Fri Apr 1 00:41:17 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

test/rubygems/test_gem_commands_environment_command.rb (test_execute)

version number may be two-digit.

Fri Apr 1 00:00:31 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>


bump to 2.1.10. welcome to two-digit version!


Wed Mar 30 18:45:26 2016 Kimura Wataru <>


handled rlimit value same as r52277 [Bug #11852]


Tue Mar 29 21:10:10 2016 Kazuki Yamaguchi <>


check SSL_CTX_set_next_proto_select_cb function rather than OPENSSL_NPN_NEGOTIATED macro. it exists even if it is disabled by OpenSSL configuration. [ruby-core:74384] [Bug #12182]


update ifdef(s) as above.


skip NPN tests if NPN is disabled.

Tue Mar 29 21:09:02 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/uri/http.rb (URI::HTTP#initialize)

[DOC] fix example, missing mandatory arguments. [ruby-core:74540] [Bug #12215]

Tue Mar 29 21:07:30 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

thread_pthread.c (reserve_stack)

fix reserving position where the stack growing bottom to top. [Bug #12118]


Fri Mar 25 18:42:46 2016 Koichi ITO <>


Added documentation about order of `Module#constants` [ci skip][Bug #12121][fix GH-1301]

Fri Mar 25 18:41:14 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (enc_succ_alnum_char)

try to skip an invalid character gap between GREEK CAPITAL RHO and SIGMA. [ruby-core:74478] [Bug #12204]

Fri Mar 25 18:38:42 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>


update Unicode's notice. [Bug #11844]

Fri Mar 25 18:36:04 2016 Eric Wong <>

ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ossl_sslctx_setup)

document as MT-unsafe [ruby-core:73803] [Bug #12069]

Fri Mar 25 18:35:08 2016 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>


fix method name typo. [ruby-core:72513] [Bug #11893] The patch provided by Akira Matsuda.

Fri Mar 25 18:34:20 2016 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>


fix method name typo. [ruby-core:72511] [Bug #11891] The patch provided by Akira Matsuda.

Fri Mar 25 18:33:34 2016 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>


fix method name typo. [ruby-core:72510] [Bug #11890] The patch provided by Akira Matsuda.

Fri Mar 25 18:32:44 2016 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>


fix a typo in font name. [ruby-core:72505] [Bug #11886] The patch provided by Akira Matsuda.



Fri Mar 25 18:30:55 2016 Anthony Dmitriyev <>


add NullSocket#closed? to fix closing not opened connection. [Fix GH-1232]

Fri Mar 25 18:24:04 2016 Victor Nawothnig <>

parse.y (parse_numvar)

NTH_REF must be less than a half of INT_MAX, as it is left-shifted to be ORed with back-ref flag. [ruby-core:74444] [Bug#12192] [Fix GH-1296]

Fri Mar 25 18:18:29 2016 Eric Hodel <>

marshal.c (r_object0)

raise ArgumentError when linking to undefined object.

Fri Mar 25 18:18:29 2016 Eric Hodel <>

marshal.c (r_object0)

Fix Marshal crash for corrupt extended object.

Fri Mar 25 18:07:48 2016 Yutaka Kanemoto <>

cont.c (rb_fiber_struct)

keep context.uc_stack.ss_sp and context.uc_stack.ss_size for later use. Patch by Rei Odaira. [ruby-core:62945] [Bug #9905]

Fri Mar 25 17:52:46 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

test/openssl/utils.rb (start_server, server_loop)

Use a pipe to stop server instead of shutdown/close a listening socket.

Fri Mar 25 17:52:46 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

test/ruby/envutil.rb (assert_join_threads)

New assertion to join multiple threads without exceptions.

Fri Mar 25 17:52:46 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

ext/openssl/lib/openssl/ssl.rb (SSLServer#accept)

Close a socket if any exception occur.

Fri Mar 25 17:52:46 2016 Tanaka Akira <>

ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ossl_ssl_close)

Fix sync_close to work when SSL is not started. This fix the fd leak by test_https_proxy_authentication in test/net/http/test_https_proxy.rb.

Fri Mar 25 17:52:46 2016 Tanaka Akira <>


Join threads.

Fri Mar 25 17:47:06 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

insns.def (opt_mod)

show its method name on ZeroDivisionError. [Bug #12158]

Fri Mar 25 17:45:36 2016 Rei Odaira <>

test/ruby/test_process.rb (TestProcess#test_setsid)

AIX does not allow Process.getsid when pid is in a different session.

Fri Mar 25 17:42:34 2016 Rei Odaira <>

test/ruby/test_process.rb (test_execopts_gid)

Skip a test that is known to fail on AIX. AIX allows setgid to a supplementary group, but Ruby does not allow the “-e” option when setgid'ed, so the test does not work as intended.

Fri Mar 25 17:36:24 2016 Rei Odaira <>

test/rinda/test_rinda.rb (test_make_socket_ipv4_multicast)

The fifth argument to getsockopt(2) should be modified to indicate the actual size of the value on return, but not in AIX. This is a know bug. Skip related tests.

test/rinda/test_rinda.rb (test_ring_server_ipv4_multicast)


test/rinda/test_rinda.rb (test_make_socket_unicast)


test/socket/test_basicsocket.rb (test_getsockopt)


test/socket/test_sockopt.rb (test_bool)


Fri Mar 25 17:35:06 2016 Rei Odaira <>

test/zlib/test_zlib.rb (test_adler32_combine, test_crc32_combine)

Skip two tests on AIX because zconf.h in zlib does not correctly recognize _LARGE_FILES in AIX. The problem was already reported to zlib, and skip these tests until it is fixed.

Fri Mar 25 17:33:52 2016 Rei Odaira <>

test/socket/test_addrinfo.rb (test_ipv6_address_predicates)

IN6_IS_ADDR_V4COMPAT and IN6_IS_ADDR_V4MAPPED are broken on AIX, so skip related tests.

Fri Mar 25 17:32:34 2016 Rei Odaira <>

test/gdbm/test_gdbm.rb (TestGDBM#test_s_open_lock)

skip this test on AIX. The issue is the same as on Solaris. [ruby-dev:47631]

Fri Mar 25 17:28:13 2016 Rei Odaira <>

thread_pthread.c (getstack)

__pi_stacksize returned by pthread_getthrds_np() is wrong on AIX. Use __pi_stackend - __pi_stackaddr instead.

Fri Mar 25 17:21:51 2016 Alex Boyd <>


avoid to needless truncation when using back_trace_limit option. [fix GH-1205][Bug #11969]

Fri Mar 25 17:18:59 2016 Naohisa Goto <>


Should not use C++ style comments (C99 feature). [Bug #11843]

Fri Mar 25 17:15:19 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


separate from ISO-8859-1 to fix 0x80..0x9e range. [ruby-core:64049] [Bug #10097]

Fri Mar 25 16:53:41 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_str_scrub)

the result should be infected by the original string.

Fri Mar 25 16:53:41 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

transcode.c (rb_econv_substr_append, econv_primitive_convert)

the result should be infected by the original string.

Fri Mar 25 16:53:41 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


add raw FL macros, which assume always the argument object is not a special constant.

internal.h (STR_EMBED_P, STR_SHARED_P)

valid only for T_STRING.


deal with taint flags directly across String instances.


Fri Mar 25 17:15:19 2016 Martin Duerst <>

enc/iso_8859_2.c, enc/windows_1250.c

separate Windows-1250 from ISO-8859-2 to fix 0x80..0x9e range (from Kimihito Matsui)

Fri Mar 25 17:15:19 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Added three missing lower/upper-case character pairs (from Kimihito Matsui)

Fri Mar 25 17:15:19 2016 Martin Duerst <>


Added missing lower/upper-case character pair (U+014A and U+014B, LATIN CAPITAL/SMALL LETTER ENG)


Thu Feb 25 20:03:32 2016 Naotoshi Seo <>


Remove block from Logger#add as it's not needed patch provided by Daniel Lobato Garcia [fix GH-1240] [Bug #12054]

Thu Feb 25 19:58:48 2016 Zachary Scott <>


Remove deprecated kcode argument from and compile patch provided by Dylan Pulliam [Bug #11495]

Thu Feb 25 19:49:31 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/socket/socket.c (sock_gethostname)

support unlimited size hostname.

Thu Feb 25 19:28:19 2016 Kouhei Sutou <>


Support SSL options in async methods of XMLRPC::Client. [Bug #11489] Reported by Aleksandar Kostadinov. Thanks!!!

Thu Feb 25 19:25:25 2016 NARUSE, Yui <>

marshal.c (r_object0)

honor Marshal.load post proc value for TYPE_LINK. by Hiroshi Nakamura <> fix GH-1204

Thu Feb 25 18:59:27 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/socket/option.c (sockopt_bool)

relax boolean size to be one too not only sizeof(int). Winsock getsockopt() returns a single byte as a boolean socket option. [ruby-core:72730] [Bug #11958]

Thu Feb 25 18:36:26 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

process.c (rb_execarg_parent_start1)

need to convert the encoding to ospath's one.

Thu Feb 25 18:36:26 2016 NAKAMURA Usaku <>


use rb_w32_uchdir() instead of plain chdir() on Windows. reported by naruse via twitter.

process.c (rb_execarg_addopt)

need to convert the encoding to ospath's one.

Thu Feb 25 18:21:55 2016 Eric Wong <>

ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_binmode)

implement to set encoding

test/stringio/test_stringio.rb (test_binmode)

new test [ruby-core:72699] [Bug #11945]

Thu Feb 25 18:12:00 2016 Eric Wong <>

io.c (io_getpartial)

remove unused kwarg from template

test/ruby/test_io.rb (test_readpartial_bad_args)

new [Bug #11885]

Thu Feb 25 17:51:35 2016 Tadashi Saito <>

compile.c, cont.c, doc, man

fix common misspelling. [ruby-core:72466] [Bug #11870]

Thu Feb 25 17:48:16 2016 Eric Wong <>

ext/socket/init.c (rsock_init_sock)

reject reserved FDs [ruby-core:72445] [Bug #11862]

Thu Feb 25 17:38:59 2016 Eric Wong <>

ext/socket/init.c (rsock_init_sock)

check FD after validating

test/socket/test_basicsocket.rb (test_for_fd)

new [ruby-core:72418] [Bug #11854]

Thu Feb 25 17:33:38 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


fix a double word typo. [Bug #11313]

Thu Feb 25 17:32:23 2016 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


fix typos. [Bug #11764]

Thu Feb 25 16:46:37 2016 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

re.c (reg_names_iter)

should consider encoding of regexp. [ruby-core:72185] [Bug #11825]


Wed Dec 23 14:13:59 2015 NAKAMURA Usaku <>


bump to 2.1.9. may this version be the last of 2.1.


Wed Dec 16 21:10:03 2015 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>


check tainted string arguments. Patch provided by tenderlove and nobu.

test/fiddle/test_handle.rb (class TestHandle)

add test for above.

Wed Dec 16 21:10:03 2015 Yuki Sonoda (Yugui) <>

ext/dl/handle.c (rb_dlhandle_initialize)

prohibits DL.dlopen with a tainted name of library. Patch by sheepman <sheepman AT>.

ext/dl/handle.c (rb_dlhandle_sym)


Wed Dec 16 16:13:04 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

io.c (parse_mode_enc)

fix buffer overflow.

Wed Dec 16 16:10:52 2015 Eric Wong <>

insns.def (opt_case_dispatch)

avoid converting Infinity

test/ruby/test_optimization.rb (test_opt_case_dispatch_inf)

new [ruby-dev:49423] [Bug #11804]'

Wed Dec 16 16:07:29 2015 Rei Odaira <>

pthread_getattr_np is broken on AIX. More specifically, the stack address and size returned are not correct.

Wed Dec 16 16:04:27 2015 Eric Wong <>

insns.def (opt_case_dispatch)

check Float#=== redefinition

test/ruby/test_optimization.rb (test_opt_case_dispatch)

new [ruby-core:71920] [Bug #11784]


Tue Dec 8 11:53:06 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ruby_atomic.h (ATOMIC_SIZE_CAS)

fix the argument order of InterlockedCompareExchange64. new value and then old value is the last.

Tue Dec 8 11:45:42 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

encoding.c (enc_m_loader)

defer finding encoding object not to be infected by marshal source. [ruby-core:71793] [Bug #11760]

marshal.c (r_object0)

enable compatible loader on USERDEF class. the loader function is called with the class itself, instead of an allocated object, and the loaded data.

marshal.c (compat_allocator_table)

initialize compat_allocator_tbl on demand.

object.c (rb_undefined_alloc)

extract from rb_obj_alloc.


Fri Dec 4 10:55:08 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

range.c (range_to_s)

should be infected by the receiver. str2 infects by appending. [ruby-core:71811] [Bug #11767]


Wed Dec 2 15:14:29 2015 NARUSE, Yui <>


call dir_config(“libedit”) if –enable-libedit is spcified. [Bug #11751] patched by John Hein


Tue Dec 1 16:57:57 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

io.c (rb_io_each_codepoint)

raise an exception at incomplete character before EOF when conversion takes place. [Bug #11444]

Tue Dec 1 16:57:57 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

io.c (rb_io_each_codepoint)

read more data when read partially. [ruby-core:70379] [Bug #11444]

Tue Dec 1 13:06:29 2015 NAKAMURA Usaku <>


fixed build error introduced at r52797.


Mon Nov 30 21:29:57 2015 Koichi Sasada <>

insns.def (defined)

skip respond_to_missing? when a method is available. [Bug #11211]


add a test for this fix.

Mon Nov 30 21:27:09 2015 NAKAMURA Usaku <>


fixed commit mistake at r52797.

Mon Nov 30 21:18:24 2015 Shugo Maeda <>

io.c (argf_getpartial)

should not resize str if the second argument is not given. [ruby-core:71668] [Bug #11738]

Mon Nov 30 21:17:08 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


set hostname before call ossl_ssl_set_session. [Bug #11401][fix GH-964] Patch by @mkarnebeek

Mon Nov 30 21:09:48 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

transcode.c (rb_econv_open0)

rb_econv_t::source_encoding_name and rb_econv_t::destination_encoding_name should refer static strings always or NULL. [ruby-core:70247] [Bug #11416]

Mon Nov 30 21:02:21 2015 NARUSE, Yui <>


include ruby.h before digest.h to avoid includeing ext/digest/extconf.h. [Bug #3231]


remove ext/digest from include search path to avoid confusion of cl.exe.


explicitly specify def.h's path.

Mon Nov 30 20:54:22 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

Mon Nov 30 20:54:22 2015 Trevor Rowe <>


Fixed regression for Net::HTTP::PUT with “Expect-100” header. [fix GH-949]


added test.


Wed Nov 18 20:56:50 2015 NARUSE, Yui <>


try_cflags(“-std=iso9899:1999”) [Bug #10906] ruby itself (including numeric.c) is built with strict compile options including -std=iso9899:1999, but ext/date is not. By the way -std=iso9899:1999 is not only a warning option but also changes behavior like MACRO definitions for example INFINITY. gcc on Solaris affect this.

Wed Nov 18 20:38:15 2015 Zachary Scott <>


Merge b9ea8ef at ruby/openssl [Bug #10735]

Wed Nov 18 20:31:56 2015 Aaron Patterson <>

ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ossl_ssl_method_tab)

Only add SSLv3 support if the SSL library supports it. Thanks Kurt Roeckx <> [Bug #11376]


check for SSLv3 support in the SSL implementation.

test/openssl/test_ssl.rb (class OpenSSL)

Skip tests that need SSLv3 if there is no support.

Wed Nov 18 20:26:08 2015 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_trace.c (rb_threadptr_exec_event_hooks_orig)

maintain trace_running counter on internal events. This patch is made by Takashi Kokubun <>. [Bug #11603]

Wed Nov 18 20:19:49 2015 Koichi Sasada <>

compile.c (iseq_compile_each)

remove duplicated line event. [Bug #10449]


add and fix tests.

Wed Nov 18 20:14:38 2015 Koichi Sasada <>

vm.c (hook_before_rewind)

prevent kicking :return event while finishing vm_exec func because invoke_block_from_c() kick a :return event for bmethods. [Bug #11492]


add a test.

Wed Nov 18 20:10:31 2015 Aaron Patterson <>


Fix tests so that they take in to account OpenSSL installations that have SSLv3 disabled by default. Thanks Jeremy Evans <> for the patches. [Bug #11366] [Bug #11367]

Wed Nov 18 20:04:50 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

test/openssl/test_ssl_session.rb (OpenSSL#test_ctx_client_session_cb)

fix test failure with OpenSSL disabled SSLv3 protocol. [ruby-core:63772] [Bug #10046]


Thu Oct 29 23:54:35 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (sym_to_proc), proc.c (rb_block_clear_env_self)

clear caller's self which is useless, so that it can get collected. [Fixes GH-592]

Thu Oct 29 23:30:20 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

lib/ipaddr.rb, test/test_ipaddr.rb

Reject invalid address contained EOL string. Patch by @kachick [fix GH-942][Bug #11513]

lib/ipaddr.rb, test/test_ipaddr.rb

split test code from library script and move to test script, just like trunk.

Thu Oct 29 23:04:04 2015 NARUSE, Yui <>

ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ssl_npn_select_cb)

explicitly raise error in ext/openssl instead of OpenSSL itself because LibreSSL silently truncate the selected protocol name by casting the length from int to unsigned char. [Bug #11369] Patch by Jeremy Evans <>

Thu Oct 29 22:56:01 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

check for libunwind.h, which is not available in very old OS X SDK. [ruby-core:71080] [Bug #11591]

Thu Oct 29 22:51:59 2015 Masatoshi SEKI <>


Run Rinda/DRb tests on localhost. [Fix GH-1027] patch by voxik.




Tue Sep 29 17:39:42 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (literal_concat_gen, evstr2dstr_gen)

keep literal encoding beginning with an interpolation same as the source file encoding. [ruby-core:70703] [Bug #11519]

Tue Sep 29 17:33:13 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/rss/rss.rb (Time#w3cdtf)

fix zero-trimmed width of fraction digits. [ruby-core:70667] [Bug #11509]

Tue Sep 29 17:25:14 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

re.c (rb_memsearch_wchar, rb_memsearch_qchar)

test matching till the end of string. [ruby-core:70592] [Bug #11488]

test/ruby/test_m17n.rb (test_include?, tet_index)

add tests by Tom Stuart.

Tue Sep 29 17:20:07 2015 NARUSE, Yui <>

thread_pthread.c (reserve_stack)

ensure the memory is really allocated. [Bug #11457]

Tue Sep 29 17:18:40 2015 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

version.h (RUBY_VERSION)

bump RUBY_VERSION to 2.1.8.


Tue Aug 18 21:40:43 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


bump version to 2.2.5. this version fixed CVE-2015-3900.




added testcase for CVE-2015-3900


Mon Aug 17 23:27:45 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/win32/lib/win32/registry.rb (API#SetValue)

data size should be in bytes, not in chars. [ruby-core:70365] [Bug #11439]

Mon Aug 17 23:27:45 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/win32/lib/win32/registry.rb (API#SetValue)

add terminator size, not 1 byte. [ruby-core:70365] [Bug #11439]

Mon Aug 17 17:57:12 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

re.c (rb_memsearch)

should match only char boundaries in wide character encodings. [ruby-core:70220] [Bug #11413]

Mon Aug 17 17:54:33 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

transcode.c (rb_econv_set_replacement)

target encoding name can be empty now. [ruby-core:69841] [Bug #11324]

Mon Aug 17 17:52:11 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (rb_any_hash)

fix Float hash. rb_dbl_hash() returns a Fixnum, but not a long. [Bug #9381]

Mon Aug 17 17:43:56 2015 Eric Wong <>

io.c (rb_io_oflags_modestr)

handle O_TRUNC correctly

test/ruby/test_io.rb (test_reopen_stdio)

new test Patch-by: cremno phobia <> [ruby-core:69779] [Bug #11319]

Mon Aug 17 17:42:18 2015 Benoit Daloze <>

lib/net/ftp.rb (makeport)

close the TCPServer when sending the port fails.


test for above.

Mon Aug 17 17:38:15 2015 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

lib/net/http/response.rb (Net::HTTPResponse::Inflater#finish)

fix a bug that empty gzipped response body causes Zlib::BufError. [ruby-core:68846] [Bug #11058]


tests for the above.

Mon Aug 17 17:38:15 2015 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

lib/net/http/response.rb (Net::HTTPResponse#inflater)

fix TypeError. An exception object might be nil. [ruby-core:68846] [Bug #11058]

Mon Aug 17 17:38:15 2015 NARUSE, Yui <>

lib/net/http/response.rb (Net::HTTPResponse.each_response_header)

raise first exception even if inflate_body_io.finish raises error. when begin block raises error, finish usually raises error too.

Mon Aug 17 17:16:22 2015 Aaron Patterson <>


update libssl before running tests. Thanks to Chris Sinjakli <> for figuring out the travis settings!

Mon Aug 17 17:16:22 2015 Aaron Patterson <>

ext/openssl/lib/openssl/ssl.rb (module OpenSSL)

raise a more helpful exception when verifying the peer connection and an anonymous cipher has been selected. [ruby-core:68330] [Bug #10910] Thanks to Chris Sinjakli <> for the patch.

test/openssl/test_ssl.rb (class OpenSSL)

test for change

Mon Aug 17 17:12:46 2015 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

win32/win32.c (waitpid)

return immediately if interrupted. reported by <takkanm AT> [ruby-dev:49176] [Bug #11340]

Mon Aug 17 17:09:02 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (lambda_body)

pop cmdarg stack for lookahead token. [ruby-core:70067] [Bug #11380]

Mon Aug 17 17:04:57 2015 Jeremy Evans <>


Fix LocalJumpErrors being raised in OpenSSL tests. [ruby-core:70020][Bug #11368]

Mon Aug 17 16:51:45 2015 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>

lib/timeout.rb (ExitException)

leave Timeout::ExitException as an alias of Timeout::Error for backward compatibility in stable branch. [ruby-dev:49179] [Bug #11344]

Mon Aug 17 16:51:45 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/timeout.rb (ExitException)

removed internal exception class and use Timeout::Error instead, as using throw/catch to isolate each timeouts now. [ruby-dev:49179] [Bug #11344]

Mon Aug 17 16:49:00 2015 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>

test/net/http/test_httpresponse.rb (HTTPResponseTest#test_read_body_content_encoding_deflate_uppercase)

fix a failure without zlib.

Mon Aug 17 16:49:00 2015 NARUSE, Yui <>

lib/net/http/response.rb (inflater)

CONTENT_ENCODING can be upper case. [ruby-core:69670] [Bug #11285] patched by Andy Chu

Mon Aug 17 16:46:28 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm.c (m_core_hash_merge_ptr)

copy the arguments to the machine stack before rewinding the control frame pointer and leaving the arguments outside valid region of the value stack. [ruby-core:69969] [Bug #11352]


keep the arguments region inside the valid value stack. [ruby-core:69969] [Bug #11352]

Mon Aug 17 16:44:01 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_str_reverse)

reversed string is not a substring, and should not set coderange of the original string. [ruby-dev:49189] [Bug #11387]

Mon Aug 17 16:24:10 2015 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/time.rb (strptime)

Support %s.%N. [ruby-core:68301] [Bug #10904] Patch by Sadayuki Furuhashi.

Mon Aug 17 16:22:28 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

transcode.c (load_transcoder_entry)

fix transcoder loading race condition, by waiting in require. [ruby-dev:49106] [Bug #11277]

Mon Aug 17 16:18:13 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

array.c (ary_ensure_room_for_push)

check if array size will exceed maximum size to get rid of buffer overflow. [ruby-dev:49043] [Bug #11235]

array.c (ary_ensure_room_for_unshift, rb_ary_splice)


Mon Aug 17 16:14:38 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/win32/lib/win32/registry.rb (Win32::Registry::API)

use wide versions of RegDeleteValue and RegDeleteKey. [ruby-core:67958] [Bug #10820]


Tue Jul 7 13:39:46 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Fix indentation for rdoc. [Bug #11221]

Tue Jul 7 13:37:34 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Fix require paths for released gem. [fix GH-929] Patch by @voxik




Fri Jul 3 21:54:46 2015 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

test/ruby/test_require.rb (TestRequire#test_loading_fifo_threading)

fix previous commit. [Bug #11060]

Fri Jul 3 19:28:51 2015 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

test/ruby/test_require.rb (TestRequire#test_loading_fifo_threading)

ignore Errno::ENOENT on unlinking. [Bug #11060]

Fri Jul 3 18:40:48 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/mkmf.rb (pkg_config)

split –libs if –libs-only-l option is not available. patch in [ruby-core:69428] by Hans Mackowiak. [ruby-core:69421] [Bug #11201]

Fri Jul 3 18:32:37 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

compile.c (iseq_compile_each)

out of range NTH_REF is always nil.

parse.y (parse_numvar)

check overflow of NTH_REF and range. [ruby-core:69393] [Bug #11192]

util.c (ruby_scan_digits)

make public and add length parameter.

Fri Jul 3 17:53:43 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_eval.c (rb_method_call_status)

resolve refined method entry to check if undefined. [ruby-core:69064] [Bug #11117]

Fri Jul 3 17:53:43 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_eval.c (rb_method_call_status)

undefined refined method is not callable unless using. [ruby-core:69064] [Bug #11117]

Fri Jul 3 17:44:27 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

file.c (rb_file_load_ok)

try opening file without gvl not to lock entire process. [Bug #11060]


Tue Jun 30 11:56:24 2015 Eric Wong <>

numeric.c (bit_coerce)

use original value for error message [ruby-core:67405] [Bug #10711]

test/ruby/test_numeric.rb (test_coerce)

check error message


Mon Jun 29 13:22:14 2015 Shota Fukumori <>


Return empty JSON object when passed object is a special const, instead of SEGV. Based patch by Kohei Suzuki (eagletmt). [ruby-core:69692] [Bug #11291]


Test for above fix.


Wed Jun 17 11:39:15 2015 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_insnhelper.c (lep_svar_set)

add WBs.


Tue Jun 9 16:29:49 2015 Eric Wong <>


use RB_GC_GUARD instead of volatile [ruby-core:69419] [Feature #11198]

Tue Jun 9 16:26:48 2015 Eric Wong <>

ext/openssl/ossl_asn1.c (ossl_asn1_traverse, ossl_asn1_decode, ossl_asn1_decode_all)

use RB_GC_GUARD instead of volatile [ruby-core:69371] [Bug #11185]

Tue Jun 9 16:24:25 2015 NARUSE, Yui <>

win32/win32.c (setup_overlapped)

seek to the file end only when writing (mode:a), not reading (mode:a+, read).

Tue Jun 9 16:15:31 2015 Aaron Patterson <>

load.c (loaded_feature_path)

stop returning false negatives for filenames which are trailing substrings of file extensions. For example, 'b', which a trailing substring of “.rb” should not return false. [Bug #11155]


test for fix


Fri May 29 14:03:33 2015 Matt Hoyle <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (VpSetPTR)

fix a typo, 'expoennt' to 'exponent'. [ruby-core:67980] [Bug #10823] [Fix GH-825]

Fri May 29 14:00:16 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/file.c (rb_file_expand_path_internal)

neither the drive of base directory nor the current drive are involved in the result if different than the drive of path. [ruby-core:68130] [Bug #10858]

Fri May 29 14:00:16 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/file.c (rb_file_expand_path_internal)

do not make invalid

(or ADS) path if the path has a drive letter, the result also should have be under it. [ruby-core

68130] [Bug #10858]

Fri May 29 13:41:44 2015 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

marshal.c (r_symreal)

register the symbol name first so that r_symlink always returns valid names. [Bug #10991]


Thu May 28 09:51:28 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (rb_any_hash)

use same hash values with Float#hash so that -0.0 and +0.0 will be identical. [ruby-core:68541] [Bug #10979]


Thu May 21 14:15:10 2015 Eric Wong <>

ext/socket/ancdata.c (bsock_recvmsg_internal)

GC guard [Bug #11123]

Thu May 21 14:11:50 2015 Shugo Maeda <>

lib/net/imap.rb (body_ext_mpart)

should work even if body-fld-dsp is omitted. [ruby-core:69093] [Bug #11128]

Thu May 21 14:08:15 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


added documentation for character sequence ' with String#sub [Bug #11132][fix GH-900][ci skip] Patch by @shishir127

Thu May 21 14:04:06 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

range.c (linear_object_p, range_include)

test if covered for linear objects. [ruby-core:69052] [Bug #11113]

Thu May 21 14:01:40 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Added documentation for rational literal. [Bug #11075][fix GH-885][ci skip] Patch by @shishir127

Thu May 21 13:57:47 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/socket/ipsocket.c (init_inetsock_internal)

preserve errno before other library calls and use rb_syserr_fail. [ruby-core:68531] [Bug #10975]

Thu May 21 13:32:52 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/-test-/printf/printf.c (uint_to_str)

renamed to get rid of conflict on cygwin. [ruby-core:68877] [Bug #11065]

Thu May 21 13:28:03 2015 Koichi Sasada <>

vm.c (vm_exec)

check other events when RETURN is thrown. [Bug #10724]


add a test.

