TestObject)

test for it.

Mon Aug 1 12:16:19 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

ext/json/*, test/json/json_parser_test.rb

Update json-2.0.2.


Sun Jul 31 16:17:23 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/win32/resolv/resolv.c (get_dns_server_list)

[Win32] get DNS servers only for connected network devices by GetNetworkParams API. [Bug #12604]


Fri Jul 29 20:57:12 2016 chuanshuo <>


rename rb_funcall2 to rb_funcallv, except for extensions which are/will be/may be gems. [Fix GH-1406]

Fri Jul 29 10:51:34 2016 Koichi Sasada <>

proc.c (env_write)

remove unused function.

Fri Jul 29 10:49:52 2016 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_core.h (VM_LOCAL_P)

should return an integer value. reported at

Fri Jul 29 04:23:08 2016 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_core.h (VM_ENV_LOCAL_P)

return truthy (0 or not) value.

vm.c (rb_vm_make_proc_lambda)

use VM_ENV_ESCAPED_P() macro.

Fri Jul 29 03:49:04 2016 Koichi Sasada <>

vm.c, internal.h

remove RubyVM::Env class and all of env objects are imemo objects (imemo_env).


describe this change. I believe nobody touch these objects because there are no method defined.


remove the following definitions. * rb_cEnv decl. * GetEnvPtr() because Env is no longer T_DATA object.

vm_core.h (rb_env_t)

fix layout for imemo values.

vm_core.h (vm_assert_env)


vm_core.h (vm_env_new)



Thu Jul 28 19:53:21 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


revisit the structure of frame, block and env. [Bug #12628] This patch introduce many changes. * Introduce concept of “Block Handler (BH)” to represent passed blocks. * move rb_control_frame_t::flag to ep (as a special local variable). This flags represents not only frame type, but also env flags such as escaped. * rename `rb_block_t` to `struct rb_block`. * Make Proc, Binding and RubyVM::Env objects wb-protected. Check [Bug #12628] for more details.

Thu Jul 28 15:05:12 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (ruby_fl_type)

use __extension__ to get rid of pedantic warning against RUBY_FL_USER19.

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_mul_size_overflow)

ditto for use of int128.


Tue Jul 26 22:43:36 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

gc.c (run_finalizer)

make saved running finalizer state volatile to ensure not to be clobbered by longjmp.

Tue Jul 26 19:26:00 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


introduce rb_vm_pop_frame() and use it instead of setting rb_thread_t::cfp directly.

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_pop_frame)

return the result of finish frame or not.

Tue Jul 26 19:06:39 2016 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (rb_raw_obj_info)

support to show Proc obj.

Tue Jul 26 18:55:55 2016 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_mark)

add `inline' explicitly. I expected to inline this function implicitly at the loop


marking T_ARRAY objects) but sometimes it remains as normal call.


Mon Jul 25 21:33:13 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

range.c (check_step_domain)

check step argument domain by <=> method, instead of < and >.

Mon Jul 25 21:11:32 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>


fix filenames.

Mon Jul 25 16:59:00 2016 Koichi Sasada <>

debug.c (ruby_debug_printf)

use rb_raw_obj_info() instead of rb_inspect() because it is more robust way to see object internal.


Sun Jul 24 12:53:42 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


xmlrpc is bundled gem from Ruby 2.4.

Sun Jul 24 12:07:39 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Update OpenSSL maintainer.


Sat Jul 23 22:43:41 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

internal.h (Check_Type)

inline check for the object type.

Sat Jul 23 04:06:04 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (RTEST, NIL_P)

use RUBY prefixed name in macros.

Sat Jul 23 01:41:29 2016 Eric Wong <>

lib/webrick/httpservlet/cgihandler.rb (do_GET)


test/webrick/test_cgi.rb (test_cgi_env)

new test

test/webrick/webrick.cgi (do_GET)

new endpoint to dump env [ruby-core:76511] [Bug #12610]


Fri Jul 22 19:55:20 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm.c (vm_set_main_stack)

remove unnecessary check. toplevel binding must be initialized. [Bug #12611] (N1)

win32/win32.c (w32_symlink)

fix return type. [Bug #12611] (N3)

string.c (rb_str_split_m)

simplify the condition. [Bug #12611](N4)

Fri Jul 22 10:35:35 2016 Kouhei Sutou <>

lib/rexml/attribute.rb (REXML::Attribute#to_string)

Fix wrong entry reference name of double quote. [Bug #12609] Patch by Joseph Marrero. Thanks!!!

Fri Jul 22 09:23:51 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Added entries for files under the USD license. [Bug #12598][ci skip]

Fri Jul 22 09:19:57 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Added entry for `lib/rdoc/generator/template/darkfish/css/fonts.css` [Misc #12550][ci skip]

Fri Jul 22 06:28:32 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

gc.c (run_finalizer)

push and exec tag just once, instead of protecting for each finalizer.

gc.c (gc_start_internal, rb_gc_start)

set finalizing flag whenever calling deferred finalizers not to recurse.


Thu Jul 21 22:26:40 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Update latest upstream files. [Misc #12205]


Update license for missing/strl{cat,cpy}.c.

Thu Jul 21 21:53:30 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


added file list with Public domain license. [ruby-core:76254][Bug #12549]


Wed Jul 20 17:44:07 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

enumerator.c (lazy_uniq)

new method Enumerator::Lazy#uniq. [Feature #11090]

enum.c (enum_uniq)

new method Enumerable#uniq. [Feature #11090]

Wed Jul 20 17:35:23 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (rb_hash_add_new_element)

add new element or do nothing if it is contained already.

array.c (ary_add_hash, ary_add_hash_by)

use rb_hash_add_new_element.


Tue Jul 19 15:38:59 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

variable.c (rb_local_constants_i)

exclude private constants when excluding inherited constants too. [Bug #12345]


Sun Jul 17 23:42:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

numeric.c (num_finite_p, num_infinite_p)

Add Numeric#finite? and Numeric#infinite? [Feature #12039] [ruby-core:73618]

complex.c (rb_complex_finite_p)

Add Complex#finite?

complex.c (rb_complex_infinite_p)

Add Complex#infinite?


Add test for Integer#finite? and Integer#infinite?




Add test for Rational#finite? and Rational#infinite?


Add test for Complex#finite? and Complex#infinite?

Sun Jul 17 20:59:24 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>, enc/depend (casefold.h, name2ctype.h)

move to unicode data directory per version.


Sat Jul 16 06:26:00 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>, enc/

moved timestamp files for directories under the specific directory, to get rid of match with files under the source directory.


Fri Jul 15 22:05:13 2016 Naohisa Goto <>

string.c (str_buf_cat)

Fix potential integer overflow of capa. In addition, termlen is used instead of +1.

Fri Jul 15 21:30:38 2016 Naohisa Goto <>

string.c (str_buf_cat)

Fix capa size for embed string. Fix bug in r55547. [Bug #12536]

Fri Jul 15 18:13:15 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


update latest gems.

Fri Jul 15 17:08:57 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

util.c (ruby_strtod)

do not underflow only by preceding zeros, which may be canceled out by the exponent.

Fri Jul 15 09:53:48 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, tool/enc-unicode.rb

check if Unicode versions are consistent with each other.

Fri Jul 15 08:25:15 2016 Jeremy Evans <>

string.c (STR_BUF_MIN_SIZE)

reduce from 128 to 127 [ruby-core:76371] [Feature #12025]

string.c (rb_str_buf_new)

adjust for above reduction


Thu Jul 14 17:26:00 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (enc/unicode/name2ctype.h)

remove stale recipe, which did not support Unicode age properties. (enc/unicode/name2ctype.h)

update by –header option of tool/enc-unicode.rb. enc/unicode/name2ctype.kwd file has not been used. (enc/unicode/name2ctype.kwd)

rule to create from Unicode data files, used only when the target does not exist.

Thu Jul 14 13:10:54 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


remove stale directory. bundled extension libraries are placed under the directory for each architectures, but not mixed with plain text script libraries.

Thu Jul 14 12:48:47 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


merge original files from upstream repository. It only fixes styles of frozen string literal.


Wed Jul 13 22:23:03 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


use assert_raise instead of assert_raises.

Wed Jul 13 22:14:23 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


added test files with `_test` suffix for json upstream.


merge original test files from json upstream.

Wed Jul 13 16:08:08 2016 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_mark_roots)

should mark the VM object itself to mark singleton class of the VM object. Before this patch, we only set mark bit for the VM object and invoke mark function separately. [Bug #12583]


add a test.

Wed Jul 13 15:59:59 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>


it must be set before including internal.h because internal.h includes ruby.h, ruby.h includes win32.h, and win32.h includes system's math.h. this change is to get rid of a compiler warning (redefinition of a macro) introduced at r55641.

Wed Jul 13 14:28:33 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

math.c (rb_math_sqrt)

r55646 must use f_signbit.

Wed Jul 13 14:22:50 2016 Koichi Sasada <>

iseq.c (Init_ISeq)

undef ISeq.translate and ISeq.load_iseq to prevent calling super classes' methods. Without this patch, you can write workaround like: class << RubyVM::InstructionSequence def translate; end undef translate end


add a test.

Wed Jul 13 14:16:03 2016 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_method.c (method_entry_get_without_cache)

check undefined method even if ruby_running is FALSE. We haven't call “undef”ed methods before ruby_running. So that this issue does not make troubles.


Tue Jul 12 23:13:43 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

math.c (rb_math_sqrt)

[EXPERIMENTAL] move Complex sqrt support from mathn.rb.

Tue Jul 12 01:25:09 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>, lib/mkmf.rb, win32/Makefile.sub (CSRCFLAG)

make the compiler option replacable in Makefile.

win32/Makefile.sub (OUTFLAG, COUTFLAG)


win32/Makeile.sub, win32/setup.mak (CC)

should not append `-nologo` option forcely.


Mon Jul 11 16:00:56 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_each, strio_readlines)

convert arguments just once before reading, instead of conversions for each lines, as r55603.


Sun Jul 10 14:27:25 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

util.c (ruby_dtoa)

[EXPERIMENTAL] adjust the case that the Float value is close to the exact but unrepresentable middle value of two values in the given precision, as r55604.

Sun Jul 10 08:57:20 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Fixed implicit conversion error with Apple clang-800.0.31


Sat Jul 9 12:43:09 2016 Shugo Maeda <>


use false instead of FALSE.


Fri Jul 8 21:49:28 2016 Naohisa Goto <>

thread.c (rb_wait_for_single_fd)

Clean up fds.revents every time before calling ppoll(2). [Bug #12575] [ruby-dev:49725]

Fri Jul 8 14:16:48 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

vm_args.c (vm_caller_setup_arg_block)

call rb_sym_to_proc() directly to reduce method dispatch overhead.

Fri Jul 8 08:43:31 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

io.c (rb_io_s_read)

add description of pipes to the documentation of

Fri Jul 8 03:54:22 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

vm_args.c (setup_parameters_complex)

don't raise ArgumentError if an array is given for instance_exec with optional argument. [ruby-core:76300] [Bug #12568]

Fri Jul 8 00:47:36 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

vm_eval.c (yield_under)

change prototype to get argc/argv.

vm_eval.c (specific_eval)

change for above.

vm_eval.c (rb_obj_instance_exec)

avoid object allocation.

vm_eval.c (rb_mod_module_exec)



Thu Jul 7 20:08:37 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

vm_args.c (vm_caller_setup_arg_block)

disable symbol block argument optimization when tail call optimization is enabled, in order to avoid SEGV. [ruby-core:76288] [Bug #12565]

Thu Jul 7 16:37:53 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

numeric.c (flo_round)

[EXPERIMENTAL] adjust the case that the receiver is close to the exact but unrepresentable middle value of two values in the given precision.

Thu Jul 7 16:31:07 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

io.c (rb_io_s_foreach, rb_io_s_readlines)

convert arguments just once before reading, instead of conversions for each lines.


Wed Jul 6 14:44:56 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/mkmf.rb (create_makefile)

store $headers in LOCAL_HDRS for depend files.

ext/digest/digest_conf.rb (digest_conf)

add implementation specific headers to $header.


add LOCAL_HDRS to the dependencies.

Wed Jul 6 08:59:35 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

lib/net/http/generic_request.rb (write_header)

A Request-Line must not contain CR or LF.

Wed Jul 6 07:11:27 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

lib/net/ftp.rb (putline)

raise an ArgumentError when CR or LF is included in a line.


Tue Jul 5 20:49:30 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

ext/json/*, test/json/*

Update json-2.0.1. Changes of 2.0.0: Changes of 2.0.1: [Feature #12542][fix GH-1395]

Tue Jul 5 19:39:49 2016 Naohisa Goto <>

string.c (rb_str_change_terminator_length)

New function to change termlen and resize heap for the terminator. This is split from rb_str_fill_terminator (str_fill_term) because filling terminator and changing terminator length are different things. [Bug #12536]


declaration for rb_str_change_terminator_length.

string.c (str_fill_term)

Simplify only to zero-fill the terminator. For non-shared strings, it assumes that (capa + termlen) bytes of heap is allocated. This partially reverts r55557.

encoding.c (rb_enc_associate_index)

rb_str_change_terminator_length is used, and it should be called whenever the termlen is changed.

string.c (str_capacity)

New static function to return capacity of a string with the given termlen, because the termlen may sometimes be different from TERM_LEN(str) especially during changing termlen or filling terminator with specific termlen.

string.c (rb_str_capacity)

Use str_capacity.

Tue Jul 5 11:07:14 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

pack.c (pack_pack)

use union instead of bare variable to ease optimizations and avoid assigning x87 floating point number. [ruby-core:74496] [Bug #12209]

pack.c (pack_unpack)



Mon Jul 4 13:56:34 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


define sig_t if not exist. at least Solaris 10 and 11 doesn't have sig_t.

Mon Jul 4 13:08:48 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

random.c (random_ulong_limited)

avoid left shift count >= width of type on 32bit environment.


Sun Jul 3 06:04:09 2016 Eric Wong <>

process.c (disable_child_handler_fork_child)

simplify [ruby-core:75781] [Misc #12439]

Sun Jul 3 05:25:46 2016 Eric Wong <>


add description


























































fix typo




ditto [ruby-core:76215] [Bug #12539] by Noah Gibbs <>


Sat Jul 2 18:04:24 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

lib/uri/mailto.rb (initialize)

RFC3986_Parser#split sets opaque only if the URI has path-rootless, not path-empty. [ruby-core:76055] [Bug #12498] patched by Chris Heisterkamp <>

Sat Jul 2 04:26:14 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

regcomp.c (noname_disable_map)

don't optimize out group 0 Ruby's Regexp doesn't allow normal numbered groups if the regexp has named groups. On such case it optimizes out related NT_ENCLOSE. But even on the case it can use g<0>. This fix not to remove NT_ENCLOSE whose regnum is 0. [ruby-core:75828] [Bug #12454]

Sat Jul 2 03:09:27 2016 Naohisa Goto <>


Partially reverts r55547 and r55555. ChangeLog about the reverted changes are also deleted in this file. [Bug #12536] [ruby-dev:49699] [ruby-dev:49702]

Sat Jul 2 02:22:22 2016 Naohisa Goto <>

string.c (str_fill_term)

When termlen increases, re-allocation of memory for termlen should always be needed. In this fix, if possible, decrease capa instead of realloc. [Bug #12536] [ruby-dev:49699]


Fri Jul 1 20:20:20 2016 Naohisa Goto <>


Specify termlen as far as possible. Additional fix for [Bug #12536] [ruby-dev:49699].

string.c (str_new_static)

Specify termlen from the given encoding when creating a new String object is needed.

string.c (rb_tainted_str_new_with_enc)

New function to create a tainted String object with the given encoding. This means that the termlen is correctly specified. Currently static function. The function name might be renamed to rb_tainted_enc_str_new or rb_enc_tainted_str_new.

string.c (rb_external_str_new_with_enc)

Use encoding by using the above rb_tainted_str_new_with_enc().

Fri Jul 1 19:38:57 2016 Naohisa Goto <>

test/fiddle/test_pointer.rb (test_to_str, test_to_s, test_aref_aset)

Attempt to use independent strings for destructive tests that directly modify values on memory by using Fiddle::Pointer. [Bug #12537] [ruby-dev:49700]

Fri Jul 1 18:20:00 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

.gdbinit (rb_ps_thread)

show the detail of cfunc in ruby level backtrace.

Fri Jul 1 13:26:39 2016 Naohisa Goto <>

string.c (rb_str_subseq, str_substr)

When RSTRING_EMBED_LEN_MAX is used, TERM_LEN(str) should be considered with it because embedded strings are also processed by TERM_FILL. Additional fix for [Bug #12536] [ruby-dev:49699].

Fri Jul 1 12:11:01 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

.gdbinit (rb_count_objects)

added gdb version of count_objects().

Fri Jul 1 04:32:52 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

.gdbinit (rb_ps_thread)

show ruby level backtrace. Usually you can call `rb_ps` to show ruby level backtraces for all living threads. Note that it can call with core file like `gcore <pid>` and `gdb ruby core.<pid>`.


Thu Jun 30 19:15:13 2016 Naohisa Goto <>


Fix memory corruptions when using UTF-16/32 strings. [Bug #12536] [ruby-dev:49699]

string.c (rb_str_new_with_class)

Use TERM_LEN of the “obj”.

string.c (rb_str_plus, rb_str_justify)

Use str_new0 which is aware of termlen.

string.c (str_shared_replace)

Copy +termlen bytes instead of +1.

string.c (rb_str_times)

termlen should not be included in capa.


When using RSTRING_EMBED_LEN_MAX, termlen should be counted with it because embedded strings are also processed by TERM_FILL.

string.c (rb_str_capacity, str_shared_replace, str_buf_cat)


string.c (rb_str_drop_bytes, rb_str_setbyte, str_byte_substr)



Wed Jun 29 22:24:37 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


removed needless file required to JRuby.

Wed Jun 29 22:21:38 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


The “reuse” behavior of d2i_ functions does not work well with OpenSSL 1.0.0t. So avoid it.

Wed Jun 29 15:18:28 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

insns.def (opt_succ)

optimize like r55515. (but this argument is constant)

Wed Jun 29 12:41:58 2016 Shugo Maeda <>


skip test_prepend_after_refine_wb_miss on ARM or MIPS. [ruby-core:76031] [Bug #12491]

Wed Jun 29 08:45:53 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

proc.c (passed_block)

convert passed block symbol to proc. based on the patch by Daisuke Sato in [ruby-dev:49695]. [Bug #12531]

Wed Jun 29 03:34:41 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

bignum.c (rb_big2ulong)

the old logic seems to try to avoid calculating `-(long)(num-1)-1` if `num` is not LONG_MIN. (Note that `-LONG_MIN` may be larger than LONG_MAX) But C compilers can optimize it into single NEG instruction. Therefore those two conditions can be single if-body.

bignum.c (rb_big2long)


bignum.c (rb_big2ull)


bignum.c (rb_big2ll)



Tue Jun 28 22:55:00 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/pstore.rb (PStore::CHECKSUM_ALGO)

extract the algorithm for checksum, instead of qualified names for each times.

Tue Jun 28 22:29:36 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


do not use safe navigation operator. this runner may run on older ruby. partially revert r53110

Tue Jun 28 22:09:09 2016 Akio Tajima <>


rescue Errno:EACCES for chown. [Bug #12520]

Tue Jun 28 18:38:09 2016 Naohisa Goto <>


Remove excess semicolons. Suppress warning on Solaris with Oracle Solaris Studio 12. [ruby-dev:49692] [Bug #12524]













Tue Jun 28 15:56:48 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


noting to test if Unicode data files are available. [ruby-core:76160] [Bug #12433]



Tue Jun 28 15:20:18 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/net/http.rb (Net::HTTP#proxy_uri)

cache the case no proxy is used.

Tue Jun 28 09:56:29 2016 Stefan Schussler <>

object.c (rb_mod_eqq)

[DOC] Fix typo in RDoc. [Fix GH-1393]

Tue Jun 28 02:41:32 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

insns.def (opt_plus)

use `- 1` instead of `& (~1)` to allow compilers to use x86 LEA instruction (3 operand). Even if 3 operand LEA's latency is 3 cycle after SandyBridge, it reduces code size and can be faster because of super scalar.

insns.def (opt_plus)

calculate and use rb_int2big. On positive Fixnum overflow, `recv - 1 + obj` doesn't carry because recv's msb and obj's msb are 0, and resulted msb is 1. Therefore simply rshift and cast as signed long works fine. On negative Fixnum overflow, it will carry because both arguments' msb are 1, and resulted msb is also 1. In this case it needs to restore carried sign bit after rshift.


Mon Jun 27 16:58:32 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/fileutils.rb (FileUtils#install)

accecpt symbolic mode, as well as chmod.

lib/fileutils.rb (FileUtils#install)

add owner and group options.

Mon Jun 27 08:56:55 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

compile.c (ADD_TRACE)

ignore trace instruction on non-positive line.

parse.y (coverage)

get rid of ArgumentError when the starting line number is not positive. [ruby-core:76141] [Bug #12517]


Sun Jun 26 10:20:25 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/win32/lib/Win32API.rb (Win32API#initialize)

Cygwin 2.5.2-1 (perhaps) seems to no longer append “.dll” suffix implicitly.

ext/win32/lib/win32/resolv.rb (Win32::Resolv)

ditto. Fix the error reported by yamataka AT in [ruby-list:50339], and pointed out and patched by cerberus AT in [ruby-list:50341].


Sat Jun 25 10:07:52 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


Ignore errors caused by bugs that exist in LibreSSL >= 2.3.1.

Sat Jun 25 02:33:33 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_method.c (vm_respond_to)

try method_missing if respond_to? is undefined, as if it is the default definition. [ruby-core:75377] [Bug #12353]


Fri Jun 24 17:04:21 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

ext/psych/*, test/psych/*

Update psych 2.1.0 This version fixed [Bug #11988]

Fri Jun 24 13:12:41 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

lib/rubygems.rb, lib/rubygems/*, test/rubygems/*

Update rubygems 2.6.5 and 2.6.6. Release note of 2.6.5: Release note of 2.6.6:

Fri Jun 24 09:17:15 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (lib/unicode_normalize/tables.rb)

should not depend on Unicode data files unless ALWAYS_UPDATE_UNICODE=yes, to get rid of downloading Unicode data unnecessary. [ruby-dev:49681] (enc/unicode/casefold.h)

update Unicode files in a sub-make, not to let the header depend on the files always.


if gperf is not usable, assume the existing file is OK.


Tue Jun 21 16:38:14 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_str_casemap)

do not put code with side effects inside RSTRING_PTR() macro which evaluates the argument multiple times.

Tue Jun 21 16:13:45 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

string.c (rb_str_casemap)

fix memory leak.

Tue Jun 21 16:12:21 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

string.c (rb_str_casemap)

int is too small for string size.

Tue Jun 21 00:56:47 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/win32.c (get_special_folder)

fix calling convention of SHGetPathFromIDListEx, which should be WINAPI. pointed out by @arton at

Tue Jun 21 00:22:02 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>, include/ruby/defines.h (RUBY_USE_SETJMPEX)

include setjmpex.h only when using setjmpex() for RUBY_SETJMP. the header of mingw32 overrides setjmp() by setjmpex().


Mon Jun 20 13:35:06 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

vm.c (invoke_bmethod, invoke_block_from_c_0)

revert r52104 partially to avoid “self has wrong type to call super in this context” errors. [ruby-core:72724] [Bug #11954]

Mon Jun 20 12:53:38 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


OpenSSL::PKey::DH#priv_key= is not defined when ext/openssl is built with OpenSSL 1.1.0. [ruby-core:75225] [Feature #12324]


Sun Jun 19 21:25:43 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


Add OCSP::SingleResponse that represents an OCSP SingleResponse structure. Also add two new methods responses and find_response to OCSP::BasicResponse. A BasicResponse has one or more SingleResponse. We have OCSP::BasicResponse#status that returns them as an array of arrays, each containing the content of a SingleResponse, but this is not useful. When validating an OCSP response, we need to look into the each SingleResponse and check their validity but it is not simple. For example, when validating for a certificate 'cert', the code would be like: # certid_target is an OpenSSL::OCSP::CertificateId for cert basic = res.basic result = basic.status.any? do |ary| ary.cmp(certid_target) && ary <= && (!ary || <= ary) end Adding OCSP::SingleResponse at the same time allows exposing OCSP_check_validity(). With this, the code above can be rewritten as: basic = res.basic single = basic.find_response(certid_target) result = single.check_validity


Test this.

Sun Jun 19 18:40:19 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_ocsp.c (ossl_ocspbres_add_status)

Allow specifying the times (thisUpdate, nextUpdate and revocationTime) with Time objects. Currently they accepts only relative seconds from the current time. This is inconvenience, especially for revocationTime. When Integer is passed, they are still treated as relative times. Since the type check is currently done with rb_Integer(), this is a slightly incompatible change. Hope no one passes a relative time as String or Time object… Also, allow passing nil as nextUpdate. It is optional.


Define RB_INTEGER_TYPE_P() if not defined. openssl gem will be released before Ruby 2.4.0.

Sun Jun 19 18:39:38 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


Implement OCSP::{CertificateId,Request, BasicResponse,Response}#initialize_copy. [ruby-core:75504] [Bug #12381]


Test them.

Sun Jun 19 18:29:50 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_dh.c, ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_dsa.c, ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_ec.c, ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_rsa.c

Implement initialize_copy method for OpenSSL::PKey::*. [ruby-core:75504] [Bug #12381]

test/openssl/test_pkey_dh.rb, test/openssl/test_pkey_dsa.rb, test/openssl/test_pkey_ec.rb, test/openssl/test_pkey_rsa.rb

Test they actually copy the OpenSSL objects, and modifications to cloned object don't affect the original object.

Sun Jun 19 14:31:07 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_pkey.h, ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_dh.c, ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_dsa.c, ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_rsa.c

A few days ago, OpenSSL changed {DH,DSA,RSA}get0*() to take const BIGNUM **.;a=commit;h=fd809cfdbd6e32b6b67b68c59f6d55fbed7a9327 [ruby-core:75225] [Feature #12324]

Sun Jun 19 11:19:43 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

variable.c (rb_path_to_class)

consider the string length instead of a terminator.

variable.c (rb_path_to_class)

search the constant at once instead of checking if defined and then getting it.


Sat Jun 18 14:01:40 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Fixed broken test with extension build.

Sat Jun 18 13:59:54 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

lib/rubygems.rb, lib/rubygems/*, test/rubygems/*

Update rubygems HEAD(2c6d256). It contains to update vendored Molinillo to 0.5.0.

Sat Jun 18 10:13:37 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (build-ext), ext/extmk.rb

use variable EXTENCS different than ENCOBJS, to get rid of circular dependency. build libencs when linking encodings statically. [ruby-core:75618] [Bug #12401]

Sat Jun 18 08:52:46 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_getline)

fix pointer index overflow. reported by Guido Vranken <guido AT>.


Thu Jun 16 16:35:35 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

class.c (Init_class_hierarchy)

prevent rb_cObject which is the class tree root, from GC. [ruby-dev:49666] [Bug #12492]

Thu Jun 16 12:17:52 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (tr_trans)

adjust buffer size by processed and rest lengths, instead of doubling repeatedly.

Thu Jun 16 11:15:25 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (tr_trans)

consider terminator length and fix heap overflow. reported by Guido Vranken <guido AT>.

Thu Jun 16 00:02:32 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_ocsp.c (ossl_ocspreq_verify, ossl_ocspbres_verify)

Use ossl_clear_error() so that they don't print warnings to stderr and leak errors in the OpenSSL error queue. Also, check the return value of OCSP_*_verify() correctly. They can return -1 on verification failure.