Thu May 21 13:23:44 2015 Masahiro Tomita <>

ext/socket/raddrinfo.c (addrinfo_mload)

fix memory leak of addrinfo. [ruby-dev:48923] [Bug #11051]

Thu May 21 13:19:52 2015 Kenta Murata <>


conform to ruby's license. [ruby-core:68466] [Bug #10952]

Thu May 21 09:49:01 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

gc.c (id2ref)

prohibit from accessing internal objects. [ruby-core:68348] [Bug #10918]

Thu May 21 09:46:58 2015 Rei Odaira <>


AIX supports autopush. Patch by Perry Smith [ruby-core:58539] [Bug #9144]


Wed May 20 17:34:43 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

iseq.c (rb_iseq_compile_with_option)

check source type, must be an IO or a String. [ruby-core:69219] [Bug #11159]


Wed May 13 14:32:13 2015 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/resolv.rb (Resolv::DNS::Label::Str#==)

Check class equality.


Normalize labels as Resolv::DNS::Label::Str objects.


Tue May 12 16:11:55 2015 NAKAMURA Usaku <>


support Tcl/Tk8.6.

ext/tk/tcltklib.c, ext/tk/lib/tk.rb

get rid of SEGV with Tcl/Tk8.6. [Backport #10401]


Mon May 11 11:09:08 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

dln.c (dln_load)

check if a different libruby is loaded by the extension library, and then bail out to get rid of very frequent reported stale bug reports.

dln.c (dln_load)

raise fatal error on OSX not other extension libraries to refer different libruby.

Mon May 11 10:59:53 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (lambda)

push and reset cmdarg_stack in lambda body. [ruby-core:69017] [Bug #11107]


Tue Apr 28 14:15:49 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/fileutils.rb (FileUtils#mv)

show the exact target path in the error message instead of the destination parent directory name. patched by Joao Britto <jabcalves AT> at [ruby-core:68706]. [Bug #11021]

Tue Apr 28 14:14:16 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

thread_pthread.c (reserve_stack)

keep sp safe zone to get rid of crash by -fstack-check. [ruby-core:68740] [Bug #11030]


Fri Apr 24 17:27:31 2015 Koichi Sasada <>


fix syntax.


Tue Apr 14 16:02:07 2015 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

version.h (RUBY_VERSION)

bump RUBY_VERSION to 2.1.7.


Mon Apr 13 22:17:59 2015 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>


stricter hostname verification following RFC 6125. with the patch provided by Tony Arcieri and Hiroshi Nakamura [ruby-core:61545] [Bug #9644]


add tests for above.

Mon Apr 13 17:09:06 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/win32.c (different_device_p)

compare by volume serial numbers, not by path names. [ruby-core:68162] [Bug #10865]

Mon Apr 13 17:09:06 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/win32.c (wrename)

return EXDEV if moving a directory to another drive, since MoveFileExW does not set proper error code. [ruby-core:68162] [Bug #10865]

Mon Apr 13 17:02:25 2015 Scott Francis <>

thread_pthread.c (reserve_stack)

fix intermittent SIGBUS on Linux, by reserving the stack virtual address space at process start up so that it will not clash with the heap space. [Fix GH-822]

Mon Apr 13 16:52:14 2015 Koichi Sasada <>

class.c (rb_prepend_module)

need a WB for klass -> origin.

Mon Apr 13 16:48:14 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_eval.c (vm_call_super)

search next super class from the original class, to get rid of infinite recursion with prepending. a patch by Seiei Higa <hanachin AT> at [ruby-core:68434]. [ruby-core:68093] [Bug #10847]

Mon Apr 13 16:39:57 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (arg)

fix segfault by null caused by syntax error. [ruby-core:68851] [Bug #10957]


Tue Mar 31 00:49:23 2015 Naohisa Goto <>

gc.c (wmap_final_func)

fix memory size shortage when realloc wmap. Fix SEGV during finalize of WeakRef on Solaris (though the SEGV could occur on all OS/platforms). [ruby-dev:48779] [Bug #10646]

Tue Mar 31 00:38:14 2015 Seiei Higa <>

vm_method.c (rb_method_entry)

if no super class, no original method entry. [ruby-core:67389] [Bug #10707]

Tue Mar 31 00:34:39 2015 Vit Ondruch <> (RUBY_SETJMP_TYPE)

Remove superfluous semicolon which causes a syntax error with autoconf 2.63. [ruby-core:67429] [Bug #10716]

Tue Mar 31 00:32:04 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

test/fiddle/test_handle.rb (test_NEXT)

use -test-/dln/empty which is always a shared object and is not used by others. [ruby-dev:48629] [Bug #10384]

Tue Mar 31 00:18:12 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (primary)

empty parentheses at cmdarg can be null. [ruby-core:68477] [Bug #10957]


Mon Mar 30 23:30:57 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/io/console/console.c (console_dev)

id_console is not a constant name, use rb_const_remove() to get rid of NameError.


Sun Mar 22 04:15:39 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/thread/thread.c (Init_thread)

ConditionVariable and Queue are not able to copy. [ruby-core:59961] [Bug #9440]


Wed Mar 18 02:42:37 2015 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

win32/win32.c (w32_spawn)

`v2` is used not only for `shell` but also `cmd`, so must not free before using `cmd`. [ruby-core:66648] [Bug #10563]

Wed Mar 18 02:40:18 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/win32.c (constat_reset)

do nothing on non-standard console emulators. [ruby-core:66471] [Bug #10546]

Wed Mar 18 02:03:02 2015 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

vm_insnhelper.c (rb_vm_rewrite_cref_stack)

copy nd_refinements of original crefs. It fixes segmentation fault when calling refined method in duplicate module. [ruby-dev:48878] [Bug #10885]

vm_core.h, class.c

change accordingly.


add a test for above.

Wed Mar 18 01:58:18 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


include ruby/ruby.h for PRIdPTRDIFF when a macro `DEBUG` is defined. based on the patch by Owen Rodley in [ruby-core:67987]. [Bug #10825]

Wed Mar 18 01:45:12 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/mkmf.rb (try_cppflags, try_cflags, try_ldflags)

get rid of interference by modifying global variables in have_devel? method. [ruby-core:67962] [Bug #10821]

Wed Mar 18 00:58:43 2015 Shugo Maeda <>

class.c (method_entry_i, class_instance_method_list, rb_obj_singleton_methods)

should not include methods of superclasses if recur is false. [ruby-dev:48854] [Bug #10826]

Wed Mar 18 00:58:43 2015 Shugo Maeda <>

vm_method.c (remove_method)

When remove refined method, raise a NameError if the method is not defined in refined class. But if the method is defined in refined class, it should keep refined method and remove original method. Patch by Seiei Higa. [ruby-core:67722] [Bug #10765]

Wed Mar 18 00:32:08 2015 Seiei Higa <>

vm_method.c (check_definition)

Module#public_method_defined?, Module#private_method_defined?, Module#protected_method_defined? should not use refinements. [ruby-core:67656] [Bug #10753]


Tue Mar 10 02:40:11 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Improve documentation for Thread#value [Bug #10694][ci skip]

Tue Mar 10 02:37:55 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


[DOC] Add missing documentation around String#chomp. Patch by @stderr [ci skip][fix GH-780]


Mon Mar 9 22:30:50 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


use default configuration file name.

Mon Mar 9 22:30:50 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


remove specific version number.

Mon Mar 9 22:27:47 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

use ruby organization for rubyspec.

Mon Mar 9 21:52:41 2015 NARUSE, Yui <>

lib/uri/generic.rb (

use hostname= to detect and wrap IPv6 hosts. Build is accepting URI components and users may not expect that a host component needs to be wrapped with square brackets since it's not providing a URI. Note: initialize with arg_check => true does not wrap IPv6 hosts. by Joe Rafaniello <> fix GH-765


Add more tests


Tue Mar 3 02:42:27 2015 Eric Wong <>

ext/io/wait/wait.c (io_nread)

wrap return value with INT2FIX Thanks to Yura Sokolov <> [ruby-core:68369] [Bug#10923]

test/io/wait/test_io_wait.rb (test_nread_buffered)

fix broken test


Sun Mar 1 02:30:23 2015 Seiei Higa <>

vm_method.c (rb_alias)

raise a NameError when creating alias to a refined method if the original method of the refined method is not defined. [ruby-core:67523] [Bug #10731]

Sun Mar 1 01:17:24 2015 Seiei Higa <>

vm_method.c (rb_export_method)

bail out if the original method is undefined when the method is refined. [ruby-core:67387] [Bug #10706]

Sun Mar 1 01:14:59 2015 Eric Wong <>


consider ENETUNREACH as ResolvTimeout [ruby-core:67411] [Bug #10712]

Sun Mar 1 01:01:21 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

lib/net/http.rb (Net::HTTP#send_request)

there is no response body with HEAD request. Patch by @rodrigosaito [fix GH-520]

Sun Mar 1 01:01:21 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

test/net/http/test_http.rb (_test_send_request__HEAD)

Added failing test for send_request with HEAD method.

Sun Mar 1 00:58:30 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


fix document of method signatures. [Bug #10668][ci skip]


Sat Feb 28 02:13:17 2015 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/resolv.rb (Resolv::DNS::Name#==)

Compare an array of Label:Str objects. Label#Str#== is case-insensitive.

Sat Feb 28 02:13:17 2015 Ben Miller <>

lib/resolv.rb (Resolv::DNS::Name#==)

DNS is case-insensitive, so the comparison should be case-insensitive as well. [ruby-core:66498] [Bug #10550]

Sat Feb 28 02:13:17 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/resolv.rb (Resolv::DNS::Name)

names with different dots should be different.


Thu Feb 19 19:14:34 2015 NARUSE, Yui <>

lib/net/http/response.rb (Net::HTTPResponse)

require one or more spaces [Bug #10591]. by leriksen <> fix GH-782 NOTE: returns without SP Reason-Phrase.

Thu Feb 19 19:10:53 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


fix to invoke correct function of tcllib. Patch by @zalt50 [fix GH-787]


Wed Feb 18 00:27:57 2015 Eric Hodel <>


Do not attempt SSL session resumption when the session is expired. [Bug #10533]

Wed Feb 18 00:20:36 2015 Eric Wong <>

vm_eval.c (rb_yield_splat)

add missing GC guard [Bug #10509]

Wed Feb 18 00:18:12 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/rdoc/text.rb (expand_tabs)

get rid of infinite loop with CR. should check if substitution occurred too. [ruby-dev:48813] [Bug #10732]


Tue Feb 17 22:59:31 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/resolv.rb (Resolv::DNS::Resource#==, hash)

elements returned by Kernel#instance_variables are Symbols now. [ruby-core:68128] [Bug #10857]


Sun Feb 15 07:29:12 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/socket/getaddrinfo.c (get_addr)

reject too long hostname to get rid of GHOST vulnerability on very old platforms.

ext/socket/raddrinfo.c (make_hostent_internal)

ditto, paranoic check for the canonical name.


Mon Feb 2 22:57:30 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/etc/etc.c (etc_getlogin)

set login name encoding properly. [ruby-core:66163] [Bug #10493]

Mon Feb 2 22:47:35 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

proc.c (method_proc)

the receiver of binding from method should be same as the receiver of the method. [ruby-core:65917] [Bug #10432]

Mon Feb 2 22:43:42 2015 Aaron Patterson <>


fall back if canonicalization fails. Thanks Vit Ondruch for the patch! [ruby-core:65836]


test for patch

Mon Feb 2 22:38:53 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (rb_cv_binary_elf)

get rid of -e option of cat which is not available on BusyBox, use tr instead. [ruby-core:64824] [Bug #10210]


Thu Jan 22 20:40:36 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/openssl/ossl_cipher.c (ossl_cipher_update_long)

update huge data gradually not to exceed INT_MAX. workaround of OpenSSL API limitation. [ruby-core:67043] [Bug #10633]

Thu Jan 22 01:14:12 2015 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

signal.c (ruby_signal)

since SIGKILL is not supported by MSVCRT, should be treated before calling signal(3). [Bug #10615]

Thu Jan 22 01:02:16 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

thread.c (exec_recursive)

use the same last method name as recursive_push in the error message when recursive_pop failed. [ruby-core:66742] [Bug #10579]

Thu Jan 22 01:02:16 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

eval.c (rb_frame_last_func)

return the most recent frame method name.

thread.c (recursive_list_access)

use the last method name, instead of the current method name which can be unset in some cases, not to use a symbol by the invalid ID. [ruby-core:66742] [Bug #10579]

Thu Jan 22 00:54:00 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (symbol_list)

fix the node type of literal symbol list with no interpolation. [ruby-core:66343]

Thu Jan 22 00:49:52 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


[DOC] Revise documentation by Marcus Stollsteimer at [ruby-core:66368]. [Bug #10526] * inspect: be more specific about generated string, remove obsolete example. * nil?: use code examples instead of different call-seq's. * tap: clarify what is yielded. * Integer(): be more specific about to_int and to_i, remove reference to Ruby 1.8. * Array(): fix error. * Class: fix variable name style and indentation in example. * improve consistency, fix typos and formatting.

Thu Jan 22 00:49:52 2015 Benoit Daloze <>

object.c (Module#const_defined?)

[DOC] Revise the documentation. Patch by Xavier Noria. [Fixes GH-754]

Thu Jan 22 00:49:52 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


fix document of Kernel.Stirng by @suzukaze [fix GH-743][ci skip]

Thu Jan 22 00:25:15 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

load.c (rb_f_load)

path name needs to be transcoded to OS path encoding. [ruby-list:49994]


Wed Jan 21 04:36:27 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (NET_LUID)

include winsock2.h instead of windows.h. patch by Jon Forums in [ruby-core:67125]. [Bug #10640]

Wed Jan 21 04:36:27 2015 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (NET_LUID)

include also ifdef.h as a workaround of a bug in mingw-w64 header. [ruby-core:67103] [Bug #10640]


Wed Jan 7 22:34:52 2015 NARUSE, Yui <>


use config.guess in gcc repo.


Tue Jan 6 00:04:38 2015 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


added timeout for AIX environment. [ruby-core:62983][Bug #9917]


Mon Jan 5 23:58:50 2015 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>


increase timeout for Arch Linux CI environment.


Wed Dec 31 00:00:09 2014 NARUSE, Yui <>

lib/net/http.rb (Net::HTTP.proxy_uri)

use initializer instead of parser to handle IPv6 address. [Bug #9129]


Tue Dec 30 23:46:26 2014 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>


upgrade to RubyGems 2.2.3. [Backport #10515]


Thu Nov 13 22:32:34 2014 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>


add REXML::Document#document. reported by Tomas Hoger <> and patched by nahi.


Thu Nov 6 22:57:43 2014 Naohisa Goto <>

bignum.c (absint_numwords_generic)

set an array element after definition of a variable to fix compile error with older version of fcc (Fujitsu C Compiler) 5.6 on Solaris 10 on Sparc. [Bug #10350] [ruby-dev:48608]

Thu Nov 6 22:36:55 2014 Naohisa Goto <>

compile.c (compile_data_alloc)

add padding when strict alignment is required for memory access. Currently, the padding is enabled only when the CPU is 32-bit SPARC and the compiler is GCC. [Bug #9681] [ruby-core:61715]


defined if strict alignment is required


new macros for alignemnt word size, bit mask, max size of padding.

compile.c (calc_padding)

new function to calculate padding size.


Wed Nov 5 00:18:22 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (__builtin_setjmp)

disable with gcc/clang earlier than 4.3 on Mac OS X. [ruby-core:65174] [Bug #10272]

Wed Nov 5 00:01:04 2014 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bary_mul_balance_with_mulfunc)

Fix free work area location. [ruby-dev:48723] [Bug #10464] [ruby-core:66044] [Bug #10465] Reported by Kohji Nishihama.


Tue Oct 28 22:30:21 2014 NARUSE, Yui <>

remove apple-gcc4.2 from CC candidates.

Tue Oct 28 22:19:44 2014 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>

version.h (RUBY_VERSION)

bump RUBY_VERSION to 2.1.5.


Mon Oct 27 20:20:14 2014 NAKAMURA Usaku <>


keep the entity size within the limitation. reported by Willis Vandevanter <> and patched by nahi.


Sun Oct 26 03:31:46 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_method.c (rb_method_entry_make)

warn redefinition only for already defined methods, but not for undefined methods. [ruby-dev:48691] [Bug #10421]

Sun Oct 26 03:21:30 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

class.c (unknown_keyword_error)

delete expected keywords directly from raw table, so that the given block is not called. [ruby-core:65837] [Bug #10413]


Wed Oct 22 23:02:49 2014 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>

ext/openssl/lib/openssl/ssl.rb (DEFAULT_PARAMS)

override options even if OpenSSL::SSL::OP_NO_SSLv3 is not defined. this is pointed out by Stephen Touset. [ruby-core:65711] [Bug #9424]


Sun Oct 19 03:22:53 2014 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

vm_core.h, vm.c, proc.c

fix GC mark miss on bindings. [ruby-dev:48616] [Bug #10368]


add a test code.

Sun Oct 19 03:13:38 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (parser_here_document)

do not append already appended and disposed code fragment. [ruby-dev:48647] [Bug #10392]


Thu Oct 16 22:10:11 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_write)

ASCII-8BIT StringIO should be writable any encoding strings, without conversion. [ruby-core:65240] [Bug #10285]

Thu Oct 16 22:06:03 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_eval.c (eval_string_with_cref)

fix super from eval with scope. set klass in the current control frame to the class of the receiver in the context to be evaluated, this class/module must match the actual receiver to call super. [ruby-core:65122] [Bug #10263]

Thu Oct 16 00:30:30 2014 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/find.rb (Find.find)

Call to_path for arguments to obtain strings. [ruby-core:63713] [Bug #10035] Reported by Herwin.

Thu Oct 16 00:20:12 2014 Eric Wong <>

object.c (rb_class_real)

do not dereference 0 VALUE

test/ruby/test_module.rb (test_inspect_segfault)

Test case and bug report by Thomas Stratmann. [ruby-core:65214] [Bug #10282]

Thu Oct 16 00:10:45 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

signal.c (rb_f_kill)

get rid of deadlock as unhandled and discarded signals do not make interrupt_cond signaled. based on the patch by Kazuki Tsujimoto at [ruby-dev:48606]. [Bug #9820]

Thu Oct 16 00:10:45 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

signal.c (rb_f_kill)

should not ignore signal unless the default handler is registered. [ruby-dev:48592] [Bug #9820]


Wed Oct 15 23:58:13 2014 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>

Wed Oct 15 23:50:33 2014 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


handle ENOENT error with symlink targeted to non-exists file. [ruby-dev:45933] [Bug #6716]

Wed Oct 15 23:25:24 2014 NARUSE, Yui <>

NetBSD's ksh, used by configure, needs escapes.

Wed Oct 15 23:13:43 2014 Eric Wong <>

array.c (ary_recycle_hash)



remove volatile [Bug #10369]

Wed Oct 15 23:10:07 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

dir.c (dir_s_aref)

fix rdoc. `Dir.glob` allows an array but `Dir[]` not. the former accepts an optional parameter `flags`, while the latter accepts arbitrary number of arguments but no `flags`. [ruby-core:65265] [Bug #10294]

Wed Oct 15 23:08:02 2014 Rei Odaira <>

Fix typo. [Bug #9914]

Wed Oct 15 22:46:52 2014 NAKAMURA Usaku <>


update exception tree. [DOC] reported by @hemge via twitter.


Wed Sep 24 02:30:55 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (parse_ident)

just after a label, new expression should start, cannot be a modifier. [ruby-core:65211] [Bug #10279]

Wed Sep 24 02:21:41 2014 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

win32/Makefile.sub (VCSUP)

nothing to do if this worktree is not under any VCS (it means that the worktree may be from the release package).

Wed Sep 24 02:06:33 2014 Tanaka Akira <>


Fix test error with tzdata-2014g. [ruby-core:65058] [Bug #10245] Reported by Vit Ondruch.

Wed Sep 24 02:06:33 2014 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


removed obsoleted condition for Ruby 1.8.



Wed Sep 24 01:43:13 2014 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>

version.h (RUBY_VERSION)

bump RUBY_VERSION to 2.1.4.


Fri Sep 19 00:58:34 2014 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>

version.h (RUBY_VERSION)

bump RUBY_VERSION to 2.1.3.


Mon Sep 15 23:12:47 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

signal.c (check_stack_overflow)

drop the last tag too close to the fault page, to get rid of stack overflow deadlock. [Bug #9971]

Mon Sep 15 22:34:39 2014 Natalie Weizenbaum <>

ext/pathname/lib/pathname.rb (SAME_PATHS)

Pathname#relative_path_from uses String#casecmp to compare strings on case-insensitive filesystem platforms (e.g., Windows). This can return nil for strings with different encodings, and the code previously assumed that it always returned a Fixnum. [Fix GH-713]

Mon Sep 15 22:31:33 2014 Sho Hashimoto <>

ext/fiddle/lib/fiddle/import.rb (Fiddle::Importer#sizeof)

fix typo, SIZEOF_LONG_LON. [Fix GH-714]

Mon Sep 15 11:08:23 2014 Shota Fukumori <>

lib/mkmf.rb (configuration)

Make CXXFLAGS customizable. Patch by Kohei Suzuki (eagletmt). [Fixes GH-492]

Mon Sep 15 01:06:35 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/mkmf.rb (MakeMakefile#pkg_config)

append –cflags to also $CXXFLAGS, as they are often used by C++ compiler. [ruby-core:54532] [Bug #8315]

Mon Sep 15 00:02:20 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/csv.rb (CSV#<<)

honor explicitly given encoding. based on the patch by DAISUKE TANIWAKI <daisuketaniwaki AT> at [ruby-core:62113]. [Bug #9766]


Wed Sep 10 23:36:38 2014 Koichi Sasada <>


extend timeout.

Wed Sep 10 23:36:38 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

object.c (rb_obj_copy_ivar)

allocate no memory for empty instance variables. [ruby-core:64700] [Bug #10191]

Wed Sep 10 23:36:38 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

object.c (rb_obj_copy_ivar)

extract function to copy instance variables only for T_OBJECT from init_copy.

Wed Sep 10 23:14:42 2014 NARUSE, Yui <>


Merge Onigmo 5.14.1 25a8a69fc05ae3b56a09. this includes Support for Unicode 7.0 [Bug #9092].

Wed Sep 10 22:58:25 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (Doxyfile)

revert r43888, not to require preinstalled ruby. [ruby-core:64488] [Bug #10161]

Wed Sep 10 03:29:48 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

io.c (io_close)

ignore only “closed stream” IOError and NoMethodError, do not swallow other exceptions at the end of block. [ruby-core:64463] [Bug #10153]

Wed Sep 10 03:17:13 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

enc/trans/euckr-tbl.rb (EUCKR_TO_UCS_TBL)

add missing euro and registered signs. [ruby-core:64452] [Bug #10149]

Wed Sep 10 03:01:31 2014 Eric Wong <>

time.c (time_timespec)

fix tv_nsec overflow [Bug #10144]

Wed Sep 10 02:51:38 2014 Koichi Sasada <>

iseq.c (rb_iseq_clone)

Should not insert write barrier from non-RVALUE data (to non-RVALUE data, of course). Ruby 2.1 also has a same problem.

Wed Sep 10 02:33:08 2014 Koichi Sasada <>

parse.y (setup_fake_str)

fake strings should not set class by RBASIC_SET_CLASS() because it insert write barriers to fake


Sat Sep 6 00:57:07 2014 Eric Wong <>

ext/zlib/zlib.c (gzfile_reset)

preserve ZSTREAM_FLAG_GZFILE [Bug #10101]

test/zlib/test_zlib.rb (test_rewind)

test each_byte

Sat Sep 6 00:47:32 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (rb_cv_broken_backtrace)

exit with failure normally, no needs to abort. [ruby-core:63678] [Bug #10008]

Sat Sep 6 00:05:02 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/win32.h, win32/win32.c (rb_w32_inet_pton)

add a wrapper function for inet_pton minimum supported client is Vista, as well as inet_ntop.

Sat Sep 6 00:05:02 2014 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>

ext/socket/raddrinfo.c (rb_getaddrinfo)

second argument of MEMZERO is type. Coverity Scan found this bug.

Sat Sep 6 00:05:02 2014 Tanaka Akira <>

ext/socket/raddrinfo.c (numeric_getaddrinfo)

Use xcalloc. Suggested by Eric Wong.

Sat Sep 6 00:05:02 2014 Tanaka Akira <>


Bypass getaddrinfo() if node and serv are numeric. Reporeted by Naotoshi Seo. [ruby-core:60801] [Bug #9525]


Detect struct sockaddr_in6.sin6_len.

ext/socket/sockport.h (SET_SIN6_LEN)

New macro.



ext/socket/rubysocket.h (struct rb_addrinfo)

Add allocated_by_malloc field.

ext/socket/raddrinfo.c (numeric_getaddrinfo)

New function.


Call numeric_getaddrinfo at first.


Free struct addrinfo properly when it is allocated by numeric_getaddrinfo.

Sat Sep 6 00:05:02 2014 Tanaka Akira <>


Wrap struct addrinfo by struct rb_addrinfo.


Fri Sep 5 17:01:38 2014 Zachary Scott <>


Backport 74f60fcb04fee1778fe2694d1a0ea6513f8e67b7 at rdoc/rdoc


Thu Sep 4 00:31:23 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/thread/thread.c (get_array)

check instance variables are initialized properly. [ruby-core:63826][Bug #10062]

Thu Sep 4 00:29:10 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

io.c (rb_io_initialize)

[DOC] fix rdoc of append mode. it does not move the pointer at open. [ruby-core:63747] [Bug #10039]

Thu Sep 4 00:23:15 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

sprintf.c (GETASTER)

should not use the numbered argument to be formatted, raise ArgumentError instead. [ruby-dev:48330] [Bug #9982]

Thu Sep 4 00:21:05 2014 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

test/openssl/test_pkey_rsa.rb (OpenSSL#test_sign_verify_memory_leak)

added timeout into testcase for low performance environment. [Bug #9984]


Tue Sep 2 02:21:58 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (env_aset, env_has_key, env_assoc, env_has_value), (env_rassoc, env_key)

prohibit tainted strings if $SAFE is non-zero. [Bug #9976]

Tue Sep 2 02:08:12 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

signal.c (rb_f_kill)

directly enqueue an ignored signal to self, except for SIGSEGV and SIGBUS. [ruby-dev:48203] [Bug #9820]


Sun Aug 31 01:13:21 2014 Koichi Sasada <>


change full GC timing to keep lower memory usage. Extend heap only at

(1) after major GC or (2) after several (two times, at current) minor GC Details in https

// [Bug #9607]

Sun Aug 31 01:07:05 2014 Masaki Suketa <>

ext/win32ole/win32ole.c (ole_create_dcom)

use the converted result if the argument can be converted to a string, to get rid of invalid access. Thanks to nobu. [ruby-dev:48467] [Bug #10127]

Sun Aug 31 00:54:47 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

process.c (open)

use UTF-8 version function to support non-ascii path properly. [ruby-core:63185] [Bug #9946]


Tue Aug 26 00:08:40 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (RUBY_SETJMP_TYPE)

check for setjmp type after CCDLFLAGS is appended to CFLAGS, since __builtin_setjmp can be affected. [ruby-core:62469] [Bug #9818]

Tue Aug 26 00:07:20 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

get rid of __builtin_setjmp/__builtin_longjmp on x64-mingw, which causes SEGV with callcc. [ruby-core:61887] [Bug #9710]

Tue Aug 26 00:06:05 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (ac_cv_func___builtin_setjmp)

should not skip flags restoration in RUBY_WERROR_FLAG by `break`. [ruby-dev:48086] [Bug #9698]

Tue Aug 26 00:02:51 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (ac_cv_func___builtin_setjmp)

__builtin_longjmp() in Apple LLVM 5.1 (LLVM 3.4svn) uses `void**`, not `jmp_buf`. [Bug #9692]

Tue Aug 26 00:02:51 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (ac_cv_func___builtin_setjmp)

gcc 4.9 disallows a variable as the second argument of __builtin_longjmp(). [ruby-core:61800] [Bug #9692]


Mon Aug 25 00:36:56 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (parser_yylex)

fix invalid char in eval, should raise an syntax error too, as well as directly coded. [ruby-core:64243] [Bug #10117]

Mon Aug 25 00:26:12 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (parser_yyerror)

preserve source code encoding in syntax error messages. [ruby-core:64228] [Bug #10114]


Sat Aug 23 02:39:20 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_call_method)

unusable super class should cause method missing when BasicObject is refined but not been using. [ruby-core:64166] [Bug #10106]

Sat Aug 23 02:22:02 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_str_count)

fix wrong single-byte optimization. 7bit ascii can be a trailing byte in Shift_JIS. [ruby-dev:48442] [Bug #10078]


Thu Aug 21 01:44:46 2014 Tanaka Akira <>

gc.c (mark_current_machine_context)

Call SET_STACK_END. This reverts a hunk of r40703 by ko1. This fixes [ruby-dev:48098] [Bug #9717].

Thu Aug 21 01:41:09 2014 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/time.rb (Time.parse)

[DOC] Fix an example in the documentation to use EST. Reported by Marcus Stollsteimer. [ruby-core:60778] [Bug #9521] and [ruby-core:61718] [Bug #9682]

Thu Aug 21 01:41:09 2014 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Fix timezone in example of Time.parse [Bug #9521] Based on patch by @stomar


Tue Aug 19 23:31:48 2014 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>


add cheking the number of capture groups.

regerror.c (onig_error_code_to_format)


regparse.c (scan_env_add_mem_entry)


regexec.c (onig_region_copy, match_at)

fix: segmation fault occurs when many groups are used.


Mon Aug 18 23:38:21 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

encoding.c (enc_find)

[DOC] never accepted a symbol. [ruby-dev:48308] [Bug #9966]

Mon Aug 18 23:22:03 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_str_resize)

update capa only when buffer get reallocated.

Mon Aug 18 23:22:03 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_str_resize)

should consider the capacity instead of the old length, as pointed out by nagachika.

Mon Aug 18 23:22:03 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

file.c (expand_path)

shrink expanded path which no longer needs rooms to append. [ruby-core:63114] [Bug #9934]


Mon Aug 11 23:38:20 2014 Tanaka Akira <>

io.c (rb_io_autoclose_p)

Don't raise on frozen IO.

Mon Aug 11 23:38:20 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

io.c (rb_io_fileno, rb_io_inspect)

non-modification does not error on frozen IO. [ruby-dev:48241] [Bug #9865]

Mon Aug 11 22:34:47 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (posix_fadvise)

disable use of posix_fadvise itself on 32-bit AIX. [ruby-core:62968] [Bug #9914]

Mon Aug 11 22:34:47 2014 <>

io.c (rb_io_advise)

AIX currently does not support a 32-bit call to posix_fadvise() if _LARGE_FILES is defined. Patch by Rei Odaira. [ruby-core:62968] [Bug #9914]

Mon Aug 11 22:14:28 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_callee_setup_keyword_arg)

adjust VM stack pointer to get rid of overwriting splat arguments by arguments for `to_hash` conversion. [ruby-core:63593] [Bug #10016]


Fri Aug 8 23:36:01 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_write)

use rb_str_append to reuse coderange bits other than ASCII-8BIT, and keep taintedness. [ruby-dev:48118] [Bug #9769]


Mon Aug 4 01:29:57 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (env_shift)

fix memory leak on Windows, free environment strings block always. [ruby-dev:48332] [Bug #9983]

Mon Aug 4 01:26:46 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (env_select)

fix memory leak and crash on Windows, make keys array first instead of iterating on environ directly. [ruby-dev:48325] [Bug #9978]

Mon Aug 4 01:24:09 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (ruby_setenv)

fix memory leak on Windows, free environment strings block after check for the size. [ruby-dev:48323] [Bug #9977]

Mon Aug 4 01:11:07 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

re.c (match_aref, rb_reg_regsub)

consider encoding of captured names, encoding-incompatible should not match. [ruby-dev:48278] [Bug #9903]

Mon Aug 4 00:52:42 2014 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_eval.c (rb_catch_protect)

fix same problem of [Bug #9961].

vm_eval.c (rb_iterate)


Mon Aug 4 00:52:42 2014 Koichi Sasada <>

vm.c (rb_vm_rewind_cfp)

add new function to rewind specified cfp with invoking RUBY_EVENT_C_RETURN. [Bug #9961]



eval.c (rb_protect)

use it.

eval.c (rb_rescue2)


vm_eval.c (rb_iterate)



add a test.

vm_core.h (rb_vm_rewind_cfp)

add the prototype declaration.


Sun Aug 3 00:06:10 2014 Charlie Somerville <>

node.c (dump_node)

handle nd_value == (NODE *)-1 to mean this keyword argument is required


Thu Jul 31 01:56:11 2014 Koichi Sasada <>

compile.c (rb_iseq_compile_node)

put start label of block after trace (b_call). [Bug #9964]


add a test. added assert_consistent_call_return() method check call/return consistency.

Thu Jul 31 01:22:43 2014 Koichi Sasada <>

vm.c (invoke_block_from_c)

move call/return event timing for bmethod. It can invoke inconsistent call event if this call raises argument error. [Bug #9959]

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_call_bmethod_body)



add a test.

Thu Jul 31 01:12:55 2014 Koichi Sasada <>


add VM_FRAME_MAGIC_RESCUE to recognize normal block or rescue clause.

vm.c (vm_exec)

use VM_FRAME_MAGIC_RESCUE on at rescue/ensure.


should not invoke b_return at rescue clause. [Bug #9957]

vm_dump.c (control_frame_dump)


vm_dump.c (vm_stack_dump_each)


Thu Jul 31 00:44:34 2014 Koichi Sasada <>


clear and restore recursive checking thread local data to avoid unexpected throw from TracePoint. [Bug #9940]


add a test.


added * rb_threadptr_reset_recursive_data(rb_thread_t *th); * rb_threadptr_restore_recursive_data(rb_thread_t *th, VALUE old);




Wed Jul 23 23:49:59 2014 Hiroshi Shirosaki <>


fix test-all parallel failure if a test is skipped after raise. DL::TestFunc#test_sinf is skipped after raise on mingw ruby. But it causes Marshal.load failure due to undefined class/module DL::DLError when doing test-all parallel and test-all doesn't complete. We create new MiniTest::Skip object to avoid Marshal.load failure. [ruby-core:62133] [Bug #9767]

test/testunit/test_parallel.rb (TestParallel)

add a test.



Wed Jul 23 23:11:28 2014 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


unix socket is required by test case.

Wed Jul 23 23:11:28 2014 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


remove unused variables.















Wed Jul 23 23:05:19 2014 Tanaka Akira <>

ext/pathname/lib/pathname.rb (cleanpath_aggressive)

make all separators File::SEPARATOR from File::ALT_SEPARATOR. Reported by Daniel Rikowski. Fixed by Nobuyoshi Nakada. [Bug #9618]

ext/pathname/lib/pathname.rb (cleanpath_conservative)


Wed Jul 23 22:51:34 2014 Naohisa Goto <>

lib/fileutils.rb (rmdir)

rescue Errno::EEXIST in addition to ENOTEMPTY (and ENOENT), because SUSv3 describes that “If the directory is not an empty directory, rmdir() shall fail and set errno to [EEXIST] or [ENOTEMPTY]” and Solaris uses EEXIST. [Bug #9571] [ruby-dev:48017]

Wed Jul 23 22:43:50 2014 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/resolv.rb (bind_random_port)

Rescue EPERM for FreeBSD which security.mac.portacl.port_high is changed. See mac_portacl(4) for details. Reported by Jakub Szafranski. [ruby-core:60917] [Bug #9544]

Wed Jul 23 22:24:26 2014 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>


split assertions into algorithms. CentOS 7 seems finish MD5 support




Sat Jul 19 01:44:34 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

re.c (match_aref)

should not ignore name after NUL byte. [ruby-dev:48275] [Bug #9902]


Sun Jul 13 23:28:41 2014 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>

test/test_timeout.rb (test_timeout)

inverted test condition. [Bug #8523]

Sun Jul 13 23:18:11 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/digest/digest.c (rb_digest_instance_equal)

no need to call `to_s` twice. [Bug #9913]

Sun Jul 13 23:18:11 2014 Benoit Daloze <>

ext/digest/digest.c (rb_digest_instance_equal)

fix #== for non-string arguments. [ruby-core:62967] [Bug #9913]


add test for above.

Sun Jul 13 23:10:03 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

array.c (yield_indexed_values)

extract from permute0(), rpermute0(), and rcombinate0().

Sun Jul 13 23:02:36 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

array.c (rb_ary_permutation)

`p` is the array of size `r`, as commented at permute0(). since `n >= r` here, buffer overflow never happened, just reduce unnecessary allocation though.

Sun Jul 13 22:52:43 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

pack.c (encodes)

fix buffer overrun by tail_lf. Thanks to Mamoru Tasaka and Tomas Hoger. [ruby-core:63604] [Bug #10019]

Sun Jul 13 22:44:05 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/thread/thread.c (undumpable)

ConditionVariable and Queue are not dumpable. [ruby-core:61677] [Bug #9674]


Sun Jul 6 23:16:30 2014 Masaya Tarui <>

st.c (st_foreach_check)

change start point of search at check from top to current. [ruby-dev:48047] [Bug #9646]

Sun Jul 6 22:56:03 2014 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Fixed typo in example by @stomar [Bug #9543]


Fri Jul 4 00:46:03 2014 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Fix example to show Enumerator#peek behavior Patch by Erik Hollembeak [Bug #9814]

Fri Jul 4 00:44:43 2014 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Use find in example to clarify alias by @rachellogie Patch submitted via documenting-ruby/ruby#34

Fri Jul 4 00:42:57 2014 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


remove deadlink. [ruby-core:62145][Bug #9773]

Fri Jul 4 00:25:16 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

struct.c (not_a_member)

extract name error and use same error messages. based on the patch by Marcus Stollsteimer <sto.mar AT> at [ruby-core:61721]. [Bug #9684]


Thu Jul 3 01:19:50 2014 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>

numeric.c (num_step_scan_args)

table argument of rb_get_kwargs() is array of IDs, not Symbols. [ruby-dev:48353] [Bug #9811]

Thu Jul 3 01:19:50 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

numeric.c (num_step_scan_args)

check keyword arguments and fail if they conflict with positional arguments. [ruby-dev:48177] [Bug #9811]


Tue Jul 1 03:05:22 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

io.c (read_all)

truncate the buffer before appending read data, instead of truncating before reading. [ruby-core:55951] [Bug #8625]

Tue Jul 1 03:05:22 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

io.c (io_setstrbuf, io_read)

should not shorten the given buffer until read succeeds. [ruby-core:55951] [Bug #8625]


Mon Jun 30 03:15:59 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm.c (core_hash_merge_kwd)

should return the result hash, which may be converted from and differ from the given argument. [ruby-core:62921] [Bug #9898]

Mon Jun 30 03:07:22 2014 Shugo Maeda <>

lib/net/ftp.rb (gets, readline)

read lines without LF properly. [ruby-core:63205] [Bug #9949]


related test.

Mon Jun 30 02:59:08 2014 Shugo Maeda <>

lib/net/imap.rb (body_type_1part)

Gmail IMAP reports a body type as “MIXED” followed immediately by params [ruby-core:62864] [Bug #9885] Patch by @rayners (David Raynes). [Fixes GH-622]

Mon Jun 30 02:46:44 2014 Rei Odaira <>

signal.c (ruby_signal)

should return either `old.sa_sigaction` or `old.sa_handler`, depending on whether `SA_SIGINFO` is set in `old.sa_flags`, because they may not be a union. [ruby-core:62836] [Bug #9878]

Mon Jun 30 02:36:08 2014 Eric Wong <>

process.c (proc_getgroups, proc_setgroups)

use ALLOCV_N [Bug #9856]

Mon Jun 30 02:28:10 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

io.c (io_setstrbuf)

always check if the buffer is modifiable. [ruby-core:62643] [Bug #9847]

Mon Jun 30 02:25:00 2014 Tanaka Akira <>

ext/openssl/lib/openssl/ssl.rb (OpenSSL::SSL::SSLServer#accept)

Consider Socket#accept as well as TCPServer#accept. Reported by Sam Stelfox. [ruby-core:62064] [Bug #9750]

Mon Jun 30 02:18:47 2014 Eric Wong <>

complex.c (parse_comp)

replace ALLOCA_N with ALLOCV_N/ALLOCV_END [Bug #9608]

rational.c (read_digits)


Mon Jun 30 02:10:34 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vsnprintf.c (BSD_vfprintf)

fix string width when precision is given. as the result of `memchr` is NULL or its offset from the start cannot exceed the size, the comparison was always false. [ruby-core:62737] [Bug #9861]

Mon Jun 30 01:46:19 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


supply 0 to fill RUBY_LIBFFI_MODVERSION with 3-digit. libffi 3.1 returns just 2-digit. [ruby-core:62920] [Bug #9897]

Mon Jun 30 00:57:05 2014 Koichi Sasada <>

vm.c (rb_vm_pop_cfunc_frame)

added. It cares c_return event. The patch base by drkaes (Stefan Kaes). [Bug #9321]

variable.c (rb_mod_const_missing)

use rb_vm_pop_cfunc_frame() instead of rb_frame_pop().

vm_eval.c (raise_method_missing)


vm_eval.c (rb_iterate)


internal.h (rb_vm_pop_cfunc_frame)

add decl.


add tests. provided by drkaes (Stefan Kaes).

vm.c, eval.c, include/ruby/intern.h (rb_frame_pop)

move definition of rb_frame_pop() and deprecate it. It doesn't care about `return' events.


Sun Jun 29 01:34:06 2014 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/webrick/utils.rb (create_listeners)

Close socket objects.


Sat Jun 28 16:35:51 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_str_substr)

need to reset code range for shared string too, not only copied string. [ruby-core:62842] [Bug #9882]

Sat Jun 28 14:37:17 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (local_tbl_gen)

remove local variables duplicated with arguments. [ruby-core:60501] [Bug #9486]


Tue Jun 24 00:21:58 2014 Koichi Sasada <>

eval.c (rb_using_refinement)

add write-barriers for cref->nd_refinements.

Tue Jun 24 00:14:20 2014 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/net/ftp.rb (transfercmd)

Close TCP server socket even if an exception occur.

Tue Jun 24 00:06:41 2014 Hiroshi Shirosaki <>

thread_win32.c (rb_w32_stack_overflow_handler)

use Structured Exception Handling by AddVectoredExceptionHandler() for machine stack overflow on mingw. This would be equivalent to the handling using __try and __except on mswin introduced by r43748.


Mon Jun 23 23:56:54 2014 Eric Wong <>

signal.c (signal_exec)

ignore immediate cmd for SIG_IGN

signal.c (trap_handler)

set cmd to true for SIG_IGN

signal.c (trap)

handle nil and true values for oldcmd [Bug #9835]

Mon Jun 23 02:46:14 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

class.c (rb_mod_init_copy)

always clear instance variable, constant and method tables first, regardless the source tables. [ruby-dev:48182] [Bug #9813]

Mon Jun 23 02:36:04 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

thread.c (thread_start_func_2)

stop if forked in a sub-thread, the thread has become the main thread. [ruby-core:62070] [Bug #9751]

Mon Jun 23 01:53:18 2014 Josh Goebel <>

net/protocol.rb (using_each_crlf_line)

fix SMTP dot-stuffing for messages not ending with a new-line. [ruby-core:61441] [Bug #9627] [fix GH-616]


Fri Jun 20 00:40:06 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

thread_pthread.c (ruby_init_stack, ruby_stack_overflowed_p)

place get_stack above others to get stack boundary information. [ruby-core:60113] [Bug #9454]

Fri Jun 20 00:40:06 2014 NARUSE, Yui <>


rlimit is only available on Linux. At least r44712 breaks FreeBSD. [ruby-core:60113] [Bug #9454]

Fri Jun 20 00:40:06 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


get current main thread stack size, which may be expanded than allocated size at initialization, by rlimit(). [ruby-core:60113] [Bug #9454]

Fri Jun 20 00:20:02 2014 Hiroshi Shirosaki <>

enable SSE2 on mingw. target='i386-pc-mingw32'. [ruby-core:62095] [Bug #8358]


Tue Jun 17 00:45:44 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

compile.c (compile_array_)

make copy a first hash not to modify the argument itself. keyword splat should be non-destructive. [ruby-core:62161] [Bug #9776]

Tue Jun 17 00:37:15 2014 Bugra Barin <>

dln.c (dln_load)

use wchar version to load a library in non-ascii path on Windows. based on the patch by Bugra Barin <bugrabarin AT> in [ruby-core:61845]. [Bug #9699]

Tue Jun 17 00:26:59 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

process.c (obj2uid, obj2gid)

now getpwnam_r() and getgrnam_r() may need larger buffers than sysconf values, so retry with expanding the buffer when ERANGE is returned. [ruby-core:61325] [Bug #9600]


Wed Jun 11 22:58:30 2014 Eric Wong <>

gc.c (ruby_gc_set_params)

simplify condition

Wed Jun 11 22:58:30 2014 Eric Wong <>

gc.c (ruby_gc_set_params)

fix building without RGenGC

Wed Jun 11 02:43:32 2014 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

test/objspace/test_objspace.rb (TestObjSpace#test_dump_uninitialized_file)

remove dependency on json library.

Wed Jun 11 02:43:32 2014 Scott Francis <>


Check fptr before trying to dump RFILE object fd. [GH-562]


add test

Wed Jun 11 02:27:55 2014 Akinori MUSHA <>

Fix a build problem with clang and –with-opt-dir. If ruby is configured with –with-opt-dir=dir when using clang as compiler, a warning `clang: warning: argument unused during compilation: '-I dir'` is emitted almost every time clang compiles a file. Unfortunately, RUBY_CHECK_PRINTF_PREFIX takes any output from the compiler as fatal error, and the check thus fails due to the warning. This is an attempt to fix the problem by adding a flag -Qunused-arguments to CFLAGS locally in the function to suppress the warning. [ruby-dev:48062] [Bug #9658] [Fixes GH-571]

Wed Jun 11 00:36:05 2014 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>

test/ruby/test_string (test_LSHIFT_neary_long_max)

extend timeout. this test fails on some CI environment by timeout.


Sat Jun 7 01:17:16 2014 Tanaka Akira <>

signal.c (check_stack_overflow)

Don't use ucontext_t if ucontext.h is not available. Fixes build on Android (x86).


Tue Jun 3 00:38:33 2014 Eric Wong <>

class.c (rb_class_subclass_add)

use xmalloc

class.c (rb_module_add_to_subclasses_list)


class.c (rb_class_remove_from_super_subclasses)

use xfree

class.c (rb_class_remove_from_module_subclasses)

ditto [Bug #9616]


Mon Jun 2 02:19:30 2014 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

win32/win32.c (rb_w32_accept, open_ifs_socket, socketpair_internal)

reset inherit flag of socket to avoid unintentional inheritance of socket. note that the return value of SetHandleInformation() is not verified intentionally because old Windows may return an error. [Bug #9688] [ruby-core:61754]

Mon Jun 2 02:12:10 2014 Eric Wong <>

time.c (time_mload)

freeze and preserve marshal-loaded time zone


add test for GC on loaded object [Bug #9652]

Mon Jun 2 01:57:59 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_callee_setup_arg)

turn a macro into an inline function.

Mon Jun 2 01:46:43 2014 Eric Wong <>

variable.c (rb_const_set)

delete existing entry on redefinition [Bug #9645]

test/ruby/test_const.rb (test_redefinition)

test for leak


Fri May 30 00:13:19 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

eval.c (setup_exception)

preserve errinfo across calling to_s method on the exception. [ruby-core:61091] [Bug #9568]


Thu May 29 20:57:59 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

numeric.c (ruby_num_interval_step_size)

check signs and get rid of implementation dependent behavior of negative division. [ruby-core:61106] [Bug #9570]


Wed May 28 23:47:22 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (rb_cv_func___builtin_unreachable)

try with an external variable not only by a warning, which might not be shown due to the optimization. [ruby-core:61647] [Bug #9665]

Wed May 28 23:40:57 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/openssl/ossl_asn1.c (ossl_asn1_initialize)

SYMID on a value other than Symbol is an undefined behavior. fix up r31699. [ruby-core:62142] [Bug #9771]

Wed May 28 23:37:32 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_putc)

fix for non-ascii encoding, like as IO#putc. [ruby-dev:48114] [Bug #9765]

Wed May 28 01:05:06 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/fileutils.rb (FileUtils#copy_entry)

update rdoc about preserve option and permissions, following r31123. [ruby-core:62065] [Bug #9748]

Wed May 28 00:57:06 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

proc.c (umethod_bind)

use the ancestor iclass instead of new iclass to get rid of infinite recursion, if the defined module is already included. [ruby-core:62014] [Bug #9721]

Wed May 28 00:57:06 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

proc.c (rb_method_call_with_block, umethod_bind)

call with IClass including the module for a module instance method. [ruby-core:61936] [Bug #9721]

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_search_super_method)

allow bound UnboundMethod case.

Wed May 28 00:38:37 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

array.c (ary_reject)

may be turned into a shared array during the given block. [ruby-dev:48101] [Bug #9727]

Wed May 28 00:29:02 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (str_buf_cat)

should round up the capacity by 4KiB, but not number of rooms. [ruby-core:61886] [Bug #9709]

Wed May 28 00:23:11 2014 NARUSE, Yui <>

lib/xmlrpc/client.rb (do_rpc)

don't check body length. If HTTP content-encoding is used, the length may be different. [Bug #8182] [ruby-core:53811]

Wed May 28 00:18:29 2014 Tadayoshi Funaba <>

ext/date/date_core.c (d_lite_cmp)

should compare with #<.


Fri May 23 00:04:13 2014 Tanaka Akira <>

ext/socket/socket.c (sock_s_getnameinfo)

Save errno for EAI_SYSTEM. Reported by Saravana kumar. [ruby-core:61820] [Bug #9697] Fixed by Heesob Park. [ruby-core:61868]

Fri May 23 00:04:13 2014 Tanaka Akira <>


Wrap struct addrinfo by struct rb_addrinfo.

Fri May 23 00:04:13 2014 Tanaka Akira <>

ext/socket/ipsocket.c (ip_s_getaddress)

Don't access freed memory.


Mon May 19 00:47:00 2014 Koichi Sasada <>


remove useless `assert'.

Mon May 19 00:47:00 2014 Koichi Sasada <>

array.c (rb_ary_modify)

remember shared array owner if a shared array owner is promoted and a shared array is not promoted. Now, shared array is WB-unprotected so that shared arrays are not promoted. All objects referred from shared array should be marked correctly. [ruby-core:61919] [ruby-trunk - Bug #9718]


add a test for above.

Mon May 19 00:26:53 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (parser_yylex)

only a newline after label should be significant. [ruby-core:61658] [Bug #9669]

Mon May 19 00:26:53 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (lex_state_e, parser_params, f_arglist, parser_yylex)

separate EXPR_LABELARG from EXPR_BEG and let newline significant, so that required keyword argument can place at the end of argument list without parentheses. [ruby-core:61658] [Bug #9669]


Fri May 16 00:27:02 2014 James Edward Gray II <>


Fixed a broken regular expression that was causing CSV to miss escaping some special meaning characters when used in parsing. Reported by David Unric [ruby-core:54986] [Bug #8405]

Fri May 16 00:14:25 2014 Kohei Suzuki <>

vm_method.c (rb_method_entry_get_without_cache)

me->klass is 0 for a method aliased in a module. [ruby-core:61636] [Bug #9663]

Fri May 16 00:14:25 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_method.c (rb_method_entry_get_without_cache)

get rid of infinite recursion at aliases in a subclass and a superclass. return actually defined class for other than singleton class. [ruby-core:60431] [Bug #9475]


Mon May 12 22:53:08 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (primary)

flush cmdarg flags inside left-paren in a command argument, to allow parenthesed do-block as an argument without arguments parentheses. [ruby-core:61950] [Bug #9726]

Mon May 12 22:22:43 2014 Koichi Sasada <>

vm.c (invoke_block_from_c)

add VM_FRAME_FLAG_BMETHOD to record it is bmethod frame.

vm.c (vm_exec)

invoke RUBY_EVENT_RETURN event if rollbacked frame is VM_FRAME_FLAG_BMETHOD. [Bug #9759]


add a test for TracePoint/set_trace_func.


rename rb_thread_t::passed_me to rb_thread_t::passed_bmethod_me to clarify the usage.

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_call_bmethod_body)

use renamed member.

Mon May 12 22:11:47 2014 Shota Fukumori <>

vm_eval.c (eval_string_with_cref)

Unify to use NIL_P.

Mon May 12 22:11:47 2014 Shota Fukumori <>

vm_eval.c (eval_string_with_cref)

Use file path even if scope is given. Related to [ruby-core:56099] [Bug #8662] and r42103.


Thu May 8 01:13:10 2014 NARUSE, Yui <>

correct pthread_setname_np's prototype on NetBSD. [Bug #9586]


Tue May 6 00:54:56 2014 Narihiro Nakamura <>

gc.c (gc_after_sweep)

suppress unnecessary expanding heap. Tomb heap pages are freed pages here, so expanding heap is not required.


Mon May 5 02:35:20 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/openssl/ossl_pkey.c (ossl_pkey_verify)

as EVP_VerifyFinal() finalizes only a copy of the digest context, the context must be cleaned up after initialization by EVP_MD_CTX_cleanup() or a memory leak will occur. [ruby-core:62038] [Bug #9743]

Mon May 5 02:21:48 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/dl/cptr.c (dlptr_free), ext/dl/handle.c (dlhandle_free), ext/fiddle/handle.c (fiddle_handle_free), ext/fiddle/pointer.c (fiddle_ptr_free)

fix memory leak. based on the patch Heesob Park at [ruby-dev:48021] [Bug #9599].

Mon May 5 01:20:27 2014 Eric Wong <>

gc.c (rb_gc_writebarrier)

drop special case for big hash/array [Bug #9518]

Mon May 5 01:13:00 2014 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_before_sweep)

cap `malloc_limit' to gc_params.malloc_limit_max. It can grow and grow with such case: `loop{“a” * (1024 ** 2)}' [Bug #9687] This issue is pointed by Tim Robertson.

Mon May 5 00:52:18 2014 Kenta Murata <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_initialize)

Insert GC guard.

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_global_new)


Mon May 5 00:42:35 2014 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


update gemspec for psych-2.0.5

Mon May 5 00:42:35 2014 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Merge psych-2.0.5. bump version to libyaml-0.1.6 for CVE-2014-2525.







Mon May 5 00:35:20 2014 Aaron Patterson <>


support dumping Encoding objects.


support loading Encoding objects.


add test


add version

Mon May 5 00:16:35 2014 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Fix up default GC params by @csfrancis [fix GH-556]


Fri May 2 00:19:36 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/openssl/ossl.c (ossl_make_error)

check NULL for unknown error reasons with old OpenSSL, and insert a colon iff formatted message is not empty.