Wed Jun 15 19:52:23 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_ocsp.c (ossl_ocspreq_sign, ossl_ocspbres_sign)

Allow specifying hash algorithm used in signing. They are hard coded to use SHA-1. Based on a patch provided by Tim Shirley <>. [ruby-core:70915] [Feature #11552] [GH ruby/openssl#28]


Test sign-verify works.

Wed Jun 15 01:46:16 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


[DOC] fix rdoc directive, and an example of negative value. [ruby-core:76025] [Bug #12487]

Wed Jun 15 01:44:42 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


provide Unicode Version information as RbConfig::CONFIG. [ruby-core:75845] [Feature #12460]

Wed Jun 15 00:01:18 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>

test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb (TestComprehensiveCaseFold::read_data)

use A and z instead of ^ and $ in regexp.


Tue Jun 14 23:43:00 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/backward.h (rb_cFixnum, rb_cBignum)

remove the backward compatibility macros, to fail incompatible extension libraries early. [Bug #12427]

Tue Jun 14 22:22:07 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

strftime.c (rb_strftime_with_timespec)

limit the result string size by the format length, to get rid of unlimited memory use.

Tue Jun 14 22:11:11 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_ocsp.c (ossl_ocspcid_get_issuer_name_hash, ossl_ocspcid_get_issuer_key_hash, ossl_ocspcid_get_hash_algorithm)

Add accessor methods OCSP::CertificateId#issuer_name_hash, issuer_key_hash, hash_algorithm. Based on a patch provided by Paul Kehrer <>. [ruby-core:48062] [Feature #7181]


Test these new methods.

Tue Jun 14 22:07:25 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/date/date_strftime.c (date_strftime_with_tmx)

reject too large precision to get rid of buffer overflow. reported by Guido Vranken <guido AT>.

Tue Jun 14 21:40:42 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_ocsp.c (ossl_ocspbres_to_der, ossl_ocspcid_to_der)

Implement to_der methods for OCSP::BasicResponse and OCSP::CertificateId.

(ossl_ocspreq_initialize, ossl_ocspres_initialize)

Use GetOCSP*() instead of raw DATA_PTR().

(ossl_ocspbres_initialize, ossl_ocspcid_initialize)

Allow initializing from DER string.


Define new to_der methods.


Test these changes. Also add missing tests for OCSP::{Response,Request}#to_der.

Tue Jun 14 21:35:00 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/openssl_missing.h (DH_set0_pqg, RSA_set0_key)

DH_set0_pqg() allows 'q' to be NULL. Fix a typo in RSA_set0_key(). Fixes r55285. [ruby-core:75225] [Feature #12324]

Mon Jun 14 10:19:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>


describe Integer#digits.


Mon Jun 13 21:09:40 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

thread.c (debug_deadlock_check)

show thread lock dependency and backtrace [Feature #8214] [ruby-dev:47217]

thread.c (thread_status_name)

show “sleep_forever” instead of “sleep” if called from inspect.

Mon Jun 13 20:50:07 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (reg_named_capture_assign_iter)

remove named capture conflict warnings. it is just annoying rather than useful. [ruby-core:75416] [Bug #12359]

Mon Jun 13 20:04:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

numeric.c (rb_int_digits, rb_fix_digits, rb_int_digits_bigbase)

Add Integer#digits to extract columns in place-value notation [Feature #12447] [ruby-core:75799]


Add tests for the above change.



Mon Jun 13 20:34:53 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (RUBY_INTEGER_UNIFICATION)

macro to tell if Integer is integrated. [ruby-core:75718][Bug #12427]

include/ruby/backward.h, internal.h (rb_cFixnum, rb_cBignum)

fallback to rb_cInteger.

bignum.c, numeric.c, ext/json/generator/generator.{c,h}

use the macro.


Sun Jun 12 14:05:45 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_cipher.c (ossl_cipher_get_auth_tag, ossl_cipher_set_auth_tag)

Check if the cipher flags retrieved by EVP_CIPHER_CTX_flags() includes EVP_CIPH_FLAG_AEAD_CIPHER to see if the cipher supports AEAD. AES-GCM was the only supported in OpenSSL 1.0.1.


Fix doc;, :GCM) can't work.


Define EVP_CTRL_AEAD_{GET,SET}_TAG if missing. They are added in OpenSSL 1.1.0, and have the same value as EVP_CTRL_GCM_{GET,SET}_TAG and EVP_CTRL_CCM_{GET,SET}_TAG.

Sun Jun 12 13:47:42 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

test/openssl/test_engine.rb (test_openssl_engine_builtin, test_openssl_engine_by_id_string)

Skip test if 'openssl' engine is already loaded. And test the number increased by Engine.load{_by_id,}, not the total count of loaded engines. Previously, we called OpenSSL::Engine.cleanup every time running a test case, but we no longer can do it. [ruby-core:75225] [Feature #12324]

Sun Jun 12 09:24:34 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

file.c (append_fspath)

normalize directory name to be appended on OS X. [ruby-core:75957] [Ruby trunk Bug#12483]


Sat Jun 11 23:07:32 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

lib/forwardable.rb (_delegator_method)

get rid of a warning which causes test failures introduced at r55376.

Sat Jun 11 15:19:38 2016 takiy33 <>


[DOC] Remove dead link on documentation for Japanese of SMTP. [Fix GH-1380]

Sat Jun 11 15:02:45 2016 Grant Hutchins <>

string.c (rb_str_oct)

[DOC] fix typo, hornored -> honored. [Fix GH-1379]

Sat Jun 11 14:04:19 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


generate valid JSON for dump_all.

Sat Jun 11 13:52:33 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/forwardable.rb (_delegator_method)

remove __send__ call if possible, so that more optimizations will be enabled.

Sat Jun 11 11:24:36 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

enc/iso_8859.h (SHARP_s)

name frequently used codepoint.

Sat Jun 11 09:31:28 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/forwardable.rb (_delegator_method)

leave the backtrace untouched during accessor. forwardable.rb does not appear in the backtrace during delegated method because of tail-call optimization.

Sat Jun 11 01:38:31 2016 Naohisa Goto <>

include/ruby/defines.h (GCC_VERSION_SINCE)

Fix logic error by adding parentheses. Fix failures of TestMkmf::TestConvertible with GCC 3.4.3 on Solaris 10. [Bug #12479] [ruby-dev:49660]


Fri Jun 10 21:54:24 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/forwardable.rb (Forwardable._delegator_method)

extract method generator and deal with non-module objects. [ruby-dev:49656] [Bug #12478]

Fri Jun 10 14:48:36 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (get_env_cstr)

ensure NUL-terminated. [ruby-dev:49655] [Bug #12475]

string.c (rb_str_fill_terminator)

return the pointer to the NUL-terminated content.


Thu Jun 9 21:42:00 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_asn1.c (asn1integer_to_num)

Use ASN1_ENUMERATED_to_BN() to convert an ASN1_ENUMERATED to a BN. Starting from OpenSSL 1.1.0, ASN1_INTEGER_to_BN() rejects non-ASN1_INTEGER objects. The format of INTEGER and ENUMERATED are almost identical so they behaved in the same way in OpenSSL <= 1.0.2. [ruby-core:75225] [Feature #12324]

test/openssl/test_asn1.rb (test_decode_enumerated)

Test that it works.

Thu Jun 9 21:10:04 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>


fix timestamp error when target without directory.

Thu Jun 9 19:46:22 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


Add define guards for OPENSSL_NO_EC. SSL_CTX_set_ecdh_auto() is defined even when ECDH is disabled in OpenSSL's configuration. This fixes r55214.

test/openssl/test_pair.rb (test_ecdh_curves)

Skip if the OpenSSL does not support ECDH.

test/openssl/utils.rb (start_server)

Ignore error in SSLContext#ecdh_curves=.

Thu Jun 9 18:12:42 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (un-runnable)

fail with proper error message. [ruby-core:75905] [Bug #12472]

Thu Jun 9 15:32:17 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (RBCONFIG)

use ifchange tool to see if the content is changed and update the timestamp file.


remove ifchange features.


make target directory if it does not exist with its parent directories.


drop support for used on old systems.

Thu Jun 9 15:03:35 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


Check for CRYPTO_malloc() and SSL_new(). OpenSSL_add_all_digests() and SSL_library_init() are deprecated and converted to macros in OpenSSL 1.1.0. [ruby-core:75225] [Feature #12324]


Wed Jun 8 23:09:51 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>

string.c (rb_str_ascii_casemap)

fix compile error.

Wed Jun 8 20:33:44 2016 Naohisa Goto <>


Remove excess semicolons in PUREFUNC(). Fix failure of TestMkmf::TestConvertible on Solaris with Oracle Solaris Studio 12. [ruby-dev:49651] [Bug #12470]



Wed Jun 8 16:03:09 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

lib/net/smtp.rb (getok, get_response)

raise an ArgumentError when CR or LF is included in a line, because they are not allowed in RFC5321. Thanks, Jeremy Daer.


Tue Jun 7 21:27:25 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


Regenerate test certificates for OpenSSL 1.1.0. This is already in upstream. [ruby-core:75225] [Feature #12324]

Tue Jun 7 21:27:17 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


Regenerate test certificates. The test CA certificate was incorrectly generated. A CA certificate must have the basic constraints extension with cA bit set to TRUE. OpenSSL <= 1.0.2 allowed the error when the certificate is in the trusted store but OpenSSL 1.1.0 no longer does. [ruby-core:75225] [Feature #12324]

Tue Jun 7 21:20:38 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


Don't register OID for 'emailAddress' and 'serialNumber'. A recent change in OpenSSL made OBJ_create() reject an already existing OID. They were needed to run tests with OpenSSL 0.9.6 which is now unsupported.;a=commit;h=52832e470f5fe8c222249ae5b539aeb3c74cdb25 [ruby-core:75225] [Feature #12324]

test/openssl/test_ssl_session.rb (test_server_session)

Duplicate SSL::Session before re-adding to the session store. OpenSSL 1.1.0 starts rejecting SSL_SESSION once removed by SSL_CTX_remove_session().;a=commit;h=7c2d4fee2547650102cd16d23f8125b76112ae75

test/openssl/test_pkey_ec.rb (setup)

Remove X25519 from @keys. X25519 is new in OpenSSL 1.1.0 but this is for key agreement and not for signing.

test/openssl/test_pair.rb, test/openssl/test_ssl.rb, test/openssl/utils.rb

Set security level to 0 when using aNULL cipher suites.


Use 1024 bits DSA key for client certificates.


Run each test in separate process. We can no longer cleanup engines explicitly as ENGINE_cleanup() was removed.;a=commit;h=6d4fb1d59e61aacefa25edc4fe5acfe1ac93f743

ext/openssl/ossl_engine.c (ossl_engine_s_cleanup)

Add a note to the RDoc for Engine.cleanup.


Don't define constants for DSS, DSS1 and SHA(-0) when using with OpenSSL 1.1.0. They are removed.

test/openssl/test_digest.rb, test/openssl/test_pkey_dsa.rb, test/openssl/test_pkey_dsa.rb, test/openssl/test_ssl.rb, test/openssl/test_x509cert.rb, test/openssl/test_x509req.rb

Don't test unsupported hash functions.

Tue Jun 7 14:57:09 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


Check for SSL_CTX_set_min_proto_version() macro added in OpenSSL 1.1.0. Version-specific methods, such as TLSv1_method(), are deprecated in OpenSSL 1.1.0. We need to use version-flexible methods (TLS_*method() or SSLv23_*method()) and disable other protocol versions as necessary. [ruby-core:75225] [Feature #12324]


Use SSL_CTX_set_{min,max}_proto_version() to fix the protocol version.


Mon Jun 6 23:00:00 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>


Update libressl version to 2.3.5.

Mon Jun 6 18:37:57 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_throw_start)

check if the iseq is symbol proc, class definition should not be a symbol proc. [ruby-core:75856] [Bug #12462]

Mon Jun 6 17:10:50 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_cipher.c (ossl_cipher_free)

Use EVP_CIPHER_CTX_free() to free EVP_CIPHER_CTX allocated by EVP_CIPHER_CTX_new(). [ruby-core:75225] [Feature #12324]

Mon Jun 6 10:39:56 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


Include ruby/config.h. r55285 added some inline functions but VC does not recognize 'inline' keyword.

Mon Jun 6 09:25:34 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

thread.c (thread_start_func_2)

report raised exception if report_on_exception flag is set. [Feature #6647]

Mon Jun 6 01:36:24 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


Check existence of SSL_is_server(). This function was introduced in OpenSSL 1.0.2. [ruby-core:75225] [Feature #12324]


Implement SSL_is_server() if missing.

ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ssl_info_cb)

Use SSL_is_server() to see if the SSL is server. The state machine in OpenSSL was rewritten and SSL_get_state() no longer returns SSL_ST_ACCEPT.

(ossl_ssl_cipher_to_ary, ossl_sslctx_session_get_cb)

Add some `const`s to suppress warning.

Mon Jun 6 01:18:10 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_asn1.c (decode_bool)

Do the same thing as d2i_ASN1_BOOLEAN() does by ourselves. This function is removed in OpenSSL 1.1.0. [ruby-core:75225] [Feature #12324]

Mon Jun 6 00:34:16 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


Check existence of accessor functions that don't exist in OpenSSL 0.9.8. OpenSSL 1.1.0 made most of its structures opaque and requires use of these accessor functions. [ruby-core:75225] [Feature #12324]


Implement them if missing.


Use these accessor functions.


Add missing test for HMAC#reset.

Mon Jun 6 00:00:13 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


Implement EVP_PKEY_get0_*() and {RSA,DSA,EC_KEY,DH}get0*() functions. OpenSSL 1.1.0 makes EVP_PKEY/RSA/DSA/DH opaque. We used to provide setter methods for each parameter of each PKey type, for example PKey::RSA#e=, but this is no longer possible because the new API RSA_set0_key() requires the 'n' at the same time. This commit adds deprecation warning to them and adds PKey::#set_ methods as direct wrapper for those new APIs. For example, 'rsa.e = 3' now needs to be rewritten as 'rsa.set_key(rsa.n, 3, rsa.d)'. [ruby-core:75225] [Feature #12324]


Use the new accessor functions. Implement RSA#set_{key,factors,crt_params}, DSA#set_{key,pqg}, DH#set_{key,pqg}. Emit a warning with rb_warning() when old setter methods are used.

test/drb/ut_array_drbssl.rb, test/drb/ut_drb_drbssl.rb, test/rubygems/test_gem_remote_fetcher.rb

Don't set a priv_key for DH object that are used in tmp_dh_callback. Generating a new key pair every time should be fine - actually the private exponent is ignored in OpenSSL >= 1.0.2f/1.0.1r even if we explicitly set.


Sun Jun 5 22:06:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

Fix the timing to detect the appropriate C++ compiler in OS X.

Sun Jun 5 21:42:24 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


Check absence of CRYPTO_lock() to see if the OpenSSL has the new threading API. In OpenSSL <= 1.0.2, an application had to set locking callbacks to use OpenSSL in a multi-threaded environment. OpenSSL 1.1.0 now finds pthreads or Windows threads so we don't need to do something special. [ruby-core:75225] [Feature #12324] Also check existence of *_up_ref(). Some structures in OpenSSL have a reference counter. We used to increment it with CRYPTO_add() which is a part of the old API.


Implement *_up_ref() if missing.


Don't set locking callbacks if unneeded.

ext/openssl/ossl_pkey.c, ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c, ext/openssl/ossl_x509cert.c, ext/openssl/ossl_x509crl.c, ext/openssl/ossl_x509store.c

Use *_up_ref() instead of CRYPTO_add().

Sun Jun 5 21:38:13 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


Check if RAND_pseudo_bytes() is usable. It is marked as deprecated in OpenSSL 1.1.0. [ruby-core:75225] [Feature #12324]


Disable Random.pseudo_bytes if RAND_pseudo_bytes() is unavailable.


Don't test Random.pseudo_bytes if not defined.


Sat Jun 4 10:54:52 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

missing/crypt.h (struct crypt_data)

remove unnecessary member “initialized”.

missing/crypt.c (des_setkey_r)

nothing to be initialized in crypt_data. (struct crypt_data)

check for “initialized” in struct crypt_data, which may be only in glibc, and isn't on AIX at least.

Sat Jun 4 10:38:39 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


unify MAX_PATH, _MAX_PATH, and MAXPATHLEN to PATH_MAX, except for MAX_PATH in get_special_folder for an API limit.


Fri Jun 3 21:27:22 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ruby.c (process_options)

rb_str_conv_enc() never set encoding of the source string, but returns the string itself if the conversion failed. then the instance variable does not need to be set again.

Fri Jun 3 18:04:37 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

ruby.c (process_options)

need to duplicate path before passing it to rb_str_conv_enc() because the function might call rb_enc_associate() internally. this fixes test failures on Windows introduced at r55260.

Fri Jun 3 17:44:25 2016 Reiner Herrmann <>

lib/mkmf.rb (create_makefile)

sort lists of source and object files in generated Makefile, unless given by extconf.rb. [Fix GH-1367]


Thu Jun 2 21:18:10 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/win32.c (get_special_folder)

use SHGetPathFromIDListEx if available instead of old SHGetPathFromIDListW, to check the buffer size.

Thu Jun 2 17:05:19 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ruby.c (ruby_init_loadpath_safe)

remove MAXPATHLEN restriction for Windows 10.

Thu Jun 2 16:51:35 2016 Koichi ITO <>

misc/ruby-mode.el (ruby-here-doc-beg-re), (ruby-here-doc-beg-match, ruby-parse-partial)

Support for `squiggly heredoc' syntax in ruby-mode. [Fix GH-1372]


Wed Jun 1 21:41:05 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


Check existence of ASN1_TIME_adj(). The old ASN1_TIME_set() is not Year 2038 ready on sizeof(time_t) == 4 environment. This function was added in OpenSSL 1.0.0. [ruby-core:45552] [Bug #6571]

ext/openssl/ossl_asn1.c (ossl_time_split)

Added. Split the argument

(Time) into the number of days elapsed since the epoch and the remainder seconds to conform to ASN1_TIME_adj(). (obj_to_asn1utime, obj_to_asn1gtime)

Use ossl_time_split() and ASN1_*TIME_adj().


Add the function prototype for ossl_time_split().


Add ossl_x509_time_adjust(). Similarly to obj_to_asn1*time(), use X509_time_adj_ex() instead of X509_time_adj().

ext/openssl/ossl_x509cert.c, ext/openssl/ossl_x509crl.c, ext/openssl/ossl_x509revoked.c

Use ossl_x509_time_adjust().

Wed Jun 1 15:58:20 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

revert r55237. replace crypt, not crypt_r, and check if crypt is broken more.


move crypt_r.c

string.c (rb_str_crypt)

use crypt_r if provided by the system.

Wed Jun 1 14:07:53 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

missing/crypt_r.c (a64toi)

initialize statically and fix out of bounds access when salt is not 7bit clean.

Wed Jun 1 11:34:59 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

win32/Makefile.sub (MISSING)

fixed build error introduced at r55237.

Wed Jun 1 09:48:06 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_str_crypt)

use reentrant crypt_r.

Wed Jun 1 09:37:26 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

missing/crypt.c (des_setkey)

void function never returns any value.

Wed Jun 1 09:16:22 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


separate header file from missing/crypt.c.

missing/crypt.c (crypt_r, setkey_r, encrypt_r)

add reentrant versions.

Wed Jun 1 02:25:38 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


fix size macros to use configured values for platforms long is larger than 32bit. [ruby-core:75792] [Bug #12446]


Tue May 31 17:28:46 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/optparse.rb (OptionParser::Completion.candidate)

get rid of nil as key names. [ruby-core:75773] [Bug #12438]

lib/optparse.rb (OptionParser#make_switch)

char class option cannot be NoArgument, default to RequiredArgument.

Tue May 31 00:30:11 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

ext/socket/raddrinfo.c (host_str, port_str)

Use StringValueCStr instead of (Safe)StringValue, to detect NUL byte in the string.


Mon May 30 22:02:01 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_asn1.c (time_to_time_t)

Use NUM2TIMET() instead of NUM2LONG(). time_t may be larger than long. [ruby-core:45552] [Bug #6571]

Mon May 30 18:29:28 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ossl_sslctx_s_alloc)

Enable the automatic curve selection for ECDH by calling SSL_CTX_set_ecdh_auto(). With this a TLS server automatically selects a curve which both the client and the server support to use in ECDH. This changes the default behavior but users can still disable ECDH by excluding 'ECDH' cipher suites from the cipher list (with SSLContext#ciphers=). This commit also deprecate tmp_ecdh_callback=. It was added in Ruby 2.3.0. It wraps SSL_CTX_set_tmp_ecdh_callback() which will be removed in OpenSSL 1.1.0. Its callback receives two values 'is_export' and 'keylength' but both are completely useless for determining a curve to use in ECDH. The automatic curve selection was introduced to replace this.


Deprecate SSLContext#tmp_ecdh_callback=. Emit a warning if this is in use.


Add SSLContext#ecdh_curves=. Wrap SSL_CTX_set1_curves_list(). If it is not available, this falls back to SSL_CTX_set_tmp_ecdh().


Define SSLContext#ecdh_curves=.


Check the existence of EC_curve_nist2nid(), SSL_CTX_set1_curves_list(), SSL_CTX_set_ecdh_auto() and SSL_CTX_set_tmp_ecdh_callback().


Implement EC_curve_nist2nid() if missing.

test/openssl/test_pair.rb (test_ecdh_callback)

Use EnvUtil.suppress_warning to suppress deprecated warning.


Test that SSLContext#ecdh_curves= works.

test/openssl/utils.rb (start_server)

Use SSLContext#ecdh_curves=.

Mon May 30 16:28:53 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/socket/raddrinfo.c (host_str, port_str)

use RSTRING_LEN instead of strlen, since RSTRING_PTR StringValueCStr may not be NUL-terminated when SHARABLE_MIDDLE_SUBSTRING=1. reported by @tmtms,

Mon May 30 16:20:26 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (str_fill_term)

return new pointer reallocated by filling terminator.

Mon May 30 14:54:58 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/stringio/stringio.c (enc_subseq)

share the return value and the buffer as possible.

Mon May 30 14:50:25 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (str_substr, rb_str_aref)

refactor not to create unnecessary empty string.

string.c (str_byte_substr, str_byte_aref)


Mon May 30 00:09:37 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>


fixed a heedless bug introduced at r55198. this change will make RubyCI green.


Sun May 29 22:58:19 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


redefine optimized one. WORD of Ruby's ascii compatible encoding is always [a-zA-Z0-9_].

Sun May 29 22:44:19 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

regexec.c (match_at)

make compilers optimize harder.

Sun May 29 12:08:42 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/-test-/auto_ext.rb (auto_ext)

utility method to create extension libraries for tests.


Sat May 28 20:40:57 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

misc/ruby-additional.el (ruby-insert-heredoc-code-block)

insert here document code block for assert_separately mainly.

Sat May 28 14:00:10 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/lib/openssl/ssl.rb (SSLSocket)

Move the implementation of SSLSocket#initialize to C. Initialize the SSL (OpenSSL object) in it. Currently this is delayed until ossl_ssl_setup(), which is called from SSLSocket#accept or connect. Say we call SSLSocket#hostname= with an illegal value. We expect an exception to be raised in hostname= but actually we get it in the later SSLSocket#connect. Because the SSL is not ready at hostname=, the actual call of SSL_set_tlsext_host_name() is also delayed. This also fixes: [ruby-dev:49376] [Bug #11724]

ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ossl_ssl_initialize)

Added. Almost the same as the Ruby version but this instantiate the SSL object at the same time.


Adjust to the changes. Just set the underlying IO to the SSL.


Added. Make use of SSL_get_fd(). This returns -1 if not yet set by SSL_set_fd().


Removed. Now GetSSL() checks that the SSL exists.


Don't call ossl_ssl_setup() here as now the SSL is already instantiated in initialize.

(ossl_ssl_shutdown, ossl_start_ssl, ossl_ssl_read_internal, ossl_ssl_write_internal, ossl_ssl_stop, ossl_ssl_get_cert, ossl_ssl_get_peer_cert, ossl_ssl_get_peer_cert_chain, ossl_ssl_get_version, ossl_ssl_get_cipher, ossl_ssl_get_state, ossl_ssl_pending, ossl_ssl_session_reused, ossl_ssl_get_verify_result, ossl_ssl_get_client_ca_list, ossl_ssl_npn_protocol, ossl_ssl_alpn_protocol, ossl_ssl_tmp_key)

Use GetSSL() instead of ossl_ssl_data_get_struct(). Use ssl_started().


Add method declarations of SSLSocket#{initialize, hostname=}.

ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.h (GetSSL)

Check that the SSL is not NULL. It should not be NULL because we now set it in initialize.

ext/openssl/ossl_ssl_session.c (ossl_ssl_session_initialize)

No need to check if the SSL is NULL.

Sat May 28 10:47:40 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Update latest releases, power_assert-0.3.0, test-unit 3.1.9, minitest 5.9.0, did_you_mean 1.0.1

Sat May 28 10:45:40 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


drop support for ATARI ST platform. It was discontinued more than two decades ago. [fix GH-1350] Patch by @cremno





Sat May 28 10:26:18 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


added missing quote. [fix GH-1363][ci skip] Patch by @dwaller


Fri May 27 17:38:49 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

variable.c (rb_local_constants_i)

exclude hidden constants. [ruby-core:75575] [Bug #12389]

Fri May 27 17:09:44 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

transcode.c (str_transcode0)

scrub in the given encoding when the source encoding is given, not in the encoding of the receiver. [ruby-core:75732] [Bug #12431]

Fri May 27 15:07:32 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_scan_args)

remove nul padding which caused syntax error if fmt is not a string literal.

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_scan_args_verify)

suppress array-bounds warnings by old clang.

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_scan_args0)

make extractor macros inline functions, which do not validate the format and are unnecessary to be expanded.

Fri May 27 01:00:36 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

symbol.c (is_identchar)

use ISDIGIT instead of rb_enc_isalnum. Though rb_enc_isalnum is encoding aware function, its argument here is *m, which is a single byte. Therefore ISDIGIT is faster.

symbol.c (is_special_global_name)


symbol.c (rb_enc_symname_type)


Fri May 27 00:39:40 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_scan_args)

add nul padding here to apply to all references.

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_scan_args_verify)

move length mismatch check outside conditional operators.


Thu May 26 14:21:10 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_dh.c (ossl_dh_compute_key)

Check that the DH has 'p' (the prime) before calling DH_size(). We can create a DH with no parameter but DH_size() does not check and dereferences NULL. [ruby-core:75720] [Bug #12428]

ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_dsa.c (ossl_dsa_sign)

Ditto. DSA_size() does not check dsa->q.

ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_rsa.c (ossl_rsa_public_encrypt, ossl_rsa_public_decrypt, ossl_rsa_private_encrypt, ossl_rsa_private_decrypt)

Ditto. RSA_size() does not check rsa->n.

Thu May 26 14:13:52 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_scan_args_count)

verify length with counting variables together.

Thu May 26 05:00:13 2016 Benoit Daloze <>

class.c (rb_define_class)

Fix documentation.


Wed May 25 20:50:12 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

re.c (unescape_nonascii)

scan hex up to only 3 characters. [Bug #12420] [Bug #12423]

Wed May 25 18:30:53 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

regparse.c (fetch_token_in_cc)

raise error if given octal escaped character is too big. [Bug #12420] [Bug #12423]

Wed May 25 17:45:15 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl, test/openssl

Drop OpenSSL < 0.9.8 support.