Thu May 1 20:56:56 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/readline/extconf.rb (rl_hook_func_t)

check pointer type. [ruby-dev:48089] [Bug #9702]

Thu May 1 20:47:08 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


fix typo, `$defs` not `$DEFS`. [ruby-core:61756] [Bug #9578]

Thu May 1 20:47:08 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/readline/extconf.rb (rl_hook_func_t)

define as Function for very old readline versions. [ruby-core:61209] [Bug #9578]

Thu May 1 20:47:08 2014 Tanaka Akira <>

ext/readline/readline.c (Init_readline)

Use rl_hook_func_t instead of Function to support readline-6.3. (rl_hook_func_t is available since readline-4.2.) Reported by Dmitry Medvinsky. [ruby-core:61141] [Bug #9578]


Wed Oct 22 23:02:49 2014 Martin Bosslet <>


Reuse TLS default options from OpenSSL::SSL::SSLContext::DEFAULT_PARAMS.

Wed Oct 22 23:02:49 2014 Martin Bosslet <>


Explicitly whitelist the default SSL/TLS ciphers. Forbid SSLv2 and SSLv3, disable compression by default. Reported by Jeff Hodges. [ruby-core:59829] [Bug #9424]

Mon Aug 11 23:55:32 2014 Mark Lorenz <>

lib/erb.rb (result)

[DOC] no longer accepts a Proc, as Kernel#eval does not. [fix GH-619]

Fri Jul 11 23:07:09 2014 Marc-Andre Lafortune <>


Fix sign for cross_product [#9499]

Wed Jun 11 02:18:34 2014 Marc-Andre Lafortune <>


Fix Numeric#step with 0 unit [Bug #9575]

Sat Mar 1 21:00:27 2014 Marc-Andre Lafortune <>


Having optional keyword arguments makes maximum arity +1, not unlimited [#8072]

Sat Mar 1 17:25:12 2014 Marc-Andre Lafortune <>


Having any mandatory keyword argument increases min arity [#9299]


Mon Feb 24 14:56:41 2014 WATANABE Hirofumi <>


needs CXXFLAGS. [ruby-core:59393][Bug #9320]

Mon Feb 24 14:56:41 2014 NAKAMURA Usaku <>


support new version scheme.

Mon Feb 24 13:05:48 2014 Aaron Patterson <>


New release of psych.



Mon Feb 24 13:05:48 2014 Aaron Patterson <>


merge libyaml 0.1.5














Sat Feb 22 22:26:43 2014 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

ext/io/console/console.c (console_dev)

need read access for conout$ because some functions need it. [Bug#9554]

Sat Feb 22 21:56:26 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

compile.c (iseq_set_arguments)

set arg_keyword_check from nd_cflag, which is set by parser. internal ID is used for unnamed keyword rest argument, which should be separated from no keyword check.

iseq.c (rb_iseq_parameters)

if no keyword check, keyword rest is present.

parse.y (new_args_tail_gen)

set keywords check to nd_cflag, which equals to that keyword rest is not present.

Sat Feb 22 21:56:26 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

iseq.c (rb_iseq_parameters)

push argument type symbol only for unnamed rest keywords argument.

Sat Feb 22 21:56:26 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

proc.c (rb_iseq_min_max_arity)

maximum argument is unlimited if having rest keywords argument. [ruby-core:53298] [Bug #8072]

Sat Feb 22 18:55:08 2014 Shugo Maeda <>

ext/socket/init.c (wait_connectable)

break if the socket is writable to avoid infinite loops on FreeBSD and other platforms which conforms to SUSv3. This problem cannot be reproduced with loopback interfaces, so it's hard to write test code. rsock_connect() and wait_connectable() are overly complicated, so they should be refactored, but I commit this fix as a workaround for the release of Ruby 1.9.3 scheduled on Feb 24. [ruby-core:60940] [Bug #9547]

Sat Feb 22 18:48:57 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

class.c (rb_mod_init_copy)

do nothing if copying self. [ruby-dev:47989] [Bug #9535]

hash.c (rb_hash_initialize_copy)


Sat Feb 22 18:20:58 2014 Masaki Matsushita <>

hash.c (rb_hash_flatten)

fix behavior of flatten(-1). [ruby-dev:47988] [Bug #9533]


test for above.

Sat Feb 22 17:46:32 2014 Tanaka Akira <>


Make proxy disabling working again. Fixed by Christophe Philemotte. [ruby-core:59650] [Bug #9385]

Sat Feb 22 17:33:39 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

eval.c (rb_mod_s_constants)

return its own constants for other than Module itself. [ruby-core:59763] [Bug #9413]

Sat Feb 22 16:51:36 2014 Eric Wong <>


add build dependencies for json extension [Bug #9374] [ruby-core:59609]



Sat Feb 22 16:34:12 2014 Yusuke Endoh <>


use sizeof(*pcl) for correct sizeof value. [ruby-core:57599] [Bug #8978].

Sat Feb 22 16:34:12 2014 Aaron Patterson <>


use sizeof(*pcl) for correct sizeof value. [ruby-core:57599] [Bug #8978]. Thanks mame!

Sat Feb 22 16:17:54 2014 Eric Wong <>

ext/socket/ancdata.c (bsock_sendmsg_internal)

only retry on error




test above for infinite loop

Sat Feb 22 15:56:53 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

thread_pthread.c (rb_thread_create_timer_thread)

fix for platforms where PTHREAD_STACK_MIN is a dynamic value and not a compile-time constant. [ruby-dev:47911] [Bug #9436]

Sat Feb 22 15:56:53 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

thread_pthread.c (rb_thread_create_timer_thread)

expand timer thread stack size to get rid of segfault on FreeBSD/powerpc64. based on the patch by Steve Wills at [ruby-core:59923]. [ruby-core:56590] [Bug #8783]

Sat Feb 22 15:13:38 2014 Benoit Daloze <>

range.c (Range#size)

[DOC] improve description and add examples. Patch by @skade. [Fixes GH-501]

Sat Feb 22 15:07:58 2014 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Correct grammar and typos Patch by Giorgos Tsiftsis [Bug #9429] [ci skip]

Sat Feb 22 15:06:32 2014 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] use lower case version of core classes, same as commit r44878, based on patch by Jonathan Jackson [Bug #9483]

Sat Feb 22 15:06:32 2014 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] use lower case version of core classes when referring to return value, since we aren't directly talking about the class. Patch by Jonathan Jackson [Bug #9483]

Sat Feb 22 15:03:05 2014 Ayumu AIZAWA <>


adding extra example in docs. patched by Steve Klabnik. [Bug #9210]

Sat Feb 22 15:01:21 2014 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/resolv.rb (Resolv::DNS::Resource::TXT#data)

Return concatenated string. Patch by Ryan Brunner. [ruby-core:58220] [Bug #9093]

Sat Feb 22 14:52:55 2014 Zachary Scott <>


Fixed typo by Sandor Szuecs [Bug #9243]

Sat Feb 22 14:45:36 2014 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Remove note about SSL package on RAA Since RAA has been deprecated, and the SSL package has been replaced with net/https this statement is entirely false and should be deleted. [Bug #9152]

Sat Feb 22 14:31:23 2014 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Remove dead link to RAA by Giorgos Tsiftsis Fixes the following bugs: [Bug #9152] [Bug #9268] [Bug #9394]



Sat Feb 22 14:18:35 2014 Tanaka Akira <>


Ignore name servers which cause EAFNOSUPPORT on socket creation. Reported by Bjoern Rennhak. [ruby-core:60442] [Bug #9477]

Sat Feb 22 14:07:04 2014 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/resolv.rb (Resolv::DNS::Message::MessageDecoder)

Raise DecodeError if no data before the limit. Reported by Will Bryant. [ruby-core:60557] [Bug #9498]

Sat Feb 22 13:49:30 2014 Shugo Maeda <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_call_method)

should check ci->me->flag of a refining method in case the method is private. [ruby-core:60111] [Bug #9452]

vm_method.c (make_method_entry_refined)

set me->flag of a refined method entry to NOEX_PUBLIC in case the original method is private and it is refined as a public method. The original flag is stored in me->def->body.orig_me, so it's OK to make a refined method entry public. [ruby-core:60111] [Bug #9452]


related tests.

Sat Feb 22 13:26:57 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

iseq.c (iseq_load)

keep type_map to get rid of memory leak. based on a patch by Eric Wong at [ruby-core:59699]. [Bug #9399]

Sat Feb 22 13:17:32 2014 Masaki Matsushita <>

ext/thread/thread.c (rb_szqueue_clear)

notify SZQUEUE_WAITERS on SizedQueue#clear. [ruby-core:59462] [Bug #9342]


add test. the patch is from Justin Collins.

Sat Feb 22 01:35:02 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

check if pthread_setname_np is available.


pthread_setname_np is not available on old Darwins. [ruby-core:60524] [Bug #9492]

Sat Feb 22 00:21:50 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (local_push_gen, local_pop_gen)

save cmdarg_stack to isolate command argument state from outer scope. [ruby-core:59342] [Bug #9308]


Fri Feb 21 23:51:38 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

encoding.c (must_encindex, rb_enc_from_index, rb_obj_encoding)

mask encoding index and ignore dummy flags. [ruby-core:59354] [Bug #9314]

Fri Feb 21 23:10:12 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/mkmf.rb (RbConfig)

expand RUBY_SO_NAME for extensions backward compatibility. [ruby-core:59426] [Bug #9329]

Fri Feb 21 23:07:56 2014 Akio Tajima <>


remove HAVE_FSEEKO because fseeko removed from win32/win32.c Fixed [Bug #9333].

Fri Feb 21 23:00:34 2014 Aaron Patterson <>


dumping strings with quotes should not have changed. [ruby-core:59316] [Bug #9300]


fixed missing require.



Fri Feb 21 17:42:42 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/resolv.rb (Resolv::Hosts#lazy_initialize)

should not consider encodings in hosts file. [ruby-core:59239] [Bug #9273]

lib/resolv.rb (Resolv::Config.parse_resolv_conf)


Fri Feb 21 16:47:20 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (get_encoding)

respect BOM on pseudo encodings. [ruby-dev:47895] [Bug #9415]

Fri Feb 21 16:47:20 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (get_actual_encoding)

get actual encoding according to the BOM if exists.

string.c (rb_str_inspect)

use according encoding, instead of pseudo encodings, UTF-{16,32}. [ruby-core:59757] [Bug #8940]

Fri Feb 21 13:39:21 2014 Charlie Somerville <>

compile.c (iseq_build_from_ary_body)

Use :blockptr instead of :block as hash key when loading serialized instruction sequences from arrays. [Bug #9455] [ruby-core:60146]


Thu Feb 20 12:58:45 2014 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (READ_FROM_CHILD)

Apply the last hunk of Process.spawn written by Eric Wong in [Bug #8770].

Thu Feb 20 12:58:45 2014 Eric Wong <>

process.c (send_child_error)

retry write on EINTR to fix occasional Errno::EINTR from Process.spawn.

process.c (recv_child_error)

retry read on EINTR to fix occasional Errno::EINTR from Process.spawn.

Thu Feb 20 12:24:59 2014 Eric Hodel <>

lib/rinda/ring.rb (Rinda::RingFinger#make_socket)

Use ipv4_multicast_ttl option for portability.

Thu Feb 20 10:19:40 2014 Tanaka Akira <>


IP_MULTICAST_LOOP and IP_MULTICAST_TTL socket option takes a byte on OpenBSD. Fixed by Jeremy Evans. [ruby-core:59496] [Bug #9350]


Wed Feb 19 15:25:13 2014 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (ruby_gc_set_params)

don't show obsolete warnings for RUBY_FREE_MIN/RUBY_HEAP_MIN_SLOTS if RUBY_GC_HEAP_FREE_SLOTS/RUBY_GC_HEAP_INIT_SLOTS are given. [Bug #9276]

Wed Feb 19 14:25:55 2014 Koichi Sasada <>


ignore warning messages for running with -w option such as chkbuild.

Wed Feb 19 14:25:55 2014 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (get_envparam_double)

fix a warning message.

Wed Feb 19 14:25:55 2014 Koichi Sasada <>


introduce new environment variable “RUBY_GC_HEAP_OLDOBJECT_LIMIT_FACTOR” to control major/minor GC frequency. Do full GC when the number of old objects is more than R * N where R is this factor and N is the number of old objects just after last full GC.


add a test.

Wed Feb 19 07:51:02 2014 Eric Hodel <>

lib/rinda/ring.rb (Rinda::RingFinger#make_socket)

Use ipv4_multicast_loop option for portability. Patch by Jeremy Evans. [ruby-trunk - Bug #9351]


Mon Feb 17 05:43:20 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

reset LDFLAGS and DLDFLAGS for opt-dir again after LIBPATHFLAG and RPATHFLAG are set. [ruby-dev:47868] [Bug #9317]


Sun Feb 16 07:13:36 2014 Tanaka Akira <>

Fix compilation error.

Sun Feb 16 07:13:36 2014 Vit Ondruch <>

add qouting brackets and append wildcard for the rest after target_cpu, to properly detect platform for SSE2 instructions. [ruby-core:60576] [Bug #8358]

Sun Feb 16 07:13:36 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

-mstackrealign is necessary for -msse2 working. [ruby-core:54716] [Bug #8349]

Sun Feb 16 07:13:36 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

-mstackrealign is necessary for -msse2 working. [ruby-core:54716] [Bug #8349]

use SSE2 instructions to drop unexpected precisions on other than mingw. [ruby-core:59472] [Bug #8358]

Sun Feb 16 07:13:36 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

use SSE2 instructions for drop unexpected precisions. [ruby-core:54738] [Bug #8358]


Fri Feb 7 04:19:19 2014 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (get_envparam_int)

correct warning messsages.

gc.c (get_envparam_double)


Fri Feb 7 04:19:19 2014 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (get_envparam_int)

don't accept a value equals to lowerbound

gc.c (get_envparam_double)



Thu Feb 6 08:23:28 2014 Eric Wong <>

ext/thread/thread.c (rb_szqueue_max_set)

use correct queue and limit wakeups. [Bug #9343]

test/thread/test_queue.rb (test_sized_queue_assign_max)

test for bug

Thu Feb 6 11:27:39 2014 Eric Hodel <>


RubyGems 2.2.2 which contains the following bug fixes:

Thu Feb 6 11:23:59 2014 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (ruby_gc_set_params)

if RUBY_GC_OLDMALLOC_LIMIT is provided, then set objspace->rgengc.oldmalloc_increase_limit. Without this fix, the env variable RUBY_GC_OLDMALLOC_LIMIT does not work.

gc.c (get_envparam_int)

accept a value equals to lowerbound.

gc.c (get_envparam_double)



Wed Feb 5 23:57:05 2014 Charlie Somerville <>

ext/thread/thread.c (rb_szqueue_push)

check GET_SZQUEUE_WAITERS instead of GET_QUEUE_WAITERS to prevent deadlock. Patch by Eric Wong. [Bug #9302] [ruby-core:59324]


add test

Wed Feb 5 23:43:30 2014 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

hash.c (rb_objid_hash)

should return `long'. brushup r44534.

object.c (rb_obj_hash)

follow above change.

Wed Feb 5 23:43:30 2014 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

hash.c (rb_any_hash)

should treat the return value of rb_objid_hash() as `long', because ruby assumes the hash value of the object id of an object is `long'. this fixes test failures on mswin64 introduced at r44525.

Wed Feb 5 23:43:30 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (rb_objid_hash)

return hash value from object ID with a salt, extract from rb_any_hash().

object.c (rb_obj_hash)

return same value as rb_any_hash(). fix r44125. [ruby-core:59638] [Bug #9381]

Wed Feb 5 22:28:41 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_search_super_method)

allow bound method from a module, yet another method transplanting.

Wed Feb 5 22:28:41 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_search_super_method)

when super called in a bound UnboundMethod generated from a module, no superclass is found since the current defined class is the module, then call method_missing in that case. [ruby-core:59619] [Bug #9377]

Wed Feb 5 21:57:40 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/socket/socket.c (rsock_syserr_fail_host_port)

add errno argument version anduse rb_syserr_fail_str() instead of rb_sys_fail_str() with restoring errno.

ext/socket/socket.c (rsock_syserr_fail_path)

ditto, and rb_syserr_fail().

ext/socket/socket.c (rsock_sys_fail_sockaddr)

ditto, use rsock_syserr_fail_raddrinfo().

ext/socket/socket.c (rsock_sys_fail_raddrinfo)


ext/socket/socket.c (setup_domain_and_type)


Wed Feb 5 21:57:40 2014 Eric Wong <>

ext/socket/socket.c (rsock_sys_fail_host_port)

save and restore errno before calling rb_sys_fail_str to prevent [BUG] errno == 0. Patch by Eric Wong. [ruby-core:59498] [Bug #9352]

ext/socket/socket.c (rsock_sys_fail_path)


ext/socket/socket.c (rsock_sys_fail_sockaddr)


ext/socket/socket.c (rsock_sys_fail_raddrinfo)


ext/socket/socket.c (rsock_sys_fail_raddrinfo_or_sockaddr)


Wed Feb 5 21:12:02 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/timeout.rb (Timeout::ExitException.catch)

pass arguments for new instance.

lib/timeout.rb (Timeout::ExitException#exception)

fallback to Timeout::Error if couldn't throw. [ruby-dev:47872] [Bug #9380]

lib/timeout.rb (Timeout#timeout)

initialize ExitException with message for the fallback case.

Wed Feb 5 21:12:02 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/timeout.rb (Timeout#timeout)

should not rescue ordinarily raised ExitException, which should not be thrown.

lib/timeout.rb (Timeout::ExitException.catch)

set @thread only if it ought to be caught.

lib/timeout.rb (Timeout#timeout)

when a custom exception is given, no instance is needed to be caught, so defer creating new instance until it is raised. [ruby-core:59511] [Bug #9354]

Wed Feb 5 17:55:28 2014 Aman Gupta <>

array.c (ary_add_hash)

Fix consistency issue between Array#uniq and Array#uniq! [Bug #9340] [ruby-core:59457]

test/ruby/test_array.rb (class TestArray)

regression test for above.

Wed Feb 5 11:48:42 2014 Charlie Somerville <>

struct.c (rb_struct_set)

return assigned value from setter method rather than struct object. [Bug #9353] [ruby-core:59509]

test/ruby/test_struct.rb (test_setter_method_returns_value)

add test

Wed Feb 5 11:13:21 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_str_modify_expand)

enable capacity and disable assocation with packed objects when setting capa, so that pack(“p”) string fails to unpack properly after modified.


Sun Feb 2 05:48:42 2014 Eric Wong <>

io.c (rb_io_syswrite)

add RB_GC_GUARD [Bug #9472]

Sun Feb 2 22:39:28 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/delegate.rb (Delegator)

keep source information methods which start and end with '__'. [ruby-core:59718] [Bug #9403]


Fri Jan 31 12:10:16 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

proc.c (mnew_from_me)

keep iclass as-is, to make inheritance chain consistent. [ruby-core:59358] [Bug #9315]

proc.c (method_owner)

return the original defined_class from prepended iclass, instead.

Fri Jan 31 12:05:59 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

let mingw do something black-magic, and check if _gmtime64_s() is available actually.

win32/win32.c (gmtime_s, localtime_s)

use _gmtime64_s() and _localtime64_s() if available, not depending on very confusing mingw variants macros. based on the patch by phasis68 (Heesob Park) at [ruby-core:58764]. [ruby-core:58391] [Bug #9119]


Thu Jan 30 15:02:35 2014 Shugo Maeda <>

use $@ instead of $(.TARGET) because .TARGET is not supported by GNU make.


Mon Jan 27 16:49:52 2014 Kenta Murata <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_divide)

Add an additional digit for the quotient to be compatible with bigdecimal 1.2.1 and the former. [ruby-core:59365] [#9316] [#9305]


tests for the above change.


bigdecimal version 1.2.4.

Mon Jan 27 16:45:34 2014 Yamashita Yuu <>

ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (Init_ossl_ssl)

Declare a constant `OP_MSIE_SSLV2_RSA_PADDING` only if the macro is defined. The `SSL_OP_MSIE_SSLV2_RSA_PADDING` has been removed from latest snapshot of OpenSSL 1.0.1. [Fixes GH-488]


Thu Jan 23 10:37:24 2014 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


warn extra states only when something differ. [ruby-core:59254] [Bug #9275]


Thu Jan 9 14:05:24 2014 NAKAMURA Usaku <>


update fake.rb like template/

Thu Jan 9 14:05:24 2014 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

win32/Makefile.sub (fake.rb)

should depend on version.h because if RUBY_VERSION is updated, fake.rb need to say the new version to avoid install error in rbconfig.rb.

Thu Jan 9 08:21:00 2014 Aman Gupta <>


generate new CA cert, since the last one expired. [Bug #9341] [ruby-core:59459]


new server cert signed with updated CA.


add `make regen_certs` to automate this process.


Thu Dec 26 03:28:11 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_insnhelper.c (argument_error)

insert dummy frame to make a backtrace object intead of modify backtrace string array. [Bug #9295]


add a test for this patch. fix test to compare a result of Exception#backtrace with a result of Exception#backtrace_locations.


Wed Dec 25 16:58:31 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

proc.c (rb_mod_define_method)

consider visibility only if self in the caller is same as the receiver, otherwise make public as well as old behavior. [ruby-core:57747] [Bug #9005] [ruby-core:58497] [Bug #9141]

vm.c (rb_vm_cref_in_context)

return ruby level cref if self is same.

Wed Dec 25 16:35:34 2013 Yusuke Endoh <>


added the award-winning entries of TRICK 2013. See for the contest outline.


Tue Dec 24 23:47:50 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add a refer to URL.

Tue Dec 24 23:47:50 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add a document about RGenGC. Reviewed by havenwood. [misc #8962]




Mon Dec 23 19:00:00 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Fix warning due to ambiguous expression.

Mon Dec 23 16:13:10 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Restore gem install –ignore-dependencies for remote gems


Test for the above.


Sun Dec 22 19:22:52 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Set RDoc to release version.

Sun Dec 22 19:22:31 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Set RubyGems to release version.

Sun Dec 22 19:22:01 2013 Eric Hodel <>

lib/rubygems.rb (module Gem)

Fix comment for Gem.load_path_insert_index.

Sun Dec 22 18:08:42 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

win32/Makefile.sub (fake.rb)

fixed wrong RUBY_PLATFORM, to correctly install win32.h. [ruby-core:58801][Bug #9199] reported by arton.


Fri Dec 20 17:52:50 2013 Koichi Sasada <>



Fri Dec 20 17:03:10 2013 Koichi Sasada <>



array.c, class.c, compile.c, hash.c, internal.h, iseq.c, proc.c, process.c, re.c, string.c, variable.c, vm.c, vm_eval.c, vm_insnhelper.c, vm_insnhelper.h, vm_method.c

catch up this change.

Fri Dec 20 16:01:35 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add a comment for WB interfaces.

Fri Dec 20 16:00:52 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

DLDFLAGS is defined in –with-opt-dir handler, so ${DLDFLAGS=} does not work now. use RUBY_APPEND_OPTIONS instead. [ruby-dev:47855] [Bug #9256]

Fri Dec 20 14:19:12 2013 NARUSE, Yui <> (AC_ARG_WITH)

use withval directly. fix failure on FreeBSD.

Fri Dec 20 14:00:01 2013 Aman Gupta <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (struct RClass)

add super, remove iv_index_tbl. since RCLASS_SUPER() is commonly used inside while loops, we move it back inside struct RClass to improve cache hits. this provides a small improvement (1%) in hotspots like rb_obj_is_kind_of()

internal.h (struct rb_classext_struct)

remove super, add iv_index_table

internal.h (RCLASS_SUPER)

update for new location

internal.h (RCLASS_SET_SUPER)


internal.h (RCLASS_IV_INDEX_TBL)


object.c (rb_class_get_superclass)


include/ruby/backward/classext.h (RCLASS_SUPER)


Fri Dec 20 07:07:35 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master 03d6ae7. Changes include: * Fixed typos. * Relaxed Gem.ruby test for ruby packagers that do not use `ruby`.




Thu Dec 19 14:03:04 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (heap_get_freeobj)

improve hot path performance.

gc.c (heap_get_freeobj_from_next_freepage)

replace with heap_get_freepage(). It returns freeobj instead of freepage. This is not on hot path.

Thu Dec 19 12:05:17 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master af60443. Changes include: * Improved speed of `gem install –ignore-dependencies`. * Open read-write for exclusive flock. [ruby-trunk - Bug #9257] * Remove specification before install to prevent infinite loop.

Thu Dec 19 11:23:49 2013 Aman Gupta <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_call_iseq_setup_normal)

simple for loop condition optimization. this area shows up as a hotspot in VM profiles.

Thu Dec 19 10:50:13 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (newobj_of)

don't need to RBASIC_SET_CLASS() which includes WB here because created obj is always YOUNG/INFANT.

Thu Dec 19 10:48:37 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


check GC::OPTS availability for not MRI 2.1.0.

Thu Dec 19 03:10:30 2013 Aman Gupta <>

gc.c (heap_get_freeobj)

remove redundant assignment. heap->freelist is set after the while() loop already.

Thu Dec 19 01:54:30 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


fix commit miss on r44278.

Thu Dec 19 00:26:11 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (garbage_collect_body)

lazy_sweep setting should work without USE_RGENGC.


Wed Dec 18 23:31:04 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_profile_dump_major_reason)

fix this function because major_reason can be OR of multiple reasons.

gc.c (gc_profile_dump_on)


Wed Dec 18 17:03:00 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_profile_record_get)

should return an empty array when profiling is active.

Wed Dec 18 16:49:40 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_profile_clear, gc_profile_enable)

remove rest_sweep().


check objspace->profile.current_record before inserting profiling record by new macro gc_prof_enabled().

Wed Dec 18 14:32:06 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


added. disable stack overflow check for every stack pushing as default.

vm_exec.c (vm_stack_overflow_for_insn)


Wed Dec 18 10:00:22 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master d8f12e2. This increases the speed of `gem install –ignore-dependencies` which helps bundler tests.



Wed Dec 18 09:00:17 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

test/ruby/test_gc.rb (test_expand_heap)

allow +/-1 diff.


Tue Dec 17 23:44:15 2013 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>


fix duplicated test name.

Tue Dec 17 20:15:00 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (rb_hash_reject)

revert to deprecated behavior, with warnings, due to compatibility for HashWithDifferentAccess. [ruby-core:59154] [Bug #9223]

Tue Dec 17 17:30:56 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>


Import version 2.1.1 from * ruby-electric-delete-backward-char: Enable support for number prefix. * ruby-electric-curlies: Fix electric operation after an open curly.

Tue Dec 17 16:19:09 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_trace.c (rb_postponed_job_flush)

isolate exceptions in postponed jobs and restore outer ones. based on a patch by tarui. [ruby-core:58652] [Bug #9168]

Tue Dec 17 10:48:04 2013 Aman Gupta <> (RUBY_DTRACE_POSTPROCESS)

Fix compatibility with systemtap on linux. stap requires `dtrace -G` post-processing, but the dtrace compatibility wrapper is very strict about probes.d syntax.

Tue Dec 17 05:18:17 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master 1c5f4b3. Allows rubygems repackagers to disable backward-compatible shared gem directory behavior.



Tue Dec 17 05:14:35 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update version number so I don't have to change it for the final release.


Mon Dec 16 19:19:19 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (rb_objspace_markable_object_p)

should check special_const_p first (by is_markable_object()).

Mon Dec 16 19:12:54 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

ext/objspace/objspace.c (reachable_object_from_root_i)

use compare_by_identity hash to avoid hash modify problem during iteration. [Bug #9252]

ext/objspace/objspace.c (reachable_objects_from_root)


Mon Dec 16 18:16:28 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_verify_internal_consistency)

should not use rb_objspace_each_objects() because it call rest_sweep().

Mon Dec 16 18:07:30 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (rb_objspace_markable_object_p)

fix last commit (build error).

Mon Dec 16 18:04:28 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (rb_objspace_markable_object_p)

it should be live objects.

Mon Dec 16 18:00:51 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (rb_objspace_each_objects)

should not clear dont_lazy_sweep flag in nested case.

Mon Dec 16 16:40:35 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_method.c (rb_method_entry_make)

fix WB miss. Note that rb_method_entry_t::klass is not constified. We may constify this field.


add a test.

Mon Dec 16 14:14:22 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


use gc_verify_internal_consistency() instead of gc_check_before_marks_i() for check consistency on RGENGC_CHECK_MODE >= 2.

Mon Dec 16 14:01:48 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>

process.c (make_clock_result)

add :second as a unit for Process.clock_gettime.

Mon Dec 16 13:10:54 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


introduce GC.verify_internal_consistency method to verify GC internal data structure. Now this method only checks generation (old/young) consistency.

Mon Dec 16 11:49:26 2013 Aman Gupta <>

gc.c (gc_info_decode)

Fix build errors when compiled with RGENGC_ESTIMATE_OLDMALLOC=0

gc.c (objspace_malloc_increase)



Sun Dec 15 13:38:29 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

ext/objspace/objspace.c (reachable_object_from_root_i)

reachable objects should not include categories and category_objects because it is noisy information. In fact, objects created after calling ObjectSpace.reachable_objects_from_root should not be included as a returning hash objects. Currently, mswin64 platform has a problem because of this behavior. Should we trace new objects?

Sun Dec 15 07:09:28 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RDoc master 263a9e5. This improves the accessibility of the search box.


Sat Dec 14 17:39:00 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_callee_setup_arg_complex)

count post arguments as mandatory arguments. [ruby-core:57706] [Bug #8993]

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_yield_setup_block_args)


Sat Dec 14 16:26:46 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (rubylibprefix)

replace exec_prefix as well as bindir and libdir. a patch by kimuraw (Wataru Kimura) at [ruby-dev:47852]. [Bug #9160]

Sat Dec 14 14:42:53 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/logger.rb (lock_shift_log)

no need to rotate the log file if it has been rotated by another process. based on the patch by no6v (Nobuhiro IMAI) in [ruby-core:58620]. [Bug #9133]

Sat Dec 14 13:01:45 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

proc.c (mnew_from_me)

method by respond_to_missing? should be owned by the original class.

Sat Dec 14 11:55:31 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/scanf.rb (IO#scanf)

fix mistaken use of rescue modifier. a patch by Mon_Ouie at [ruby-core:52813]. [Bug #7940]

Sat Dec 14 11:44:52 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

util.c (ruby_qsort)

fix potential stack overflow on a large machine. based on the patch by Conrad Irwin <conrad.irwin AT> at [ruby-core:51816]. [Bug #7772]

Sat Dec 14 11:25:56 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

object.c (rb_mod_const_defined)

support nested class path as well as const_get. [Feature #7414]

Sat Dec 14 01:31:52 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

eval.c (rb_rescue2)

reuse tags pushed for body proc to protect rescue proc too.

Sat Dec 14 01:15:51 2013 Masaya Tarui <>

gc.c (wmap_final_func)

Bugfix. Should update *value to new pointer.

Sat Dec 14 01:05:46 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


Don't test $! in “ensure” clause because it may be set before the body. Reported by ko1 and mrkn. [ruby-core:59088] [Bug #9247]





Sat Dec 14 00:34:31 2013 Naohisa Goto <>

internal.h (ruby_sized_xrealloc2)

fix typo introduced in r44117, which cause compile error on Solaris.

Sat Dec 14 00:22:16 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


(exec_recursive): use rb_catch_protect() instead of rb_catch_obj() and PUSH_TAG(), and reduce pushing tags and machine stack usage.

Sat Dec 14 00:18:08 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

proc.c (mnew_from_me)

achieve the original defined_class from prepended iclass, to fix inherited owner.

proc.c (method_owner)

return the defined class, but not the class which the method object is created from.


Fri Dec 13 22:29:21 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

proc.c (method_owner)

return the class where alias is defined, not the class original method is defined.

vm_method.c (rb_method_entry_make, rb_alias)

store the originally defined class in me. [Bug #7993] [Bug #7842] [Bug #9236]

vm_method.c (rb_method_entry_get_without_cache)

cache included module but not iclass.

Fri Dec 13 16:27:17 2013 Aman Gupta <>

gc.c (gc_info_decode)

Use :major_by=>:nofree as fallback reason when other trigger conditions are present.

Fri Dec 13 13:25:30 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add Exception#backtrace_locations. Now, there are no setter and independent from Exception#backtrace. [Feature #8960]

eval.c (setup_exception)

set backtrace locations for `bt_location' special attribute.

vm_backtrace.c (rb_backtrace_to_location_ary)





add a test for Exception#backtrace_locations.

Fri Dec 13 12:01:07 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (garbage_collect_body)

use rb_bug() and explicit error message instead of using assert(). [Bug #9222]

Fri Dec 13 11:52:41 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


fix comment to remove the word “shady”.



Fri Dec 13 11:33:55 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


rename shady func/macros. * RVALUE_RAW_SHADY() -> RVALUE_WB_PROTECTED_RAW() * RVALUE_SHADY() -> RVALUE_RAW_SHADY() * rgengc_check_shady() -> rgengc_check_relation(). And fix some messages using “shady” to “non-WB-protected”.

Fri Dec 13 10:04:23 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Import RubyGems master a8d0669 with a 1.8.7 compatibility fix.



Fri Dec 13 09:50:49 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master ddac51f. Changes: * Allow override for the shared gem installation directory for rubygems packagers. * Lock gem cache files for read and write to improve thread safety. * Use io/console when available. * Minor cleanup.



Fri Dec 13 08:15:31 2013 Aman Gupta <>

class.c (include_modules_at)

use RCLASS_M_TBL_WRAPPER for equality checks. this avoids an unnecessary deference inside a tight loop, fixing a performance regression from r43973.

object.c (rb_obj_is_kind_of)


object.c (rb_class_inherited_p)


Wed Dec 13 02:00:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (VpSetPTR)

fix for limitation of the resulting precision. [ruby-core:50269] [Bug #7458]

test/bigdecimal/test_bigdecimal.rb (test_limit)

add tests for the above change.

Wed Dec 13 01:56:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (VpAddAbs)

put out a conditional branch from the inside of while-loop.

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (VpSubAbs)


Wed Dec 13 01:53:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (VPrint)

be a static function, support another dump formats, and add more information of the given bigdecimal.




Wed Dec 11 16:45:58 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

eval.c (rb_raise_jump)

call c_return hook immediately after popping `raise' frame. Patches by deivid (David Rodriguez). [Bug #8886]


catch up this fix.

Wed Dec 11 16:01:26 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (rb_hash_reject)

return a plain hash, without copying the class, default value, instance variables, and taintedness. they had been copied just by accident. [ruby-core:59045] [Bug #9223]

Wed Dec 11 15:36:15 2013 Aman Gupta <>

compile.c (iseq_specialized_instruction)

emit opt_aset instruction to optimize Hash#[]= and Array#[]= when called with Fixnum argument. [Bug #9227] [ruby-core:58956]

Wed Dec 11 04:54:03 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master ec8ed22. Notable changes include: * Renamed extension_install_dir to extension_dir (backwards compatible). * Fixed creation of gem.deps.rb.lock file from TestGemRequestSet#test_install_from_gemdeps_install_dir * Fixed a typo and some documentation.




Tue Dec 10 23:58:30 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/date/date_strptime.c (date__strptime_internal)

unset case-insensitive flag for [:alpha:], which already implies both cases, to get rid of backtrack explosion. [ruby-core:58984] [Bug #9221]

Tue Dec 10 23:44:42 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

array.c (rb_ary_hash)

add salt to differentiate false and empty array. [ruby-core:58993] [Bug #9231]

hash.c (rb_any_hash, rb_hash_hash)


Tue Dec 10 18:16:09 2013 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


[DOC] Use instead of RAA.

Tue Dec 10 17:21:30 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

gc.c (wmap_finalize, wmap_aset_update)

use simple malloced array instead of T_ARRAY, to reduce GC pressure.

Tue Dec 10 15:56:48 2013 Aman Gupta <>

gc.c (reflist_add)

revert changes from r44109. it is unnecessary after r44113

gc.c (allrefs_i)

fix whitespace

gc.c (allrefs_roots_i)

fix whitespace

Tue Dec 10 15:46:03 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (allrefs_add)

push obj only if allrefs table doesn't have obj.

gc.c (allrefs_roots_i)


Tue Dec 10 15:28:10 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


separate checkers to different modes. * 2: enable generational bits check (for debugging) * 3: enable livness check * 4: show all references

Tue Dec 10 15:15:37 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_marks_check)

disable GC during checking and restore malloc_increase info.

Tue Dec 10 14:41:53 2013 Aman Gupta <>

gc.c (reflist_add)

return 0 if reference already exists

gc.c (allrefs_add)

return 1 on newly added references

gc.c (allrefs_i)

follow references to construct complete object graph. before this patch, RGENGC_CHECK could fail to verify some WB miss issues. [Bug #9226] [ruby-core:58959]

Tue Dec 10 11:20:56 2013 Aman Gupta <>

ext/objspace/objspace_dump.c (dump_object)

include fstring flag on strings. include gc flags (old, remembered, wb_protected) on all objects.

ext/objspace/objspace_dump.c (Init_objspace_dump)

initialize lazy IDs before first use.

gc.c (rb_obj_gc_flags)

new function to retrieve object flags

internal.h (RB_OBJ_GC_FLAGS_MAX)

maximum flags allowed for one obj

test/objspace/test_objspace.rb (test_dump_flags)

test for above

test/objspace/test_objspace.rb (test_trace_object_allocations)

resolve name before dump (for rb_class_path_cached)

Tue Dec 10 07:48:29 2013 Aman Gupta <>

vm_method.c (rb_clear_method_cache_by_class)

fire ruby::method-cache-clear probe on global or klass-level method cache clear [Bug #9190]

probes.d (provider ruby)

new dtrace probe


docs for new probe


test for new probe

Tue Dec 10 06:14:11 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Remove curses from documentable directories.

Tue Dec 10 04:55:36 2013 Zachary Scott <>


Deprecate OpenSSL::Digest::Digest [Fixes GH-446]

Tue Dec 10 00:41:42 2013 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>


[DOC] add call-seq alias for Queue#enq, <<, etc.

ext/thread/thread.c (Init_thread)

use rb_define_alias instead of rb_alias to document alias.


Mon Dec 9 20:00:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>

internal.h (RCLASS_SERIAL)

Add RCLASS_SERIAL as a convenience accessor for RCLASS_EXT(klass)->class_serial.

class.c, vm_insnhelper.c, vm_method.c


Mon Dec 9 19:50:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>

compile.c, insns.def, test/ruby/test_rubyvm.rb, vm.c, vm_core.h, vm_insnhelper.c, vm_insnhelper.h, vm_method.c

Rename method_serial to global_method_state and constant_serial to global_constant_state after discussion with ko1.

Mon Dec 9 18:50:43 2013 Aman Gupta <>

hash.c (rb_hash_replace)

fix segv on `{}.replace({})` introduced in r44060 [Bug #9230] [ruby-core:58991]


regression test for above

Mon Dec 9 18:10:10 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

vm.c (vm_stat)

renamed from ruby_vm_stat. Should not use ruby_ prefix here.

Mon Dec 9 16:13:31 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

gc.c (wmap_size)

add ObjectSpace::WeakMap#size and length.

Mon Dec 9 15:26:17 2013 Shugo Maeda <>



Mon Dec 9 13:36:55 2013 Shugo Maeda <>

ext/curses, sample/curses

removed curses.


added an entry for the above change.

Mon Dec 9 12:26:05 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/objspace/object_tracing.c (newobj_i)

use cached class path only to get rid object allocation during NEWOBJ hook. [ruby-core:58853] [Bug #9212]

variable.c (rb_class_path_cached)

returns cached class path only, without searching and allocating new class path string.

Mon Dec 9 11:14:26 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/date/date_parse.c (parse_time)

unset case-insensitive flag for [:alpha:], which already implies both cases, to get rid of backtrack explosion. [ruby-core:58876] [Bug #9221]

Mon Dec 9 08:40:40 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master bf37240. Fixes useless error message with `gem install -g` with no gem dependencies file.



Mon Dec 9 04:52:25 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update RubyGems entry with notable features.

Mon Dec 9 04:43:54 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Add syslog/lib and thread/thread.c to documentable items. [ruby-trunk - Bug #9228]

Mon Dec 9 04:28:50 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master 096db36. Changes include support for PATH in Gemfile.lock and a typo fix from Akira Matsuda.



Mon Dec 9 02:10:32 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>


Add `HTTPIMUsed`, as it is also supported by rack/rails. RFC - by Vipul A M <> fix GH-447


Sun Dec 8 20:47:35 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

class.c (rb_get_kwargs)

when values is non-null, remove extracted keywords from the rest keyword argument.

Sun Dec 8 20:26:54 2013 Yutaka Kanemoto <> (ruby.imp)

avoid circular dependency on AIX

Sun Dec 8 20:21:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>

bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_coerce)

convert a Float to a BigDecimal instead of converting the receiver to a Float. The reason is there are BigDecimal instances with precisions that is smaller than the Float's precision. [ruby-core:58756] [Bug #9192]


add tests for the above change.

Sun Dec 8 18:28:20 2013 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>


[DOC] update NEWS about GC.

Sun Dec 8 17:52:24 2013 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>


[DOC] document Module#singleton_class?.

Sun Dec 8 16:19:28 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

class.c (rb_get_kwargs)

if optional is negative, unknown keywords are allowed.

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_callee_setup_keyword_arg)

check unknown keywords.

Sun Dec 8 14:55:12 2013 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

array.c (rb_ary_shuffle_bang, rb_ary_sample)

rename local variables.

Sun Dec 8 13:59:38 2013 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

array.c (rb_ary_shuffle_bang, rb_ary_sample)

check unknown keywords.

test/ruby/test_array.rb (test_shuffle, test_sample)

tests for the above.

Sun Dec 8 13:01:11 2013 Aman Gupta <>

vm.c (ruby_vm_stat)

add RubyVM.stat for access to internal cache counters. this methods behaves like GC.stat, accepting an optional hash or symbol argument. [Bug #9190] [ruby-core:58750]


test for new method

Sun Dec 8 11:59:40 2013 Aman Gupta <>

hash.c (rb_hash_replace)

add a write barrier to fix GC mark miss on hashes using Hash#replace [Bug #9226] [ruby-core:58948]

Sun Dec 8 11:21:00 2013 Aman Gupta <>


add RGENGC_WB_PROTECTED_NODE_CREF setting In a large app, this reduces the size of remembered_shady_object_count by 80%. [Bug #9225] [ruby-core:58947]

gc.c (rb_node_newnode)


class.c (rewrite_cref_stack)


iseq.c (set_relation)


iseq.c (rb_iseq_clone)


vm_eval.c (rb_yield_refine_block)


vm_insnhelper.c (vm_cref_push)


vm_insnhelper.h (COPY_CREF)


Sun Dec 8 10:45:05 2013 Aman Gupta <>

hash.c (hash_aset_str)

revert r43870 due to performance issue [Bug #9188] [ruby-core:58730]

parse.y (assoc)

convert literal string hash keys to fstrings

test/ruby/test_hash.rb (class TestHash)

expand test

Sun Dec 8 10:22:38 2013 Aman Gupta <>

parse.y (register_symid_str)

use fstrings in symbol table [Bug #9171] [ruby-core:58656]

parse.y (rb_id2str)


string.c (rb_fstring)

create frozen_strings on first usage. this allows rb_fstring() calls from the parser (before cString is created)

string.c (fstring_set_class_i)

set klass on fstrings generated before cString was defined

string.c (Init_String)

convert frozen_strings table to String objects after boot

ext/-test-/symbol/type.c (bug_sym_id2str)

expose rb_id2str()

test/-ext-/symbol/test_type.rb (module Test_Symbol)

verify symbol table entries are fstrings

Sun Dec 8 10:24:20 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update version for upcoming ruby 2.1.0 RC.

Sun Dec 8 10:21:36 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master 14749ce. This fixes bugs handling of gem dependencies lockfiles (Gemfile.lock).



Sun Dec 8 09:40:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>

array.c (rb_ary_or)

use RHASH_TBL_RAW instead of RHASH_TBL

process.c (rb_execarg_fixup)

use RHASH_TBL_RAW and insert write barriers where appropriate

vm.c (kwmerge_i)


vm.c (HASH_ASET)

use rb_hash_aset instead of calling directly into st_insert


Sat Dec 7 11:15:52 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (rb_hash_reject)

copy unrejected elements only to new hash, so that the change on the original receiver can affect. [ruby-core:58914] [Bug #9223]

Sat Dec 7 08:25:00 2013 Richo Healey <>


Add regression test for question marks and bangs in struct members. [Closes GH-468]


Fri Dec 6 19:33:39 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

class.c (rb_extract_keywords, rb_get_kwargs)

move from vm_insnhelper.c.

Fri Dec 6 19:18:02 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


change oldmalloc meaning. Increase oldmalloc_increase with malloc_increase instead of using obj_memsize_of(). This change will avoid the danger of memory full without major GC.

Fri Dec 6 19:08:48 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (atomic_sub_nounderflow)

not 0 but val itself.

Fri Dec 6 18:37:11 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (rb_objspace_alloc, Init_heap)

initialize oldmalloc_increase_limit at Init_heap. rb_objspace_alloc() is not called on some platforms.

Fri Dec 6 18:33:39 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (garbage_collect_body)

bug fix. initialize after recording.

Fri Dec 6 17:49:46 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (atomic_sub_nounderflow)

added to simplify atomic sub with care about underflow.

gc.c (objspace_malloc_increase)

use it.

Fri Dec 6 17:10:44 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_insnhelper.c (rb_get_kwargs)

get keyword argument values from an option hash, not only checking keys.

dir.c (dir_initialize)

use rb_get_kwargs.

gc.c (gc_start_internal)


Fri Dec 6 16:47:45 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

misc/ruby-mode.el (ruby-brace-to-do-end)

split single line block.

misc/ruby-mode.el (ruby-do-end-to-brace)

shrink single line block to one line.

Fri Dec 6 16:16:30 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_start_internal)

do not use rb_gc_start() and rb_gc().

Fri Dec 6 15:24:30 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_start_internal, rb_gc)

do not need heap_pages_free_unused_pages() here. It was done in after_sweep().

gc.c (rb_gc)

The reason is now GPR_FLAG_CAPI.

Fri Dec 6 14:05:19 2013 Aman Gupta <>

gc.c (gc_start_internal)

GC.start now accepts two optional keyword arguments. These can be used to disable full_mark (minor mark only) or disable immediate_sweep (use lazy sweep). These new options are useful for benchmarking GC behavior, or performing minor GC out-of-band.

test/ruby/test_gc.rb (class TestGc)

tests for new options.

Fri Dec 6 11:51:28 2013 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


[DOC] fix broken link, Use and instead of RAA. [Bug #9197]

Fri Dec 6 10:50:54 2013 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


[DOC] Fix broken link of CGI specification by @udzura [fix GH-466]

Thu Dec 6 01:27:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (GetVpValueWithPrec)

treat 0.0 and -0.0 of floating-point numbers specially for an optimization and to correctly propagate its signbit to the result. [Bug #9214] [ruby-core:58858]


add tests case for the above change.




Thu Dec 5 22:18:01 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/mkmf.rb (configuration)

strip destdir part from prefix to get rid of duplication. a patch by arton at [ruby-core:58859]. [ruby-core:58856] [Bug #9213]

Thu Dec 5 21:53:29 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

array.c (rb_ary_or)

lhs elements are preferred, so should not replace with rhs elements.

test/ruby/test_array.rb (test_OR_in_order)

import the test failed by r43969 from rubyspec/core/array/union_spec.rb.

Thu Dec 5 21:05:42 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_info_decode)

fix to avoid syntax error on VS2012.

Thu Dec 5 19:21:10 2013 Aman Gupta <>

gc.c (struct rb_objspace)

rename internal last_collection_flags to latest_gc_info

gc.c (gc_latest_collection_info)

add GC.latest_gc_info with similar behavior to GC.stat

gc.c (rb_gc_latest_gc_info)

new c-api for above

gc.c (gc_stat_internal)

remove :last_collection_flags from GC.stat

gc.c (gc_profile_decode_flags)

remove GC::Profiler.decode_flags

include/ruby/intern.h (rb_gc_latest_gc_info)

export new c-api

test/ruby/test_gc.rb (class TestGc)

test for new behavior


note about new api

gc.c (gc_stat_internal)

raise TypeError on wrong type

gc.c (gc_stat)

fix error message

Thu Dec 5 18:18:08 2013 Aman Gupta <>


remove this file


new filename for above


remove ObjectSpace.after_gc_start_hook=


remove test


add above test for tracepoint re-entry

Thu Dec 5 17:44:53 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


change function names vm_ prefix to objspace_ prefix. They are objspace_ functionality.

Thu Dec 5 16:11:04 2013 Aman Gupta <>


add rb_gc_stat() for access to GC.stat variables from c-api

gc.c (rb_gc_stat)

new c-api method. accepts either VALUE hash like GC.stat, or VALUE symbol key and returns size_t directly. the second form is useful to avoid allocations, i.e. for usage inside INTERNAL_EVENT_GC tracepoints.

gc.c (gc_stat)

add GC.stat(:key) to return single value instead of hash

gc.c (gc_stat_internal)

helper method to retrieve single or all stat values

test/ruby/test_gc.rb (class TestGc)

test for new behavior


note about this new api

Thu Dec 5 14:40:41 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (rb_hash)

revert r43981 and bail out to the outermost frame when recursion is detected.

Thu Dec 5 13:47:15 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (vm_malloc_size)

added. return malloc_usable_size() if possible.


add new setting macro to enable GC.allocated_size. If platform supports `malloc_usable_size()' (or similar one), GC.allocated_size can be implemented with this function. Default is 0.

gc.c (vm_xmalloc, vm_xrealloc, vm_xfree)

use vm_malloc_size() to detect collect allocated size.

gc.c (vm_malloc_increase)


Thu Dec 5 13:19:03 2013 Aman Gupta <>


remove INTERNAL_EVENT_GC_END and replace with two new events: GC_END_MARK and GC_END_SWEEP

gc.c (gc_after_sweep)

emit GC_END_SWEEP after lazy sweep is done

gc.c (gc_marks_body)

emit GC_END_MARK at end of minor/major mark

ext/-test-/tracepoint/tracepoint.c (struct tracepoint_track)

tests for new events.

test/-ext-/tracepoint/test_tracepoint.rb (class TestTracepointObj)



remove ObjectSpace.after_gc_*_hook. These are only a sample, and will be removed before ruby 2.1.


remove ObjectSpace.after_gc_end_hook=

Thu Dec 5 10:47:56 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ruby_atomic.h (ATOMIC_PTR_EXCHANGE)

atomic exchange function for a generic pointer.

Thu Dec 5 10:47:09 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

gc.c (finalize_deferred)

flush all deferred finalizers while other finalizers can get ready to run newly by lazy sweep. [ruby-core:58833] [Bug #9205]

Thu Dec 5 09:07:59 2013 Aman Gupta <>

gc.c (ruby_gc_set_params)

Accept safe_level argument so GC tuning settings can be applied before rb_safe_level() is available.

internal.h (rb_gc_set_params)


ruby.c (process_options)

Apply GC tuning early during boot process so boot-time allocations can benefit. This also benefits any code loaded in via `ruby -r`.


Wed Dec 4 13:02:13 2013 Aman Gupta <>

vm_trace.c (rb_suppress_tracing)

Fix initialization of stack allocated rb_trace_arg_t structure. Without this patch, sometimes INTERNAL_EVENT_GC would be skipped accidentally inside rb_threadptr_exec_event_hooks_orig().

Wed Dec 4 12:57:24 2013 Aman Gupta <>

string.c (fstr_update_callback)

Improve implementation in r43968 based on feedback from @nagachika. In the existing case, we can return ST_STOP to prevent any hash modification. In the !existing case, set both key and value to the fstr.

Wed Dec 4 12:47:54 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/delegate.rb (Delegator#method_missing)

ignore the target if not set, and delegate to global methods. [ruby-core:58572] [Bug #9155]

lib/delegate.rb (Delegator#respond_to_missing)


lib/delegate.rb (SimpleDelegator#__getobj__)

yield and return if not delegated but a block is given, like as Hash#fetch.

lib/delegate.rb (DelegateClass#__getobj__)



Tue Dec 3 23:48:18 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

check malloc_size() availability.


use malloc_size() with malloc/malloc.h if available.

Tue Dec 3 23:06:20 2013 Narihiro Nakamura <>

object.c (rb_obj_clone)

don't copy FL_WB_PROTECTED of a original object.

Tue Dec 3 22:32:18 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (rb_hash_recursive)

make similar (recursive) constructs return same hash value. execute recursively, and rewind to the topmost frame with an object which .eql? to the recursive object, if recursion is detected.

hash.c (rb_hash)

detect recursion for all `hash' methods. each `hash' methods no longer need to use rb_exec_recursive().

Tue Dec 3 21:53:15 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_eval.c (rb_catch_protect)

new function similar to rb_catch_obj(), but protect from all global jumps like as rb_load_protect(), rb_protect(), etc.

Tue Dec 3 20:18:46 2013 Narihiro Nakamura <>

object.c (rb_obj_clone)

Protect FL_PROMOTED and FL_WB_PROTECTED flags of a destination object.

Tue Dec 3 20:16:38 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_hash_rehash)

use hash_alloc() instead of rb_hash_new(), to hide temporary object from ObjectSpace. [Bug #9187]

Tue Dec 3 17:11:47 2013 Aman Gupta <>

load.c (features_index_add_single)

Move loaded_features_index array values off the ruby heap. [Bug #9201] [ruby-core:58805]

load.c (loaded_features_index_clear_i)

Clean up off-heap array structure.

vm.c (rb_vm_mark)

Remove unnecessary mark_tbl for loaded_features_index. This improves minor GC time by 15% in a large application.

Tue Dec 3 17:01:45 2013 Aman Gupta <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (struct RClass)

Add wrapper struct around RClass->m_tbl with serial. This prevents double marking method tables, since many classes/modules can share the same method table. This improves minor mark time in a large application by 30%.

internal.h (struct method_table_wrapper)

Define new wrapper struct with additional serial.

internal.h (RCLASS_M_TBL_INIT)

New macro for initializing method table wrapper and st_table.

method.h (void rb_sweep_method_entry)

Rename rb_free_m_table to rb_free_m_tbl for consistency

.gdbinit (define rb_method_entry)

Update rb_method_entry gdb helper for new method table structure.



class.c (rb_include_class_new)

Share WRAPPER between module and iclass, so serial can prevent double marking.

eval.c (rb_prepend_module)


eval.c (rb_using_refinement)



Mark and free new wrapper struct.

gc.c (obj_memsize_of)

Count size of additional wrapper struct.

Tue Dec 3 14:05:49 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_ary_uniq_bang)

remove duplicate code.

Tue Dec 3 13:40:42 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (ary_add_hash)

set and return values because string keys will be frozen. [ruby-core:58809] [Bug #9202]

array.c (rb_ary_uniq_bang)


array.c (rb_ary_or)


array.c (rb_ary_uniq)



tests for above. The patch is from normalperson (Eric Wong).

Tue Dec 3 12:20:21 2013 Aman Gupta <>

string.c (rb_fstring)

Use st_update instead of st_lookup + st_insert.

string.c (fstr_update_callback)

New callback for st_update.

Tue Dec 3 12:17:59 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/rdoc/constant.rb (RDoc::Constant#documented?)

workaround for NoMethodError when the original of alias is not found.

Tue Dec 3 10:43:58 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Return ASCII-8BIT strings from SSLSocket methods. [ruby-trunk - Bug #9028]


Test for the above.

Tue Dec 3 09:42:27 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RDoc master 900de99. Changes include: Fixed documentation display of constants Fixed handling of unknown parsers




Mon Dec 2 22:30:10 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

hash.c (getenv)

fixed test failures introduced by r43950. [ruby-core:58774] [Bug #9195] reported by phasis68 (Heesob Park).

Mon Dec 2 21:49:19 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

hash.c (rb_hash_rehash)

make temporary st_table under the control of GC. [Bug #9187]


add a test for above.