Wed May 25 17:43:30 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/openssl_missing.h, ext/openssl/ossl.h

Remove unnecessary 'extern “C”' blocks. We don't use C++ and these headers are local to ext/openssl, so there is no need to enclose with it.

Wed May 25 17:42:58 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


Remove check of OPENSSL_FIPS macro. This is unneeded because we can check the macro directly in source code, just as we already do for OPENSSL_NO_* macros.


Replace occurrences of HAVE_OPENSSL_FIPS with OPENSSL_FIPS.

Wed May 25 17:13:35 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

class.c (rb_scan_args)

merge code for n_trail.

Wed May 25 17:11:34 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_scan_args_validate)

move failed condition to the terminal. [ruby-core:75714] [Bug #12426]

Wed May 25 13:13:37 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


remove condition for debug output because prelude doesn't use regexp now.

Wed May 25 13:10:30 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

regcomp.c (compile_length_tree)

return error code immediately if compile_length_tree raised error [Bug #12418]

Wed May 25 01:13:55 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_ec.c (ec_key_new_from_group)

Create a new EC_KEY on given EC group. Extracted from ossl_ec_key_initialize().


Added. Create a new EC instance and generate a random private and public key.


Use ec_key_new_from_group().


Define the new method EC.generate. This change is for consistency with other PKey types. [ruby-core:45541] [Bug #6567]


Test that EC.generate works.

Wed May 25 00:37:16 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_ec.c (ossl_ec_key_generate_key)

Fix up RDoc.


Rename EC#generate_key to EC#generate_key!. Make the old name an alias of generate_key!. This change is for consistency with other PKey types. [ruby-core:45541] [Bug #6567]


Use EC#generate_key! instead of EC#generate_key.

Wed May 25 00:23:05 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_scan_args_set)

check the arity after adjusting argc for an option hash, for optimization in simpler cases.

Wed May 25 00:21:52 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (XCFLAGS)

merge flags only for ruby itself from ruby_cflags.


Tue May 24 22:04:15 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_cipher.c (ossl_cipher_set_key, ossl_cipher_set_iv)

Reject too long values as well as too short ones. Currently they just truncate the input but this would hide bugs and lead to unexpected encryption/decryption results.


Test that Cipher#key= and iv= reject Strings with invalid length.

Tue May 24 21:32:21 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_x509ext.c (ossl_x509ext_set_value)

Use ASN1_OCTET_STRING_set() instead of M_ASN1_OCTET_STRING_set(). Macros prefixed by “M_” are discouraged to be used from outside OpenSSL library.


Likewise, use ASN1_STRING_print() instead of M_ASN1_OCTET_STRING_print(). [1];a=blob;f=CHANGES;h=bf61913d7b01212b4d8b2f3c13d71d645914f67c;hb=b6079a7835f61daa9fb2cbf9addfa86049523933#l878


Include openssl/asn1.h instead of openssl/asn1_mac.h. It just includes openssl/asn1.h and defines some additional “M_” macros.

Tue May 24 18:52:11 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_scan_args_verify)

verify the format to scan if no invalid chars and variable argument length matching, at the compile time if possible.

Tue May 24 17:18:46 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/defines.h (ERRORFUNC, WARNINGFUNC)

add fallback definitions.

Tue May 24 16:37:43 2016 NARUSE, Yui <> (ruby_cflags)

separate from optflags [Bug #12409] -fexcess-precision=standard and -fp-model precise are set to this now. (cflags)

use ruby_cflags.

Tue May 24 16:20:53 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (ERRORFUNC, WARNINGFUNC)

__error__ and __warning__ attributes take a parenthesized string literal.

Tue May 24 12:35:56 2016 URABE Shyouhei <>

sort lines, and add missing dependencies suggested by tool/update-deps


Mon May 23 21:33:36 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/missing.h (isfinite)

move from numeric.c.

Mon May 23 21:09:06 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl.c (Init_openssl)

Avoid reference to unset global variable. ossl_raise() may be called before dOSSL is set. Since global variables default to 0 and the default value of dOSSL set in Init_openssl() is also Qfalse, there is no real issue but confusing. Patch by Bertram Scharpf <> [ruby-core:58264] [Bug #9101]

Mon May 23 20:32:16 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_asn1.c, ext/openssl/ossl_bn.c, ext/openssl/ossl_cipher.c, ext/openssl/ossl_digest.c ext/openssl/ossl_engine.c, ext/openssl/ossl_ns_spki.c ext/openssl/ossl_pkcs12.c, ext/openssl/ossl_pkcs7.c ext/openssl/ossl_pkey.c, ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_ec.c ext/openssl/ossl_rand.c, ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c ext/openssl/ossl_x509attr.c, ext/openssl/ossl_x509cert.c ext/openssl/ossl_x509ext.c, ext/openssl/ossl_x509store.c

Use StringValueCStr() where NUL-terminated string is expected.

Mon May 23 20:20:12 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (isfinite)

get rid of a warning on cygwin. [Bug #12417]

Mon May 23 19:41:27 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_rand.c (ossl_rand_egd, ossl_rand_egd_bytes)

RAND_egd{_bytes,}() return -1 on failure, not 0. Patch by cremno phobia <> [ruby-core:63795] [Bug #10053]


Similar, RAND_pseudo_bytes() may return 0 or -1 on failure.

Mon May 23 15:52:07 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (isfinite)

isfinite does not always exist. fixed build error on Windows introduced at r55123.

Mon May 23 13:19:41 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_scan_args0)

make compile error if the format is wrong or does not match with the variable argument length if possible.

Mon May 23 12:47:09 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_scan_args0)

raise fatal error if variable argument length does not match, it is a bug in the code which uses rb_scan_args, not a runtime error.

Mon May 23 12:30:29 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (GetVpValueWithPrec)

consider non-finite float values not to raise FloatDomainError. [ruby-core:75682] [Bug #12414]

Mon May 23 12:21:18 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

array.c (rb_ary_fill)

suppress warnings: 'item' may be used uninitialized in this function

Mon May 23 07:41:49 2016 Eric Wong <>

dir.c (dir_close)

update RDoc for 2.3 close change [ruby-core:75679] [Bug #12413]


Sun May 22 20:01:21 2016 Masatoshi SEKI <>


use finalizer trick instead of thread.



Sun May 22 17:06:55 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

transcode.c (enc_arg, str_transcode_enc_args, econv_args)

remove volatile, and add GC guards in callers. [ruby-core:75664] [Bug #12411]

Sun May 22 16:27:00 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


move testutil/integer.c.


extract implementation details from test/unit/assertions.rb. [Bug #12408]

Sun May 22 12:14:06 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_scan_args)

use original rb_scan_args when fmt is dynamic.

Sun May 22 11:41:12 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

class.c (rb_scan_args)

moved to bottom of the file to make the effect of `#undef rb_scan_args` the minimum.

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_scan_args)

overwrite only if GCC and optimized. Visual C++ 14 or later can compile it but make it conservative.

Sun May 22 02:41:52 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


remove hacky macro introduced at r30437.

ext/zlib/zlib.c (gzfile_make_header)

cast as long (instead of int).

ext/zlib/zlib.c (gzfile_make_footer)



Sat May 21 22:45:50 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_scan_args)

don't use ALWAYS_INLINE with `inline`. if gcc needs this duplication, do in ALWAYS_INLINE macro.

Sat May 21 21:11:56 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_scan_args)

use VA_ARGS instead of va_arg to allow compilers optimize more aggressive. rb_scan_args is now expected to be statically resolved.

Sat May 21 21:07:18 2016 NARUSE, Yui <> (ALWAYS_INLINE)

force compilers the function inlined.

Sat May 21 16:16:03 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ossl_ssl_stop)

Don't free the SSL struct here. Since some methods such as SSLSocket#connect releases GVL, there is a chance of use after free if we free the SSL from another thread. SSLSocket#stop was documented as “prepares it for another connection” so this is a slightly incompatible change. However when this sentence was added (r30090, Add toplevel documentation for OpenSSL, 2010-12-06), it didn't actually. The current behavior is from r40304 (Correct shutdown behavior w.r.t GC., 2013-04-15). [ruby-core:74978] [Bug #12292]

ext/openssl/lib/openssl/ssl.rb (sysclose)

Update doc.


Test this.

Sat May 21 14:41:14 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


[DOC] Fix SSL client example. The variable name was wrong. Patch by Andreas Tiefenthaler <> (@pxlpnk). [GH ruby/openssl#32]

Sat May 21 14:25:38 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


rename PKey::EC#private_key? and public_key? to private? and public? for consistency with other PKey types. Old names remain as alias. [ruby-core:45541] [Bug #6567]

test/openssl/test_pkey_ec.rb (test_check_key)

check private? and public? works correctly.

Sat May 21 12:40:36 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/lib/openssl/buffering.rb (read_nonblock, readpartial)

Remove impossible EOFError raise. Patch by Zach Anker <>. [GH ruby/openssl#23]

Sat May 21 11:18:42 2016 Evgeni Golov <>


[DOC] fix documentation of IN6MASK to mention IPv6. [Fix GH-1349]

Sat May 21 11:12:53 2016 Dan Martinez <>

io.c (Init_IO)

[DOC] define dummy ARGF instead of ARGF.class to re-enable the generation of ARGF documentation. [Fix GH-1358]

Sat May 21 11:07:29 2016 0x01f7 <>

doc/syntax/methods.rdoc (Method Names)

add proper closing tag. [Fix GH-1356]

Sat May 21 09:26:28 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (RUBY_CHECK_SETJMP)

fix missing macro definition for the configured result. fix up r55021.

Sat May 21 00:36:32 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

process.c (rb_execarg_commandline)

build command line string from argument vector in rb_execarg. [ruby-core:75611] [Bug #12398]


Fri May 20 23:25:42 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl.c (ossl_pem_passwd_value)

Added. Convert the argument to String with StringValue() and validate the length is in 4..PEM_BUFSIZE. PEM_BUFSIZE is a macro defined in OpenSSL headers.


When reading/writing encrypted PEM format, we used to pass the password to PEM_def_callback() directly but it was problematic. It is not NUL character safe. And surprisingly, it silently truncates the password to 1024 bytes. [GH ruby/openssl#51]


Add function prototype declaration of newly added ossl_pem_passwd_value().

ext/openssl/ossl_pkey.c (ossl_pkey_new_from_data)

Use ossl_pem_passwd_value() to validate the password String.

ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_dsa.c (ossl_dsa_initialize, ossl_dsa_export)


ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_ec.c (ossl_ec_key_initialize, ossl_ec_key_to_string)


ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_rsa.c (ossl_rsa_initialize, ossl_rsa_export)



test this.

Fri May 20 23:45:53 2016 Naohisa Goto <>

id_table.c (list_id_table_init)

When unaligned word access is prohibited and sizeof(VALUE) is 8 (64-bit machines), capa should always be even number for 8-byte word alignment of the values of a table. This code assumes that sizeof(ID) is 4, sizeof(VALUE) is 8, and xmalloc() returns 8-byte aligned memory. This fixes bus error on 64-bit SPARC Solaris 10. [Bug #12406]

Fri May 20 22:30:09 2016 Naohisa Goto <>

symbol.h (rb_id2sym)


Fri May 20 22:19:00 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>


[DOC] fix typos. [fix GH-1360] patched by @soundasleep

Fri May 20 21:26:58 2016 Naohisa Goto <>


macros for skipping __extension__ on non-GCC compilers.

eval_error.c (warn_print)

use RB_GNUC_EXTENSION_BLOCK instead of __extension__ because __extension__ is a GNU extension. Fix compile error on Solaris 10 with Oracle Solaris Studio 12.x. [Bug #12397] [ruby-dev:49629].

internal.h (rb_fstring_cstr, rb_fstring_enc_cstr)


include/ruby/encoding.h (rb_enc_str_new, rb_enc_str_new_cstr)


include/ruby/intern.h (rb_str_new, rb_str_new_cstr, rb_usascii_str_new, rb_utf8_str_new, rb_tainted_str_new_cstr, rb_usascii_str_new_cstr, rb_utf8_str_new_cstr, rb_external_str_new_cstr, rb_locale_str_new_cstr, rb_str_buf_new_cstr, rb_str_cat_cstr, rb_exc_new_cstr)


Fri May 20 21:17:13 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/win32ole/win32ole.c (fole_missing)

make substring or dup to share the content if possible.

Fri May 20 19:48:48 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


shrink buffer array not to mark non-VALUE fields. fix check_rvalue_consistency abort with RGENGC_CHECK_MODE=2.

internal.h (NEW_CMP_OPT_MEMO)

exclude struct cmp_opt_data from the valid array range.

enum.c (slicewhen_i)

exclude inverted too.


Thu May 19 21:21:57 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>

re.c (rb_reg_match_m_p)

[DOC] fix return value in rdoc.

test/ruby/test_regexp.rb (TestRegexp#test_match_p)

add some tests from document.

Thu May 19 13:22:44 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl.c (Init_openssl)

register an ex_data index for X509_STORE and X509_STORE_CTX respectively. Since they don't share the ex_data index registry, we can't use the same index.


use the the correct index.

ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ossl_ssl_verify_callback)


ext/openssl/ossl_x509store.c (ossl_x509store_set_vfy_cb)




ext/openssl/ossl.h (void ossl_clear_error)

add extern declarations of ossl_store_{ctx_,}ex_verify_cb_idx.


remove X509_STORE_set_ex_data and X509_STORE_get_ex_data.


implement X509_STORE_get_ex_data, X509_STORE_set_ex_data and X509_STORE_get_ex_new_index as macros.

Thu May 19 13:11:35 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_x509attr.c (ossl_x509attr_set_value)

check that the argument is an OpenSSL::ASN1::Data before converting to ASN1_TYPE. This fixes SEGV on OpenSSL::X509::Attribute#value=(non-asn1-value).


add tests for OpenSSL::X509::Attribute.

Thu May 19 12:10:10 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

re.c (rb_reg_match_m_p)

fix match against empty string. rb_str_offset returns the end when the position exceeds the length. fix the range parameter of onig_search. [ruby-core:75604] [Bug #12394]

Thu May 19 11:37:36 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

re.c (rb_reg_match_m_p)

should return false if no match, as the document says. [Feature #8110]

Thu May 19 00:17:01 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

re.c (reg_names_iter)

specify capacify


Wed May 18 21:29:59 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

thread.c (recursive_list_access)

a object id may be a Bignum. so, the list must be a objhash, instead of a identhash. this fixes many test errors on mswin64 CI.

Wed May 18 19:33:54 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

re.c (rb_reg_match_m_p)

Introduce Regexp#match?, which returns bool and doesn't save backref.

Wed May 18 16:52:03 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_pkcs12.c (ossl_pkcs12_initialize)

pop errors leaked by PKCS12_parse(). This is a bug in OpenSSL, which exists in the versions before the version 1.0.0t, 1.0.1p, 1.0.2d.

Wed May 18 16:04:54 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

tool/downloader.rb (

verify gems only if RubyGems is 2.4 or later. old RubyGems fails to verify almost all of bundled gems.

Wed May 18 14:52:38 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_str_modify_expand)

check integer overflow. [ruby-core:75592] [Bug #12390]

Wed May 18 13:11:44 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

re.c (match_ary_subseq)

get subseq of match array without creating temporary array.

re.c (match_ary_aref)

get element(s) of match array without creating temporary array.

re.c (match_aref)

Use match_ary_subseq with handling irregulars.

re.c (match_values_at)

Use match_ary_aref.

Wed May 18 13:03:07 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_x509cert.c (ossl_x509_verify)

X509_verify() family may put errors on 0 return (0 means verification failure). Clear OpenSSL error queue before return to Ruby. Since the queue is thread global, remaining errors in the queue can cause an unexpected error in the next OpenSSL operation. [ruby-core:48284] [Bug #7215]

ext/openssl/ossl_x509crl.c (ossl_x509crl_verify)


ext/openssl/ossl_x509req.c (ossl_x509req_verify)


ext/openssl/ossl_x509store.c (ossl_x509stctx_verify)


ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_dh.c (dh_generate)

clear the OpenSSL error queue before re-raising exception.

ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_dsa.c (dsa_generate)


ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_rsa.c (rsa_generate)


ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ossl_start_ssl)



check that OpenSSL.errors is empty every time after running a test case.

Wed May 18 12:07:42 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl.c (ossl_clear_error)

Extracted from ossl_make_error(). This prints errors in the OpenSSL error queue if OpenSSL.debug is true, and clears the queue.


use ossl_clear_error().


add prototype declaration of ossl_make_error().

ext/openssl/ossl_engine.c (ossl_engine_s_by_id)


ext/openssl/ossl_ns_spki.c (ossl_spki_initialize)


ext/openssl/ossl_pkcs7.c (ossl_pkcs7_verify)


ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_dsa.c (ossl_dsa_initialize)


ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_ec.c (ossl_ec_key_initialize)




ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ossl_ssl_shutdown)


Wed May 18 11:53:49 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_ec.c (ossl_ec_point_mul)

Validate the arguments before passing to EC_POINT(s)_mul(). Add description of this method. [ruby-core:65152] [Bug #10268]

test/openssl/test_pkey_ec.rb (test_ec_point_mul)

Test that OpenSSL::PKey::EC::Point#mul works.

Wed May 18 11:19:59 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

ext/openssl/ossl_bn.c (try_convert_to_bnptr)

Extracted from GetBNPtr(). This doesn't raise exception but returns NULL on error.


Raise TypeError if conversion fails.


Implement BN#==.


eql? should not raise TypeError even if the argument is not compatible with BN.


Implement BN#hash.

ext/openssl/ossl_bn.c (Init_ossl_bn)

Define #== and hash.


Test BN#eql?, #== and hash

Wed May 18 10:17:41 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (RB_INTEGER_TYPE_P)

new macro and underlying inline function to check if the object is an Integer (Fixnum or Bignum).

Wed May 18 09:52:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

enum.c (enum_sum, hash_sum, hash_sum_i, enum_sum_i, sum_iter)

Optimize for hashes when each method isn't redefined.

Wed May 18 09:14:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

enum.c (enum_sum, int_range_sum)

Extract int_range_sum from enum_sum.

Wed May 18 03:16:06 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

re.c (match_values_at)

fix regression at r55036. MatchData#values_at accepts Range.

Wed May 18 02:02:58 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

re.c (match_aref)

remove useless condition and call rb_fix2int. rb_reg_nth_match handles negative index.

Wed May 18 01:57:43 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

re.c (match_values_at)

MatchData#values_at supports named captures [Feature #9179]

re.c (namev_to_backref_number)


Wed May 18 00:05:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

enum.c (enum_sum)

Optimize for a range from int to int.

test/ruby/test_enum.rb (test_range_sum)

Move from test_range.rb, and add assertions for some conditions.

test/ruby/test_enum.rb (test_hash_sum)

Move from test_hash.rb.

test/ruby/test_hash.rb, test/ruby/test_range.rb

Remove test_sum.


Tue May 17 23:08:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

enum.c (enum_sum)

[DOC] Write documentation.

Tue May 17 22:53:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

enum.c (enum_sum)

Implement Enumerable#sum.

test/ruby/test_enum.rb (test_sum)

Test sum for Enumerable.

test/ruby/test_hash.rb (test_sum)

Test sum for Hash.

test/ruby/test_range.rb (test_sum)

Test sum for Range.

Tue May 17 22:11:41 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

object.c, numeric.c, enum.c, ext/-test-/bignum/mul.c, lib/rexml/quickpath.rb, lib/rexml/text.rb, lib/rexml/xpath_parser.rb, lib/rubygems/specification.rb, lib/uri/generic.rb, bootstraptest/test_eval.rb, basictest/test.rb, test/-ext-/bignum/test_big2str.rb, test/-ext-/bignum/test_div.rb, test/-ext-/bignum/test_mul.rb, test/-ext-/bignum/test_str2big.rb, test/csv/test_data_converters.rb, test/date/test_date.rb, test/json/test_json_generate.rb, test/minitest/test_minitest_mock.rb, test/openssl/test_cipher.rb, test/rexml/test_jaxen.rb, test/ruby/test_array.rb, test/ruby/test_basicinstructions.rb, test/ruby/test_bignum.rb, test/ruby/test_case.rb, test/ruby/test_class.rb, test/ruby/test_complex.rb, test/ruby/test_enum.rb, test/ruby/test_eval.rb, test/ruby/test_iseq.rb, test/ruby/test_literal.rb, test/ruby/test_math.rb, test/ruby/test_module.rb, test/ruby/test_numeric.rb, test/ruby/test_range.rb, test/ruby/test_rational.rb, test/ruby/test_refinement.rb, test/ruby/test_rubyvm.rb, test/ruby/test_struct.rb, test/ruby/test_variable.rb, test/rubygems/test_gem_specification.rb, test/thread/test_queue.rb

Use Integer instead of Fixnum and Bignum.

Tue May 17 15:26:10 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_class_of)

Return rb_cInteger for fixnums.





vm_insnhelper.c (opt_eq_func)


vm.c (vm_redefinition_check_flag)

Use rb_cInteger instead of rb_cFixnum and rb_cBignum.


Use Integer instead of Fixnum and Bignum.

numeric.c (fix_succ)



Define Fixnum as Integer.

bignum.c (bignew)

Use rb_cInteger instead of rb_cBignum.


replaced from rb_big_coerce and return fixnums as-is.


Define Bignum as Integer. Don't define ===.

error.c (builtin_class_name)

Return “Integer” for fixnums.

sprintf.c (ruby__sfvextra)

Use rb_cInteger instead of rb_cFixnum.


New directory to test. Currently it provides utilities for fixnum and bignum.


Define mInteger_to_json.

lib/mathn.rb (Fixnum#/)

Redefinition removed.

Tue May 17 11:58:58 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (RUBY_CHECK_BUILTIN_SETJMP)

declare t as NORETURN to suppress warnings by -Wsuggest-attribute=noreturn. [ruby-core:75510] [Bug #12383]

Tue May 17 10:40:18 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (RUBY_CHECK_SETJMP)

needs the header and proper arguments for builtin setjmp functions.


Mon May 16 19:29:31 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Update xmlrpc-0.1.1. xmlrpc-0.1.0 didn't allow to install on 2.4.0dev.

Mon May 16 13:28:59 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (FUNC_STDCALL, FUNC_CDECL, FUNC_FASTCALL)

set macro names explicitly to the old names, which are accidentally changed at r54985, for backward compatibilities. fiddle also depends on these names to fallback to ANSI names. [ruby-core:75494] [Bug #12377]

Mon May 16 11:39:02 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

lib/xmlrpc.rb, lib/xmlrpc/*, test/xmlrpc

XMLRPC is bundled gem on Ruby 2.4. It is extracted to [Feature #12160]



Mon May 16 06:06:21 2016 Eric Wong <>


fix RDoc of Proc#===/call/yield/[] [Bug #12332]


Sun May 15 20:55:31 2016 Masatoshi SEKI <>


don't use keeper thread. [Bug #12342]



Sun May 15 16:15:25 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

array.c (rb_ary_entry)

extract rb_ary_elt to organize if-conditions and check whether is embedded at once.

Sun May 15 10:57:26 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_get_ev_const)

warn deprecated constant even in the class context. [ruby-core:75505] [Bug #12382]

Sun May 15 03:13:01 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

iseq.h (struct iseq_compile_data)

use struct rb_id_table instead of st_table.

iseq.c (prepare_iseq_build)

don't allocate ivar_cache_table until it has at least one element.

iseq.c (compile_data_free)

free ivar_cache_table only if it is allocated.

compile.c (get_ivar_ic_value)

allocate if the table is not allocated yet.


Sat May 14 09:04:34 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/mkmf.rb (pkg_config)

use xsystem consistently to set up library path environment variable as well as latter pkg-config calls. [ruby-dev:49619] [Bug #12379]

Sat May 14 00:16:54 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

random.c (make_seed_value)

append leading-zero-guard and get rid of making a local copy of the seed.


Fri May 13 08:46:42 2016 cremno <>


drop FreeBSD < 4 support. [Fix GH-1339] The most recent version affected by this is 3.5 and was released in 2000.

Fri May 13 03:12:09 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

include/ruby/defines.h (GCC_VERSION_SINCE)

moved from internal.h.

Fri May 13 03:11:20 2016 NARUSE, Yui <> (__builtin_constant_p)




Fri May 13 03:10:39 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

use alternative keyword to avoid macros conflicts with them.


Thu May 12 01:54:08 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/mkmf.rb (try_func)

get rid of conflict of declarations of main(). checking local symbol reference does not make sense.

Thu May 12 00:18:19 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

win32/Makefile.sub (HAVE_QSORT_S)

use qsort_s only for Visual Studio 2012 or later, because VS2010 seems to causes a SEGV in test/ruby/test_enum.rb.


Wed May 11 23:59:47 2016 Masaya Tarui <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_getivar)

describe fast-path explicit

Wed May 11 21:30:07 2016 Masaya Tarui <>

compile.c (iseq_compile_each)

share InlineCache during same instance variable accesses. Reducing memory consumption, rising cache hit rate and rising branch prediction hit rate are expected. A part of [Bug #12274].

iseq.h (struct iseq_compile_data)

introduce instance variable IC table for sharing.

iseq.c (prepare_iseq_build, compile_data_free)

construct/destruct above table.

Wed May 11 17:18:53 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

util.c (ruby_qsort)

use qsort_s if available, for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (msvcr80.dll) and mingw.


Tue May 10 21:05:45 2016 Benoit Daloze <>

insns.def (defineclass)

Also raise an error when redeclaring the superclass of a class as Object and it has another superclass. [Bug #12367] [ruby-core:75446]


test for above.

Tue May 10 14:57:09 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

random.c (obj_random_bytes)

base on bytes method instead of rand method, not to call toplevel rand method.

Tue May 10 13:07:28 2016 NARUSE, Yui <> (-fexcess-precision=standard)

before r54895 -std=c99 is specified and it implied -fexcess-precision=standard. Now with -std=gnu99, it should be explicitly specified.


Mon May 9 10:51:59 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

thread.c (rb_thread_atfork_internal)

move th to an argument.

thread.c (rb_thread_atfork)

do not repeat GET_THREAD().

Mon May 9 10:46:36 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

thread.c (rb_thread_atfork, rb_thread_atfork_before_exec)

do nothing unless working fork is available.

thread_sync.c (rb_mutex_abandon_all)

define only if working fork is available.

thread_sync.c (rb_mutex_abandon_keeping_mutexes)


thread_sync.c (rb_mutex_abandon_locking_mutex)


thread_win32.c (gvl_init)

never used.

Mon May 9 07:18:06 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>


need to define function attributes alternatives in defines.h instead of ruby.h, because they are used in oniguruma.h and the header used without including ruby.h at encoding library sources.

Mon May 9 06:30:12 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (CONSTFUNC, PUREFUNC)

fixed build errors on non-gcc build environments introduced at r54952.

Mon May 9 02:51:51 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

gc.c (rb_gc_unprotect_logging)

throw rb_memerror when it cannot allocate memory. This is pointed out by Facebook's Infer.

gc.c (gc_prof_setup_new_record)


regparse.c (parse_regexp)


util.c (MALLOC)

use xmalloc and xfree like above.

Mon May 9 02:39:16 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

check function attribute const and pure, and define CONSTFUNC and PUREFUNC if available. Note that I don't add those options as default because it still shows many false-positive (it seems not to consider longjmp).

vm_eval.c (stack_check)

get rb_thread_t* as an argument to avoid duplicate call of GET_THREAD().


Sun May 8 21:01:14 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


assume it doesn't have SSLv2 related functions when OPENSSL_NO_SSL2 is defined. Usually openssl's header and the library (libssl) have the same set of functions, but on some environment the library has functions whose headers doesn't declare. (openssl/opensslconf.h and aren't be synchronized) To detect such case explicitly check feature macro and remove related functions.

Sun May 8 18:51:33 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

file.c (rb_home_dir_of)

return the default home path if the user name is the current user name, on platforms where struct pwd is not supported. a temporary measure against [Bug #12226].

Sun May 8 08:51:38 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

add -Wsuggest-attribute=format and suppress warnings.

Sun May 8 08:31:03 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

add -Wsuggest-attribute=noreturn and suppress warnings.

Sun May 8 08:19:16 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

add -Werror=implicit-int to avoid missing type of function declaration.


Sat May 7 22:22:37 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Accept string value for SSLCertName. It is used to invoke ssl server with command line. [fix GH-1329] Patch by @kerlin


Added test for GH-1329

Sat May 7 21:55:12 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Added basic test for `webrick/ssl`

Sat May 7 16:22:13 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

random.c (int_pair_to_real_inclusive)

optimize to multiply without Bignum.

Sat May 7 07:58:02 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

process.c (rb_exec_getargs)

honor the expected argument types over the conversion method. the basic language functionality should be robust. [ruby-core:75388] [Bug #12355]


Fri May 6 08:16:26 2016 David Silva <>

enum.c (enum_find)

[DOC] add more examples to the documentation of Enumerable#detect, to show that it equals to Enumerable#find. [Fix GH-1340]


Thu May 5 18:08:31 2016 Yuichiro Kaneko <>


Remove duplicated raise.

Thu May 5 14:41:05 2016 Yuichiro Kaneko <>

string.c (rb_str_sub)

Fix a special match variable name. [ci skip]

Thu May 5 12:22:17 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_eval.c (rb_eval_cmd, rb_catch_obj)

use TH_JUMP_TAG with the same rb_thread_t used for TH_PUSH_TAG, instead of JUMP_TAG with the current thread global variable.

Thu May 5 10:49:33 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

random.c (fill_random_bytes_syscall)

use arc4random_buf if available.


Wed May 4 23:13:58 2016 Yuichiro Kaneko <>

numeric.c (fix_plus)

Remove rb_nucomp_add prototype declaration.

numeric.c (fix_mul)

Remove rb_nucomp_mul prototype declaration.

internal.h (rb_nucomp_add, rb_nucomp_mul)

add prototype declarations.

Wed May 4 18:38:00 2016 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

lib/net/http/header.rb (Net::HTTPHeader#{each_header,each_name, each_capitalized_name,each_value,each_capitalized})

Return sized enumerators.


add test for above.

Wed May 4 17:53:15 2016 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

lib/set.rb (Set#{delete_if,keep_if,collect!,reject!,select!,classify,divide}, SortedSet#{delete_if,keep_if})

Return sized enumerators.


add test for above.


Tue May 3 23:25:48 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>


[DOC] Update result of 123456789 ** -2. [ruby-dev:49606] [Bug #12339]

Tue May 3 23:13:16 2016 Yuichiro Kaneko <>

internal.h (RCOMPLEX_SET_IMAG)

undef RCOMPLEX_SET_IMAG instead of duplicated undef RCOMPLEX_SET_REAL.

Tue May 3 22:55:07 2016 Yuichiro Kaneko <>

complex.c (rb_complex_set_imag)

Fix to properly set imag of complex.

Tue May 3 22:19:55 2016 NARUSE, Yui <> (warnflags)

use -std=gnu99 instead of -std=iso9899:1999. [Feature #12336]

Tue May 3 22:10:09 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

string.c (count_utf8_lead_bytes_with_word)

Use __builtin_popcount only if it can use SSE 4.2 POPCNT whose latency is 3 cycle.

internal.h (rb_popcount64)

use __builtin_popcountll because now it is in fast path.

Tue May 3 14:19:18 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (new_if_gen)

set newline flag to NODE_IF to trace all if/elsif statements. [ruby-core:67720] [Bug #10763]

Tue May 3 05:35:54 2016 Eric Wong <>

process.c (disable_child_handler_fork_child)

initialize handler for SIGPIPE for !POSIX_SIGNAL


Mon May 2 23:03:42 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

win32/win32.c, include/ruby/win32.h (rb_w32_utruncate)

implements new truncate alternative which accepts UTF-8 path.

file.c (truncate)

use above function. [Bug #12340]

Mon May 2 20:59:21 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

re.c (str_coderange)

to avoid function call when the string already has coderange information.

re.c (rb_reg_prepare_enc)

add shortcut path when the regexp has the same encoding of given string.

re.c (rb_reg_prepare_re)

avoid duplicated allocation of onig_errmsg_buffer.

Mon May 2 12:34:52 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

test/ruby/test_refinement.rb (test_inspect)

Use Integer instead of Fixnum.

Mon May 2 06:58:38 2016 Tanaka Akira <>


Don't refer rb_cFixnum and rb_cBignum.





Mon May 2 01:27:59 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

test/ruby/test_numeric.rb (test_step)

Use Integer::FIXNUM_MAX.

Mon May 2 01:15:01 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

test/ruby/test_module.rb (test_name)

Use Integer instead of Fixnum.

Mon May 2 01:00:04 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

test/lib/test/unit/assertions.rb (assert_fixnum)





Use assert_bignum.


Use assert_fixnum and assert_bignum.



Mon May 2 00:41:53 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

vm_trace.c (recalc_remove_ruby_vm_event_flags)

Add a cast to avoid signed integer overflow.

Mon May 2 00:06:04 2016 Tanaka Akira <>


Define Integer::{FIXNUM_MIN,FIXNUM_MAX}.












Sun May 1 23:59:59 2016 Kenta Murata <>

array.c (rb_ary_sum)

fix for mathn

test/ruby/test_array.rb (test_sum)


Sun May 1 23:51:54 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

test/lib/test/unit.rb (Options#non_options)

fixed wrong regexp. if both positives and negatives were specified, positives had to be specified from the beginning.

Sun May 1 21:00:07 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>


drop Win2K support.

Sun May 1 20:39:47 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

cont.c, hash.c, random.c, win32/win32.c

cleanup some Win9x/ME/NT4 support leftovers. [fix GH-1328] patched by @cremno

Sun May 1 07:30:44 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

string.c (search_nonascii)

use nlz on big endian environments.

internal.h (nlz_intptr)


Sun May 1 00:03:30 2016 NARUSE, Yui <> (__builtin_ctz)

check. (__builtin_ctzll)


internal.h (rb_popcount32)

defined for ntz_int32. it can use __builtin_popcount but this function is not used on GCC environment because it uses __builtin_ctz. When another function uses this, using __builtin_popcount should be re-considered.

internal.h (rb_popcount64)


internal.h (ntz_int32)

defined for ntz_intptr.

internal.h (ntz_int64)

defined for ntz_intptr.

internal.h (ntz_intptr)

defined as ntz for uintptr_t.

string.c (search_nonascii)

unroll and use ntz.


Sat Apr 30 21:54:13 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (Init_Numeric)

Gather Fixnum method definitions.

Sat Apr 30 21:28:14 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (rb_int_div)

Define Integer#/.

bignum.c (rb_big_div)

Don't define Bignum#/.

lib/mathn.rb (Integer#/)

Replace Integer#/ instead of Bignum#/.

Sat Apr 30 21:11:08 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (rb_int_plus)

Define Integer#+.

bignum.c (rb_big_plus)

Don't define Bignum#+.

Sat Apr 30 21:01:20 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (rb_int_minus)

Define Integer#-.

bignum.c (rb_big_minus)

Don't define Bignum#-.

Sat Apr 30 20:53:33 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (rb_int_mul)

Define Integer#*.

bignum.c (rb_big_mul)

Don't define Bignum#*.

Sat Apr 30 20:30:44 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (rb_int_modulo)

Define Integer#%.

bignum.c (rb_big_modulo)

Don't define Bignum#%.

Sat Apr 30 20:17:08 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (int_equal)

Define Integer#==.

bignum.c (rb_big_eq)

Don't define Bignum#==.

Sat Apr 30 19:41:15 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (int_gt)

Define Integer#>.

bignum.c (rb_big_gt)

Don't define Bignum#>. Renamed from big_gt.

internal.h (rb_big_gt)


Sat Apr 30 19:24:40 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (int_ge)

Define Integer#>=.

bignum.c (rb_big_ge)

Don't define Bignum#>=. Renamed from big_ge.

internal.h (rb_big_ge)


Sat Apr 30 19:20:40 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Remove obsoleted classes and modules.

Sat Apr 30 19:09:23 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (int_lt)

Define Integer#<.

bignum.c (rb_big_lt)

Don't define Bignum#<. Renamed from big_lt.

internal.h (rb_big_lt)


Sat Apr 30 18:44:05 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (int_le)

Define Integer#<=.

bignum.c (rb_big_le)

Don't define Bignum#<=. Renamed from big_le.

internal.h (rb_big_le)


Sat Apr 30 18:11:44 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (Init_Bignum)

Define Integer::GMP_VERSION.

Sat Apr 30 16:58:18 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (int_remainder)

Define Integer#remainder.

bignum.c (rb_big_remainder)

Don't define Bignum#remainder.

internal.h (rb_big_remainder)


Sat Apr 30 15:29:24 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (rb_int_uminus)

{Fixnum,Bignum}#-@ is unified into Integer.

bignum.c (rb_big_uminus)

Don't define Bignum#-@.

Sat Apr 30 14:42:20 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (rb_int_idiv)

{Fixnum,Bignum}#div is unified into Integer.

bignum.c (rb_big_idiv)

Don't define Bignum#div.

Sat Apr 30 14:25:55 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (rb_int_modulo)

{Fixnum,Bignum}#modulo is unified into Integer.

bignum.c (rb_big_modulo)

Don't define Bignum#modulo.

Sat Apr 30 14:04:30 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (int_divmod)

{Fixnum,Bignum}#divmod is unified into Integer.

bignum.c (rb_big_divmod)

Don't define Bignum#divmod.

Sat Apr 30 13:20:00 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (int_fdiv)

{Fixnum,Bignum}#fdiv is unified into Integer.

bignum.c (rb_big_fdiv)

Don't define Bignum#fdiv.

Sat Apr 30 12:25:43 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (rb_int_pow)

{Fixnum,Bignum}#** is unified into Integer.

bignum.c (rb_big_pow)

Don't define Bignum#**.

Sat Apr 30 12:28:59 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (rb_big_comp)

Renamed from rb_big_neg.

numeric.c (fix_comp)

Renamed from fix_rev.

Sat Apr 30 12:25:43 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (int_comp)

{Fixnum,Bignum}#~ is unified into Integer.

bignum.c (rb_big_neg)

Don't define Bignum#~.

internal.h (rb_big_neg)


Sat Apr 30 12:07:42 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (int_and)

{Fixnum,Bignum}#& is unified into Integer.

bignum.c (rb_big_and)

Don't define Bignum#&.

Sat Apr 30 11:56:15 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


removed dummy extension library. thread_sync.c provides “thread.rb” already.

Sat Apr 30 11:53:48 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (int_or)

{Fixnum,Bignum}#| is unified into Integer.

bignum.c (rb_big_or)

Don't define Bignum#|.

Sat Apr 30 11:18:47 2016 Yuichiro Kaneko <>


Fix typos. [ci skip]

Sat Apr 30 10:09:04 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/pty/pty.c (establishShell)

honor USER environment variable and login name over uid, one uid can be shared by some login names.


Fri Apr 29 22:40:28 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

doc/maintainers.rdoc (ext/io/nonblock)

still maintained, as well as ext/io/wait, which is the origin.

Fri Apr 29 21:18:12 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

doc/maintainers.rdoc (ext/win32)

of course, it's still maintained.

Fri Apr 29 21:03:10 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Update latest gems, test-unit-3.1.8 and rake-11.1.2.

Fri Apr 29 20:43:02 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Update latest maintainers list on Ruby 2.4

Fri Apr 29 19:52:45 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Removed deprecated entries. These are already deleted.

Fri Apr 29 19:48:45 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Removed Ruby 1.8 entries. It's not necessary to Ruby 2.4 or later.


Thu Apr 28 17:03:17 2016 Nicholas Maccharoli <>

hash.c (rb_hash_update_{block,func}_callback)

dry up hash update callback code. [Fix GH-1338]

Thu Apr 28 16:52:05 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

re.c (rb_reg_prepare_enc)

use rb_enc_asciicompat(enc) instead of rb_enc_str_asciicompat_p(str) to avoid useless rb_enc_get(str) call.

Thu Apr 28 16:33:41 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


[DOC] fix example code. base on the code by Semyon Gaivoronskiy in [ruby-core:75224]. [Bug #12323]

Thu Apr 28 09:33:03 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

lib/rubygems.rb, lib/rubygems/*, test/rubygems/*

Update rubygems-2.6.4. Please see entries of 2.6.4 on

Thu Apr 28 04:49:07 2016 Rei Odaira <> (rb_cv_lgamma_r_pm0)

check if lgamma_r(+0.0) returns positive infinity, in addition to lgamma_r(-0.0). AIX returns an incorrect result of negative infinity.

math.c (ruby_lgamma_r)

handle +0.0, in addition to -0.0.

Thu Apr 28 01:11:14 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


define _DEFAULT_SOURCE because glibc 2.20 deprecates _BSD_SOURCE.

Thu Apr 28 00:27:55 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (int_xor)

{Fixnum,Bignum}#^ is unified into Integer.

bignum.c (rb_big_xor)

Don't define Bignum#^.


Wed Apr 27 20:53:59 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (int_aref)

{Fixnum,Bignum}#[] is unified into Integer.

bignum.c (rb_big_aref)

Don't define Bignum#<<.

internal.h (rb_big_aref)


Wed Apr 27 16:10:35 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


fix to follow current implementation.

Wed Apr 27 15:47:54 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_s_new)

warn if a block is given, as well as

Wed Apr 27 14:29:47 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

error.c (ruby_only_for_internal_use)

raise fatal error when deprecated function only for internal use is called, not just a warning.


Tue Apr 26 23:42:30 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

tool/redmine-backporter.rb (rel)

should not raise exceptions even if the user input is wrong. only reports the error and continue process.

Tue Apr 26 23:35:23 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ruby.c (process_options)

convert -e script to the encoding given by a command line option on Windows. assume it is the expected encoding. [ruby-dev:49461] [Bug #11900]

Tue Apr 26 21:11:02 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (rb_int_lshift)

{Fixnum,Bignum}#<< is unified into Integer.

bignum.c (rb_big_lshift)

Don't define Bignum#<<.

Tue Apr 26 20:59:40 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (rb_int_rshift)

{Fixnum,Bignum}#>> is unified into Integer.

bignum.c (rb_big_rshift)

Don't define Bignum#>>.

Tue Apr 26 20:46:16 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (int_size)

{Fixnum,Bignum}#size is unified into Integer.

bignum.c (rb_big_size_m)

Don't define Bignum#size.

internal.h (rb_big_size_m)


Tue Apr 26 20:09:08 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (rb_int_bit_length)

{Fixnum,Bignum}#bit_length is unified into Integer.

bignum.c (rb_big_bit_length)

Don't define Bignum#bit_length.

internal.h (rb_big_bit_length)


Tue Apr 26 19:56:16 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (int_abs)

Integer#{abs,magnitude} moved from Fixnum and Bignum.

bignum.c (rb_big_abs)

Don't define Bignum#{abs,magnitude}.

internal.h (rb_big_abs)



Mon Apr 25 14:39:11 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


just check the existence of each types, to reduce configuration time, especially cross-compiling.


calculate sizes of checked types at compilation time.


Sun Apr 24 23:29:16 2016 Rei Odaira <>

add missing -lm for AIX.

Sun Apr 24 18:33:58 2016 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

vm_insnhelper.c (INLINE)

disable r54738 if NO_INLINE is defined. It caused “undefined reference to `vm_getivar'”.

Sun Apr 24 09:32:12 2016 Yuichiro Kaneko <>


Add test cases for Array#sum with non-numeric objects.

Sun Apr 24 04:21:27 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

vm_insnhelper.c (INLINE)

define as `inline` when it is optimized. define as `static inline` when it is not optimized to keep the symbol generated.

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_getivar)

use `INLINE` to force inline so that a compiler inlines it into vm_getinstancevariable and optimizes out is_attr and related branches.

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_getivar)

use `inline` to recommend inline. Without this vm1_ivar_set is degraded. benchmark results: minimum results in each 5 measurements. Execution time (sec) name ruby 2.4.0dev (2016-04-23 trunk 54727) [x86_64-linux] ruby 2.4.0dev (2016-04-23 trunk 54733) [x86_64-linux] built-ruby loop_whileloop 0.641 0.642 0.646 vm1_ivar* 1.002 0.999 0.831 vm1_ivar_set* 0.369 1.106 0.362 Speedup ratio: compare with the result of `ruby 2.4.0dev (2016-04-23 trunk 54727) [x86_64-linux]' (greater is better) name ruby 2.4.0dev (2016-04-23 trunk 54733) [x86_64-linux] built-ruby loop_whileloop 0.998 0.991 vm1_ivar* 1.003 1.205 vm1_ivar_set* 0.334 1.018


Sat Apr 23 18:01:21 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_getivar)

specify inline instead of static inline. vm_getivar is called by vm_call_ivar and vm_getinstancevariable. At least with GCC 4.8 and 5.3 on Linux, they are inlining it into vm_call_ivar but not vm_getinstancevariable. By `inline`, they correctly inline it and gains performance. Speedup ratio: compare with the result of `ruby 2.4.0dev (2016-04-23 trunk 54727) [x86_64-linux]' (greater is better) name built-ruby loop_whileloop 1.001 vm1_ivar* 1.189 vm1_ivar_set* 1.024 Note the `inline`'s meaning is different between old GCC and C99. Old GCC's inline means C99's extern inline. Since Ruby specify -std=iso9899:1999, it works like C99.

Sat Apr 23 16:11:39 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_mul_size_overflow)

use UNLIKELY by user side to improve generality.

Sat Apr 23 16:10:02 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (RB_LIKELY)

use prefix in ruby.h.

intern.h (LIKELY)

define with RB_LIKELY.

Sat Apr 23 13:27:25 2016 Yuichiro Kaneko <>


Add descriptions for Time#to_time updates. [Bug #12271]

Sat Apr 23 13:21:24 2016 Yuichiro Kaneko <>


Add descriptions for DateTime#to_time updates. [Bug #12189]

Sat Apr 23 09:03:35 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


cygwin does not use w32_cmdvector, command line can be other than UTF-8. [ruby-dev:49519] [Bug #12184]

Sat Apr 23 01:00:03 2016 Rei Odaira <>

don't use the system-provided round(3) on AIX. In AIX, round(0.49999999999999994) returns 1.0. Use round() in numeric.c instead.


Fri Apr 22 21:00:44 2016 Tanaka Akira <>


Tests depends on Europe/Moscow removed to avoid test failures due to the tzdata change. Found by naruse.

Fri Apr 22 20:18:40 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_mul_size_overflow)

added to handle mul overflow efficiently.

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_alloc_tmp_buffer2)

use rb_mul_size_overflow and avoid division where it can define DSIZE_T.

gc.c (xmalloc2_size)

moved from ruby.h and use rb_mul_size_overflow.

Fri Apr 22 20:34:04 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

time.c (time_asctime)

[DOC] add ctime example, not only asctime. [ruby-core:75126] [Bug #12310]

Fri Apr 22 18:44:32 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


use uint32_t instead of long to avoid confusion about the type of ivtbl->numiv.

Fri Apr 22 15:09:27 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

eval_jump.c (exec_end_procs_chain)

restore previous error info for each end procs. [ruby-core:75038] [Bug #12302]

Fri Apr 22 15:04:56 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>


the fullpath of merger.rb is too long to copy&paste on Windows. show shorter name instead on the platform. I'm sure that the user of this command on Windows is only me.

Fri Apr 22 14:52:04 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>


remove temporary file.

Fri Apr 22 11:27:03 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Improve documentation for SSL requests via GET method. [fix GH-1325][ci skip] Patch by @jsyeo

Fri Apr 22 10:51:13 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Support to add SSLCiphers option. [fix GH-1321] Patch by @rhadoo

Fri Apr 22 10:43:19 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

file.c, win32/file.c

Removed obsoleted safe level checks. [fix GH-1327] Patch by @cremno

Fri Apr 22 10:01:48 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


fix a typo. [fix GH-1330][ci skip] Patch by @sachin21

Fri Apr 22 04:57:01 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

gc.c (rb_alloc_tmp_buffer_with_count)

added like xmalloc2 to avoid duplicated check of size.

gc.c (ruby_xmalloc2)

added to keep separate layers.

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_alloc_tmp_buffer2)

added to check the size more statically.

Fri Apr 22 04:54:40 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (LIKELY)

moved from internal.h.

include/ruby/ruby.h (UNLIKELY)



Thu Apr 21 01:44:19 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

gc.c (objspace_malloc_prepare)

remove size check because it is used by objspace_xmalloc and objspace_xcalloc. objspace_xmalloc introduces its own check in this commit. objspace_xcalloc checks with xmalloc2_size (ruby_xmalloc2_size).

gc.c (objspace_xmalloc0)

common xmalloc function.

gc.c (objspace_xmalloc)

introduce its own size check.

gc.c (objspace_xmalloc2)

separated from ruby_xmalloc2 to clarify the layer who has the responsibility to check the size.

gc.c (objspace_xrealloc)

remove duplicated size check.

gc.c (ruby_xmalloc2)

use objspace_xmalloc2.

include/ruby/ruby.h (ruby_xmalloc2_size)

follow the size limit as SSIZE_MAX. Note that ISO C says size_t is unsigned integer.

Thu Apr 21 12:14:04 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

check if succeeded in creating config.h.


ignore failures when TEST_COLORS unmatched. just use the default value if expected name is not contained in it. [ruby-core:75046] [Bug #12303]


Wed Apr 20 17:33:31 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/cgi/escape/escape.c (cgiesc_unescape)

define unescape method instead of _unescape, and should pass the optional argument to the super method.

lib/cgi/util.rb (CGI::Util#_unescape)

remove intermediate method.

Wed Apr 20 15:52:28 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

error.c (syntax_error_initialize)

move the default message, “compile error”, from parse.y. the default parameter should belong to the class definition.

parse.y (yycompile0)

use the default parameter.

Wed Apr 20 10:25:53 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

compile.c (append_compile_error)

use rb_syntax_error_append.

error.c (rb_syntax_error_append)

append messages into a SyntaxError exception instance.

parse.y (yycompile0)

make new SyntaxError instance in main mode, otherwise error_buffer should be a SyntaxError if error has occurred.


Tue Apr 19 17:42:47 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

error.c (err_vcatf)

rename, and separate appending message from creating a string buffer.

error.c (rb_syntax_error_append)

merge rb_error_vsprintf and rb_compile_err_append.

parse.y (parser_compile_error)

use rb_syntax_error_append.

Tue Apr 19 13:46:19 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

compile.c (append_compile_error, compile_bug)

pass iseq and get error info and file from it, not by the thread error info.

error.c (rb_report_bug_valist)

take va_list instead of variadic arguments, and just report the bug but not abort.

Tue Apr 19 13:18:12 2016 Naotoshi Seo <>


revert r54167 because it would break backward compatibilities, and it is documented that Time.parse does not take into account time zone abbreations other than ones described in RFC 822

Tue Apr 19 13:12:03 2016 Naotoshi Seo <>


Fix dates of previous commits

Tue Apr 19 12:45:03 2016 Naotoshi Seo <>


Add descriptions for logger updates


Add descriptions for logger updates

Tue Apr 19 12:45:02 2016 Naotoshi Seo <>


Add shift_period_suffix option

Tue Apr 19 12:45:01 2016 Naotoshi Seo <>


Allow specifying logger parameters in constructor such as level, progname, datetime_format, formatter.


Mon Apr 18 16:07:01 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

compile.c (iseq_peephole_optimize)

should not replace the current target INSN, not to follow the replaced dangling link in the caller. [ruby-core:74993] [Bug #11816]

Mon Apr 18 12:56:31 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

numeric.c (flo_truncate)

add an optional parameter, digits, as well as Float#round. [Feature #12245]

numeric.c (int_truncate)

add an optional parameter, digits, as well as Integer#round. [Feature #12245]


Sun Apr 17 04:18:56 2016 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>


revisions are strings.


Sat Apr 16 14:26:49 2016 Yuichiro Kaneko <>


remove not used f_getlocal macro. After r54553 f_getlocal macro is not used.

Sat Apr 16 14:15:24 2016 Yuichiro Kaneko <>


remove not used f_utc6 macro. After r54169 f_utc6 macro is not used.

Sat Apr 16 10:00:11 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

struct.c (struct_make_members_list, rb_struct_s_def)

member names should be unique. [ruby-core:74971] [Bug #12291]

struct.c (struct_make_members_list)

extract making member name list from char* va_list, with creating symbols without intermediate IDs.

Sat Apr 16 01:33:27 2016 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>


sort revisions.

Sat Apr 16 01:16:02 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

array.c (rb_ary_sum)

Don't yield same element twice. Found by nagachika.

Sat Apr 16 01:03:32 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

array.c (rb_ary_sum)

Fix SEGV by [1/2r, 1].sum.


Fri Apr 15 23:52:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

rational.c (rb_rational_plus)

rename from rb_rational_add to be aligned with rb_fix_plus.

array.c (rb_ary_sum)




Fri Apr 15 23:42:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

rational.c (rb_rational_add)

rename from nurat_add.

array.c (rb_ary_sum)

use rb_rational_add directly.

test/ruby/test_array.rb (test_sum)

add assertions for an array of Rational values.

Fri Apr 15 22:31:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

array.c (rb_ary_sum)

apply the precision compensated algorithm for an array in which Rational and Float values are mixed.

test/ruby/test_array.rb (test_sum)

add assertions for the above change.

Fri Apr 15 22:30:01 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

thread.c (rb_thread_setname)

defer setting native thread name set in initialize until the native thread is created. [ruby-core:74963] [Bug #12290]

Fri Apr 15 20:27:16 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Fix NoMethodError when method is not defined.

Fri Apr 15 15:38:58 2016 NARUSE, Yui <> (benchmark)

order options for built-ruby and compare-ruby.

Fri Apr 15 14:14:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

test/ruby/test_array.rb (test_sum)

add assertions for Rational and Complex numbers.

Fri Apr 15 10:07:11 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/io/console/console.c (console_key_pressed_p)

raise the same exception, “unknown virtual key code”, for names with nul chars. though console_win32_vk() considers the length and can deal with nul chars, rb_sprintf() raised at PRIsVALUE previously, so quote it if it is unprintable.

Fri Apr 15 09:02:58 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/io/console/console.c (rb_sym2str)

fallback definition for older ruby. [ruby-core:74953] [Bug #12284]


Thu Apr 14 21:46:36 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

array.c (rb_ary_sum)

Support the optional argument, init, and block.

Thu Apr 14 19:02:41 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


suppress warning: method redefined; discarding old save_history=.

Thu Apr 14 14:58:14 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/tk/tkutil/tkutil.c (tk_hash_kv)

the third argument can be nil not only an Array. reported by @windwiny at

Thu Apr 14 14:28:55 2016 cremno phobia <>

cont.c (fiber_initialize_machine_stack_context)

fix wrong _MSC_VER check, should be decimal but not hexadecimal. [ruby-core:74936] [Bug #12279]


Wed Apr 13 22:51:38 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

array.c (rb_ary_sum)

Array#sum is implemented. Kahan's compensated summation algorithm for precise sum of float numbers is moved from ary_inject_op in enum.c.

enum.c (ary_inject_op)

Don't specialize for float numbers. [ruby-core:74569] [Feature #12217] proposed by mrkn.