Mon Dec 2 17:23:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>

variable.c (rb_mod_constants)

when calling Module#constants with inherit=false, there is no need to use a hashtable to deduplicate constant names. [Feature #9196] [ruby-core:58786]

Mon Dec 2 14:16:52 2013 Eric Hodel <>

lib/net/smtp.rb (Net::SMTP#critical)

Always return a Net::SMTP::Response. Patch by Pawel Veselov. [ruby-trunk - Bug #9125]


Test for the above.

Mon Dec 2 05:52:33 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master baa965b. Notable changes: Copy directories to lib/ when installing extensions. This completes the fix for [ruby-trunk - Bug #9106]



Mon Dec 2 02:03:47 2013 Shota Fukumori <>

test/ruby/test_case.rb (test_nomethoderror)

Add test related to r43913, r43914

Mon Dec 2 00:53:01 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

hash.c (getenv)

use ANSI codepage version of getenv() for miniruby on Windows. [ruby-core:58732] [Bug #9189] reported by phasis68 (Heesob Park).


Sun Dec 1 22:14:27 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Import contributors from redmine wiki Many wiki pages have become outdated and spam-ridden, we will import these to trunk and begin maintaining them in ruby-trunk. This will also allow new contributors to easily contribute patches to update these pages, where previously a redmine account with wiki access was required. Another bonus is having a contributors file to show thanks to all of the people who have submitted a patch to Ruby.

Sun Dec 1 18:03:26 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Current maintainers of Ruby

Sun Dec 1 17:17:36 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Current branch maintainers

Sun Dec 1 17:16:36 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Reporting other ( issues

Sun Dec 1 17:15:51 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Current platform maintainers

Sun Dec 1 17:14:55 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Reporting downstream distro issues

Sun Dec 1 14:37:20 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

hash.c (rb_hash_to_a)

specify array capa.

Sun Dec 1 14:15:36 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

hash.c (rb_hash_rehash)

fix to free new st_table when exception is raised in do_hash(). [Bug #9187]

Sun Dec 1 11:57:59 2013 Zachary Scott <>


Fix warning in copyright

Sun Dec 1 08:27:28 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master 66e5c39. Notable changes: Implement gem.deps.rb (Gemfile) .lock support Fixed `gem uninstall` for a relative directory in GEM_HOME.



Sun Dec 1 06:00:49 2013 Aman Gupta <>

test/ruby/test_gc.rb (test_gc_reason)

Force minor GC by consuming free slots to fix test.


Sat Nov 30 21:22:11 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

dir.c (dir_initialize)

check unknown keywords. [ruby-dev:47152] [Bug #8060]

Sat Nov 30 18:05:38 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/win32ole/win32ole.c (hash2named_arg)

correct declaration to fix build failure. a patch by phasis68 (Heesob Park) at [ruby-core:58710]. [Bug #9184]

Sat Nov 30 17:46:35 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

eval.c (ruby_cleanup)

determine exit status and signal to terminate before finalization, to get rid of access destroyed T_DATA exception object. [ruby-core:58643] [Bug #9167]

Sat Nov 30 16:25:14 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

enumerator.c (enumerator_with_index)

should not store local variable address to memoize the arguments. it is invalidated after the return. [ruby-core:58692] [Bug #9178]

Sat Nov 30 13:28:13 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

siphash.c (sip_hash24)

fix for aligned word access little endian platforms. [ruby-core:58658] [Bug #9172]

Sat Nov 30 13:21:15 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_eval.c (rb_yield_block)

implement non-nil block argument.


Fri Nov 29 20:59:39 2013 Masaya Tarui <>

vm_dump.c (rb_vmdebug_debug_print_pre)

Bugfix. Get PC directly. PC is cached into local stack and cfp->pc is incorrect at next of branch or jump.

vm_exec.h (DEBUG_ENTER_INSN)

catch up this change.


update signature of rb_vmdebug_debug_print_pre.

Fri Nov 29 20:43:57 2013 Masaya Tarui <>


Bugsfix for dump_disasm_list. rb_inspect denies a hidden object. So, insert wrapper that creates the unhidden one. adjust->label is null sometimes. insn_data_line_no makes no sense at all.

Fri Nov 29 18:06:45 2013 Shota Fukumori <>

test/ruby/test_case.rb (test_method_missing)

Test for r43913.

Fri Nov 29 17:53:22 2013 Shota Fukumori <>

vm_insnhelper.c (check_match)

Fix SEGV with VM_CHECKMATCH_TYPE_CASE and class of `pattern` has `method_missing` [Bug #8872] [ruby-core:58606]

Fri Nov 29 17:06:09 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_eval.c (rb_yield_block)

yield block with rb_block_call_func arguments.

range.c (range_each)

use rb_yield_block.

include/ruby/ruby.h (RB_BLOCK_CALL_FUNC_ARGLIST)

constify argv.

enum.c (rb_enum_values_pack)


vm_eval.c (rb_block_call, rb_check_block_call)


include/ruby/ruby.h (RB_BLOCK_CALL_FUNC_ARGLIST)

for declaration argument list of rb_block_call_func.

Fri Nov 29 11:26:43 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_block_call_func)

add blockarg. block function can take block argument, e.g., proc {|&blockarg| …}.


Thu Nov 28 21:43:48 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Import dtrace probes doc from wiki

Thu Nov 28 21:17:32 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Add heading above ChangeLog tips to setup entry for commits, its not required. Actually easier if contributors don't include a ChangeLog entry.

Thu Nov 28 21:16:18 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Add coding style heading for patch rules

Thu Nov 28 21:15:45 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Add notes about deciding what to patch

Thu Nov 28 19:43:45 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>


added. r43896 is about 4 times faster than 2.0.0p353.


added. r43896 is about 5 times faster than 2.0.0p353.


added. r43896 is about 5 times faster than 2.0.0p353.

Thu Nov 28 19:29:04 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Add notes about slideshow proposals from wiki page: HowToRequestFeatures

Thu Nov 28 17:34:42 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>


add st_values() and st_values_check().


add prototypes for above.

hash.c (rb_hash_values)

use st_values_check() for performance improvement if VALUE and st_data_t are compatible.

Thu Nov 28 17:14:14 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

st.c (st_keys)

fix not to use Qundef in st.c.


define modified prototype.

hash.c (rb_hash_keys)

use modified st_keys().

Thu Nov 28 16:34:43 2013 Aman Gupta <>


Expose details about last garbage collection via GC.stat.

gc.c (gc_stat)

Add :last_collection_flags for reason/trigger/type of last GC run.

gc.c (gc_prof_sweep_timer_stop)


gc.c (gc_profile_flags)

Add GC::Profiler.decode_flags to make sense of GC.stat

test/ruby/test_gc.rb (class TestGc)

Test for above.

Thu Nov 28 16:15:47 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/win32.c (rb_w32_dup2)

extract from rb_cloexec_dup2() and redirect_dup2().

Tue Nov 28 14:40:00 2013 Akira Matsuda <>


[Doc] Fix typo

Thu Nov 28 13:56:05 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (Doxyfile)

tool/file2lastrev.rb needs running with BASERUBY since r43617. [ruby-dev:47823] [Bug #9169]

Thu Nov 28 09:18:39 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

string.c (rb_fstring)

fstrings should be ELTS_SHARED. If we resurrect dying objects (non-marked, but not swept yet), pointing shared string can be collected. To avoid such issue, fstrings (recorded to fstring_table) should not be ELTS_SHARED (should not have a shared string).

Thu Nov 28 01:35:08 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

st.c (st_keys)

fix to use st_index_t for size of hash.

Thu Nov 28 00:36:52 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

st.c (st_keys)

define st_keys(). it writes each key to buffer.

hash.c (rb_hash_keys)

use st_keys() for performance improvement if st_data_t and VALUE are compatible.


define macro ST_DATA_COMPATIBLE_P() to predicate whether st_data_t and passed type are compatible.

check existence of builtin function to use in ST_DATA_COMPATIBLE_P().

Thu Nov 28 00:07:28 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>


remove duplicate definitions between ATOMIC_XXX and ATOMIC_SIZE_XXX.


Wed Nov 27 23:55:50 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>


define ATOMIC_SIZE_CAS() with __atomic_compare_exchange_n() and refactoring.

Tue Nov 27 21:43:00 2013 Akira Matsuda <>


[Doc] Fix typo



Tue Nov 27 18:04:57 2013 Akira Matsuda <>


Fix typo

Wed Nov 27 17:54:57 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_mark_stacked_objects)

check only when check_mode > 0.

Wed Nov 27 16:07:19 2013 Aman Gupta <>

test/ruby/test_gc.rb (class TestGc)

Fix warning in test_expand_heap.

Wed Nov 27 15:55:52 2013 Aman Gupta <>

gc.c (Init_GC)

Add new GC::INTERNAL_CONSTANTS for information about GC heap/page/slot sizing.

test/ruby/test_gc.rb (class TestGc)

test for above.

Wed Nov 27 15:21:17 2013 Aman Gupta <>

gc.c (gc_page_sweep)

Fix compile warning from last commit.

hash.c (hash_aset_str)

Re-use existing variable to avoid unnecessary pointer dereferencing.

Wed Nov 27 15:12:55 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_page_sweep)

disable debug print.

Wed Nov 27 15:05:59 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_stat)

add new information heap_eden_page_length and heap_tomb_page_length.


fix to use GC.stat instead of GC.stat. This test expects `heap_eden_page_length' (used pages size).

Wed Nov 27 15:02:53 2013 Aman Gupta <>

test/ruby/test_eval.rb (class TestEval)

Use assert_same instead of assert_equal.

test/ruby/test_hash.rb (class TestHash)


test/ruby/test_iseq.rb (class TestISeq)


Wed Nov 27 14:50:02 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Announce RingServer for the same process. [ruby-trunk - Bug #9163]


Tests for the above.

Wed Nov 27 14:37:33 2013 Aman Gupta <>

test/ruby/test_eval.rb (class TestEval)

Add test for shared eval filenames via rb_fstring().

test/ruby/test_iseq.rb (class TestISeq)

Add test for shared iseq labels via rb_fstring(). [Bug #9159]

Wed Nov 27 14:24:55 2013 Aman Gupta <>

hash.c (hash_aset_str)

Use rb_fstring() to de-duplicate hash string keys. Patch by Eric Wong. [Bug #8998] [ruby-core:57727]

test/ruby/test_hash.rb (class TestHash)

test for above.

Wed Nov 27 10:39:39 2013 Aman Gupta <>


Rename rb_heap_t members: used -> page_length limit -> total_slots

Wed Nov 27 08:24:49 2013 Aman Gupta <>


Use rb_fstring() to de-duplicate string literals in code. [ruby-core:58599] [Bug #9159] [ruby-core:54405]

iseq.c (prepare_iseq_build)

De-duplicate iseq labels and source locations.

re.c (rb_reg_initialize)

Use rb_fstring() for regex string.

string.c (rb_fstring)

Handle non-string and already-fstr arguments.

vm_eval.c (eval_string_with_cref)

De-duplicate eval source filename.

Wed Nov 27 07:13:54 2013 Aaron Patterson <>


psych version 2.0.2



Wed Nov 27 06:40:18 2013 Aaron Patterson <>


fix support for negative years.




test for change. Fixes:

Wed Nov 27 04:46:55 2013 Aaron Patterson <>


fix regexp for matching TIME strings.


test for change. Fixes:

Wed Nov 27 02:26:58 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (str_new4)

copy the original capacity so that memsize of frozen shared string returns correct size.

Wed Nov 27 02:20:13 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

array.c (rb_ary_hash)

should not ignore the rest of recursive constructs.

hash.c (rb_hash_hash)


range.c (range_hash)


struct.c (rb_struct_hash)


test/-ext-/test_recursion.rb (TestRecursion)

separate from test/ruby/test_thread.rb.


Tue Nov 26 22:43:36 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (rb_hash)

cut off if recursion detected to get rid of stack overflow. [ruby-core:58567] [Bug #9151]

Tue Nov 26 20:02:39 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add tests for a_call/a_return by Brandur <> [Feature #9120]

Tue Nov 26 19:29:52 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

add useful config “set breakpoint pending on” for run.gdb.

Tue Nov 26 19:17:47 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

ext/objspace/object_tracing.c (newobj_i)

skip class_path if class is frozen. rb_class_path() can modify frozen classes (and causes errors). This patch is temporary. We need no-modification/no-allocation class path function.

Tue Nov 26 18:12:13 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


skip “exception check” and “reentrant check (only normal events) for internal events. Reentrant check for internal events are remaining.

Tue Nov 26 17:38:16 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


prohibit to specify normal events and internal events simultaneously. I will introduce special care for internal events later.


test this behavior.



Tue Nov 26 16:30:31 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

file.c (rb_readlink)

fix buffer overflow on a long symlink. since rb_str_modify_expand() expands from its length but not its capacity, need to set the length properly for each expansion. [ruby-core:58592] [Bug #9157]

Tue Nov 26 14:23:17 2013 Aman Gupta <>

ext/objspace/objspace_dump.c (dump_append_string_value)

Escape control characters for strict json parsers.

ext/objspace/objspace_dump.c (objspace_dump)

Document File/IO output option.

Tue Nov 26 11:43:19 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>


use __atomic builtin functions supported by GCC. __sync family are legacy functions now and it is recommended that new code use the __atomic functions.

check existence of __atomic functions.

Tue Nov 26 10:57:49 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


revert Gem::Specification#date for snapshot/release tarballs.

Tue Nov 26 06:42:50 2013 Aman Gupta <>


Add ObjectSpace.after_gc_{start,end}_hook=


[DOC] catch up dump/dump_all to r43679

Tue Nov 26 04:12:10 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master 612f85a. Notable changes: Fixed installation and activation of git: and path: gems via Gem.use_gemdeps Improved documentation coverage




Mon Nov 25 22:23:03 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Fix link to xmlrpc4r site [Bug #9148] Patch by Giorgos Tsiftsis

Mon Nov 25 19:48:10 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] typo fixes by @vipulnsward [Fixes GH-456]


[DOC] ditto.

Mon Nov 25 14:34:42 2013 Zachary Scott <>


bump BigDecimal to 1.2.3 for proper release date in RubyGems

Mon Nov 25 14:25:08 2013 Zachary Scott <>


Remove Gem::Specification#date We should rely on rubygems to create the date the gem was released for each version.

Mon Nov 25 06:53:30 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


do not use ruby_sized_xrealloc() and ruby_sized_xfree() if HAVE_MALLOC_USABLE_SIZE (or _WIN32) is defined. We don't need these function if malloc_usable_size() is available.


catch up this change.



array.c (ary_resize_capa)

do not use ruby_sized_xfree() with local variable to avoid “unused local variable” warning. This change only has few impact.

string.c (rb_str_resize)


Mon Nov 25 05:05:04 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


catch up GC.stat changes at r43835.

Mon Nov 25 04:45:59 2013 Koichi Sasada <>




add a new major GC reason GPR_FLAG_MAJOR_BY_OLDMALLOC.

Mon Nov 25 04:16:09 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


change terminology “…_num” to “…_slots” about slot operation. * final_num -> final_slots * objspace_live_num() -> objspace_live_slots() * objspace_limit_num() -> objspace_limit_slots() * objspace_free_num() -> objspace_free_slots()

Mon Nov 25 04:03:12 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_stat)

add internal information. * heap_swept_slot * malloc_increase * malloc_limit * remembered_shady_object * remembered_shady_object_limit * old_object * old_object_limit * oldmalloc_increase * oldmalloc_limit

gc.c (gc_stat)

rename names. * heap_live_num -> heap_live_slot * heap_free_num -> heap_free_slot * heap_final_slot -> heap_final_slot Quote from RDoc of GC.stat: “The contents of the hash are implementation specific and may be changed in the future.”


catch up this change.

Mon Nov 25 03:59:45 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


catch up last commit. Now RUBY_GC_OLDSPACE_LIMIT(…) is RUBY_GC_OLDMALLOC_LIMIT(…).

Mon Nov 25 03:10:46 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


change terminology OLDSPACE -> OLDMALLOC.

Mon Nov 25 00:50:03 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>


use __builtin_bswap16() if possible.

check existence of __builtin_bswap16().


Sun Nov 24 22:24:19 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bigxor_int)

Apply BIGLO for long in a BDIGIT expression.





Sun Nov 24 18:13:23 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

include/ruby/defines.h (SIZEOF_ACTUAL_BDIGIT)


include/ruby/ruby.h (RBIGNUM_EMBED_LEN_MAX)

Use SIZEOF_ACTUAL_BDIGIT instead of SIZEOF_BDIGITS. SIZEOF_BDIGITS can be different to sizeof(BDIGIT).

Sun Nov 24 13:49:08 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


Don't use int128_t for Bignum. It's not always faster.



Sun Nov 24 10:18:15 2013 Aman Gupta <>


Add details about new debugging features and APIs.

Sun Nov 24 09:37:20 2013 Andrew Vit <>


Optimize header hashes by freezing string keys. [ruby-core:58510]

Sun Nov 24 09:18:06 2013 Aman Gupta <>

ext/objspace/objspace_dump.c (dump_object)

Use PRIuSIZE to print size_t for better win32 compatibility.

test/objspace/test_objspace.rb (test_dump_all)

Hold reference to test string to avoid failure due to GC. Reduce size of failure message using grep(/TEST STRING/).

Sun Nov 24 08:38:00 2013 Kyle Stevens <>


If skip_lines is set to a String, convert it to a Regexp to prevent the alternative, which is that each line in the CSV gets converted to a Regexp when calling skip_lines#match.

Sun Nov 24 01:03:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_power)

Use FIX2LONG instead of FIX2INT to avoid conversion error.

Sun Nov 24 00:44:30 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (RBIGNUM_EMBED_LEN_MAX)

define by macros defined in defines.h, instead of complex and repeated expression.


Sat Nov 23 22:22:26 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (RBIGNUM_EMBED_LEN_MAX)

Limit the value to less than 8.

Sat Nov 23 19:52:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>

ext/bigdecimal/lib/bigdecimal/math.rb (BigMath.E)

Use BigMath.exp. [Feature #6857] [ruby-core:47130]

Sat Nov 23 19:46:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigMath_s_exp)

Optimize the calculation algorithm to reduce the number of divisions. This optimization was proposed by Rafal Michalski. [Feature #6857] [ruby-core:47130]

Sat Nov 23 19:20:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_div2)

The signature was changed to allow us to pass arguments directly.

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_div3)

Added for the role of the old BigDecimal_div2.

Sat Nov 23 12:31:00 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


fix global variable name. Now we have following environments (and related variable names). * RUBY_GC_HEAP_INIT_SLOTS * RUBY_GC_HEAP_FREE_SLOTS * RUBY_GC_HEAP_GROWTH_FACTOR (new from 2.1) * RUBY_GC_HEAP_GROWTH_MAX_SLOTS (new from 2.1) * obsolete * RUBY_FREE_MIN -> RUBY_GC_HEAP_FREE_SLOTS (from 2.1) * RUBY_HEAP_MIN_SLOTS -> RUBY_GC_HEAP_INIT_SLOTS (from 2.1) * RUBY_GC_MALLOC_LIMIT * RUBY_GC_MALLOC_LIMIT_MAX (new from 2.1) * RUBY_GC_MALLOC_LIMIT_GROWTH_FACTOR (new from 2.1) * RUBY_GC_OLDSPACE_LIMIT (new from 2.1) * RUBY_GC_OLDSPACE_LIMIT_MAX (new from 2.1) * RUBY_GC_OLDSPACE_LIMIT_GROWTH_FACTOR (new from 2.1)


catch up this change.

Sat Nov 23 09:45:49 2013 Aman Gupta <>

marshal.c (w_object)

Use HASH_PROC_DEFAULT directly from internal.h

Sat Nov 23 08:43:23 2013 Aman Gupta <>


Rename heap_pages_swept_num to heap_pages_swept_slots to clarify meaning (number of slots, not pages).

Sat Nov 23 08:23:23 2013 Aman Gupta <>

lib/set.rb (class SortedSet)

Fix source_location for methods defined via eval.

Sat Nov 23 03:44:03 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master dcce4ff. Important changes in this commit: Remove automatic detection of gem dependencies files. This prevents a security hole as described in [ruby-core:58490] Fixed bugs for installing git gems.




Fri Nov 22 22:30:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_power)

Round the result value only if the precision is given.

Fri Nov 22 17:20:50 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>

transcode.c (str_transcode0)

don't scrub invalid chars if str.encode doesn't have explicit invalid: :replace. workaround fix for see #8995

Fri Nov 22 17:11:26 2013 Narihiro Nakamura <>

include/ruby/intern.h, internal.h

Expose rb_gc_count().

Fri Nov 22 17:07:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>


version 1.2.2.

Fri Nov 22 17:04:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_data_type)

Use RUBY_TYPED_FREE_IMMEDIATELY only if it is available.

Fri Nov 22 16:49:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_power)

Round the result value. [Bug #8818] [ruby-core:56802]


Add a test for the above fix.

Fri Nov 22 16:25:43 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (heap_set_increment)

accept minimum additional page number.

gc.c (gc_after_sweep)

allocate pages to allocate at least RUBY_HEAP_MIN_SLOTS. [Bug #9137]

Fri Nov 22 16:19:52 2013 Narihiro Nakamura <>

include/ruby/intern.h (rb_gc_set_params)

Deprecate rb_gc_set_params because it's only used in ruby internal.

internal.h (ruby_gc_set_params)

Declare rb_gc_set_params's alias function.




use ruby_gc_set_params.

Fri Nov 22 14:55:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigMath_s_exp)

Insert rb_thread_check_ints.

Fri Nov 22 14:35:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigMath_s_exp)

Fix the inserting points of RB_GC_GUARDs.

Fri Nov 22 14:31:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>


Fix indentation.

Fri Nov 22 14:03:00 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>


merge nkf 2.1.3 2a2f2c5.

Fri Nov 22 12:43:52 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

util.c (ruby_strtod)

ignore too long fraction part, which does not affect the result.

Fri Nov 22 12:17:14 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/openssl/lib/openssl/buffering.rb (OpenSSL::Buffering#initialize)

initialize of a module should pass arguments to super.

Fri Nov 22 12:02:58 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


Ignore events from other threads.

Fri Nov 22 10:35:57 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

vm.c (ruby_vm_destruct)

do not use ruby_xfree() after freeing objspace.

gc.c (ruby_mimfree)

added. It is similar to ruby_mimmalloc().



Fri Nov 22 09:42:35 2013 Zachary Scott <>


Reverse order of assert_equal Reported by @splattael

Fri Nov 22 09:03:16 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>


fix build failure on FreeBSD introduced by r43763. malloc_usable_size() is defined by malloc_np.h on FreeBSD.

check malloc.h and malloc_np.h.

Fri Nov 22 08:27:13 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master 50a8210. Important changes in this commit: RubyGems now automatically checks for gem.deps.rb or Gemfile when running ruby executables. This behavior is similar to `bundle exec rake`. This change may be reverted before Ruby 2.1.0 if too many bugs are found.




Thu Nov 21 22:33:59 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


RGENGC_CHECK_MODE should be 0.

Thu Nov 21 21:40:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (VpAlloc)

Fix the expr to adjust the size of the digit array.

Thu Nov 21 21:36:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_sqrt)

Fix the precision of the result BigDecimal of sqrt. [Bug #5266] [ruby-dev:44450]


add tests for the above changes.

Thu Nov 21 18:49:02 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

gc.c (vm_xrealloc, vm_xfree)

use malloc_usable_size() to obtain old size if available.

Thu Nov 21 18:47:29 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/delegate.rb (SimpleDelegator#__getobj__)

target object must be set.

lib/delegate.rb (DelegateClass#__getobj__)


Thu Nov 21 18:28:42 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/tempfile.rb (Tempfile#initialize)

use class method to get rid of warnings when $VERBOSE.

Thu Nov 21 17:43:29 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


rename initial_xxx variables to They are not only used initial values. Chikanaga-san: Congratulations on RubyPrize!

Thu Nov 21 17:16:00 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


enable “RGENGC_ESTIMATE_OLDSPACE” option as default. Without this option, some application consumes huge memory.

(and there are only a few performance down) Introduced new environment variables


gc.c (initial_malloc_limit)

rename to initial_malloc_limit_min.

Thu Nov 21 16:51:34 2013 Zachary Scott <>


Teach RDoc digest/bubblebabble

Thu Nov 21 16:50:16 2013 Zachary Scott <>


Add more tests for digest/bubblebabble

Thu Nov 21 16:32:47 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/delegate.rb (Delegator#method_missing)

try private methods defined in Kernel after the target. [Fixes GH-449]

Thu Nov 21 16:25:08 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>

test/uri/test_generic.rb (URI#test_merge)

Test uri + URI(path) in addition to uri + path.

Thu Nov 21 15:36:08 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Fix HEREDOC comment for OpenSSL::Buffering which breaks overview because of RDoc bug

Thu Nov 21 14:46:57 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

eval_intern.h (SAVE_ROOT_JMPBUF)

workaround for the failure of test/ruby/test_exception.rb on Windows. wrap by __try and __exception statements on mswin to raise SIGSEGV when EXCEPTION_STACK_OVERFLOW is occurred, because MSVCRT doesn't handle the exception. however, (1) mingw-gcc doesn't support __try and __exception statements, and (2) we cannot retry SystemStackError after this change yet (maybe crashed) because SEH and longjmp() are too uncongenial.

signal.c (check_stack_overflow, CHECK_STACK_OVERFLOW)

now defined on Windows, too.

thread_win32.c (ruby_stack_overflowed_p)


Thu Nov 21 14:18:24 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Clarify Object#dup vs clone [Bug #9128] Moving existing doc for this comparison to separate section of dup Adding examples to document behavior of dup with Object#extend. Based on a patch by stevegoobermanhill

Thu Nov 21 14:06:02 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_marks_check)

do not dump all refs.

gc.c (allrefs_dump_i)

fix output format.

Thu Nov 21 13:43:07 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


change RGENGC_CHECK_MODE (>= 2) logic. Basically, make an object graph of all of living objects before and after marking and check status. [Before marking: check WB sanity] If there is a non-old object `obj' pointed from old object

(`parent') then `parent' or `obj' should be remembered. [After marking

check marking miss] Traversible objects with the object graph should be marked.

gc.c (init_mark_stack)

do not use push_mark_stack_chunk() at init. This pre-allocation causes failure on is_mark_stack_empty() without any pushing.

Thu Nov 21 13:40:20 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Clarify default observer method. By @edward [Fixes GH-450]

Thu Nov 21 13:32:53 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Documentation for OpenSSL::Engine This patch is based off work by @vbatts in GH-436 completing the documentation for this class and its methods.

Thu Nov 21 10:45:22 2013 Zachary Scott <>


Remove unused arguments from [Fixes GH-445]

Thu Nov 21 10:30:47 2013 Zachary Scott <>


Add test for Digest::SHA256.bubblebabble


Wed Nov 20 20:54:01 2013 Masaya Tarui <>


fix typo.

Wed Nov 20 19:45:22 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

random.c (rand_init)

Make it possible to specify arbitrary array for init_genrand().

Wed Nov 20 17:34:13 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

parse.y (rb_gc_mark_symbols)

set global_symbols.minor_marked only when full_mark is 0. rb_gc_mark_symbols() (with full_mark == 1) can be called by other than GC (such as rb_objspace_reachable_objects_from_root()).

Wed Nov 20 11:46:38 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>


merge JSON 1.8.1.…e09ffc0d7da25d0393873936c118c188c78dbac3

Fix https

// reported by Marc-Andre Lafortune <>. Thanks!

Add load/dump interface to JSON

:GenericObject to make serialize :some_attribute, JSON::GenericObject work in Rails active models for convenient access to serialised JSON data.

Wed Nov 20 01:39:02 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/rdoc/constant.rb (RDoc::Constant#documented?)

workaround for NoMethodError when the original of alias is not found.


Tue Nov 19 23:38:49 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (–with-os-version-style)

option to transform target OS version string.

Tue Nov 19 21:27:33 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

test/net/http/utils.rb (spawn_server)

Specify zero for port to avoid reusing an allocated port.


Don't specify port here.



Tue Nov 19 18:52:10 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (heap_is_swept_object)

use heap_page::before_sweep flag.

Tue Nov 19 18:49:32 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (rb_objspace_reachable_objects_from_root)

do major marking.