Wed Apr 13 15:56:35 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

numeric.c (flo_ceil)

add an optional parameter, digits, as well as Float#round. [Feature #12245]

numeric.c (flo_floor)

add an optional parameter, digits, as well as Float#round. [Feature #12245]

numeric.c (int_ceil)

add an optional parameter, digits, as well as Integer#round. [Feature #12245]

numeric.c (int_floor)

add an optional parameter, digits, as well as Integer#round. [Feature #12245]

Wed Apr 13 14:47:47 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

file.c (Init_File)

add alias File.empty? to [Feature #9969]

Wed Apr 13 14:36:24 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (assign_in_cond)

allow multiple assignment in conditional expression. [Feature #10617]

Wed Apr 13 14:11:59 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

bignum.c (rb_big_size)

add wrapper function of BIGSIZE and rename the method function with _m suffix.

numeric.c (int_round_zero_p)

extracted from rb_int_round. optimize for Bignum, and convert VALUE returned by Numeric#size to long.

Wed Apr 13 12:00:08 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


add a test to check access instance variables on special const objects. All of such objects are frozen, so that we can not set instance variables for them. But we can read instance variables and return default value (nil).


Tue Apr 12 20:40:35 2016 Kaneko Yuichiro <>

ext/date/date_core.c (time_to_time)

should preserve timezone info. [ruby-core:74889] [Bug #12271]

Tue Apr 12 11:51:18 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

compile.c (new_label_body)

initialize bit fields, since compile_data_alloc does not clear the memory. [Bug #12082]


Mon Apr 11 20:18:43 2016 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_backtrace.c (frame2klass)

filter only for imemo_ment. T_IMEMO/imemo_iseq can be passed here.

Mon Apr 11 17:43:04 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

compile.c (iseq_optimize)

disable tail call optimization in rescued, rescue, and ensure blocks. [ruby-core:73871] [Bug #12082]

Mon Apr 11 06:54:39 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

file.c (apply2files)

apply to a VALUE vector instead of a temporary array.


Sun Apr 10 20:54:16 2016 Joe Swatosh <>

ext/win32/lib/win32/registry.rb (DeleteValue, DeleteKey)

fix API names. [ruby-core:74863] [Bug #12264]

Sun Apr 10 17:47:42 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

file.c (rb_realpath_internal)

no argument conversions since this internal function does not need to_path and encoding conversions, not to be affected by the default internal encoding.


Sat Apr 9 10:03:12 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

load.c (rb_f_load)

raise with the original path name before encoding conversion.

Sat Apr 9 02:05:10 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

bignum.c (rb_cstr_parse_inum)

[EXPERIMENTAL] new function to parse integer in C-string with length. the name and the arguments may be changed in the future.

bignum.c (rb_str_to_inum)

preserve encoding of the argument in error messages, and no longer needs to copy non-terminated strings.

bignum.c (rb_str2big_{poweroftwo,normal,karatsuba,gmp})



Thu Apr 7 19:04:03 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

doc/regexp.rdoc (comments)

[DOC] terminators cannot appear in comments. [ruby-core:74838] [Bug #12256]

Thu Apr 7 11:24:14 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/tk/tkutil/tkutil.c (cbsubst_initialize)

fix out-of-bound access when no arguments given. `p` crashed.


Wed Apr 6 22:41:31 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (rb_cv_lgamma_r_m0)

fix the condition for lgamma_r(-0.0). [Bug #12249]

Wed Apr 6 17:38:42 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

tool/downloader.rb (

follow the change of the rubygems ssl_certs directory tree introduced by previous commit.

Wed Apr 6 15:00:27 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

lib/rubygems.rb, lib/rubygems/*, test/rubygems/*

Update rubygems-2.6.3. Please see entries of 2.6.3 on

Wed Apr 6 14:13:28 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (rb_cv_lgamma_r_m0)

check if lgamma_r(-0.0) returns negative infinity. [Bug #12249]

math.c (ruby_lgamma_r)

define by the configured result.

Wed Apr 6 10:56:15 2016 Anton Davydov <>

lib/logger.rb (Logger#level=)

remove unnecessary local variable.

lib/logger.rb (Logger#initialize, Logger#reopen)

[DOC] mention the default values. cherrypicked from [GH-1319].

Wed Apr 6 10:17:53 2016 cremno phobia <>

math.c (ruby_lgamma_r)

missing/lgamma_r.c is used on Windows, since msvcrt does not provide it.

missing/lgamma_r.c (lgamma_r)

fix lgamma(-0.0). [ruby-core:74823] [Bug #12249]

Wed Apr 6 01:22:55 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

math.c (ruby_lgamma_r)

mswin's lgamma_r also seems to be wrong. cf. [Bug #12249]

Wed Apr 6 00:53:31 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

math.c (ruby_lgamma_r)

fix lgamma(-0.0) on mingw and OSX.

math.c (ruby_tgamma)

fix tgamma(-0.0) on mingw. [ruby-core:74817] [Bug #12249]


Tue Apr 5 14:50:28 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

ext/nkf/nkf-utf8/nkf.c (mime_putc)

fix typo. [Bug #12202] [ruby-core:74802]

Tue Apr 5 00:06:44 2016 Aeris <>

ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ossl_ssl_tmp_key)

Access to ephemeral TLS session key in case of forward secrecy cipher. Only available since OpenSSL 1.0.2. [Fix GH-1318]


Check for SSL_get_server_tmp_key.


Mon Apr 4 23:37:05 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_core.h (rb_vm_struct)

make at_exit a single linked list but not RArray, not to mark the registered functions by the write barrier. based on the patches by Evan Phoenix. [ruby-core:73908] [Bug #12095]

Mon Apr 4 17:43:45 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


change default value of RUBY_GC_HEAP_FREE_SLOTS_MIN_RATIO 0.3 -> 0.2 RUBY_GC_HEAP_FREE_SLOTS_MAX_RATIO 0.8 -> 0.65 These values are same as Ruby 2.0.0. This change cause GC counts. However, generational GC reduced each (minor) GC time and increase memory locality. So that not so big impact on my benchmarking results.

Mon Apr 4 17:36:52 2016 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (get_envparam_double)

take an upper_bound. And also take an accept_zero flag which allow to accept zero even if lower_bound is set.

gc.c (ruby_gc_set_params)

fix parameters. RUBY_GC_HEAP_FREE_SLOTS_MAX_RATIO set 0.9 as lower_bound, so that it should be upper_bound. Set RUBY_GC_HEAP_FREE_SLOTS_MIN_RATIO as lower bound. Also set lower/upper bound of RUBY_GC_HEAP_FREE_SLOTS_GOAL_RATIO to RUBY_GC_HEAP_FREE_SLOTS_MIN/MAX_RATIO.

Mon Apr 4 16:41:32 2016 Koichi Sasada <>

vm.c (Init_VM)

should pass tokens.


Sun Apr 3 09:34:29 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

numeric.c (flodivmod)

round division if it is a finite number and module is required.

numeric.c (dbl2ival)

do not round here.

numeric.c (flo_ceil)

use dbl2ival.

numeric.c (flo_round)

round explicitly.


Sat Apr 2 15:24:18 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/intern.h (rb_check_arity)

returns argc.


Fri Apr 1 01:26:00 2016 Benoit Daloze <>


Fully reset coverage to not persist global state. It was returning old file coverages as empty arrays to the user. [ruby-core:74596] [Bug #12220]

ext/coverage/coverage.c (rb_coverages)

remove unused static state.


Moved and renamed coverage_clear_result_i to reset_coverage_i.


improve precision of tests.

Fri Apr 1 14:55:28 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <> (AC_CONFIG_FILES)

$srcdir/.git can be a file pointing the real git_dir, such as when the git working tree is a “linked working tree” (a working tree created by git-worktree). So use git-rev-parse –git-dir to check if $srcdir is the top-level of a git repository, not just checking if the $srcdir/.git directory does exist or not. [ruby-core:74759] [Bug #12239]


use tool/vcs.rb to detect VCS. This used to have its own VCS detection code, while we have tool/vcs.rb.

tool/vcs.rb (detect)

remove code duplication

Fri Apr 1 04:50:44 2016 Eric Wong <>

ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ossl_sslctx_s_alloc)

enable SSL_MODE_ACCEPT_MOVING_WRITE_BUFFER by default [Bug #12126]

Fri Apr 1 01:13:55 2016 Benoit Daloze <>

thread.c (update_coverage)

Do not track coverage in loaded files after Coverage.result. Avoids out-of-bounds access. [Bug #12237]

ext/coverage/coverage.c (coverage_clear_result_i)



Thu Mar 31 19:16:16 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


need to set initial value of GC_HEAP_FREE_SLOTS_GOAL_RATIO.

Thu Mar 31 17:50:27 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


change additional allocation policy. Introduce new environment variable RUBY_GC_HEAP_FREE_SLOTS_GOAL_RATIO (goal_ratio) to calculate the ratio of additional memory. Before this change, we add pages with the following formula

(when free_slots < total_pages * RUBY_GC_HEAP_FREE_SLOTS_MIN_RATIO)

next_pages = total_pages * RUBY_GC_HEAP_GROWTH_FACTOR This addition can allocate too much. With this change, we increase pages to satisfy the following formula: next_free_slots = next_total_slots * goal_ratio where next_free_slots = free_slots + adding_slots next_total_slots = total_slots + adding_slots. If you want to prepare many free slots, increase this ratio. If this variable is 0, then simply multiply RUBY_GC_HEAP_GROWTH_FACTOR.

gc.c (get_envparam_double)

enable to accept 0.

Thu Mar 31 17:48:25 2016 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_marks_finish)

fix syntax error.

Thu Mar 31 16:49:36 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


simplify allocate/free detecting logic at the end of marking. Before this change, heap_pages_min_slots are calculated at the beginning sweeping phase. And this value is used at the end of next marking phase. To simplify it, we use this value at the end of this marking phase. It means that we don't need to store this value as global state. Also heap_pages_max_slots is calculated at the begging of sweeping phase and used at the end of sweeping phase. To simplify this logic, we introduced new global value heap_pages_freeable_pages it means extra pages count we can free. gc_sweep_step() checks this value and moves empty pages to tomb_heap not more than this value. Because of this fix, heap_pages_swept_slots is no longer needed.

gc.c (rb_objspace_t::heap_pages)

restruct the objspace global status. remove the following fields * swept_slots (and heap_pages_swept_slots) * min_free_slots (and heap_pages_min_free_slots) * max_free_slots (and heap_pages_max_free_slots) And add the following filed. * freeable_pages (and heap_pages_freeable_pages)

gc.c (heap_pages_free_unused_pages)

unlink tomb heap pages because tomb heap should have only freeable pages.

gc.c (heap_extend_pages)

add parameters for future extension.

Thu Mar 31 16:43:02 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


add GC parameters to configure the following values: * RUBY_GC_HEAP_FREE_SLOTS_MIN_RATIO: allocate additional pages when free slots is lower than the value (total_slots * (this ratio)). * RUBY_GC_HEAP_FREE_SLOTS_MAX_RATIO: allow to free pages when free slots is greater than the value (total_slots * (this ratio)). Before this change, these values are hard coded.

gc.c (ruby_gc_params_t)


gc.c (ruby_gc_set_params)


Thu Mar 31 15:59:17 2016 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_verify_heap_page)

check the number of zombies.

gc.c (gc_verify_heap_pages)

check also tomb heap.

Thu Mar 31 15:48:18 2016 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_page_sweep)

return free slots count.

gc.c (gc_sweep_step)

use returned free slots count.

gc.c (gc_sweep_step)

change variable name `next' to `next_sweep_page'.

Thu Mar 31 11:33:49 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/date/date_core.c (d_lite_strftime, dt_lite_strftime)

[DOC] fix indent not to be a big sole verbatim.

Thu Mar 31 11:18:19 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/date/date_core.c (Init_date_core)

[DOC] fix misplaced doc of DateTime. [ruby-core:74729] [Bug #12233]

Thu Mar 31 03:41:02 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


Merge upstream 69f7e74dde. fix indent.


Wed Mar 30 16:33:19 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

extension.rdoc, extension.ja.rdoc

[DOC] Fix some errors. Renamed files, wrong method names or argument types; the example GetDBM macro is now updated to the current version of the actual code. patch by Marcus Stollsteimer in [ruby-core:74690]. [Bug #12228]

Wed Mar 30 09:46:01 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Use `userinfo` for authenticated proxy. [fix GH-1148] Patch by @SokichiFujita


ditto. [fix GH-1309] Patch by @jdamick

Wed Mar 30 01:56:06 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


Merge upstream 4f3edf80a0. patched by Anton Sivakov [Bug #12201] [Bug #12202]

Wed Mar 30 01:54:30 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


add given revision to current changesets on associating the revision to the related ticket.

Wed Mar 30 01:53:17 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


update revision.h before merge.


Tue Mar 29 19:33:54 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


define toupper for its use. fix r54391.

Tue Mar 29 19:23:46 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_isupper, rb_islower, rb_isalpha, rb_isdigit, rb_isalnum, rb_isxdigit, rb_isblank, rb_isspace, rb_isblank, rb_iscntrl, rb_isprint, rb_ispunct, rb_isgraph, rb_tolower, rb_toupper)

use inline function to avoid function call.

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_isascii)

use inline function to clarify the logic.

Tue Mar 29 18:56:55 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

tool/redmine-backporter.rb (backport)

show merger.rb's path.

tool/redmine-backporter.rb (show)

show current issue again if no ticket number is given.

tool/redmine-backporter.rb (rel)

show error message if current doesn't support the API.

Tue Mar 29 18:54:34 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


support to backport header as backport identifier. Now you can specify by 'merge revision(s) 49254: [Backport #10738]'.

Tue Mar 29 12:45:18 2016 Laurent Arnoud <>


Move error_body to method. It allow to override the body more easily. [fix GH-1307]



Tue Mar 29 06:40:53 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

error.c (rb_compile_err_append)

rb_thread_t::base_block is no longer used.

iseq.c (rb_iseq_compile_with_option)

ditto, no protection is needed.

Tue Mar 29 06:39:22 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (struct parser_params)

move parse_in_eval flag from rb_thread_t.

parse.y (rb_parser_set_context)

set parsing context, not only mild error flag.

iseq.c (rb_iseq_compile_with_option)

the parser now refers no thread local states to be restored.

vm_eval.c (eval_string_with_cref)



Mon Mar 28 21:24:02 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>

numeric.c (int_pos_p)

fix typos.

Mon Mar 28 11:30:23 2016 Shinichi Maeshima <>


Fix `Gem.find_spec_for_exe` picks oldest gem.



Mon Mar 28 11:26:31 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

lib/rubygems.rb, lib/rubygems/*, test/rubygems/*

Update rubygems-2.6.2. Please see entries of 2.6.2 on

Mon Mar 28 11:02:31 2016 Hiroshi Shirosaki <>


Fix test on Windows for inconsistent temp path. [Bug #12193]

Mon Mar 28 08:19:49 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

sprintf.c (rb_str_format)

refactor floating point format of Rational by using generic Integer functions.

sprintf.c (rb_str_format)

fix buffer overflow, length must be greater than precision. reported by William Bowling <will AT>.


Sun Mar 27 12:13:37 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

sprintf.c (rb_str_format)

convert Rational to floating point format by using generic Integer functions, not by methods which can be overwritten.


Sat Mar 26 10:55:12 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

numeric.c (rb_int2str)

conversion function to String for generic Integer.

numeric.c (rb_int_round)

rounding function for generic Integers.

numeric.c (rb_int_{uminus,plus,minus,mul,idiv,modulo})

basic arithmetic functions for generic Integers.


predict macros only for Fixnum.

Sat Mar 26 06:34:24 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

localeinit.c (rb_locale_charmap_index)

fix prototype. patched by Andreas Schwab [Bug #12218]


Fri Mar 25 13:38:11 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


check SSL_CTX_set_next_proto_select_cb function rather than OPENSSL_NPN_NEGOTIATED macro. it exists even if it is disabled by OpenSSL configuration. [ruby-core:74384] [Bug #12182]


update ifdef(s) as above.


skip NPN tests if NPN is disabled.

Fri Mar 25 11:08:37 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/uri/http.rb (URI::HTTP#initialize)

[DOC] fix example, missing mandatory arguments. [ruby-core:74540] [Bug #12215]

Fri Mar 25 01:50:58 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

thread_pthread.c (reserve_stack)

fix reserving position where the stack growing bottom to top. [Bug #12118]

Fri Mar 25 01:10:42 2016 Sebastian Schuberth <>

lib/mkmf.rb (find_executable0)

On Windows, it is actually valid to surround individual PATH directory entries with double quotes. Remove these before joining the path as otherwise the literal quotes would become part of the path, resulting in the executable not to be found. [Fix GH-1305]


Thu Mar 24 22:38:18 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

strftime.c (FMT, FMTV)

remove recursive-assignments to get rid of undefined behavior. [ruby-core:74532] [Bug #12213]

Thu Mar 24 17:44:02 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

strftime.c (FMT_PADDING)

extract format for padding.

strftime.c (FMT_PRECISION)

extract precision formula.

strftime.c (FMTV)

append formatted string to expand the result.

Thu Mar 24 14:20:21 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

strftime.c (STRFTIME)

deal with case conversion flags for recursive formats.

Thu Mar 24 12:43:26 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/date/date_core.c (dt_lite_iso8601)

strftimev() always returns a String, so append them directly.

ext/date/date_core.c (d_lite_jisx0301, iso8601_timediv), (dt_lite_jisx0301)

format by the format string in local buffer to prevent intermediate strings from GC.

ext/date/date_core.c (mk_inspect_raw, mk_inspect)

inspect by “%+”PRIsVALUE, to prevent intermediate strings from GC.

Thu Mar 24 11:43:32 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

strftime.c (rb_strftime_with_timespec)

remove unnecessary check, as `s` equals to `endp` when recursed STRFTIME resized the capacity same as the size.


Wed Mar 23 21:48:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

enum.c (ary_inject_op)

put subtract operation out of if-clause.

Wed Mar 23 21:38:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

enum.c (ary_inject_op)

Use Kahan's compensated summation algorithm for summing up float values.

Wed Mar 23 20:56:59 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

strftime.c (rb_strftime_with_timespec)

append formatted results to the given string with expanding, and also deal with NUL chars.

strftime.c (rb_strftime, rb_strftime_timespec)

return formatted string, not the length put in the given buffer.

time.c (rb_strftime_alloc)

no longer needs to retry with reallocating buffers.

time.c (time_strftime)

no longer needs to split by NUL chars.

Wed Mar 23 14:23:54 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

lib/rdoc/ri/driver.rb (interactive)

rescue NotFoundError raised in expand_name. (display_name rescues NotFoundError by itself, the original logic looks buggy…)

Wed Mar 23 11:44:53 2016 cremno <>

marshal.c (r_long)

cast to `signed char`, which is used already, instead of SIGN_EXTEND_CHAR.


SIGN_EXTEND_CHAR is no longer used. [Fix GH-1302]

Wed Mar 23 11:38:47 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


* add missing parentheses and remove double quotes. * rename to get rid of recursive references. * as –excludes-dir option is for a path name, its argument should be converted. [ruby-dev:49526] [Bug #12199]

Wed Mar 23 10:39:38 2016 Koichi ITO <>


Added documentation about order of `Module#constants` [ci skip][Bug #12121][fix GH-1301]


Tue Mar 22 14:18:59 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (lambda_body, parser_yylex)

warn mismatched indentation of lambda block.

Tue Mar 22 11:36:49 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

time.c (wmul)

wrong condition. fixed many test failures on 32bit and LLP64 platforms.

Tue Mar 22 10:31:34 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

time.c (wdiv, wmod)

wdivmod0() assumes the 3rd and the 4th arguments are valid pointers. maybe checking them in wdivmod0() is better manner, but I guess that passing real dummy pointers may be faster than checking and branching in wdivmod0(). this commit fixes SEGV on 32bit and LLP64 platforms.

Tue Mar 22 10:24:04 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

time.c (divmodv)

void function never returns any value.

Tue Mar 22 10:11:01 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

test/lib/test/unit.rb (Test::Unit::StatusLine#failed)

print failed messages only if replacing mode, otherwise defer them until the end, to get rid of interleaving failures with progress messages. refix r54195.

Tue Mar 22 03:45:03 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


defined for FIXWV.

time.c (wmul)

use MUL_OVERFLOW_FIXWV_P and only switch.

time.c (wmul)

use mul which has Fixnum optimization.

time.c (rb_time_magnify)

If WIDEVALUE_IS_WIDER, wmul() has the same optimized logic, else mul() has also the similar logic for Fixnum.

time.c (rb_time_unmagnify)

almost ditto.

Tue Mar 22 03:10:09 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

time.c (divmodv)

add the case both arguments are Fixnum.

time.c (wquo)

use quo which has Fixnum optimization.

time.c (wdivmod0)


time.c (wdivmod)

use wdivmod0 and divmodv. divmodv has Fixnum optimization.

time.c (wdiv)

use wdivmod0 and div to avoid the use of divmodv which calls id_quo whose return value is array.

time.c (wmod)

use wdivmod0 and mod to avoid the use of divmodv which calls id_quo whose return value is array.


Mon Mar 21 22:32:50 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

internal.h (rb_fix_divmod_fix)

like r54213, use FIX2NUM only if x == FIXNUM_MIN && y == -1. This must be a rare case and it is expected compiler to handle well.

Mon Mar 21 22:15:11 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

time.c (mod)

Add Fixnum case.

time.c (quo)

c can be Fixnum except a == FIXNUM_MIN && b == -1. Such case can be optimized out because quo()'s argument is constant.

Mon Mar 21 22:09:24 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

internal.h (rb_fix_mul_fix)

multiply converted values, not object VALUEs.

Mon Mar 21 20:18:29 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (TEST_EXCLUDES, EXCLUDE_TESTFRAMEWORK)

use full spell long option.


suppress path name conversions by msys2. [ruby-dev:49525] [Bug #12199]

Mon Mar 21 19:09:31 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (enc_succ_alnum_char)

try to skip an invalid character gap between GREEK CAPITAL RHO and SIGMA. [ruby-core:74478] [Bug #12204]

Mon Mar 21 18:55:49 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

node.c (rb_gc_mark_node)

NODE_MATCH2 can have nd_args, u3, since r54100.


Sun Mar 20 21:17:13 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

internal.h (rb_int128t2big)

declare only when HAVE_INT128_T. fixed a compile error with VC++ introduced at r54203.

Sun Mar 20 20:10:14 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

internal.h (DLONG)

defined if long is 32bit (and LONG_LONG is 64bit; but LONG_LONG is always defined as 64bit), or there's int128_t.

internal.h (DL2NUM)

defined if DLONG is defined.

internal.h (rb_fix_mul_fix)

defined for `Fixnum * Fixnum`.

insns.def (opt_mul)

use rb_fix_mul_fix().

numeric.c (fix_mul)


time.c (mul)


Sun Mar 20 18:53:49 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

numeric.c (fix_gt, fix_ge, fix_lt, fix_le)

optimize comparisons Fixnum against Bignum by rb_big_cmp in inversed order without new Bignum instance.

Sun Mar 20 18:44:52 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

time.c (add)

remove FIXABLE() which is in LONG2NUM().

time.c (sub)


time.c (mul)


Sun Mar 20 04:46:02 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

bignum.c (rb_big_cmp)

reduce the code.

bignum.c (rb_big_eq)

If normalized bignum is still bignum, it must be larger than fixnum.

Sat Mar 20 00:58:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

include/ruby/intern.h (rb_big_odd_p, rb_big_even_p)

move to internal.h so that they are exported only for ruby itself.

internal.h (rb_big_odd_p, rb_big_even_p)



Sat Mar 19 21:56:23 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

test/lib/test/unit.rb (Test::Unit::StatusLine#failed)

defer failed messages until the end in verbose mode, to get rid of interleaving failures with progress messages.

Sat Mar 19 21:53:35 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

numeric.c (fix_cmp)

invert the result as the comparison is inverted.

Sat Mar 19 18:32:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

numeric.c (int_to_f)

raise NotImplementedError when a receiver class is unknown.

test/-ext-/integer/test_my_integer.rb (test_my_integer_to_f)

modify a test for the above change.

Sat Mar 19 18:21:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

bignum.c (Bignum#<=>)

remove it because they are unified with Integer#<=>.

numeric.c (Integer#<=>, Fixnum#<=>)

move <=> method from Fixnum to Integer.

numeric.c (int_cmp)

add this method for Integer#<=>.

test/-ext-/integer/test_my_integer.rb (test_my_integer_cmp)

add a test to examine Integer#<=> for unknown subclasses.

Sat Mar 19 14:46:18 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

iseq.c (rb_iseq_compile_with_option)

make the parser in mild error.

load.c (rb_load_internal0)


parse.y (yycompile0)

return the error message within the error to be raised. [Feature #11951]

parse.y (parser_compile_error)

accumulate error messages in the error_buffer.

Sat Mar 19 03:57:13 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

time.c (LOCALTIME)

organize ifdefs.

time.c (GMTIME)

define only ifndef HAVE_STRUCT_TM_TM_GMTOFF.

Sat Mar 19 03:53:31 2016 NARUSE, Yui <> (rb_cv_member_struct_tm_tm_gmtoff)

For Linux (glibc) define _BSD_SOURCE for time.h to define struct tm.tm_gmtoff.


define _BSD_SOURCE at the top.

Sat Mar 19 03:00:50 2016 Rei Odaira <>

test/-ext-/time/test_new.rb (test_timespec_new)

change a gmtoff test to a better one that does not depend on whether the current time is in summer time or not.

Fri Mar 19 00:00:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

bignum.c (rb_big_to_f, Bignum#to_f)

removed them because they are unified with int_to_f and Integer#to_f.

numeric.c (int_to_f)

treat Bignum values directly.


Fri Mar 18 23:41:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

numeric.c (int_to_f, fix_to_f)

rename fix_to_f to int_to_f, and add treatment for subclasses which don't have definitions of to_f method.

numeric.c (Integer#to_f, Fixnum#to_f)

move to_f method from Fixnum to Integer.


define helper class for testing to_f method for a subclass of Integer.






examine to_f method for a subclass of Integer.

Fri Mar 18 22:32:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

include/ruby/intern.h (rb_big_hash)

Move to internal.h.



Fri Mar 18 22:10:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

bignum.c (Bignum#eql?)

remove its definition because it is unified with Numeric#eql?.

numeric.c (num_eql)

treat Bignum values directly.

Fri Mar 18 21:57:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

bignum.c (rb_big_to_s, Bignum#to_s)

remove its definition because it is unified with Integer#to_s.

numeric.c (int_to_s)

treat Bignum values directly.

Fri Mar 18 21:30:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

numeric.c (int_to_s)

Move from fix_to_s.

numeric.c (Integer#to_s)

Move from Fixnum#to_s.

Fri Mar 18 16:22:24 2016 Victor Nawothnig <>

parse.y (parse_numvar)

NTH_REF must be less than a half of INT_MAX, as it is left-shifted to be ORed with back-ref flag. [ruby-core:74444] [Bug#12192] [Fix GH-1296]

Fri Mar 18 12:25:30 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

gc.c (tick)

fix missing close parenthesis. [Fix GH-1291]

Fri Mar 18 10:24:12 2016 Naotoshi Seo <>

ext/date/date_core.c (datetime_to_time)

preserve timezone info [Bug #12189] [Fix GH-1295]

Fri Mar 18 10:17:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

bignum.c (rb_big_hash)

make it public function to be available in other source files, and remove documentation comment for Bignum#hash.

bignum.c (Bignum#hash)

remove its definition because it is unified with Object#hash.

include/ruby/intern.h (rb_big_hash)

add a prototype declaration.

hash.c (any_hash)

treat Bignum values directly.

Fri Mar 18 02:35:12 2016 Naotoshi Seo <>

lib/time.rb (parse, strptime)

Fix Time.parse/strptime does not have compatibility with DateTime.parse/strptime in terms of parsing timezone [Bug #12190] [Fix GH-1297]

Fri Mar 18 02:17:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

numeric.c (fix_zero_p, fix_even_p, fix_odd_p)

remove needless functions.

Fri Mar 18 02:15:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

numeric.c (int_even_p)

treat Fixnum and Bignum values directly.

Fri Mar 18 02:07:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

bignum.c (Bignum#even?, Bignum#odd?)

remove definitions because they are unified with Integer#even? and Integer#odd?.

numeric.c (Fixnum#zero?, Fixnum#even?, Fixnum#odd?)

remove definitions because they are unified with Numeric#zero?, Integer#even?, and Integer#odd?.

numeric.c (num_zero_p, int_odd_p)

treat Fixnum and Bignum values directly.

test/ruby/test_integer.rb (test_odd_p_even_p)

remove meaningless test case.

Fri Mar 18 01:51:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>

bignum.c (rb_big_even_p, rb_big_odd_p)

make them public functions to be available in other source files.

include/ruby/intern.h (rb_big_even_p, rb_big_odd_p)

add prototype declarations.

Fri Mar 18 00:25:56 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

enum.c (ary_inject_op)

Implement the specialized code for sum of float numbers.

Fri Mar 18 00:15:05 2016 Yusuke Endoh <>

numeric.c (num_step)

use rb_equal for zero check. rb_num_coerce_cmp created an object which caused extra overhead.


Thu Mar 17 22:21:34 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (RB_GC_GUARD_PTR)

remove intermediate macro, and expand for each RB_GC_GUARD. [Fix GH-1293]

Thu Mar 17 22:08:33 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

compile.c (iseq_specialized_instruction)

move specialization for opt_newarray_max/min from translation phase.

Thu Mar 17 21:52:09 2016 Yusuke Endoh <>

array.c, enum.c

make rdoc format consistent.

Thu Mar 17 21:47:57 2016 Yusuke Endoh <>


add Array#max, min, and the optimization. [Feature #12172]

Thu Mar 17 21:45:02 2016 Yusuke Endoh <>

compile.c (NODE_CALL)

add optimization shortcut for Array#max/min. Now `[x, y].max` is optimized so that a temporal array object is not created in some condition. [Feature #12172]

insns.def (opt_newarray_max, opt_newarray_min)


Thu Mar 17 21:35:52 2016 Yusuke Endoh <>

array.c (rb_ary_max, rb_ary_min)

implement Array#max and min with arguments. replace super call with rb_nmin_run.

enum.c (nmin_run)

exported (as rb_nmin_run).


added a prototype for rb_nmin_run.

Thu Mar 17 21:24:52 2016 Yusuke Endoh <>

array.c (rb_ary_max, rb_ary_min)

implement a block by itself instead of delegating Enumerable#max/min.

Thu Mar 17 21:09:34 2016 Yusuke Endoh <>

array.c (rb_ary_max, rb_ary_min)

Array#max and Array#min added. [Feature #12172]

internal.h (OPTIMIZED_CMP)

moved from enum.c so that array.c can use it.

test/ruby/test_array.rb (test_max, test_min)

tests for Array#max and Array#min.

test/ruby/test_enum.rb (test_max, test_min)

revised a bit to test Enumerable#max and min explicitly.

Thu Mar 17 21:02:42 2016 Yusuke Endoh <>


struct cmp_opt_data added for refactoring out a data structure for CMP_OPTIMIZABLE

array.c (struct ary_sort_data)

use struct cmp_opt_data.

enum.c (struct min_t, max_t, min_max_t)

use struct cmp_opt_data.

Thu Mar 17 20:55:21 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

enum.c (ary_inject_op)

Extracted from enum_inject.

Thu Mar 17 18:39:04 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

enum.c (enum_inject)

Implement the specialized code for sum of integers including Bignums.

internal.h (rb_fix_plus)

Declared to be usable from enum_inject.

numeric.c (rb_fix_plus)


Thu Mar 17 17:20:28 2016 Anton Davydov <>


[DOC] Update documentation for Queue class description. [Fix GH-1292]

Thu Mar 17 17:14:51 2016 Dinar Valeev <>

gc.c (tick)

Use __builtin_ppc_get_timebase for POWER arch. [Fix GH-1291]

Thu Mar 17 11:51:48 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

lib/securerandom.rb (gen_random)

to avoid blocking on Windows. On Windows OpenSSL RAND_bytes (underlying implementation is RAND_poll in crypto/rand/rand_win.c) may be blocked at NetStatisticsGet. Instead of this, use Random.raw_seed directly (whose implementation CryptGenRandom is one of the source of entropy of RAND_poll on Windows). Note: CryptGenRandom function is PRNG and doesn't check its entropy, so it won't block. [Bug #12139]

Thu Mar 17 11:36:27 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/socket/option.c (inspect_tcpi_msec)

more accurate condition for TCPI msec member inspection function. [ruby-core:74388] [Bug #12185]

Thu Mar 17 08:13:43 2016 Rei Odaira <>

test/-ext-/time/test_new.rb (test_timespec_new)

Time#gmtoff values are the same only when both or neither of the Time objects are in summer time (daylight-saving time).

Thu Mar 17 07:17:36 2016 Eric Hodel <>

marshal.c (r_object0)

raise ArgumentError when linking to undefined object.

Thu Mar 17 00:45:00 2016 Kenta Murata <>


Make sure to use Bignum values in the tests.


Wed Mar 16 23:10:25 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

defs/keywords (alias, undef)

symbol literals are allowed.

parse.y (parse_percent)

should parse symbol literals for alias and undef. [ruby-dev:47681] [Bug #8851]

Wed Mar 16 21:39:39 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


update Unicode's notice. [Bug #11844]

Wed Mar 16 20:03:35 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

proc.c (proc_binding)

proc from symbol can not make a binding. [ruby-core:74100] [Bug #12137]


Tue Mar 15 21:38:28 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

enum.c (enum_inject)

Consider redefinition of Fixnum#+. [ruby-dev:49510] [Bug#12178] Reported by usa.

Tue Mar 15 20:32:57 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

enum.c (enum_inject)

Implement the specialized code for :+ operator for Fixnums.

Tue Mar 15 20:21:01 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

enum.c (enum_inject)

Implement the specialized code for self is an array and a symbol operator is given.

Tue Mar 15 13:41:22 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

internal.h (rb_gc_mark_global_tbl)

should be private, but was accidentally exported.

Tue Mar 15 09:56:41 2016 Ian Lunderskov <>


Minor typo in Time#dst? documentation. [ci skip][fix GH-1290]

Tue Mar 15 04:36:41 2016 Charles Oliver Nutter <>

test/ruby/test_rubyoptions.rb (test_disable)

add tests for –disable-gems and –disable-did_you_mean.

Tue Mar 15 03:35:04 2016 Eric Hodel <>

marshal.c (r_object0)

Fix Marshal crash for corrupt extended object.

Tue Mar 15 01:22:27 2016 Charles Oliver Nutter <>


make version matching support JRuby's version output.


Mon Mar 14 19:05:39 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

bignum.c (big2str_2bdigits)

reduce div instruction.

Mon Mar 14 16:53:37 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

compile.c (compile_named_capture_assign)

optimize named capture assignments, by replacing repeating global variable accesses with `dup`, and by returning the matched result instead of re-getting it from the MatchData.

parse.y (reg_named_capture_assign_gen)

build just assignment nodes for the optimization.

Mon Mar 14 16:02:59 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

file.c (ruby_is_fd_loadable)

now return -1 if loadable but may block.

ruby.c (open_load_file)

wait to read by the result of ruby_is_fd_loadable, without fstat.

Mon Mar 14 13:38:38 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

numeric.c (fix2str)

improve r54092 like rb_int2big().

Mon Mar 14 10:02:23 2016 Eric Wong <>

ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ossl_sslctx_setup)

document as MT-unsafe [ruby-core:73803] [Bug #12069]


Sun Mar 13 09:43:23 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/win32.h (O_SHARE_DELETE)

change to fit Fixnum limit. [ruby-core:74285] [Bug #12171]

Sun Mar 13 09:15:45 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

numeric.c (rb_fix2str)

fix edge case, accidentally generated wrong Fixnum from LONG_MIN.


Sat Mar 12 09:50:27 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_eval.c (rb_f_catch)

[DOC] fix malformed RDoc syntax, “...” cannot enclose non-identifier characters. a patch by Sebastian S in [ruby-core:74278]. [Bug#12170]

Sat Mar 12 02:44:48 2016 Tanaka Akira <>


describe !/REGEXP/ in the help message.


Fri Mar 11 17:03:09 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

test/lib/test/unit.rb (Options#non_options)

make regexp name options prefixed with “!” negative filters. (TEST_EXCLUDES)

use negative filter to exclude memory leak tests. -x option excludes test files, not test methods.


Thu Mar 10 17:34:16 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

iseq.c (prepare_iseq_build)

enable coverage by coverage_enabled option, not by parse_in_eval flag in the thread context.

iseq.h (rb_compile_option_struct)

add coverage_enabled flag.

parse.y (yycompile0)

set coverage_enabled flag if coverage array is made.

Thu Mar 10 15:19:54 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

node.c (dump_option)

nd_compile_option is a hidden hash object, cannot call inspect on it.

Thu Mar 10 09:49:54 2016 Rei Odaira <>

test/socket/test_socket.rb (test_udp_recvmsg_truncation)

AIX does not set the MSG_TRUNC flag for a message partially read by recvmsg(2) with the MSG_PEEK flag set.


Wed Mar 9 16:48:45 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


fix my last commit (syntax error).

Wed Mar 9 16:41:44 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


fix output messages.


use respond_to? because member? does not work well.

Wed Mar 9 16:20:25 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


support memory usage benchmark. use `–measure-target='. Now, we can use the following targets: * real (default): real time which returns process time in sec. * peak: peak memory usage (physical memory) in bytes. * size: last memory usage (physical memory) in bytes.



Wed Mar 9 15:04:22 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


add GC.start benchmark.





Wed Mar 9 14:59:11 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


exit benchmarking if a benchmark process receives signals.

Wed Mar 9 13:22:49 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


make Memory::Status independent of MiniTest::Skip.

test/lib/test/unit/assertions.rb (assert_no_memory_leak)

skip if Memory::Status is not available.

Wed Mar 9 09:19:55 2016 Rei Odaira <>

test/io/wait/test_io_wait.rb (test_wait_readwrite_timeout)

select(2) in AIX returns “readable” for the write-side fd of a pipe, so it is not possible to use a pipe to test the read-write timeout of IO#wait on AIX.

Wed Mar 9 03:35:22 2016 Charles Oliver Nutter <>

test/ruby/test_require.rb (test_require_with_loaded_features_pop)

Only remove PATH so threads don't accidentally double-pop.

Wed Mar 9 00:29:46 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_method.c (rb_alias)

the original name should be properly available method_added method, set the name before calling the hook.

Wed Mar 9 00:07:03 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/logger.rb (Logger::LogDevice#initialize)

define using keyword arguments.


Tue Mar 8 23:37:07 2016 Charles Oliver Nutter <>


split out the test for no stack error on large input for test_permutation, test_repeated_permutation, and test_repeated_combination, and make them all timeout:30.

Tue Mar 8 17:20:21 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

intern.h (rb_divmod)

assume compilers `/` and `%` comply C99 and reduce branching. If a compiler doesn't comply, add ifdefs.

intern.h (rb_div)

added for Ruby's behavior.

intern.h (rb_mod)

added for Ruby's behavior.

insns.def (opt_div)

use rb_div.

insns.def (opt_mod)

use rb_mod.

numeric.c (fixdivmod)


numeric.c (fix_divide)

use rb_div.

numeric.c (fix_mod)

use rb_mod.

numeric.c (fix_divmod)

use rb_divmod.

Tue Mar 8 17:53:09 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

insns.def (opt_mod)

show its method name on ZeroDivisionError. [Bug #12158]

Tue Mar 8 17:33:38 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

win32/win32.c (rb_w32_write_console)

now no need to check ERROR_CALL_NOT_IMPLEMENTED because it is for old Win9X.

Tue Mar 8 16:54:29 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

win32/win32.c (rb_w32_write_console)

stop the VT100 emulation if the console supports it natively.

Tue Mar 8 08:13:01 2016 Rei Odaira <>

test/net/imap/test_imap.rb (test_idle_timeout)

Because of the timeout specified in “imap.idle(0.2)”, there is no guarantee that the server thread has done all the work before the client thread performs the assertions. It depends on the thread scheduling. Add checks to avoid false positives (on AIX, particularly).

Tue Mar 8 00:42:22 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

ruby.c (warn_cr_in_shebang)

meaningless check on DOSISH platforms. fixed a test failure introduced at r53998.

Tue Mar 8 00:27:53 2016 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>


fix method name typo. [ruby-core:72513] [Bug #11893] The patch provided by Akira Matsuda.

Tue Mar 8 00:25:08 2016 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>


fix method name typo. [ruby-core:72511] [Bug #11891] The patch provided by Akira Matsuda.

Tue Mar 8 00:21:58 2016 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>


fix method name typo. [ruby-core:72510] [Bug #11890] The patch provided by Akira Matsuda.

Tue Mar 8 00:11:47 2016 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>


fix a typo in font name. [ruby-core:72505] [Bug #11886] The patch provided by Akira Matsuda.




Mon Mar 7 13:32:58 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

class.c (rb_define_class, rb_define_class_id_under)

raise ArgumentError if super is 0, deprecated behavior which has been warned long time.

Mon Mar 7 13:28:30 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


move function declarations for class internals from include/ruby/intern.h.

Mon Mar 7 10:58:07 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/win32ole/win32ole_event.c (rescue_callback)

use rb_write_error_str instead of rb_write_error, to respect the encoding and prevent the message from GC.

internal.h (rb_write_error_str)


Mon Mar 7 01:38:41 2016 Rei Odaira <>

test/ruby/test_process.rb (test_execopts_gid)

Skip a test that is known to fail on AIX. AIX allows setgid to a supplementary group, but Ruby does not allow the “-e” option when setgid'ed, so the test does not work as intended.


Sun Mar 6 22:43:41 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

io.c (rb_obj_display)

[DOC] fix output of Array, as Array#to_s is same as Array#inspect since 1.9.


Sat Mar 5 09:50:58 2016 Rei Odaira <>

test/socket/test_addrinfo.rb (test_ipv6_address_predicates)

IN6_IS_ADDR_V4COMPAT and IN6_IS_ADDR_V4MAPPED are broken on AIX, so skip related tests.

Sat Mar 5 09:17:54 2016 Rei Odaira <>

test/rinda/test_rinda.rb (test_make_socket_ipv4_multicast)

The fifth argument to getsockopt(2) should be modified to indicate the actual size of the value on return, but not in AIX. This is a know bug. Skip related tests.

test/rinda/test_rinda.rb (test_ring_server_ipv4_multicast)


test/rinda/test_rinda.rb (test_make_socket_unicast)


test/socket/test_basicsocket.rb (test_getsockopt)


test/socket/test_sockopt.rb (test_bool)


Sat Mar 5 07:36:27 2016 Rei Odaira <>


In AIX, nextafter(+0.0,-0.0)=+0.0, and nextafter(-0.0,+0.0)=-0.0, but they should return -0.0 and +0.0, respectively. This is a known bug in nextafter(3) on AIX, so skip related tests.

Sat Mar 5 07:14:10 2016 Rei Odaira <>

test/zlib/test_zlib.rb (test_adler32_combine, test_crc32_combine)

Skip two tests on AIX because zconf.h in zlib does not correctly recognize _LARGE_FILES in AIX. The problem was already reported to zlib, and skip these tests until it is fixed.

Sat Mar 5 03:07:40 2016 Rei Odaira <>

thread_pthread.c (getstack)

__pi_stacksize returned by pthread_getthrds_np() is wrong on AIX. Use __pi_stackend - __pi_stackaddr instead.


Fri Mar 4 19:19:42 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


use 2 bits with unsigned int for rb_objspace::flags::mode because it always returns 0 to 2 (non-negative value).

Fri Mar 4 18:42:08 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


rename “enum gc_stat” to “enum gc_mode” because there is a same name (no related) function gc_stat(). Also gc_stat_* are renamed to gc_mode_*, gc_stat_transition() to gc_mode_transition(), rb_objspace::flags::stat is renamed to rb_objspace::flags::mode. Change rb_objspace::flags::mode from 2 bits to 3 bits because VC++ returns negative enum value with 2 bits.

gc.c (gc_mode)

add a macro to access rb_objspace::flags::mode with verification code (verification is enabled only on RGENGC_CHECK_MODE > 0).

gc.c (gc_mode_set)

same macro for setter.

Fri Mar 4 09:28:18 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

lib/rubygems.rb, lib/rubygems/*, test/rubygems/*

Update rubygems-2.6.1. Please see entries of 2.6.0 and 2.6.1 on [fix GH-1270] Patch by @segiddins


Thu Mar 3 14:09:00 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/ostruct.rb (modifiable?, new_ostruct_member!, table!)

rename methods for internal use with suffixes and make private, [ruby-core:71069] [Bug #11587]


Wed Mar 2 16:28:48 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_eval.c (method_missing)

call by found method entry and get rid of searching the same method entry twice.

vm_eval.c (vm_call0_body)

calling method_missing method is method_missing().

Wed Mar 2 15:13:33 2016 herwinw <>


Removed broken parser named XMLScanStreamParser. It's not works with current Ruby version. [fix GH-1271][Bug #9369]





Wed Mar 2 15:08:33 2016 herwinw <>


Removed broken parser named XMLTreeParser. Required gem of its parser didn't compile on newer Ruby versions. [fix GH-1271][Bug #9370]






Sun Oct 30 06:39:37 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Fix typo. Reported by k-takata at Thanks!

Sun Oct 16 15:09:06 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/windows_1254.c, test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb

Implement non-ASCII case conversion for Windows-1254.

Thu Oct 6 13:35:15 2016 Marc-Andre Lafortune <>


[DOC] Improve doc [ci-skip]

Wed Oct 5 03:24:55 2016 Marc-Andre Lafortune <>


Make Enumerable#chunk with no block return an Enumerator [#2172]

Fri Sep 9 13:14:53 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Announcing update to Unicode version 9.0.0 [ci skip]

Wed Sep 7 17:35:37 2016 Martin Duerst <>

unicode/8.0.0/casefold.h, name2ctype.h, unicode/data/8.0.0

removing directories/files related to Unicode version 8.0.0

Wed Sep 7 17:13:05 2016 Martin Duerst <>

Updated Unicode version to 9.0.0 [Feature #12513]

unicode/9.0.0/casefold.h, name2ctype.h, unicode/data/9.0.0

new directories/files for Unicode version 9.0.0

Thu Aug 11 03:16:59 2016 Marc-Andre Lafortune <>


Optimize prime? Adapted from patch by Jabari Zakiya [#12665]


Improve test

Sat Jul 30 12:13:26 2016 Martin Duerst <>

string.c (String#downcase), NEWS

Mentioned that case mapping for all of ISO-8859-1~16 is now supported. [ci skip]

Sat Jul 30 12:00:01 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/iso_8859_2.c, test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb

Implement non-ASCII case conversion for ISO-8859-2, by Yushiro Ishii.

Wed Jul 27 10:32:59 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Remove dead code found by Coverity Scan.

Tue Jul 26 16:33:16 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/windows_1257.c, test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb

Implement non-ASCII case conversion for Windows-1257, by Sho Koike.

Tue Jul 26 16:19:41 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/windows_1250.c, test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb

Implement non-ASCII case conversion for Windows-1250, by Sho Koike.


Fixed order of previous two entries.

Tue Jul 26 15:54:17 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/windows_1253.c, test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb

Implement non-ASCII case conversion for Windows-1253, by Takumi Koyama.

Tue Jul 26 15:30:37 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/windows_1251.c, test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb

Implement non-ASCII case conversion for Windows-1251, by Shunsuke Sato.

Tue Jul 26 13:04:59 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Add explicit skip test for availability of Unicode data files.

Sun Jul 24 16:33:13 2016 Martin Duerst <>

regenc.h/c, include/ruby/oniguruma.h, enc/ascii.c, big5.c, cp949.c, emacs_mule.c, euc_jp.c, euc_kr.c, euc_tw.c, gb18030.c, gbk.c, iso_8859_1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|13|14|15|16.c, koi8_r.c, koi8_u.c, shift_jis.c, unicode.c, us_ascii.c, utf_16|32be|le.c, utf_8.c, windows_1250|51|52|53|54|57.c, windows_31j.c, unicode.c

Remove conditional compilation macro ONIG_CASE_MAPPING. [Feature #12386].

Fri Jul 22 17:13:37 2016 Martin Duerst <>

string.c (String#dump)

Change escaping of non-ASCII characters in UTF-8 to use upper-case four-digit hexadecimal escapes without braces where possible [Feature #12419].

test/ruby/test_string.rb (test_dump)

Add tests for above.

Fri Jul 22 10:32:13 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Remove UnicodeNormalize::UNICODE_VERSION at origin [Feature #12546].

Tue Jul 19 18:21:17 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Remove UnicodeNormalize::UNICODE_VERSION (#12546).

Wed Jul 13 18:09:42 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/iso_8859_9.c, test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb

Implement non-ASCII case conversion for ISO-8859-9, by Kazuki Iijima.


Exclude dotless i/I with dot from case-insensitive matching because they are not a case pair.


Make test coverage for ISO-8859-9 a bit more complete.

Wed Jul 13 17:21:24 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/windows_1252.c, test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb

Implement non-ASCII case conversion for Windows-1252, by Serina Tai.


Fix order of encodings.

Wed Jul 13 16:19:14 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/iso_8859_7.c, test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb

Implement non-ASCII case conversion for ISO-8859-7, by Kosuke Kurihara.


Fix order of encodings.

Wed Jul 13 15:19:03 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/iso_8859_1.c, enc/iso_8859_4.c

Avoid setting modification flag if there is no modification.

Wed Jul 13 14:40:04 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/iso_8859_5.c, test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb

Implement non-ASCII case conversion for ISO-8859-5, by Masaru Onodera.


Fix order of encodings.

Wed Jul 13 14:15:22 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Adjust variable/macro names.

Wed Jul 13 13:19:12 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/iso_8859_9.c, enc/windows_1254.c

Split Windows-1254 from ISO-8859-9 to be able to implement different case conversions.

Wed Jul 13 13:08:30 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/iso_8859_7.c, enc/windows_1253.c

Split Windows-1253 from ISO-8859-7 to be able to implement different case conversions.

Wed Jul 13 10:50:12 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/iso_8859_13.c, test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb

Implement non-ASCII case conversion for ISO-8859-13, by Kanon Shindo.

Wed Jul 13 10:31:39 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/iso_8859_13.c, enc/windows_1257.c

Split Windows-1257 from ISO-8859-13 to be able to implement different case conversions.

Wed Jul 13 09:02:30 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/iso_8859_3.c, test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb

Implement non-ASCII case conversion for ISO-8859-3, by Takuya Miyamoto.


Extend special treatment for Turkic.


Exclude dotless i/I with dot from case-insensitive matching because they are not a case pair.

Wed Jul 13 08:40:21 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Exclude dotless i/I with dot from case-insensitive matching because they are not a case pair.

Mon Jul 11 18:05:40 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Moved test for lowercase characters without uppercase equivalent.

Mon Jul 11 17:49:25 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/iso_8859_4.c, enc/iso_8859_10.c, enc/iso_8859_14.c, enc/iso_8859_15.c, enc/iso_8859_16.c

Replace case-by-case code with lookup in ENC_ISO_8859_xx_TO_LOWER_CASE table.

Sun Jul 10 19:53:41 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/iso_8859_10.c, test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb

Implement non-ASCII case conversion for ISO-8859-10, by Toya Hosokawa.

Sun Jul 10 19:33:47 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Changed testing logic to catch unintended modifications of characters that do not have a case equivalent in the respective encoding.

enc/iso_8859_1.c, enc/iso_8859_15.c

Fixed unintended modifications of micro sign and y with diaeresis.

Sun Jul 10 17:05:36 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/iso_8859_4.c, test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb

Implement non-ASCII case conversion for ISO-8859-4, by Kotaro Yoshida.

Sun Jul 10 16:17:47 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Fixed a comment

Wed Jul 6 19:54:17 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/iso_8859_14.c, test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb

Implement non-ASCII case conversion for ISO-8859-14, by Yutaro Tada.

Wed Jul 6 19:24:48 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/iso_8859_1.c, enc/iso_8859_15.c, enc/iso_8859_16.c

Align indenting to onigmo convention.

Wed Jul 6 18:59:13 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/iso_8859_15.c, test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb

Implement non-ASCII case conversion for ISO-8859-15, by Maho Harada.

Wed Jul 6 18:34:21 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/iso_8859_16.c, test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb

Implement non-ASCII case conversion for ISO-8859-16, by Satoshi Kayama.

Sun Jul 3 18:51:42 2016 Martin Duerst <>

test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb, test_regex_casefold.rb, test/test_unicode_normalize.rb

Replace UNICODE_VERSION from UnicodeNormalize with RbConfig::CONFIG from feature 12460.

Tue Jun 21 19:44:54 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Add Windows-1251, KOI8-R, and KOI8-U to encodings; definitely removed EUC-JP.

Tue Jun 21 19:32:23 2016 Mark St.Godard <>

lib/webrick/httprequest.rb (setup_forwarded_info)

Use the first value in X-Forwarded-Proto, if header contains multiple comma separated values. Some middlewares may add these values to the list, not replacing. [Fix GH-1386]

Tue Jun 21 17:17:42 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Skip test_readpartial_with_not_empty_buffer, test_read_buffer_error, test_read_unlocktmp_ensure, test_readpartial_unlocktmp_ensure, and test_sysread_unlocktmp_ensure on cygwin, because these tests repeatedly hang. This makes test_io.rb complete in finite time on cygwin.


Fix test_in.rb -> test_io.rb (two instances).

Tue Jun 21 15:42:22 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Skip test_read_buffer_error on cygwin, because this test repeatedly hangs.

Tue Jun 21 15:35:14 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Added filenames and copyrights for some files in enc/trans/JIS.

Mon Jun 20 18:39:16 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Skip test_open_fifo_does_not_block_other_threads on cygwin. Fifos seem to work okay in cygwin, but this test repeatedly hangs.

Sun Jun 19 16:55:16 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Skip tests with non-UTF-8 encodings on cygwin. Cygwin can use the Unicode PUA (private use area) to store bytes from non-UTF-8 filenames (see, but we are not supporting this. [Bug #12443]

Sun Jun 19 15:01:18 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Fix filesystem encoding for cygwin to UTF-8 (see

Mon Jun 13 16:58:53 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Add tests for full Unicode swapcase.

Sun Jun 12 14:48:00 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Add tests for ASCII-only swapcase; store calculated values in hashes.

Sat Jun 11 18:37:58 2016 Marcus Stollsteimer <>


Removed some comments. Because these are unnecessary class description. [ci skip][Bug #12255]

Sat Jun 11 09:58:45 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Revert to older version of code.