Tue Nov 19 18:45:40 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (rb_gc_resurrect)

added. rb_fstring() used rb_gc_mark() to avoid freeing used string. However, rb_gc_mark() set mark bit and pushes mark_stack. rb_gc_resurrect() does only set mark bit if it is before sweeping.

string.c (rb_fstring)

use rb_gc_resurrect.


add decl.

Tue Nov 19 09:47:02 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RDoc master a1195ce. Changes include: Improved accessibility of the main sidebar navigation. Fixed handling of regexp options in HTML source highlighting.



Tue Nov 19 09:33:52 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master 6a3d9f9. Changes include: Compatibly renamed Gem::DependencyResolver to Gem::Resolver. Added support for git gems in gem.deps.rb and Gemfile. Fixed resolver bugs.




Updated to license from RubyGems trunk. [ruby-trunk - Bug #9086]


RubyGems now indicates failure when any file is missing. [ruby-trunk - Bug #9004]


Extensions are now installed into the extension install directory and the first directory in the require path from the gem. This allows backwards compatibility with msgpack and other gems that calculate full require paths. [ruby-trunk - Bug #9106]

Tue Nov 19 07:21:56 2013 Tanaka Akira <> (LOCALTIME_OVERFLOW_PROBLEM)

Define it for cross compiling. [ruby-core:58391] [Bug #9119] Reported by Luis Lavena. Analyzed by Heesob Park.

Tue Nov 19 05:55:05 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Remove debugging puts committed by accident.


Mon Nov 18 22:47:54 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

eval_intern.h (TH_PUSH_TAG, TH_EXEC_TAG)

refine stack overflow detection. chain local tag after setjmp() successed on it, because calling setjmp() also can overflow the stack. [ruby-dev:47804] [Bug #9109]

vm_eval.c (rb_catch_obj)

now th->tag points previous tag until TH_EXEC_TAG().

thread_pthread.c (ruby_init_stack)

set stack_start properly by get_main_stack() if possible.

Mon Nov 18 22:45:49 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

eval_jump.c (rb_exec_end_proc)

unlink and free procs data before calling for each procs. [Bug #9110]


Sun Nov 17 06:33:32 2013 Shota Fukumori <>

Use $LIBS for base of $SOLIBS, also in darwin. By this fix, environment that libgmp is located in $LIBS can build ruby.

Sun Nov 17 01:56:32 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

thread_pthread.c (rb_thread_create_timer_thread)

Show error message instead of error number.



cont.c (fiber_machine_stack_alloc)



Sat Nov 16 18:28:08 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>

lib/rexml/parsers/ultralightparser.rb (REXML::Parsers::UltraLightParser#parse)

Fix wrong :start_doctype position. [Bug #9061] [ruby-dev:47778] Patch by Ippei Obayashi. Thanks!!!


Add a test for this case.

Sat Nov 16 02:13:56 2013 Masaya Tarui <>


Introduce ensure rollback mechanism. Please see below.

internal.h (ruby_register_rollback_func_for_ensure)

catch up above change. Add rollback mechanism API.

vm_core.h (typedef struct rb_vm_struct)

catch up above change. Introduce ensure-rollback relation table.

vm_core.h (typedef struct rb_thread_struct)

catch up above change. Introduce ensure stack.

eval.c (rb_ensure)

catch up above change. Introduce ensure stack.


New function for rollback ensure, and register it to ensure-rollback relation table. [ruby-dev:47803] [Bug #9105] Ensure Rollback Mechanism: A rollback's function is a function to rollback a state before ensure's function execution. When the jump of callcc is across the scope of rb_ensure, ensure's functions and rollback's functions are executed appropriately for keeping consistency. Current API is unstable, and only internal use. ruby_register_rollback_func_for_ensure(ensure_func,rollback_func) This API create relation ensure's function to rollback's function. By registered rollback's function, it is executed When jumping into corresponding rb_ensure scope.

Sat Nov 16 00:18:36 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

eval_jump.c (rb_exec_end_proc)

fix double free or corruption error when reentering by callcc. [ruby-core:58329] [Bug #9110]


test for above.


Fri Nov 15 01:06:04 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/objspace/objspace_dump.c (dump_output)

allow IO object as output, and use Tempfile.create and return open file instead of mkstemp() and path name for :file output. [ruby-core:58266] [Bug #9102]

test/objspace/test_objspace.rb (TestObjSpace#dump_my_heap_please)

remove temporary output file.


Thu Nov 14 23:39:00 2013 CHIKANAGA Tomoyuki <>


[DOC] remove example of Rational#to_d without argument. [Bug #8958]

Thu Nov 14 20:24:15 2013 Naohisa Goto <>

ruby_atomic.h (ATOMIC_SIZE_CAS)

fix compile error on Solaris since r43460.

Thu Nov 14 19:53:00 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

test/openssl/test_cipher.rb (test_aes_gcm_wrong_tag)

Don't use String#succ because it can make modified (wrong) auth_tag longer than 16 bytes. The longer auth_tag makes that EVP_CIPHER_CTX_ctrl (and internally aes_gcm_ctrl) fail. [ruby-core:55143] [Bug #8439] reported by Vit Ondruch.

Thu Nov 14 11:33:47 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (foreach_safe_i, hash_foreach_iter)

deal with error detected by ST_CHECK.

st.c (st_foreach_check)

call with non-error argument in normal case.

Thu Nov 14 02:37:14 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] This patch accomplishes the following: - Teach RDoc about ConditionVariable - Teach RDoc about Queue - Teach RDoc about SizedQueue - Use fully-qualified namespace for Document-method This is necessary to separate definitions between classes - Fix rdoc bug in call_seq vs. call-seq - Correct doc for SizedQueue#pop patch by @jackdanger [Bug #8988]

Thu Nov 14 01:11:54 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] precision is required


Wed Nov 13 19:21:36 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Document the required precision argument for Rational#to_d [Bug #8958]

Wed Nov 13 19:02:05 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Fix several typos and broken http links. Improved examples for Digest overview and fixed a broken example in Digest::HMAC overview. This patch also adds a description of Digest::SHA256.bubblebabble to the Digest overview. Patched by @stomar [Bug #9027]

Wed Nov 13 18:32:12 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Document the following: - OpenSSL::ConfigError - OpenSSL::Config::DEFAULT_CONFIG_FILE Patched by @vbatts via GH-436

Wed Nov 13 18:03:00 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Document parts of OpenSSL::ASN1::ObjectId included a fix for the class overview, which previously showed the documentation for Constructive due to missing ObjectId overview. This patch also includes a note for Primitive. Based on a patch by @vbatts via GH-436

Wed Nov 13 17:19:36 2013 Zachary Scott <>


In parse use string for str

Wed Nov 13 17:09:45 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Document the following: - Integer#to_bn - OpenSSL::Buffering module - Deprecated OpenSSL::Digest::Digest compatibility class - OpenSSL::Config These changes were based on a patch by @vbatts via GH-436

Wed Nov 13 10:55:43 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Fix typo in Special global variables section. Reported by Alex Johnson on

Wed Nov 13 10:43:19 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Adds an example for Hash#store

Wed Nov 13 09:03:40 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] add note about Bug #4044 as suggested by duerst-san in [ruby-core:43612] [Fixes GH-443] Patched by @rosenfeld


Tue Nov 12 10:15:14 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Remove unused test file.

Tue Nov 12 09:16:24 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master b9213d7. Changes include: Fixed tests on Windows (I hope) by forcing platform for platform-dependent tests. Fixed File.exists? warnings. Improved testing infrastructure.




Switch to util_spec like RubyGems.


Mon Nov 11 18:31:12 2013 Aman Gupta <>


move common string/hash flags to include file.


remove flags shared above.





Mon Nov 11 04:36:14 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Include 2.2.0.preview.2 when checking if extensions should be built. Fixes a ruby-ci failure.


Test for the above.

Mon Nov 11 03:15:56 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_trace.c (symbol2event_flag)

add secret feature. add a_call/a_return events. a_call is call | b_call | c_call, and same as a_return.

Mon Nov 11 02:51:17 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master 4bdc4f2. Important changes in this commit: RubyGems now chooses the test server port reliably. Patch by akr. Partial implementation of bundler's Gemfile format. Refactorings to improve the new resolver. Fixes bugs in the resolver.


Tests for the above.

Mon Nov 11 01:02:06 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Add note about change from #8730 [Fixes GH-440]


[DOC] Improve grammar on change to Timeout Patched by @srawlins in


Sun Nov 10 23:47:05 2013 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

gc.c (rb_gcdebug_print_obj_condition)

catch up recent changes to compile on GC_DEBUG.

Sun Nov 10 22:16:19 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

error.c (exc_cause)

captured previous exception.

eval.c (make_exception)

capture previous exception automagically. [Feature #8257]

Sun Nov 10 08:37:20 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Remove duplicate reference

Sun Nov 10 08:09:29 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] promote better windows-safe filename regular expression in DRb Logger example. Reported by Chris Pheonix [Bug #9074]

Sun Nov 10 08:03:05 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

gc.c (rb_define_finalizer, rb_undefine_finalizer)

rename and export finalizer functions.

Sun Nov 10 07:41:22 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] fix typos by @xaviershay [Fixes GH-439]

Sun Nov 10 06:14:39 2013 Charlie Somerville <>

compile.c (iseq_compile_each)

emit opt_str_freeze if the freeze method is called on a static string literal with no arguments.

defs/id.def (firstline)

add freeze so idFreeze is available

insns.def (opt_str_freeze)

add opt_str_freeze instruction which pushes a frozen string literal without allocating a new object if Object#freeze is not overridden

string.c (Init_String)

define Object#freeze

vm.c (vm_init_redefined_flag)

define BOP_FREEZE on String class as a basic operation


ditto [Feature #8992] [ruby-core:57705]

Sun Nov 10 01:34:14 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (vm_malloc_increase)

sweep immediately on GC due to malloc(). To reduce memory usage, sweep as soon as possible. This behavior is same as Ruby 2.0.0 and before.

Sun Nov 10 00:39:26 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


output version description and GC::OPTS.

Sun Nov 10 00:36:42 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

gc.c (should_be_callable)

allow private call since rb_eval_cmd calls even private methods.

Sun Nov 10 00:33:17 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] fix typo by Tsuyoshi Sawada [Bug #9077]


Sat Nov 9 22:35:35 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

tool/rbinstall.rb (Gem::Specification.load)

obtain spec date from VCS for the case using git, RUBY_RELEASE_DATE is the last resort. probably fixes [Bug #9085].

Sat Nov 9 20:56:12 2013 Narihiro Nakamura <>


use declarations in internal.h.



Sat Nov 9 20:32:59 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

test/objspace/test_objspace.rb (test_dump_all)

Make the test string shorter to be an embedded string on 32bit environment as well as 64bit environment.

Sat Nov 9 15:00:16 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] ARGF#gets may return nil [Bug #9029] patch by znz

Sat Nov 9 14:54:52 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] document various constants @steveklabnik [Bug #8812]

Sat Nov 9 14:50:09 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] document Time#w3cdtf by @steveklabnik [Bug #8821]

Sat Nov 9 14:29:04 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] fix typo in example [Bug #8944] Patched by Heesob Park

Sat Nov 9 13:59:58 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] better example for assert_send() Patch by Andrew Grimm [Bug #8975]

Sat Nov 9 12:45:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>


unify ic_constant_serial and ic_class_serial into one field ic_serial. This is possible because these fields are only ever used exclusively with each other.







Sat Nov 9 12:31:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>


unify names of vm state version counters to 'serial'. This includes renaming 'vm_state_version_t' to 'rb_serial_t', 'method_state' to 'method_serial', 'seq' to 'class_serial', 'vmstat' to 'constant_serial', etc.















Sat Nov 9 09:22:29 2013 Masaya Tarui <>

gc.c (gc_page_sweep, rgengc_rememberset_mark)

Refactoring. Get bitmaps directly.

Sat Nov 9 09:16:36 2013 Masaya Tarui <>


Refactoring. Remove duplicated nonsense code.

Sat Nov 9 09:04:48 2013 Masaya Tarui <>

gc.c (gc_marks_test)

Bugfix. Fix a struct member name for build with RGENGC_CHECK_MODE.

Sat Nov 9 08:58:23 2013 Masaya Tarui <>


Add GC_PROFILE_DETAIL_MEMORY option. If GC_PROFILE_MORE_DETAIL && GC_PROFILE_DETAIL_MEMORY, maxrss, minflt and majflt are added to each profile record.

Sat Nov 9 07:41:41 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

internal.h (rb_vm_backtrace_object, rb_gc_count)

make prototype declarations, not old-K&R style.

Sat Nov 9 06:11:14 2013 vo.x (Vit Ondruch) <>

tool/rbinstall.rb (Gem::Specification#collect)

make stable Gem::Specification#files in default .gemspecs the different order of “files” in .gemspec files makes them different therefore possibly conflicting in multilib scenario. patch by vo.x (Vit Ondruch) at [ruby-core:57544] [Bug #8623].

Sat Nov 9 01:59:18 2013 Aman Gupta <>


Add experimental methods to dump objectspace as json: ObjectSpace.dump_all and ObjectSpace.dump(obj). These methods are useful for debugging reference leaks and memory growth in large ruby applications. [Bug #9026] [ruby-core:57893] [Fixes GH-423]


tests for above.

Sat Nov 9 00:26:50 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

file.c (GetLastError)

already defined in windows.h on nowadays cygwin, and caused the confliction with the system provided definition on cygwin64. by @kou1okada [Fixes GH-433].


Fri Nov 8 18:35:31 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>


receive arguments as keyword arguments.

Fri Nov 8 13:19:26 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

io.c (rb_io_open_with_args)


io.c (rb_scan_open_args)

use const qualifier for above.

io.c (rb_open_file)


io.c (rb_io_open_with_args)


Fri Nov 8 11:35:06 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

dir.c, pack.c, ruby.c, struct.c, vm_eval.c


Fri Nov 8 10:58:02 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

compile.c (iseq_build_from_ary_exception)


compile.c (iseq_build_from_ary_body)


Fri Nov 8 10:49:34 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

enumerator.c (append_method)


enumerator.c (lazy_init_iterator)


Fri Nov 8 02:44:29 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (vm_malloc_increase)

check GVL before gc_rest_sweep(). vm_malloc_increase() can be called without GVL. However, gc_rest_sweep() assumes acquiring GVL. To avoid this problem, check GVL before gc_rest_sweep(). [Bug #9090] This workaround introduces possibility to set malloc_limit as wrong value (*1). However, this may be rare case. So I commit it. *1: Without rest_sweep() here, gc_rest_sweep() can decrease malloc_increase due to ruby_sized_xfree().

Fri Nov 8 02:50:25 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] specify arguments passed to ::random_bytes By @chastell [Fixes GH-412]

Fri Nov 8 02:43:01 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] trace_object_allocations_stop By @srawlins [Fixes GH-421]

Fri Nov 8 02:34:20 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Document Net::FTP#mdtm and .set_socket and fix spelling typo, based on patch by @artfuldodger [Fixes GH-426]

Fri Nov 8 02:14:37 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Add note about negative indices in Array overview By @ckaenzig [Fixes GH-427]

Fri Nov 8 02:09:12 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Fix typo in CSV.parse_line by @funky-bibimbap [Fixes GH-430]

Fri Nov 8 01:01:54 2013 Zachary Scott <>


syntax formatting for whitespace [Fixes GH-425] Patch by @edward


Thu Nov 7 19:36:09 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


modify malloc_limit strategy. * fix default values: GC_MALLOC_LIMIT_GROWTH_FACTOR GC_MALLOC_LIMIT: 8MB -> 16MB GC_MALLOC_LIMIT_MAX: 384MB -> 32MB * algorithm of malloc_limit increment. if (malloc_increase < malloc_limit) { next_malloc_limit = malloc_limit * factor if (malloc_limit > malloc_limit_max) { malloc_limit = malloc_increase } } This algorithm change malloc_limit from 16MB -> 32MB slowly. If malloc_limit exceeds malloc_limit_max, then increase with malloc_increase.

Thu Nov 7 11:06:05 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_ary_shuffle_bang)

use RARRAY_PTR_USE() without WB because there are not new relations.

Thu Nov 7 10:34:12 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_ary_sample)

use rb_ary_dup().

Thu Nov 7 09:39:41 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_trace.c (rb_threadptr_exec_event_hooks_orig)

errinfo should not be propagated to trace blocks so that no argument raise does not throw internal objects. [ruby-dev:47793] [Bug #9088]


Wed Nov 6 21:30:55 2013 Masaya Tarui <>

gc.c (gc_before_sweep)

Change algorithm of malloc_limit to conservative for closing to memory consumption of ruby 2.0.


Adjust parameters for new algorithm.

Wed Nov 6 21:16:51 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_ary_shift_m)

use RARRAY_PTR_USE() without WB because there are not new relations.

Wed Nov 6 21:05:20 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_ary_reverse)


Wed Nov 6 19:30:44 2013 Masaya Tarui <> (help)

add texts about gcbench.

Wed Nov 6 11:46:36 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_ary_sample)

use RARRAY_AREF() and RARRAY_PTR_USE() instead of RARRAY_PTR().

Wed Nov 6 10:37:07 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_ary_and)

defer hash creation and some refactoring.

Wed Nov 6 09:14:31 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


added. These GC benchmarks do not reflect practical applications. They are only for tuning.












added. This benchmark is added to know how fast C version of

Wed Nov 6 09:13:32 2013 Koichi Sasada <>



Wed Nov 6 07:13:18 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (Init_GC)

add GC::OPTS to show options.

Wed Nov 6 07:12:17 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add some options to make quiet.

Wed Nov 6 04:14:25 2013 Aaron Patterson <>


process merge keys before reviving objects. Fixes GH psych #168


test for change


Tue Nov 5 21:21:47 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

test/ruby/test_thread.rb (test_thread_join_in_trap)

Run the test in a different process.

Tue Nov 5 20:14:32 2013 Masaya Tarui <>

gc.c (is_live_object)

A hidden object may be a live object. [ruby-dev:47788] [Bug #9072]

Tue Nov 5 13:37:19 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add support to estimate increase of oldspace memory usage. This is another approach to solve an issue discussed at r43530. This feature is disabled as default. This feature measures an increment of memory consumption by oldgen objects. It measures memory consumption for each objects when the object is promoted. However, measurement of memory consumption is not accurate now. So that this measurement is `estimation'. To implement this feature, move memsize_of() function from ext/objspace/objspace.c and expose rb_obj_memsize_of(). Some memsize() functions for T_DATA (T_TYPEDDATA) have problem to measure memory size, so that we ignores T_DATA objects now. For example, some functions skip NULL check for pointer. The macro RGENGC_ESTIMATE_OLDSPACE enables/disables this feature, and turned off as default. We need to compare 3gen GC and this feature carefully.


expose rb_obj_memsize_of().


use rb_obj_memsize_of() function.

cont.c (fiber_memsize)

fix to check NULL.

variable.c (autoload_memsize)


vm.c (vm_memsize)


Tue Nov 5 04:03:07 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


fix default value 512MB -> 384MB. 512MB is huge.

Tue Nov 5 03:31:23 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add 3gen GC patch, but disabled as default. RGenGC is designed as 2 generational GC, young and old generation. Young objects will be promoted to old objects after one GC. Old objects are not collect until major (full) GC. The issue of this approach is some objects can promoted as old objects accidentally and not freed until major GC. Major GC is not frequently so short-lived but accidentally becoming old objects are not freed. For example, the program “loop{}” consumes huge memories because short lived objects (an array which has 1M elements) are promoted while GC and they are not freed before major GC. To solve this problem, generational GC with more generations technique is known. This patch implements three generations gen GC. At first, newly created objects are “Infant” objects. After surviving one GC, “Infant” objects are promoted to “Young” objects. “Young” objects are promoted to “Old” objects after surviving next GC. “Infant” and “Young” objects are collected if it is not marked while minor GC. So that this technique solves this problem. Representation of generations: * Infant: !FL_PROMOTED and !oldgen_bitmap [00] * Young : FL_PROMOTED and !oldgen_bitmap [10] * Old : FL_PROMOTED and oldgen_bitmap [11] The macro “RGENGC_THREEGEN” enables/disables this feature, and turned off as default because there are several problems.


catch up 3gen GC.


fix to show a prompt “[PROMOTED]” for promoted objects.

Tue Nov 5 00:05:51 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


catch up comments for last commit.

Tue Nov 5 00:02:00 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


rename FL_OLDGEN to FL_PROMOTED. This flag represents that “this object is promoted at least once.”

gc.c, debug.c, object.c

catch up this change.


Mon Nov 4 22:20:16 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


Don't use fixed ports: 8070 and 8071.

Mon Nov 4 15:25:52 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

test/xmlrpc/webrick_testing.rb (start_server)

Initialize the server at main thread to fail early.

Mon Nov 4 10:08:17 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

eval_intern.h (TH_EXEC_TAG, TH_JUMP_TAG)

get rid of undefined behavior of setjmp() in rhs of assignment expression. [ISO/IEC 9899:1999]


Sun Nov 3 23:06:51 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


Make temporary file names unique.

Sun Nov 3 20:41:17 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


Wrap definitions by TestXMLRPC module.

Sun Nov 3 20:23:38 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

test/xmlrpc/webrick_testing.rb (stop_server)

Don't try to shutdown the server if the server is not started.

Sun Nov 3 09:35:47 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

load.c (rb_feature_p)

deal with default loadable suffixes.

load.c (load_lock)

initialize statically linked extensions.

load.c (search_required, rb_require_safe)

deal with statically linked extensions.

load.c (ruby_init_ext)

defer initialization of statically linked extensions until required actually. [Bug #8883]


Sat Nov 2 15:14:33 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/logger.rb (Logger::LogDevice::LogDeviceMutex#lock_shift_log)

open file can't be removed or renamed on Windows. [ruby-dev:47790] [Bug #9046]

test/logger/test_logger.rb (TestLogDevice#run_children)

don't use fork.

Sat Nov 2 07:08:43 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>


Inter-process locking for log rotation Current implementation fails log rotation on multi process env. by sonots <> fix GH-428 [Bug #9046]


Fri Nov 1 23:24:31 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

gc.c (wmap_mark_map)

mark live objects only, but delete zombies. [ruby-dev:47787] [Bug #9069]

Fri Nov 1 22:45:54 2013 Masaya Tarui <>

gc.c (struct heap_page, gc_page_sweep, gc_sweep)

Refactoring for performance. Add before_sweep condition to heap_page structure.

gc.c (rb_gc_force_recycle)

Use before_sweep member.

gc.c (heap_is_before_sweep, is_before_sweep)

Remove. They have not already been used.

Fri Nov 1 22:20:28 2013 Masaya Tarui <>

gc.c (make_deferred)

Refactoring. Collect codes which should be atomic.

gc.c (make_io_deferred, obj_free, rb_objspace_call_finalizer, gc_page_sweep)

Correspond to the above.

Fri Nov 1 21:40:35 2013 Masaya Tarui <>

gc.c (typedef struct rb_objspace)

Refactoring. Move some members into profile member.

gc.c (newobj_of)

Correspond to the above.

gc.c (finalize_list)


gc.c (objspace_live_num)


gc.c (gc_page_sweep)


gc.c (rb_gc_force_recycle)


gc.c (garbage_collect_body)


gc.c (rb_gc_count)


gc.c (gc_stat)


gc.c (gc_prof_set_heap_info)


gc.c (gc_profile_dump_on)


Fri Nov 1 20:53:56 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_str_scrub)

fix typo, should yield invalid byte sequence to be scrubbed. reported by znz at IRC.

Fri Nov 1 17:25:30 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

gc.c (is_live_object)

finalizer may not run because of lazy-sweep. [ruby-dev:47786] [Bug #9069]

Fri Nov 1 16:55:52 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_str_scrub)

export with fixed length arguments, and allow nil as replacement string instead of omitting.

Fri Nov 1 06:20:44 2013 KOSAKI Motohiro <>

thread.c (rb_mutex_struct)

reduce rb_mutex_t size by 8 bytes on 64bit platform. Patch by Eric Wong. [Feature #9068]

Fri Nov 1 01:08:33 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


print HWM (high water mark) if possible.


Thu Oct 31 21:48:31 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>


Add dependency file require. [Bug #9062] [ruby-dev:47779] Reported by Ippei Obayashi. Thanks!!!

Thu Oct 31 14:09:32 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_method.c (rb_method_entry_make)

fix to pass an ISeq value. OBJ_WRITTEN() accepts only VALUE.


Wed Oct 30 19:07:57 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>

misc/ruby-additional.el (ruby-brace-to-do-end, ruby-do-end-to-brace, ruby-toggle-block)

Remove functions that are already in the latest released version of Emacs (24.3). [Bug #7565]

Wed Oct 30 12:44:28 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/Makefile.sub (config.status)

add missing variables, PLATFORM_DIR and THREAD_MODEL.

Wed Oct 30 12:20:32 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

time.c (v2w)

Normalize a rational value to an integer if possible. [ruby-core:58070] [Bug #9059] reported by Isaac Schwabacher.

Wed Oct 30 12:08:41 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_ary_uniq_bang)

use rb_ary_modify_check() instead of rb_ary_modify() because the array will be unshared soon.

Wed Oct 30 03:25:10 2013 Aaron Patterson <>


make less garbage when testing if a string is binary.

Wed Oct 30 03:08:24 2013 Aaron Patterson <>


string subclasses should not be considered to be binary. Fixes Psych / GH 166


test for fix


Tue Oct 29 23:01:18 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_ary_zip)

some refactoring.

Tue Oct 29 22:11:37 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_ary_uniq_bang)

use st_foreach() instead of for loop.

Tue Oct 29 20:01:58 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

add RUBY_TYPED_FREE_IMMEDIATELY to data types which only use safe functions during garbage collection such as xfree(). On default, T_DATA objects are freed at same points as finalizers. This approach protects issues such as reported by [ruby-dev

35578]. However, freeing T_DATA objects immediately helps heap usage. Most of T_DATA (in other words, most of dfree functions) are safe. However, we turned off RUBY_TYPED_FREE_IMMEDIATELY by default for safety.



















































Tue Oct 29 19:48:33 2013 Koichi Sasada <>



Tue Oct 29 18:45:08 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_trace.c (tp_free)

removed because empty free function. Use RUBY_TYPED_NEVER_FREE instead.

Tue Oct 29 18:37:33 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


introduce new flags for T_TYPEDDATA. * RUBY_TYPED_FREE_IMMEDIATELY: free the data given by DATA_PTR() with dfree function immediately. Otherwise (default), the data freed at finalization point. * RUBY_TYPED_WB_PROTECTED: make this object with FL_WB_PROTECT

gc.c (obj_free)


Tue Oct 29 16:49:03 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (vm_malloc_increase)

decrease it more carefully.

Tue Oct 29 16:24:52 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (heap_page_resurrect)

return a page in tomb heap even if freelist is NULL.

Tue Oct 29 15:46:30 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ruby_atomic.h (ATOMIC_SIZE_CAS)

new macro, compare and swap size_t.

Tue Oct 29 12:08:05 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

ext/readline/readline.c (readline_getc)

Consider NULL as input.

Tue Oct 29 11:10:08 2013 Aman Gupta <>

gc.c (gc_profile_total_time)

fix off-by-one error in GC::Profiler.total_time.

test/ruby/test_gc.rb (class TestGc)

test for above.

Tue Oct 29 09:53:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>

insns.def, vm.c, vm_insnhelper.c, vm_insnhelper.h, vm_method.c

split ruby_vm_global_state_version into two separate counters - one for the global method state and one for the global constant state. This means changes to constants do not affect method caches, and changes to methods do not affect constant caches. In particular, this means inclusions of modules containing constants no longer globally invalidate the method cache.

class.c, eval.c, include/ruby/intern.h, insns.def, vm.c, vm_method.c

rename rb_clear_cache_by_class to rb_clear_method_cache_by_class

class.c, include/ruby/intern.h, variable.c, vm_method.c

add rb_clear_constant_cache

compile.c, vm_core.h, vm_insnhelper.c

rename vmstat field in rb_call_info_struct to method_state


rename vmstat field in struct cache_entry to method_state


Mon Oct 28 23:26:04 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

test/readline/test_readline.rb (teardown)

Clear Readline.input and Readline.output.