Sat Jun 11 09:46:17 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Implement non-ASCII case mapping.


Tests for above.


Add iso-8859-1 to supported encodings.

Fri Jun 10 17:35:11 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Special-case :ascii option in rb_str_capitalize_bang and rb_str_swapcase_bang.

Fri Jun 10 17:12:24 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Special-case :ascii option in rb_str_upcase_bang (retry).

Wed Jun 8 22:22:24 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Revert previous commit (possibility of endless loop).

Wed Jun 8 21:57:41 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Special-case :ascii option in rb_str_upcase_bang.

Wed Jun 8 21:28:36 2016 Martin Duerst <>


New static function rb_str_ascii_casemap; special-casing :ascii option in rb_str_upcase_bang and rb_str_downcase_bang.


Fix a bug (wrong use of unnecessary slack at end of string).

regenc.h -> include/ruby/oniguruma.h

Move declaration of onigenc_ascii_only_case_map so that it is visible in string.c.

Tue Jun 7 17:49:52 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Change test for encodings without any non-ASCII case conversions from ASCII-only test to full test.

Tue Jun 7 17:18:39 2016 Martin Duerst <>

string.c (rb_str_upcase_bang, rb_str_capitalize_bang, rb_str_swapcase_bang)

Switch to use primitive.

Tue Jun 7 16:44:16 2016 Martin Duerst <>

string.c (rb_str_downcase_bang)

Switch to use primitive except if conversion can be done ASCII-only.

Tue Jun 7 16:13:36 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Add regression tests for current ASCII-only case conversion.

Tue Jun 7 15:28:38 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Fix method name

Tue Jun 7 15:05:13 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Rename onigenc_not_support_case_map to onigenc_ascii_only_case_map.


Add definition of onigenc_single_byte_ascii_only_case_map.

enc/iso_8859_X.c, windows_125X.c, ascii.c, us-ascii.c, koi8_x.c

Replace onigenc_not_support_case_map by onigenc_single_byte_ascii_only_case_map.

enc/big5.c, cp949.c, emacs_mule.c, euc_X.c, gbX.c, shift_jis.c, windows_31j.c

Replace onigenc_not_support_case_map by onigenc_ascii_only_case_map.

Tue Jun 7 12:55:34 2016 Martin Duerst <>

regenc.c (onigenc_not_support_case_map)

Move to end of file;


Add new function.

Tue Jun 7 09:26:37 2016 Martin Duerst <>

regenc.c (onigenc_not_support_case_map)

Rewrite to work correctly in ASCII range.

Mon Jun 6 18:36:34 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Added UTF-16BE/LE and UTF-32BE/LE to supported encodings for Unicode case mapping.


Tests for above functionality; fixed an encoding issue in assertion error message.

Mon Jun 6 17:29:35 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Speed up testing for small encodings by preselecting codepoints.

Mon Jun 6 13:37:08 2016 Martin Duerst <>

Mon Jun 6 13:16:46 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Remove :lithuanian guard for Unicode case mapping.

Sun Jun 5 19:06:40 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Add news about Unicode-wide case mapping for String/Symbol#upcase/downcase/swapcase/capitalize(!).

Sun Jun 5 15:24:33 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Remove :lithuanian guard for Unicode case mapping.

Sun Jun 5 14:46:34 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Remove :lithuanian guard for Unicode case mapping.

Thu Jun 2 10:24:48 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Raise ArgumentError when invalid string is detected in case mapping methods.


Check for invalid string and signal with negative length value.


Add tests for above.


Add a message to clarify test failure.

Mon May 30 21:15:37 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Document current behavior for other case mapping methods on String. [ci skip]

Mon May 30 20:00:25 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Document current situation for String#downcase. [ci skip]

Sat May 28 20:34:19 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Add test to check for availability of Unicode data file; refactoring; fix an error with tests for destructive method (unicode_normalize!).

Sat May 28 19:08:36 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Add error messages to tests for data file availability; refactoring.

Sat May 28 10:39:47 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Converted exception for unavailable Unicode data files to failed assertion.

Thu May 26 09:45:41 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Add set of comprehensive

Wed May 25 19:07:19 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Handle DOTLESS_i by hand because it isn't involved in folding.

Wed May 25 08:01:39 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Fix flag error for switch from titlecase to lowercase.


Tests for above error.

Sun May 22 17:25:18 2016 Martin Duerst <>


adjust test class name to match file name

Sun May 22 17:24:07 2016 Martin Duerst <>

Sun May 22 14:57:43 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Extend OnigEncodingTypeDefine to define a new encoding primitive 'case_map' for case mapping

enc/utf-8.c, utf_16be/le.c, utf_32be/le.c

add onigenc_unicode_case_map as case_map primitive

enc/ascii.c, big5.c, cp949.c, emacs_mule.c, euc_jp/kr/tw.c, gb18030.c, gbk.c, iso_8859_1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/13/14/15/16.c, koi8_r/u.c, shift_jis.c, us_ascii.c, windows_1250/1251/1252.c

add onigenc_not_support_case_map as case_map primitive

Sun May 22 14:45:45 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Define new function onigenc_not_support_case_map

Mon May 16 20:00:30 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Additional uses of ONIG_CASE_MAPPING compilation switch

Mon May 16 19:46:33 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Introducing ONIG_CASE_MAPPING compilation switch

include/ruby/oniguruma.h, enc/unicode.h

Using ONIG_CASE_MAPPING compilation switch

Wed May 11 10:33:26 2016 Marcus Stollsteimer <>


Remove trailing-whitespaces. [ci skip][fix GH-1348]

Mon Apr 25 11:27:27 2016 Marcus Stollsteimer <>


Improvements to english grammars. [Bug #12246][ci skip]

Mon Apr 25 11:17:50 2016 Marcus Stollsteimer <>


Fix return value of `` [Bug #12313][ci skip]


Fix code sample of ``

Sat Apr 23 11:21:27 2016 Marcus Stollsteimer <>

ext/date/date_core.c (Init_date_core)

[DOC] Convert DateTime documentation to RDoc from Markdown. [ruby-core:75136] [Bug #12311]

Fri Apr 1 20:58:33 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, casefold.h

Data generation to implement swapcase functionality for titlecase characters. Swapcase isn't defined by Unicode, because the purpose/usage of swapcase is unclear anyway. The implementation follows a proposal from Nobu, swapping the case of each component of a titlecase character individually. This means that the titlecase characters have to be decomposed.


Code using the above data.


Tests for the above.

Tue Mar 29 16:53:44 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, casefold.h

Tweaked handling of 6 special cases in CaseUnfold_11_Table.


Adjustments for above.


Tests for the above: Some tests in test_titlecase activated; test_greek added. A test in test_cherokee fixed.

Tue Mar 29 13:31:00 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Cleaned up some comments.

Tue Mar 29 13:24:56 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, casefold.h

Removing data for idempotent titlecasing.


Adjust code to data removal.

Mon Mar 28 14:54:49 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Refactoring in preparation for data reduction for titlecase.

Mon Mar 28 14:36:36 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Minor refactoring for I WITH DOT ABOVE.

Mon Mar 28 14:26:24 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Removed code now covered by data from table.

Mon Mar 28 11:49:21 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Adding comments. [ci skip]

Fri Mar 25 16:40:48 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Additional tests title case; some not yet activated.

Tue Mar 22 21:08:30 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Additional flag for characters that are titlecase.

enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, casefold.h

Using above flag in data.


Marking capitalized character as unmodified if it is already titlecase.


Tests for above functionality.

Thu Mar 17 12:09:00 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Fixed two macro definitions.


Test cases that detected the above bugs.

Wed Mar 16 18:42:45 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Fixed and activated a test for Cherokee.

Wed Mar 16 17:58:56 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Fixed a logical error.

Wed Mar 16 17:57:34 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Adding tests for Cherokee. One test not yet working.

Wed Mar 16 15:44:05 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Adding tests for actual Unicode case mapping. Fixing some aliasing issues.

Tue Mar 15 16:29:51 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Eliminating common code.

Tue Mar 15 16:17:09 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Expansion of some code repetition in preparation for elimination of common code pieces.

Tue Mar 15 13:49:23 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Additional macros and code to use mapping data in CaseMappingSpecials array.

Tue Mar 15 12:51:06 2016 Marcus Stollsteimer <>


Fix RDoc markup in doc/extension*.rdoc. [ci skip][Bug #12143]



Mon Mar 14 18:39:53 2016 Martin Duerst <>

include/ruby/oniguruma.h, enc/unicode.c

Adjusting flag assignments and macros to work with unified CaseMappingSpecials array.

Fri Mar 11 16:11:27 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, casefold.h

Streamlining approach to case mapping data not available from case folding by unifying all three cases (special title, special upper, special lower).


Adjust macro names for above (macros are currently inactive).

Tue Mar 1 11:25:48 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


use keyword arguments instead of option hashes.

Sat Feb 27 17:05:29 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, casefold.h

Reducing size of TitleCase table by eliminating duplicates.

Thu Feb 25 19:04:13 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Adding possibility for debugging output for TitleCase table in casefold.h.

Wed Feb 24 22:31:13 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Rearranging flag assignments and making space for titlecase indices; adding additional macros to add or extract titlecase index; adding comments for better documentation.


Moving some macros to include/ruby/oniguruma.h; activating use of titlecase indices.

Tue Feb 23 21:52:24 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, casefold.h

Outputting actual titlecase data (new table, with indices from other tables).


Ignoring titlecase data indices for the moment.

Tue Feb 23 15:21:14 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, casefold.h

Reading casing data from SpecialCasing.txt.

Mon Feb 22 18:33:55 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, casefold.h

Adding flag for title-case, not yet operational.

Mon Feb 22 18:17:03 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, casefold.h

Fixed bug that avoided inclusion of compatibility characters in upper-/lower-case mappings.

Fri Feb 19 12:44:57 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Activated use of case mapping data in CaseUnfold_11 array.

Tue Feb 16 19:10:08 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, casefold.h

Used only first element

Mon Feb 15 14:43:28 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Added debugging option

Mon Feb 8 21:26:19 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, enc/unicode/casefold.h

Flags for upper/lower conversion added (titlecase and SpecialCasing still missing)

Mon Feb 8 20:43:57 2016 Martin Duerst <>

string.c, enc/unicode.c


Mon Feb 8 13:00:17 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Shortened macros for enc/unicode/casefold.h to single-letter; use flags in casefold.h for logic.


Added flag for case folding. Changed parameter passing.


New flags added.

Mon Feb 8 09:43:57 2016 Martin Duerst <>

Removed enc/unicode/casefold.h from automatic build because some CI systems don't have gperf. Creation of enc/unicode/casefold.h is now possible with make unicode-up. This is intended as a temporary measure.

Sun Feb 7 22:10:08 2016 Martin Duerst <>

Added two more precondition files for enc/unicode/casefold.h


Added shortening macros for enc/unicode/casefold.h


Fixed file encoding for CaseFolding.txt to ASCII-8BIT (should fix some ci errors). Clarified usage. Created class MapItem. Partially implemented class CaseMapping.

Sun Feb 7 14:12:32 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Fixing parameter passing.

Sun Feb 7 11:44:03 2016 Martin Duerst <>


New classes CaseMapping/CaseMappingDummy to pass as parameters; not yet implemented or used.

Sun Feb 7 11:16:00 2016 Martin Duerst <>

using new option in recipe for enc/unicode/casefold.h


Correctly specify argument to new option.

Sun Feb 7 10:43:27 2016 Martin Duerst <>

explicit recipe for enc/unicode/casefold.h


Adding -m option to prepare for using multiple data files.

Sat Feb 6 15:18:28 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Added data-based testing for String#downcase :fold.


Fixed a range error (lowest non-ASCII character affected by case operations is U+00B5, MICRO SIGN)


Explicit test for case folding of MICRO SIGN to Greek mu.

Sat Feb 6 14:51:23 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Tests for three case folding primitives (mbc_case_fold, get_case_fold_codes_by_str, apply_all_case_fold) in the various encodings. Currently only known good encodings are tested to avoid test failures. For bug hunting, start by adding more encodings with generate_test_casefold encoding

Sat Feb 6 14:37:16 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/unicode.c, test/ruby/enc/test_case_mapping.rb

Implemented :fold option for String#downcase by using case folding data from regular expression engine, and added a few simple tests.

Fri Feb 5 20:08:59 2016 Martin Duerst <>


added tests for :ascii option.

Thu Feb 4 21:05:17 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Activated :ascii flag for ASCII-only case conversion

Thu Feb 4 14:42:29 2016 Martin Duerst <>

Added Unicode data file SpecialCasing.txt to be additionally downloaded (with Kimihito Matsui)

Thu Feb 4 11:53:56 2016 Martin Duerst <>

Introduce two variables (UNICODE_DATA_DIR and UNICODE_SRC_DATA_DIR) to eliminate repetitions.

Wed Jan 27 18:53:40 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Fixed bit mask in macro OnigCodePointCount

Wed Jan 27 17:54:42 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Protect code point count by macro, in order to be able to use the remaining bits for flags.

Sun Jan 24 18:12:36 2016 Martin Duerst <>

Simplifying Unicode data file download logic to make it more reliable (including additional fix not in r53633) [Bug #12007]

Sat Jan 23 18:37:37 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Fixing wrong time on previous commit, and adding previous commit message to svn [ci skip]

Sat Jan 23 18:30:30 2016 Martin Duerst <>

Simplifying Unicode data file download logic to make it more reliable [Bug #12007]

Sat Jan 23 16:29:42 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Fixed a logical error, improved documentation

Tue Jan 19 17:03:40 2016 Martin Duerst <>

Added Unicode data file CaseFolding.txt to be additionally downloaded (with Kimihito Matsui)

Sun Jan 17 20:40:10 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Any kind of option is now taking the new code path for upcase/downcase/capitalize/swapcase. :lithuanian can be used for testing if no specific option is desired.


Adjusted to above.

Sun Jan 17 20:10:10 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Fixed a logical error and some comments.


Made tests more general.

Sun Jan 17 17:41:41 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Removed artificial expansion for Turkic, added hand-coded support for Turkic, fixed logic for swapcase.


Made use of new case mapping code possible from upcase, capitalize, and swapcase (with :lithuanian as a guard).


Adjusted for above.

Sat Jan 16 17:24:24 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Artificial mapping to test buffer expansion code.


Fixed buffer expansion logic.


Tests for above.

Sat Jan 16 10:23:23 2016 Martin Duerst <>

string.c, enc/unicode.c

New code path as a preparation for Unicode-wide case mapping. The code path is currently guarded by the :lithuanian option to avoid accidental problems in daily use.


Test for above.


function 'check_case_options': fixed logical errors

Mon Jan 12 18:41:41 2016 Martin Duerst <>


made a variable name more grammatically correct

Mon Jan 12 18:34:34 2016 Martin Duerst <>


minor grammar fix [ci skip]

Mon Jan 12 16:09:09 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Tests for option parsing/checking for upcase/downcase/capitalize/swapcase

Mon Jan 12 16:03:03 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Added option parsing/checking for upcase/downcase/ capitalize/swapcase (with Kimihito Matsui)

Mon Jan 11 21:28:28 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Added flags needed for upcase/downcase Unicode addition (with Kimihito Matsui)

Sat Jan 2 02:27:22 2016 Marc-Andre Lafortune <>


Fix case of frozen object with initializer. Bug revealed by RubySpec [ruby-core:72639]


Mon Feb 29 16:50:20 2016 hanachin <>

array.c (rb_ary_push_m)

[DOC] Remove trailing comma from Array#push example, as other Array examples doesn't put trailing comma. [Fix GH-1279]

Mon Feb 29 16:31:01 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>, tool/mkconfig.rb

set cross_compiling option from Makefile, but not from rbconfig.rb, which is just going to be created by this command.


Sun Feb 28 23:13:49 2016 C.J. Collier <>

Add summary to end of configure output. [Fix GH-1275]

Sun Feb 28 20:23:36 2016 Masatoshi SEKI <>

lib/drb/drb.rb (error_print)

Add verbose failure messages and avoid infamous DRb::DRbConnError. [Feature #12101]

Sun Feb 28 13:40:46 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

error.c (nometh_err_initialize)

add private_call? parameter.

error.c (nometh_err_private_call_p)

add private_call? method, to tell if the exception raised in private form FCALL or VCALL. [Feature #12043]

vm_eval.c (make_no_method_exception)

append private_call? argument.

vm_insnhelper.c (ci_missing_reason)

copy FCALL flag.

Sun Feb 28 10:19:47 2016 Ryan T. Hosford <>

array.c (rb_ary_and)

clarify that set intersection returns the unique elements common to both arrays.

array.c (rb_ary_or)

clarify that union preserves the order from the given arrays.


Fri Feb 26 14:40:48 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

numeric.c (num_step_scan_args)

comparison String with Numeric should raise TypeError. it is an invalid type, but not a mismatch the number of arguments. [ruby-core:62430] [Bug #9810]

Fri Feb 26 14:39:39 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

doc/extension.rdoc, doc/extension.ja.rdoc

add editor local variables, with commenting out by :enddoc: directives which are just ignored unless code object mode. [Bug #12111]

Fri Feb 26 12:25:56 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


removed rendering error caused by editor specific configuration on . [Bug #12111]

Fri Feb 26 11:21:41 2016 herwinw <>


Removed references to NQXML. It's obsoleted parser. [fix GH-1245][Feature #9371]





Fri Feb 26 11:10:19 2016 Rick Salevsky <>


Unify to coding-style for method definition. [fix GH-1252]

Fri Feb 26 11:02:04 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

update markdown syntax for anchor tag. [fix GH-1265] Patch by @lukBarros

Fri Feb 26 10:52:29 2016 Alex Boyd <>


avoid to needless truncation when using back_trace_limit option. [fix GH-1205][Bug #11969]

Fri Feb 26 08:11:58 2016 Aaron Patterson <>


Reduce system calls by activating the `did_you_mean` gem before requiring the gem. Activating the gem puts the gem on the load path, where simply requiring the file will search every gem that's installed until it can find a gem that contains the `did_you_mean` file.


Wed Feb 24 21:03:04 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

random.c (limited_rand)

Add a specialized path for when the limit fits in 32 bit.


Sun Feb 21 13:57:18 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


Optimize CGI.unescape performance by C ext for ASCII-compatible encodings. [Fix GH-1250]

Sun Feb 21 13:56:57 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


Optimize CGI.unescapeHTML performance by C ext for ASCII-compatible encodings. [Fix GH-1242]


Sat Feb 20 15:38:16 2016 Eric Wong <>


update paths for defs/ directory

Sat Feb 20 14:44:15 2016 Lucas Buchala <>

vm_eval.c (rb_mod_module_eval)

[DOC] Fix documentation signature for Module#module_eval. [Fix GH-1258]

Sat Feb 20 14:40:44 2016 Adam O'Connor <>

a few grammatical changes to the main Ruby [Fix GH-1259]

Sat Feb 20 13:04:22 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

dir.c (push_pattern, push_glob)

deal with read paths as UTF-8 to stat later, on Windows as well as OS X. [ruby-core:73868] [Bug #12081]

Sat Feb 20 01:53:33 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

object.c (rb_mod_const_get)

make error message at uninterned string consistent with symbols. [ruby-dev:49498] [Bug #12089]


Fri Feb 19 23:37:52 2016 Masahiro Tomita <>

lib/find.rb (Find#find)

raise with the given path name if it does not exist. [ruby-dev:49497] [Bug #12087]

Fri Feb 19 11:08:32 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


add cygwin case, nothing excluded. [ruby-core:73806] [Bug#12071]


Thu Feb 18 21:32:15 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>


fix output in EXAMPLES.

Thu Feb 18 21:05:47 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (sym_match_m)

delegate to String#match but not String#=~. [ruby-core:72864] [Bug #11991]

Thu Feb 18 14:15:38 2016 Shota Fukumori <>


Add MatchData#named_captures [Feature #11999] [ruby-core:72897]


Test for above.


News about MatchData#named_captures.


Wed Feb 17 21:41:29 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

defs/id.def (predefined)

add idLASTLINE and idBACKREF for $_ and $~ respectively.


use idLASTLINE and idBACKREF instead of rb_intern.

Wed Feb 17 20:23:38 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_str_init)

fix segfault and memory leak, consider wide char encoding terminator.

Wed Feb 17 12:14:59 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

string.c (rb_str_init)

introduce size) [Feature #12024]


Tue Feb 16 18:24:38 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

numeric.c (compare_with_zero)

fix variable name, rb_cmperr requires VALUEs but not an ID.

Tue Feb 16 17:34:18 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

dir.c (rb_dir_s_empty_p)

add Dir.empty? method, which tells the argument is the name of an empty directory. [Feature #10121]

Tue Feb 16 09:51:20 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

tool/rbinstall.rb (without_destdir)

just strip a drive letter which is prepended by with_destdir. pointed out by @DavidEGrayson.

Tue Feb 16 04:42:13 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

insns.def (opt_plus)

simply use LONG2NUM() instead of wrongly complex overflow case.

insns.def (opt_sub)


Tue Feb 16 02:49:41 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

tool/rbinstall.rb (without_destdir)

compare with the destdir after stripping a drive letter, on dosish platforms. pointed out by @DavidEGrayson.


Mon Feb 15 15:44:09 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (parse_ident)

allow keyword arguments just after a method where the same name local variable is defined. [ruby-core:73816] [Bug#12073]


Sun Feb 14 17:31:50 2016 Lars Kanis <>

lib/mkmf.rb (with_{cpp,c,ld}flags)

copy caller strings not to be modified, in append_{cpp,c,ld}flags respectively. [Fix GH-1246]

Sun Feb 14 16:18:57 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

eval.c (setup_exception)

set the cause only if it is explicitly given or not set yet. [Bug #12068]


Sat Feb 13 21:44:58 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

hash.c (rb_hash_invert)

[DOC] more examples.

Sat Feb 13 17:30:49 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/uri/generic.rb (URI::Generic#find_proxy)

support CIDR in no_proxy. [ruby-core:73769] [Feature#12062]

Sat Feb 13 17:11:58 2016 Fabian Wiesel <>

lib/uri/generic.rb (find_proxy)

exclude white-spaces and allow for a leading dot in the domain name in no_proxy. [ruby-core:54542] [Feature #8317]


Fri Feb 12 12:20:56 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

error.c (name_err_initialize, nometh_err_initialize)

[DOC] fix argument positions. optional parameters except for the message are placed at the last.

Fri Feb 12 11:49:49 2016 Anthony Dmitriyev <>


add NullSocket#closed? to fix closing not opened connection. [Fix GH-1232]

Fri Feb 12 11:17:38 2016 Bogdan <>

re.c (rb_reg_initialize_m)

[DOC] fix missing right bracket. [Fix GH-1243]


Thu Feb 11 14:57:58 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (RUBY_CHECK_SIZEOF, RUBY_DEFINT)

fix for types which are conditionally available depending on architectures when universal binary, e.g., __int128.

Thu Feb 11 06:26:18 2016 NARUSE, Yui <> (RUBY_DEFINT)

use Parameter Expansion.

Thu Feb 11 05:33:24 2016 NARUSE, Yui <> (int128_t)

don't check HAVE_XXX (for example HAVE___INT128) because RUBY_CHECK_SIZEOF() don't define it for config.h and use of $ac_cv_sizeof___int128 alternates the check.


Wed Feb 10 12:03:41 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (ARFLAGS)

check if deterministic mode flag is effective, which is on by default on Ubuntu.


Tue Feb 9 16:36:23 2016 Naotoshi Seo <>


Remove block from Logger.add as it's not needed patch provided by Daniel Lobato Garcia [fix GH-1240] [Bug #12054]

Tue Feb 9 14:32:23 2016 Zachary Scott <>


Document mtime header behavior with patch by @schneems Fixes [GH-1129]:

Tue Feb 9 13:52:49 2016 Zachary Scott <>


Remove deprecated kcode argument from and compile patch provided by Dylan Pulliam [Bug #11495]


Mon Feb 8 10:30:10 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ruby.c (feature_option)

raise a runtime error if ambiguous feature name is given, in the future. [Bug #12050]


Sat Feb 6 22:30:57 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/cgi/util.rb (escapeHTML, unescapeHTML)

consider ASCII-incompatible encodings. [Fix GH-1239]


Fri Feb 5 12:22:20 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

insns.def (opt_mult)

Use int128_t for overflow detection.

bignum.c (rb_uint128t2big)

added for opt_mult.

bignum.c (rb_uint128t2big)

added for rb_uint128t2big..

define int128_t, uint128_t and related MACROs. Initially introduced by r41379 but reverted by r50749.


Thu Feb 4 17:38:01 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

re.c (reg_set_source)

make source string frozen without copying.

re.c (rb_reg_initialize_m)

refactor initialization with encoding.

Thu Feb 4 15:35:29 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_fstring_enc_new, rb_fstring_enc_cstr)

functions to make fstring with encoding.

Thu Feb 4 12:39:08 2016 joker1007 <>


Optimize CGI.escape performance by C ext for ASCII-compatible encodings. [Fix GH-1238]


Wed Feb 3 12:13:20 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

string.c (str_new_frozen)

if the given string is embeddedable but not embedded, embed a new copied string. [Bug #11946]

Wed Feb 3 08:25:38 2016 boshan <>

ext/openssl/ossl_pkey.c (Init_ossl_pkey)

[DOC] Fix typo “encrypted” to “decrypted”. [Fix GH-1235]

Wed Feb 3 08:21:32 2016 Seiei Miyagi <>

ext/ripper/lib/ripper/lexer.rb (on_heredoc_dedent)

Fix Ripper.lex error in dedenting squiggly heredoc. heredoc tree is also an array of Elem in the outer tree. [Fix GH-1234]

Wed Feb 3 02:33:39 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

re.c (rb_reg_prepare_enc)

use already compiled US-ASCII regexp if given string is ASCII only. 121.2s to 113.9s on my x86_64-freebsd10.2 Intel Core i5 661


Tue Feb 2 13:02:03 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


Introduce RREGEXP_PTR. patch by dbussink. partially merge











Tue Feb 2 09:08:27 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


`coding` is effective only first line except shebang.

lib/rubygems/package.rb, lib/rubygems/package/*



Mon Feb 1 21:41:58 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

lib/rubygems.rb, lib/rubygems/*, test/rubygems/*

Update rubygems-2.5.2. It supports to enable frozen string literal and add `–norc` option for disable to `.gemrc` configuration. See 2.5.2 release notes for other fixes and enhancements.


Sun Jan 31 12:33:13 2016 Dan Kreiger <>

test/drb/ut_large.rb (multiply, avg, median)

add additional math operations to DRbLarge. [Fix GH-1086]

Sun Jan 31 12:19:15 2016 Kuniaki IGARASHI <>

test/ruby/test_file_exhaustive.rb (test_lstat)

Add lacking test for File#lstat. [Fix GH-1231]

Sun Jan 31 12:15:33 2016 Prayag Verma <>


fix typo [Fix GH-1230] Spelling mistakes - outputing > outputting publich > publish


Sat Jan 30 15:18:07 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_eval.c (rb_check_funcall_with_hook)

also should call the given hook before returning Qundef when overridden respond_to? method returned false. [ruby-core:73556] [Bug #12030]


Fri Jan 29 17:40:07 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/file.c (rb_readlink)

drop garbage after the substitute name, as rb_w32_read_reparse_point returns the expected buffer size but “??" prefix is dropped from the result.

win32/win32.c (w32_readlink)

ditto, including NUL-terminator.

Fri Jan 29 17:07:27 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

win32/win32.c (fileattr_to_unixmode, rb_w32_reparse_symlink_p)

volume mount point should be treated as directory, not symlink. [ruby-core:72483] [Bug #11874]

win32/win32.c (rb_w32_read_reparse_point)

check the reparse point is a volume mount point or not.

win32/file.c (rb_readlink)

follow above change (but this pass won't be used).

Fri Jan 29 16:17:07 2016 Lucas Buchala <>

enum.c (enum_take_while, enum_drop_while)

rename block parameter to obj, since they are generic objects. [Fix GH-1226]

Fri Jan 29 14:15:26 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/erb.rb (ERB::Compiler#detect_magic_comment)

allow frozen-string-literal in comment as well as encoding.

lib/erb.rb (ERB#def_method)

insert def line just before the first non-comment and non-empty line, not to leave duplicated and stale magic comments.

Fri Jan 29 11:13:33 2016 Jeremy Evans <>

lib/erb.rb (ERB#set_eoutvar)

explicitly make mutable string as a buffer to make ERB work with –enable-frozen-string-literal. [ruby-core:73561] [Bug #12031]

Fri Jan 29 10:44:56 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Warn nil variable on HTTP Header. It caused to NoMethodError. [fix GH-952][fix GH-641] Patch by @teosz


Added test for nil HTTP Header.


Thu Jan 28 17:31:43 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/socket/socket.c (sock_gethostname)

support unlimited size hostname.


Wed Jan 27 21:03:45 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Added missing library.

Wed Jan 27 16:34:35 2016 boshan <>

lib/tempfile.rb (Tempfile#initialize)

[DOC] the first parameter `basename` is optional and defaulted to an empty string since [GH-523]. [Fix GH-1225]

Wed Jan 27 16:25:54 2016 Koichi ITO <>

array.c (rb_ary_dig)

[DOC] fix the exception class to be raised when intermediate object does not have dig method. TypeError will be raised now. [Fix GH-1224]


Tue Jan 26 19:36:15 2016 Aggelos Avgerinos <>

array.c (permute0, rpermute0)

[DOC] Substitute indexes -> indices in documentation for consistency. [Fix GH-1222]

Tue Jan 26 15:21:37 2016 Eric Wong <>

compile.c (caller_location)

use rb_fstring_cstr for “<compiled>”

iseq.c (iseqw_s_compile)


iseq.c (rb_iseq_new_main)

use rb_fstring_cstr for “<main>”

vm.c (Init_VM)

ditto, share with with above

iseq.c (iseqw_s_compile_file)

rb_fstring before rb_io_t->pathv share “<main>” with above

vm.c (rb_binding_add_dynavars)

fstring “<temp>” immediately

Tue Jan 26 15:14:01 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>

compile.c (iseq_peephole_optimize)

don't apply tailcall optimization to send/invokesuper instructions with blockiseq. This is a follow-up to the changes in r51903; blockiseq is now the third operand of send/invokesuper instructions. [ruby-core:73413] [Bug #12018]

Tue Jan 26 14:26:46 2016 Eric Wong <>

signal.c (sig_list)

use fstring for hash key

test/ruby/test_signal.rb (test_signal_list_dedupe_keys)


Tue Jan 26 13:08:34 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

signal.c (rb_f_kill)

should immediately deliver reserved signals SIGILL and SIGFPE, not only SIGSEGV and SIGBUS.

Tue Jan 26 07:57:28 2016 Joseph Tibbertsma <>


fix a typo of argument name. [Fix GH-1221]


Mon Jan 25 17:26:54 2016 Eric Wong <>

ruby_assert.h (RUBY_ASSERT_WHEN)

fix reference to macro name


include ruby_assert.h before using [ruby-core:73371]

Mon Jan 25 15:55:30 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

symbol.c (sym_check_asciionly)

more informative error message with the encoding name and the inspected content. [ruby-core:73398] [Feature #12016]

Mon Jan 25 09:38:26 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


added testcase for next!, succ and succ! [fix GH-1213] Patch by @K0mAtoru

Mon Jan 25 09:32:25 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


fix documentation for namespace. [fix GH-1219][ci skip] Patch by @leafac


Sun Jan 24 19:34:23 2016 Eric Wong <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_check_if_namespace)

tiny size reduction

Sun Jan 24 16:54:11 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/io/wait/wait.c (io_wait_readwrite)

[EXPERIMENTAL] allow to wait for multiple modes, readable and writable, at once. the arguments may change in the future. [Feature #12013]


Sat Jan 23 22:30:59 2016 K0mA <>

test/ruby/test_array.rb (test_keep_if)

Add test for Array#keep_if separate from Array#select! [Fix GH-1218]

Sat Jan 23 20:54:26 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

revert r53633. It broke rubyci and travis.

Sat Jan 23 20:10:29 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

range.c (range_eqq)

revert r51585 because rb_call_super() is called in range_include() and thus r51585 doesn't work when the receiver Range object consists of non linear objects such as Date objects. [ruby-core:72908] [Bug #12003]

Sat Jan 23 11:42:43 2016 Peter Suschlik <>

Use SVG Travis badge over PNG for better quality and device support. [Fix GH-1214] [Fix GH-1216]

Sat Jan 23 11:29:16 2016 Pascal Betz <>


Update documentation of CSV header converter for r45498, [GH-575]. [Fix GH-1215]


Fri Jan 22 17:36:46 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_core.h (VM_ASSERT)

use RUBY_ASSERT instead of rb_bug.

error.c (rb_assert_failure)

assertion with stack dump.

ruby_assert.h (RUBY_ASSERT)

new header for the assertion.

Fri Jan 22 00:25:57 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

regparse.c (fetch_name_with_level)

allow non word characters at the first character. [Feature #11949]

regparse.c (fetch_name)



Thu Jan 21 17:34:01 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

marshal.c (r_object0)

honor Marshal.load post proc value for TYPE_LINK. by Hiroshi Nakamura <> fix GH-1204

Thu Jan 21 16:37:50 2016 NARUSE, Yui <> (update-rubyspec)

fix r53208 like r53451.


Wed Jan 20 20:58:25 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>,

update-config_files is only for Unix platforms.

Wed Jan 20 17:13:39 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


add –cache option to change cache directory.


Tue Jan 19 10:09:58 2016 Sho Hashimoto <>

lib/shell.rb (Shell.debug_output_exclusive_unlock)

remove because Mutex#exclusive_unlock was already deleted. [fix GH-1185]

Tue Jan 19 09:38:27 2016 Nick Cox <>


fix grammar in respond_to? warning. [fix GH-1047]


Mon Jan 18 14:37:07 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (parser_here_document)

an escaped newline is not an actual newline, and the rest part should not be dedented. [ruby-core:72855] [Bug #11989]

Mon Jan 18 12:04:34 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Added extra testcase for test_rstrip_bang and test_lstrip_bang. [fix GH-1178] Patch by @Matrixbirds

Mon Jan 18 11:47:27 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


fix a typo. [fix GH-1202][ci skip] Patch by @sunboshan


Sun Jan 17 21:15:30 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

improve ICC (Intel C Compiler) support. (CXX)

The name of icc's c++ compiler is `icpc`. (warnings)

Add `-diag-disable=2259` to suppress noisy warnings: “non-pointer conversion from ”…“ to ”…“ may lose significant bits”. (optflags)

Add `-fp-model precise` like -fno-fast-math.


icc supports -Werror=division-by-zero and -Werror=deprecated-declarations, but doesn't support -Wdivision-by-zero and -Wdeprecated-declarations.

Sun Jan 17 15:30:57 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/socket/option.c (sockopt_bool)

relax boolean size to be one too not only sizeof(int). Winsock getsockopt() returns a single byte as a boolean socket option. [ruby-core:72730] [Bug #11958]

Sun Jan 17 14:43:01 2016 Kuniaki IGARASHI <>


[Fix GH-1201] * Extract test code for ENV#keep_if from ENV#select_bang * Add a test case for ENV#select_bang,keep_if

Sun Jan 17 14:42:25 2016 Kuniaki IGARASHI <>


[Fix GH-1201] * Extract test code for ENV#delete_if from ENV#reject_bang * Add a test case for ENV#reject_bang,delete_if

Sun Jan 17 14:40:22 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/socket/option.c (check_size)

extract a macro to check binary data size, with a consistent message.

ext/socket/option.c (sockopt_byte)

fix error message, sizeof(int) differs from sizeof(unsigned char) in general.


Sat Jan 16 21:16:21 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (xstring)

reset heredoc indent after dedenting, so that following string literal would not be dedented. [ruby-core:72857] [Bug #11990]

Sat Jan 16 16:47:14 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Added 2048 bit DH parameter.



Sat Jan 16 10:51:19 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


fix implicit conversion error with clang. fixup r53548.



Sat Jan 16 10:31:00 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

test-sample was changed to test-basic. [Feature #11982]


ditto. rename from tool/rubytest.rb.


ditto. rename from sample/test.rb.


picked from r53540


backward compatibility for chkbuild.


Fri Jan 15 20:20:20 2016 Naohisa Goto <>


The value of UNALIGNED_WORD_ACCESS should be used to determine whether unaligned word access is allowed or not. After this commit, ./configure CPPFLAGS=“-DUNALIGNED_WORD_ACCESS=0” disables unaligned word access even on platforms that support the feature.

Fri Jan 15 16:12:10 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (string1)

reset heredoc indent for each string literal so that concatenated string would not be dedented. [ruby-core:72857] [Bug #11990]


Thu Jan 14 20:01:00 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

lib/uri/generic.rb (URI::Generic#to_s)

change encoding to UTF-8 as Ruby 2.2/ by Koichi ITO <> fix GH-1188

Thu Jan 14 17:36:16 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

variable.c (rb_f_global_variables)

add matched back references only, as well as defined? operator.

Thu Jan 14 16:12:09 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

sprintf.c (rb_str_format)

format exact number more exactly.

Thu Jan 14 15:08:43 2016 Tony Arcieri <>

Remove 512-bit DH group. It's affected by LogJam Attack. https

// [fix GH-1196][Bug #11968]

Thu Jan 14 11:44:29 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

variable.c (rb_f_global_variables)

add $1..$9 only if $~ is set. fix the condition removed at r14014.


Wed Jan 13 17:21:45 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


removed commented-out code.

Wed Jan 13 17:14:54 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


removed osx code. follow up with r53517

Wed Jan 13 16:56:19 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

iseq.c (rb_iseq_mark)

mark parent iseq to prevent dynamically generated iseq by eval from GC. [ruby-core:72620] [Bug #11928]

Wed Jan 13 03:42:58 2016 Eric Wong <>

class.c (Init_class_hierarchy)

resolve name for rb_cObject ASAP

object.c (rb_mod_const_set)

move name resolution to rb_const_set

variable.c (rb_const_set)

do class resolution here [ruby-core:72807] [Bug #11977]

Wed Jan 13 00:37:12 2016 Satoshi Ohmori <>


fix double word typo. [Fix GH-1194]


Tue Jan 12 21:01:09 2016 Benoit Daloze <>

update URL and name for the Ruby spec suite.

Tue Jan 12 19:52:19 2016 sorah (Shota Fukumori) <>


Convert given accessors to String. r53381 changed to accept only Symbol or String for accessors, but there are several rubygems that pass classes (e.g. Array, Hash, …) as accessors. Prior r53381, it was accepted because Class#to_s returns its class name. After r53381 given accessors are checked with define_method, but it accepts only Symbol or String, otherwise raises TypeError. def_delegator Foo, :some_method This change is to revert unexpected incompatibility. But this behavior may change in the future.


Mon Jan 11 09:50:24 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

check if the API version number is consistent with the program version number.


Sun Jan 10 20:57:25 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

compile.c (compile_massign_lhs)

when index ends with splat, append rhs value to it like POSTARG, since VM_CALL_ARGS_SPLAT splats the last argument only. [ruby-core:72777] [Bug #11970]

Sun Jan 10 15:45:10 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/missing.h (explicit_bzero_by_memset_s)

remove inline implementation by memset_s, which needs a macro before including headers and can cause problems in extension libraries by the order of the macro and headers.

Sun Jan 10 13:41:36 2016 Eric Wong <>

io.c (rb_deferr)

remove long obsolete global

Sun Jan 10 09:14:42 2016 Eric Wong <>

ext/psych/lib/psych/visitors/yaml_tree.rb (visit_String)

eliminate chomp

lib/net/http.rb (connect)

eliminate delete

lib/net/http/header.rb (basic_encode)


lib/net/imap.rb (authenticate)

eliminate gsub


shorten delete arg

lib/net/smtp.rb (base64_encode)

eliminate gsub

lib/open-uri.rb (OpenURI.open_http)

eliminate delete



lib/securerandom.rb (base64)



eliminate delete!

lib/webrick/httpauth/digestauth.rb (split_param_value)

eliminate chop

lib/webrick/httpproxy.rb (do_CONNECT)

eliminate delete


ditto [ruby-core:72666] [Feature #11938]


Sat Jan 9 23:19:14 2016 Kuniaki IGARASHI <>

test/ruby/test_hash.rb (test_try_convert)

Add test for Hash.try_convert. [Fix GH-1190]

Sat Jan 9 23:15:25 2016 Jon Moss <>


Add missing variables to documentation examples. [Fix GH-1189]

Sat Jan 9 18:25:57 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

symbol.h (is_attrset_id)

ASET is an attrset ID. fix unexpected safe call instead of an ordinary ASET.

Sat Jan 9 10:44:33 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>, win32/setup.mak

extract RUBY_PROGRAM_VERSION from RUBY_VERSION in version.h instead of RUBY_API_VERSION numbers in include/ruby/version.h, and cut it into version numbers.

Sat Jan 9 07:13:33 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


rename PAGE_* to HEAP_PAGE_* because PAGE_SIZE is used in Mac OS X.


catch up this fix.

Sat Jan 9 05:45:40 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


PAGE_BITMAP_PLANES (the number of bitmap) is 4, not 3.

Sat Jan 9 05:42:57 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


rename constant names HEAP_* to PAGE_*. Keys of GC::INTERNAL_CONSTANTS are also renamed.


catch up this fix.


Fri Jan 8 22:30:06 2016 Akinori MUSHA <>


[DOC] Elaborate on the G anchor. [ci skip]

Fri Jan 8 19:49:27 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


remove heap_page::body. Instead of this field, heap_page::start field works well.

Fri Jan 8 19:31:52 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


rename rb_heap_t::page_length to rb_heap_t::total_pages. `page_length' is not clear (we may understand with length of a page).

Fri Jan 8 17:07:14 2016 Koichi Sasada <>


remove heap_page::heap. This field is only used to recognize whether a page is in a tomb or not. Instead of this field, heap_page::flags::in_tomb (1 bit field) is added. Also type of heap_page::(total|free|final)_slots are changed from int to short. 2B is enough for them.

Fri Jan 8 09:33:59 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

iseq.c (rb_iseq_compile_with_option)

move variable initialization code to avoid maybe-uninitialized warnings by gcc 4.8.

Fri Jan 8 00:03:22 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

enum.c (enum_min, enum_max)

do the same optimization as r53454.


Thu Jan 7 22:32:21 2016 Kenta Murata <>



Thu Jan 7 22:02:21 2016 Shugo Maeda <>

enum.c (enum_minmax)

optimize object comparison in Enumerable#minmax.

Thu Jan 7 14:49:12 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

thread.c (rb_thread_pending_interrupt_p)

no pending interrupt before initialization.

thread.c (thread_raise_m, rb_thread_kill)

uninitialized thread cannot interrupt. [ruby-core:72732] [Bug #11959]

Thu Jan 7 11:34:14 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/backward.h (ruby_show_copyright_to_die)

for source code backward compatibility.

ruby.c (process_options)

return Qtrue to exit the process successfully.

version.c (ruby_show_copyright)

no longer exit.


Wed Jan 6 17:22:53 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/optparse.rb (OptionParser#order!)

add `into` optional keyword argument to store the results. [Feature #11191]


Tue Jan 5 21:44:37 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


fix wrong class name.

Tue Jan 5 21:43:50 2016 Kuniaki IGARASHI <>


added test for String#chr [fix GH-1179]

Tue Jan 5 21:32:26 2016 Kuniaki IGARASHI <>

test/ruby/test_numeric.rb (test_nonzero_p)

added test for Numeric#nonzero? [fix GH-1187]

Tue Jan 5 11:47:23 2016 Damir Gaynetdinov <>


Clarify object references example, that the reference is same object. [Fix GH-1156]

Tue Jan 5 05:06:51 2016 Eric Wong <>

ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_binmode)

implement to set encoding

test/stringio/test_stringio.rb (test_binmode)

new test [ruby-core:72699] [Bug #11945]


Mon Jan 4 15:44:37 2016 Sho Hashimoto <>

variable.c (rb_mod_deprecate_constant)

[DOC] added documentation for Module#deprecate_constant. [ci skip]

Mon Jan 4 15:36:38 2016 Sho Hashimoto <>


[DOC] remove SizedQueue#close argument. [ci skip]

Mon Jan 4 10:14:24 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


ignored test when enabled to coverage. It lead to crash with `make test-all`.

Mon Jan 4 08:10:44 2016 Yuichiro Kaneko <>

insns.def (opt_case_dispatch)

Move a comment to the appropriate position. [ci skip]


Sun Jan 3 23:55:13 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/rubygems/security.rb (DIGEST_ALGORITHM, KEY_ALGORITHM)

should check same name as the used constants. [ruby-core:72674] [Bug #11940]

Sun Jan 3 19:22:01 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


add fallback file for non-aclocal environments. [ruby-core:72683] [Bug #11942]

Sun Jan 3 13:56:49 2016 Yuichiro Kaneko <>

eval_error.c (rb_print_undef)

Use `rb_method_visibility_t` instead of `int`.

eval_intern.h (rb_print_undef)


proc.c (mnew_internal)


vm_method.c (rb_export_method)

ditto [Misc #11649] [ruby-core:71311] [fix GH-1078]

Sun Jan 3 12:12:09 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


rename aclocal.m4, which should be generated by aclocal. [ruby-core:72675] [Bug #11941]


Sat Jan 2 21:07:55 2016 Eric Wong <>

thread_sync.c (queue_do_pop)

avoid cast with Qfalse


ditto, use queue_sleep wrapper

Sat Jan 2 16:16:14 2016 Masatoshi SEKI <>


Allow ERB subclass to add token easily. [Feature #11936]



Sat Jan 2 14:44:31 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (regexp)

set_yylval_num sets u1, should use nd_tag instead of nd_state. [ruby-core:72638] [Bug #11932]


Fri Jan 1 22:01:52 2016 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>


mention CSV's liberal_parsing option.

Fri Jan 1 19:38:23 2016 okkez <>


fix double words typo. [ci skip][fix GH-1183]

Fri Jan 1 15:28:56 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

compile.c (remove_unreachable_chunk)

decrease count of call_info in removed instructions. fix up r53402.

Fri Jan 1 12:05:53 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

compile.c (remove_unreachable_chunk)

remove unreferred label to optimize away unreachable chunk.

Fri Jan 1 11:42:57 2016 James Edward Gray II <>

lib/csv.rb (CSV)

Add a liberal_parsing option. Patch by Braden Anderson. [#11839]


test liberal_parsing

Fri Jan 1 10:27:28 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

tool/mkconfig.rb (RbConfig)

prefix SDKROOT to oldincludedir not includedir, the latter is outside the ruby installation. [ruby-core:72496] [Bug #11881]

Fri Jan 1 08:53:02 2016 Yuki Kurihara <>

test/ruby/test_lazy_enumerator.rb (test_take_bad_arg)

Add test code in case of Enumerator::Lazy#take called with negative number. [ruby-dev:49467] [Bug #11933]

Fri Jan 1 05:06:20 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (parser_here_document)

update indent for each line in indented here document with single-quotes. [ruby-core:72479] [Bug #11871]

Fri Jan 1 03:26:44 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/ostruct.rb (freeze)

define deferred accessors before freezing to get rid of an error when just reading frozen OpenStruct.


Thu Dec 31 02:45:12 2015 NARUSE, Yui <>

test/ruby/test_module.rb (test_classpath)

r53376 may change the order of m.constants. `make TESTS='-v ruby/test_class.rb ruby/test_module.rb' test-all` may fail after that.

Thu Dec 31 02:20:00 2015 Benoit Daloze <> (help)

Fix typo.


Wed Dec 30 20:53:09 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Added new response class for 451 status code.


documentation for HTTPUnavailableForLegalReasons

Wed Dec 30 20:45:45 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Added HTTP 451 Status Code. [fix GH-1167] Patch by @MuhammetDilmac

Wed Dec 30 20:25:52 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


fix old operator for safe navigation operator. [ci skip][fix GH-1182] Patch by @dougo

Wed Dec 30 16:43:23 2015 Kuniaki IGARASHI <>

test/ruby/test_string.rb (test_ord)

Add test for String#ord. [Fix GH-1181]

Wed Dec 30 11:28:57 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/forwardable.rb (def_instance_delegator)

adjust backtrace of method body by tail call optimization. adjusting the delegated target is still done by deleting backtrace.

lib/forwardable.rb (def_single_delegator)


Wed Dec 30 11:18:42 2015 Elliot Winkler <>

lib/forwardable.rb (def_instance_delegator) fix delegating to 'args' and 'block', clashing with local variables in generated methods. [ruby-core

72579] [Bug #11916]

lib/forwardable.rb (def_single_delegator)


Wed Dec 30 09:58:56 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

object.c (rb_class_inherited_p)

search the corresponding ancestor to prepended module from prepending class itself. [ruby-core:72493] [Bug #11878]

Wed Dec 30 09:20:00 2015 Yuki Kurihara <>

test/stringio/test_io.rb (test_flag)

add assertion for error when text and binary mode are mixed. [ruby-dev:49465] [Feature #11921]

Wed Dec 30 08:43:59 2015 Yuki Kurihara <>

test/stringio/test_stringio.rb (test_initialize)

add test for StringIO#initialize. [ruby-core:72585] [Feature #11920]

Wed Dec 30 05:19:24 2015 Eric Wong <>

class.c (struct clone_const_arg)

adjust for id_table













constant.h (rb_free_const_table)


gc.c (free_const_entry_i)










internal.h (struct rb_classext_struct)


object.c (rb_mod_const_set)

resolve class name on assignment

variable.c (const_update)

replace with const_tbl_update


new function


adjust for id_table




st_update => const_tbl_update


adjust for id_table












ditto [ruby-core:72112] [Feature #11614]

Wed Dec 30 04:10:13 2015 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>

thread_pthread.c (rb_thread_create_timer_thread)

destroy attr even if pthread_create() failed.

Wed Dec 30 02:55:09 2015 Eric Wong <>

thread_pthread.c (setup_communication_pipe)

delay setting owner


until thread creation succeeds [ruby-core:72590] [Bug #11922]


Tue Dec 29 19:12:46 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ruby.c (proc_options)

-W command line option should be able to override -w in RUBYOPT environment variable.

Tue Dec 29 17:54:16 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

eval.c (ignored_block)

warn if a block is given to `using`, which is probably for ``.

Tue Dec 29 12:48:34 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/ostruct.rb (OpenStruct)

make respond_to? working on just-allocated objects for workaround of Psych. [ruby-core:72501] [Bug #11884]

Tue Dec 29 10:35:00 2015 Kenta Murata <>

test/mkmf/test_have_func.rb (test_have_func)

Add assertion to examine the existence of HAVE_RUBY_INIT.

test/mkmf/test_have_func.rb (test_not_have_func)

Add assertion to examine the absence of HAVE_RUBY_INIT.

Tue Dec 29 06:50:42 2015 Eric Wong <>


static classes

Tue Dec 29 05:30:30 2015 Eric Wong <>

lib/resolv.rb (Resolv::IPv6.create)

avoid modifying frozen

test/resolv/test_dns.rb (test_ipv6_create)

test for above [Bug #11910] [ruby-core:72559]


Mon Dec 28 14:55:57 2015 Kuniaki IGARASHI <>

test/ruby/test_string.rb (TestString#test_rstrip_bang)

Add test for String#rstrip!. [Fix GH-1176]

Mon Dec 28 09:18:53 2015 Kuniaki IGARASHI <>

test/ruby/test_string.rb (TestString#test_lstrip_bang)

Add test for String#lstrip!. [Fix GH-1176]


Sun Dec 27 23:32:26 2015 Masaki Suketa <>

ext/win32ole/win32ole.c (ole_variant2val)


Sun Dec 27 21:14:42 2015 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

process.c (rb_execarg_parent_start1)

need to convert the encoding to ospath's one.

Sun Dec 27 20:54:22 2015 NAKAMURA Usaku <>


use rb_w32_uchdir() instead of plain chdir() on Windows. reported by naruse via twitter.

process.c (rb_execarg_addopt)

need to convert the encoding to ospath's one.

Sun Dec 27 20:00:31 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


fix dead-link.

Sun Dec 27 19:55:55 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


fix a typo.

Sun Dec 27 18:08:15 2015 Kuniaki IGARASHI <>

string.c (rb_str_lstrip_bang, rb_str_rstrip_bang)

[DOC] Fix ruby-doc comments for String#rstrip! and lstrip!. It looks like dropped bang. [Fix GH-1175]

Sun Dec 27 15:14:20 2015 Eric Wong <>

io.c (io_getpartial)

remove unused kwarg from template

test/ruby/test_io.rb (test_readpartial_bad_args)

new [Bug #11885]

Sun Dec 27 11:50:53 2015 Kuniaki IGARASHI <>

test/ruby/test_string.rb (test_rstrip, test_lstrip)

Add tests for String#lstrip and rstrip. The test cases are used from string.c ruby-doc comments. [Fix GH-1174]

Sun Dec 27 11:47:46 2015 Kuniaki IGARASHI <>

test/ruby/test_string.rb (test_insert)

Add test for String#insert. The test cases are written in string.c comments as a reference. [Fix GH-1173]

Sun Dec 27 11:03:33 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (show_bitstack)

trace stack_type value if yydebug.

Sun Dec 27 10:03:14 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

enc/depend (enc, trans)

fix version dependency, shared object files depend on the RUBY_SO_NAME value for runtime link.

Sun Dec 27 09:47:20 2015 Masaki Suketa <>

ext/win32ole/win32ole.c (ole_vstr2wc, ole_variant2val)

fix blank string conversion. [Bug #11880] Thanks Akio Tajima for the patch!

Sun Dec 27 09:34:53 2015 craft4coder <>


[DOC] `nul` should be uppercase. change 'nul' => 'NUL'. [Fix GH-1172]


Sat Dec 26 18:29:01 2015 Kouhei Sutou <>


Support SSL options in async methods of XMLRPC::Client. [Bug #11489] Reported by Aleksandar Kostadinov. Thanks!!!

Sat Dec 26 11:26:38 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

miniinit.c (Init_enc)

add some common aliases of built-in encodings. [ruby-core:72481] [Bug #11872]


Fri Dec 25 22:43:26 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

extract RUBY_RELEASE_DAY at generating Makefile.



Fri Dec 25 21:33:06 2015 Yukihiro Matsumoto <>

version.h (RUBY_VERSION)

2.4.0 development has started.

Fri Dec 25 08:23:22 2015 Tadashi Saito <>

compile.c, cont.c, doc, man

fix common misspelling. [ruby-core:72466] [Bug #11870]


Thu Dec 31 14:36:45 2015 Marc-Andre Lafortune <>


Fix new_ostruct_member to correctly avoid redefinition [#11901]

Fri Dec 25 14:12:12 2015 Martin Duerst <>

doc/ChangeLog-2.3.0, ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/SUPPORT_STATUS, include/ruby/version.h

minor grammar fixes [ci skip]