Mon Oct 28 21:35:31 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

ext/-test-/file/depend, ext/-test-/postponed_job/depend, ext/-test-/tracepoint/depend

New files for dependencies.

Mon Oct 28 15:32:18 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/openssl/depend (ossl.o)

work around of dependency of thread_native.h, which depends on headers by THREAD_MODEL. [ruby-dev:47777]



Mon Oct 28 14:57:01 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

load.c (ruby_init_ext)

share feature names between frame name and provided features.

Mon Oct 28 14:41:27 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>


Import ruby-electric.el 2.1 from * Hitting the newline-and-indent key within a comment fires comment-indent-new-line. * Introduce a new feature `ruby-electric-autoindent-on-closing-char`. * Fix fallback behavior of ruby-electric-space/return that caused error with auto-complete.

Mon Oct 28 13:17:17 2013 Or Cohen <>

error.c (name_err_to_s)

remove no longer needed overriding, since r30455 which made exc_to_s almost same. Fixes [GH-413].

Mon Oct 28 12:42:11 2013 Tanaka Akira <>, ext/objspace/depend, ext/coverage/depend, ext/-test-/debug/depend, ext/date/depend

Update dependencies.

Mon Oct 28 09:29:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>


vm_clear_all_cache is not necessary now we use a 64 bit counter for global state version.


ruby_vm_global_state_version overflow is unnecessary

Mon Oct 28 07:47:32 2013 Aman Gupta <>

vm_backtrace.c (rb_profile_frame_classpath)

do not use rb_inspect directly, since it might have a custom implementation or show ivars.

Mon Oct 28 04:10:41 2013 Aman Gupta <>

vm_backtrace.c (rb_profile_frame_classpath)

handle singleton methods defined directly on an object.


test for above.

Mon Oct 28 00:52:36 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

struct.c (new_struct)

fix warning message, class name and encoding.


Sun Oct 27 20:53:08 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


Include ruby/thread.h for rb_thread_call_without_gvl2.

(readline_rl_instream, readline_rl_outstream)

Record FILE structures allocated by this extension.


New function extracted from readline_getc.


New function.


Use rb_thread_call_without_gvl2 to invoke getc_func. [ruby-dev:47033] [Bug #8749]

(clear_rl_instream, clear_rl_outstream)

Close FILE structure allocated by this extension reliably. [ruby-core:57951] [Bug #9040]


Use clear_rl_instream and clear_rl_outstream.


Set readline_rl_instream.


Set readline_rl_outstream.


Don't call readline_s_set_input because readline_getc doesn't block other threads for any FILE structure now. [ruby-dev:47033] [Bug #8749] reported by Nobuhiro IMAI. [ruby-core:57951] [Bug #9040] reported by Eamonn Webster.


Sat Oct 26 19:31:28 2013 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>


catch up recent changes to compile on GC_DEBUG, RGENGC_CHECK_MODE.

Sat Oct 26 19:08:00 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

range.c (range_initialize_copy)

disallow to modify after initialized.

Sat Oct 26 17:48:54 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/open-uri.rb (meta_add_field)

: Re-implemented. [ruby-core:58017] [Bug #9051] patch by Eamonn Webster.

Sat Oct 26 14:35:09 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_profile_dump_on)

use “Page” terminology.

Sat Oct 26 13:25:45 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_sweep, gc_heap_lazy_sweep)

fix measurement code. We only need one sweep time measurement without lazy sweep.

Sat Oct 26 11:59:13 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


Include ELF header after system headers (especially sys/types.h) to avoid compilation failure, “usr/include/sh3/elf_machdep.h:4:2: error: error Define _BYTE_ORDER!”, on NetBSD/sh3 (dreamcast, hpcsh, landisk, mmeye).

Sat Oct 26 11:35:22 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


tuning parameters.


change default value to 16MB.


change default value to 2.0.

gc.c (gc_before_sweep)

change decrease ratio of `malloc_limit' from 1/4 to 1/10.

Sat Oct 26 11:30:07 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (vm_malloc_increase)

do gc_rest_sweep() before GC. gc_rest_sweep() can reduce malloc_increase, so try it before GC. Otherwise, malloc_increase can be less than malloc_limit at gc_before_sweep(). This means that re-calculation of malloc_limit may be wrong value.

Sat Oct 26 06:35:41 2013 Masaya Tarui <>

gc.c (gc_before_heap_sweep)

Restructure code to mean clearly. heap->freelist is connected to end of list.

Sat Oct 26 04:01:35 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_before_heap_sweep)

fix freelist management. After rb_gc_force_recycle() for a object belonging to heap->freelist, `heap->using_page->freelist' is not null.


Thu Oct 24 12:45:53 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Document first argument also takes string for: rb_mod_const_get, rb_mod_const_set, rb_mod_const_defined Also added note about NameError exception for invalid constant name

Thu Oct 24 12:23:58 2013 KOSAKI Motohiro <>

thread.c (rb_thread_terminate_all)

add a comment why we need state check and call terminate_i again.

Thu Oct 24 12:15:02 2013 KOSAKI Motohiro <>

thread.c (rb_thread_terminate_all)

add a comment why infinite sleep is safe.

Thu Oct 24 07:41:42 2013 Aman Gupta <>


add new initial_growth_max tuning parameter. [ruby-core:57928] [Bug #9035]

gc.c (heap_set_increment)

when initial_growth_max is set, do not grow number of slots by more than growth_max at a time.

gc.c (rb_gc_set_params)

load optional new tuning value from RUBY_HEAP_SLOTS_GROWTH_MAX environment variable.

test/ruby/test_gc.rb (class TestGc)

test for above.

Thu Oct 24 01:34:12 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/win32.h (rb_infinity_float)

suppress overflow in constant arithmetic warnings. [ruby-core:57981] [Bug #9044]


Wed Oct 23 23:48:28 2013 Aman Gupta <>


Rename free_min to min_free_slots and free_min_page to max_free_slots. The algorithm for heap growth is: if (swept_slots < min_free_slots) pages++ if (swept_slots > max_free_slots) pages–

Wed Oct 23 22:51:03 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/Makefile.sub (config.h)

VC 2013 supports C99 mathematics functions. [ruby-core:57981] [Bug #9044]

Wed Oct 23 19:13:18 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


move increment from heap to heap_pages. Share `increment' information with heaps.


change ratio of heap_pages_free_min_page to 0.80. This change means slow down page freeing speed.

Wed Oct 23 17:52:03 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (heap_pages_free_unused_pages)

cast to (int) for size_t variable `i'.

Wed Oct 23 17:39:35 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


introduce tomb heap. Tomb heap is where zombie objects and ghost (freed slot) lived in. Separate from other heaps (now there is only eden heap) at sweeping helps freeing pages more efficiently. Before this patch, even if there is an empty page at former phase of sweeping, we can't free it. Algorithm:

Wed Oct 23 14:20:56 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_prof_sweep_timer_stop)

catch up recent changes to compile on GC_PROFILE_MORE_DETAIL=1.

Wed Oct 23 11:43:27 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] fix rdoc format of File#expand_path from r43386


Tue Oct 22 21:58:28 2013 URABE Shyouhei <>

vm_core.h (enum)

avoid syntax error.





Tue Oct 22 19:53:16 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (Init_heap)

move logics from heap_pages_init() and remove heap_pages_init().

Tue Oct 22 19:19:05 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


allow multiple heaps. Now, objects are managed by page. And a set of pages is called heap. This commit supports multiple heaps in the object space. * Functions heap_* and rb_heap_t manages heap data structure. * Functions heap_page_* and struct heap_page manage page data structure. * Functions heap_pages_* and struct rb_objspace_t::heap_pages maintains all pages. For example, pages are allocated from the heap_pages. See and for more details. Now, there is only one heap called `eden', which is a space for all new generated objects.

Tue Oct 22 18:26:12 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/pp.rb (object_address_group)

Use Kernel#to_s to obtain the class name and object address. This fix a problem caused by %p in C generates variable length address. Reported by ko1 via IRC.

Tue Oct 22 16:57:48 2013 Benoit Daloze <>

file.c (File#expand_path)

[DOC] improve documentation of File#expand_path. Based on patch by Prathamesh Sonpatki. [ruby-core:57734] [Bug #9002]

Tue Oct 22 15:59:51 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

dir.c (glob_helper)

don't skip current directories if FNM_DOTMATCH is given. [ruby-core:53108] [Bug #8006]

Tue Oct 22 14:53:11 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


exterminate Zombies. There is a bug that T_ZOMBIE objects are not collected. Because there is a pass to miss finalizer postponed job with multi-threading. This patch solve this issue.

vm_trace.c (rb_postponed_job_register_one)

set RUBY_VM_SET_POSTPONED_JOB_INTERRUPT(th) if another same job is registered. There is a possibility to remain a postponed job without interrupt flag.

vm_trace.c (rb_postponed_job_register_one)

check interrupt carefully.

vm_trace.c (rb_postponed_job_register_one)

use additional space to avoid buffer full.

gc.c (gc_finalize_deferred_register)

check failure.

thread.c (rb_threadptr_execute_interrupts)

check `postponed_job_interrupt' immediately. There is a possibility to miss this flag.

Tue Oct 22 12:11:16 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

check if the given CFLAGS and LDFLAGS are working, and bail out early if not.

Tue Oct 22 00:06:57 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

file.c (rb_file_exists_p)

warn deprecated name. [Bug #9041]


Mon Oct 21 23:57:53 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

encoding.c (load_encoding)

should preserve outer errinfo, so that expected exception may not be lost. [ruby-core:57949] [Bug #9038]


Sun Oct 20 15:41:22 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

io.c (rb_io_reopen)

create a new, temporary FD via rb_sysopen and call rb_cloexec_dup2 on it to atomically replace the file fptr->fd points to. This leaves no possible window where fptr->fd is invalid to userspace (even for any threads running w/o GVL). based on the patch by Eric Wong <> at [ruby-core:57943]. [Bug #9036]

Sun Oct 20 15:29:05 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

error.c (rb_syserr_fail_path_in)

new function split from rb_sys_fail_path_in to raise SystemCallError without errno.

internal.h (rb_syserr_fail_path)

like rb_sys_fail_path but without errno.

Sun Oct 20 13:58:47 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_obj_wb_unprotect, rb_obj_written), (rb_obj_write)

suppress unused-parameter warnings.

Sun Oct 20 10:32:48 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update RubyGems to master 0886307. This commit improves documentation and should bring ruby above 75% documented on rubyci.

Sun Oct 20 09:30:56 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master 3de7e0f. Changes: Only attempt to build extensions for newly-installed gems. This prevents compilation attempts at gem activation time for gems that already have extensions built. Fix crash in the dependency resolver for dependencies that cannot be resolved.



Sun Oct 20 05:24:29 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

variable.c (rb_class2name)

should return real class name, not singleton class or iclass.

Sun Oct 20 04:18:48 2013 Aman Gupta <>

variable.c (rb_class2name)

call rb_tmp_class_path() directly to avoid extra rb_str_dup() from rb_class_name().


Sat Oct 19 19:59:02 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/file.c (code_page)

use simple array instead of st_table.

encoding.c (rb_locale_encindex)

defer initialization of win32 code page table until encoding db loaded.

Sat Oct 19 08:25:05 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


fix rb_objspace_t. * make “struct heap” and move most of variables in rb_objspace_t::heap. * rename rb_objspace_t::heap::sorted to rb_objspace_t::heap_sorted_pages and make a macro heap_sorted_pages. * rename rb_objspace_t::heap::range to rb_objspace_t::heap_range and rename macros lomem/himem to heap_lomem/heap_himem.

Sat Oct 19 07:14:40 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master 42543b6. Changes: Fix `gem update` for gems with multiple platforms.



Sat Oct 19 06:55:52 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master 0a3814b. Changes: Fixed extension directory in Gem::Specification#require_paths. Allow installation of gems when $HOME is nonexistent or unwritable. Use proper API in InstallCommand. Improve support for path option in gem dependency files. Remove warnings.




Fri Oct 18 15:23:34 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


change terminology of heap. Change “slot” to “page”. “Slot” is a space of RVALUE. 1. “Heap” consists of a set of “heap_page”s (pages). 2. Each “heap_page” has “heap_page_body”. 3. “heap_page_body” has RVALUE (a.k.a. “slot”) spaces. 4. “sorted” is a sorted array of “heap_page”s, sorted by address of heap_page_body (for “is_pointer_to_heap”). See .

Fri Oct 18 09:40:43 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master cee6788. Changes: Fix test failure on vc10-x64 Server on due to attempting to File.chmod where it is not supported. Continuing work on improved gem dependencies file (Gemfile) support.



Fri Oct 18 06:02:49 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master f738c67. Changes: Fixed test bug for ruby with ENABLE_SHARED = no



Fri Oct 18 00:57:07 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/tsort.rb (TSort.tsort)

Extracted from TSort#tsort.


Extracted from TSort#tsort_each.


Extracted from TSort#strongly_connected_components.


Extracted from TSort#each_strongly_connected_component.


Thu Oct 17 18:50:08 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


introduced. This macro enable checker compare with allocated memory and declared old_size of sized_xfree and sized_xrealloc.

Thu Oct 17 18:45:41 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

string.c (STR_HEAP_SIZE)

includes TERM_LEN(str).

string.c (rb_str_memsize)


Thu Oct 17 17:43:00 2013 Shugo Maeda <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_call_method)

set ci->me to 0 when the original method of a refined method is undef to avoid SEGV.

vm_method.c (rb_method_entry_without_refinements)

return 0 when the original method of a refined method is undef to avoid SEGV.


related test.

Thu Oct 17 17:38:36 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c, internal.h

rename ruby_xsizefree/realloc to rb_sized_free/realloc.


catch up these changes.



Thu Oct 17 17:32:51 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

array.c, string.c

use ruby_xsizedfree() and ruby_xsizedrealloc().

internal.h (SIZED_REALLOC_N)

define a macro as REALLOC_N().

Thu Oct 17 17:11:17 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/win32.c (console_emulator_p)

check by comparison between module handle of WriteConsoleW and kernel32.dll., win32/Makefile.sub, win32/setup.mak

no longer need psapi.lib.

Thu Oct 17 16:53:30 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c, internal.h

add new internal memory management functions. * void *ruby_xsizedrealloc(void *ptr, size_t new_size, size_t old_size) * void ruby_xsizedfree(void *x, size_t size) These functions accept additional size parameter to calculate more accurate malloc_increase parameter which control GC timing. [Feature #8985]

Thu Oct 17 14:21:34 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/file.c (rb_file_expand_path_internal)

fix memory leaks at a non-absolute home exception.

Thu Oct 17 14:06:39 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

ext/objspace/object_tracing.c (newobj_i)

fix memory leak. There is possibility to remain info due to missing FREEOBJ event. FREEOBJ events are skipped while suppress_tracing state, for example, during trace events are invoking.

Thu Oct 17 12:30:16 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/tsort.rb (TSort.each_strongly_connected_component_from)

Extracted from TSort#each_strongly_connected_component_from.

Thu Oct 17 11:07:06 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master 941c21a. Changes: Restored method bundler wants to remove for compatibility. Improvements to Gemfile compatibility.



Thu Oct 17 08:08:11 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

ext/objspace/object_tracing.c (newobj_i)

add workaround. some bugs hits this check.

ext/objspace/object_tracing.c (object_allocations_reporter_i)

cast as pointer.

Thu Oct 17 07:36:53 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master 2abce58. Changes: Fixed documentation generation when sdoc and json are installed as gems. Added some missing documentation.

Thu Oct 17 07:10:26 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Cleaned up formatting consistency of rdoc comments for Curses, including period spacing and column width. This patch also fixed some typos. Thanks to @postmodern for the patch! [Fixes GH-420]

Thu Oct 17 06:58:42 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] plural grammar fixed by @scott113341 Contributed via documenting-ruby/ruby#16

Thu Oct 17 05:52:31 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Document io/nonblock by reprah [Fixes GH-418] based on the original discussion from documenting-ruby/ruby#18

Thu Oct 17 05:40:33 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (objspace_each_objects)

do not skip empty RVALUEs.

Thu Oct 17 05:31:31 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

error.c (rb_bug_reporter_add)

return simply 0 if failed. Please check return value.

Thu Oct 17 05:17:33 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add new method ObjectSpace.trace_object_allocations_debug_start for GC debugging. If you encounter the BUG “… is T_NONE” (and so on) on your application, please try this method at the beginning of your app.


Wed Oct 16 22:35:27 2013 Zachary Scott <>


use rb_cIO instead of VALUE

Wed Oct 16 17:45:13 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


check nil before calling `signal?' for a process status.

Wed Oct 16 17:37:17 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

error.c, internal.h (rb_bug_reporter_add)

add a new C-API. rb_bug_reporter_add() allows to register a function which is called at rb_bug() called.


add a test for this C-API.





Wed Oct 16 15:14:21 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add a line into NEWS for last commit.

Wed Oct 16 15:09:14 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add a new method `reachable_objects_from_root'. ObjectSpace.reachable_objects_from_root returns all objects referred from root (called “root objects”). This feature is for deep object analysis.


add a test.

Wed Oct 16 15:00:21 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master b955554. Changes: Fixed NameError for Gem::Ext due to re-entering file lookup in RubyGems' overridden require. Bug by Koichi Sasada. Fixed possible circular require warning in tests. Used existing constant for `gem install -g` dependency file list.



Wed Oct 16 09:42:42 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master 278d00d. Changes: Fixes building extensions without a “clean” make rule Adds gem dependency file autodetection to “gem install -g”


Tests for the above.

Wed Oct 16 09:12:23 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems master commit 2a74263. This fixes several bugs in RubyGems 2.2.0.preview.1.



Wed Oct 16 07:25:02 2013 Aman Gupta <>

gc.c (gc_mark_roots)

rename roots to be categories instead of function names.


Tue Oct 15 19:18:13 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.h (rb_objspace_reachable_objects_from_root)

added. This API provides information which objects are root objects. `category' shows what kind of root objects.

gc.c (gc_mark_roots)

separate from gc_marks_body().

Tue Oct 15 17:47:59 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


Fix a typo. MacOS X doesn't have ENOTSUPP.


Mon Oct 14 12:32:52 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ruby.c (process_options)

load statically linked extensions before rubygems, because of ext/thread.

ruby.c (process_options)

use gem_prelude instead of requiring rubygems directly when –enable=gems is given. (DEFAULT_PRELUDES)

always use gem_prelude regardless of –disable-rubygems.

Mon Oct 14 11:07:51 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/mkmf.rb (have_framework)

should append framework options to $LIBS, not $LDFLAGS. The former is propagated to when enable-static-linked-ext.

lib/mkmf.rb (create_makefile)

ranlib on static library, not DLLIB.


Sun Oct 13 23:53:40 2013 Andrew Grimm <>


Fix spelling from compliment to complement. Patch by @agrimm.



Sun Oct 13 20:59:27 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm.c (Init_BareVM)

initialize defined_module_hash here, Init_top_self() is too late to register core classes/modules.

compile.c (compile_array_)

no hash to merge if it is empty.

vm.c (m_core_hash_merge_kwd)

just check keys if only one argument is given, without merging.


Sat Oct 12 06:35:01 2013-10-11 Eric Hodel <>


Update to rake 10.1.0






Update NEWS to include rake 10.1.0 and links to release notes.

Sat Oct 12 03:26:04 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

class.c, variable.c, gc.c (rb_class_tbl)


vm.c, vm_core.h (rb_vm_add_root_module)

added to register as a defined root module or class. This guard helps mark miss from defined classes/modules they are only referred from C's global variables in C-exts. Basically, it is extension's bug. Register to hash object VM has. Marking a hash objects allows generational GC supports.


disable (revert).

Sat Oct 12 03:24:49 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_method.c (rb_gc_mark_unlinked_live_method_entries)

revert last commit to introduce debug prints.


Fri Oct 11 21:05:19 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

internal.h, parse.y

use `full_mark' instead of `full_marking'.

Fri Oct 11 20:58:16 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


use terminology `full_mark' instead of `minor_gc' in mark functions.

Fri Oct 11 20:46:09 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


use __GNUC__ instead of __GCC__.

Fri Oct 11 20:35:59 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c, parse.y

support generational Symbol related marking. Each symbols has String objects respectively to represent Symbols. These objects are marked only when: * full marking * new symbols are added This hack reduce symbols (related strings) marking time. For example, on my Linux environment, the following code “20_000_000.times{''}” with 40k symbols (similar symbol number on Rails 3.2.14 app, @jugyo tells me) boosts, from 7.3sec to 4.2sec.


change prototype of rb_gc_mark_symbols().

Fri Oct 11 19:27:22 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>


Import ruby-electric.el 2.0.1 which fixes a bug and a flaw with auto-end introduced in the revamp. * ruby-forward-sexp is inappropriate here because it moves the cursor past the keyword. * Fix a reversed looking-back check in ruby-electric–block-beg-keyword-at-point-p. * Do not add end again if space or return is hit repeatedly after a block beginning keyword.

Fri Oct 11 18:12:47 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


prohibit reentrant.

Fri Oct 11 18:11:34 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_trace.c (rb_postponed_job_flush)

fix bit operation.

Fri Oct 11 17:33:24 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>


Import ruby-electric.el 2.0 from which integrates changes from another fork by @qoobaa. * Allow ruby-electric-mode to be disabled by introducing a dedicated key map. Electric key bindings are now defined in ruby-electric-mode-map instead of overwriting ruby-mode-map. * Add ruby-electric-mode-hook. * Use a remap in binding ruby-electric-delete-backward-char. * Totally revamp electric keywords and then introduce electric return. Modifier keywords are now properly detected making use of ruby-mode's indentation level calculator, and * block-mid keywords (then, else, elsif, when, rescue and ensure) also become electric with automatic reindentation. * Add standardized comments for ELPA integration. * Fix interaction with smartparens-mode by disabling its end keyword completion, since ruby-electric has become more clever at it. * The custom variable `ruby-electric-keywords` is changed to `ruby-electric-keywords-alist`, allowing user to fine-grained configuration.

Fri Oct 11 16:53:28 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_trace.c (rb_postponed_job_flush)


Fri Oct 11 03:36:49 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

thread.c (rb_threadptr_execute_interrupts)

flush postponed job only once at last.

vm_trace.c (rb_postponed_job_flush)

defer calling postponed jobs registered while flushing to get rid of infinite reentrance of ObjectSpace.after_gc_start_hook. [ruby-dev:47400] [Bug #8492]


Thu Oct 10 23:04:00 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_ary_or)

remove unused variables.

Thu Oct 10 23:01:16 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_ary_or)

use rb_hash_keys().

Thu Oct 10 21:36:16 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_ary_compact_bang)

use ary_resize_smaller().

Thu Oct 10 17:25:28 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

vm.c (vm_exec)

support :b_return event for “lambda{return}.call”. [Bug #8622]


add a test.

Thu Oct 10 13:52:37 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_trace.c (postponed_job)

use preallocated buffer. Pre-allocate MAX_POSTPONED_JOB (1024) sized buffer and use it. If rb_postponed_job_register() cause overflow, simply it fails and returns 0. And maybe rb_postponed_job_register() is signal safe.


change data structure.

Thu Oct 10 11:11:33 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm.c (Init_VM)

hide also the singleton class of frozen-core, not only frozen-core itself.

Thu Oct 10 06:02:08 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


fix r43224. local variable `e' is no longer available.

Thu Oct 10 00:02:35 2013 Yusuke Endoh <>

numeric.c (fix_aref)

avoid a possible undefined behavior. 1L << 63 on 64-bit platform is undefined, at least, according to ISO/IEC 9899 (C99) 6.5.7.


Wed Oct 9 23:57:02 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

object.c (id_for_attr)

avoid inadvertent symbol creation.

Wed Oct 9 18:03:01 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_method.c (rb_attr)

preserve encoding of the attribute ID in error message.

Wed Oct 9 17:40:16 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_fstring)

because of lazy sweep, str may be unmarked already and swept at next time, so mark it for the time being. [ruby-core:57756]

Wed Oct 9 13:53:14 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

compar.c (cmp_eq)

fail if recursion. [ruby-core:57736] [Bug #9003]

thread.c (rb_exec_recursive_paired_outer)

new function which is combination of paired and outer variants.

Wed Oct 9 09:18:14 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

include/ruby/debug.h, vm_backtrace.c (rb_profile_frame_full_label)

add new C API rb_profile_frame_full_label() which returns label with qualified method name. Note that in future version of Ruby label() may return same return value of full_label().

ext/-test-/debug/profile_frames.c, test/-ext-/debug/test_profile_frames.rb

fix a test for this change.

Wed Oct 9 00:55:51 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

load.c (load_lock)

display backtrace to $stderr at circular require.

vm_backtrace.c (rb_backtrace_print_to)

new function to print backtrace to the given output.


Tue Oct 8 21:03:35 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_backtrace.c, include/ruby/debug.h

add new APIs * VALUE rb_profile_frame_method_name(VALUE frame) * VALUE rb_profile_frame_qualified_method_name(VALUE frame)

iseq.c (rb_iseq_klass), internal.h

add new internal function rb_iseq_method_name().

ext/-test-/debug/profile_frames.c (profile_frames), test/-ext-/debug/test_profile_frames.rb

add a test.

Tue Oct 8 16:11:11 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

array.c (rb_ary_uniq)

use rb_hash_values(), as well as the case no block is given.


define rb_hash_values() as internal API.

Tue Oct 8 13:53:21 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_ary_uniq)

use rb_hash_keys().


define rb_hash_keys() as internal API.

hash.c (rb_hash_keys)


Tue Oct 8 10:56:39 2013 KOSAKI Motohiro <>


disable FIBER_USE_NATIVE on GNU/Hurd because it doesn't support a combination getcontext() and threads. Patch by Gabriele Giacone ( [Bug #8990]

Tue Oct 8 05:58:12 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/time.rb (Time.strptime)

Time.strptime('0', '%s') returns local time Time object as Ruby 2.0 and before.

Tue Oct 8 05:40:37 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Rebuild Travis CI's “ruby-head” version on successful build. Patch by Konstantin Haase. [Fixes GH-417]

Tue Oct 8 04:28:25 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>


Use preceding-char/following-char

Tue Oct 8 04:12:45 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>

misc/ruby-additional.el (ruby-mode-set-encoding)

Add a missing else clause to unbreak with `cp932`, etc.

misc/ruby-mode.el (ruby-mode-set-encoding)


Tue Oct 8 03:57:34 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>

misc/ruby-additional.el (ruby-mode-set-encoding)

Use `default-buffer-file-coding-system` if the :prefer-utf-8 property is not available.

misc/ruby-mode.el (ruby-mode-set-encoding)


misc/ruby-additional.el (ruby-encoding-map)

Override the default value.

Tue Oct 8 03:19:19 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>

misc/ruby-additional.el (ruby-mode-set-encoding)

Add support for `prefer-utf-8` which was introduced in Emacs trunk.

misc/ruby-additional.el (ruby-encoding-map)

Add a mapping from `japanese-cp932` to `cp932` to fix the problem where saving a source file written in Shift_JIS twice would end up having `coding: japanese-cp932` which Ruby could not recognize.

misc/ruby-additional.el (ruby-mode-set-encoding)

Add support for encodings mapped to nil in `ruby-encoding-map`.

misc/ruby-additional.el (ruby-encoding-map)

Map `us-ascii` and `utf-8` to nil by default, meaning they need not be explicitly declared in magic comment.

misc/ruby-additional.el (ruby-encoding-map)

Add type declaration for better customize UI.


Ditto for the above.

Tue Oct 8 00:14:53 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>


Add a standard header and footer, including (provide 'ruby-additional).


Mon Oct 7 22:52:45 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>

misc/ruby-electric.el (ruby-electric-space-can-be-expanded-p)

Return nil to avoid “end” insertion when in smartparens-mode that is configured to insert “end” for the same keyword.

misc/ruby-electric.el (ruby-electric-keywords)

New custom variable to replace `ruby-electric-simple-keywords-re` with.

Mon Oct 7 22:52:16 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>


Use preceding-char/following-char

Mon Oct 7 22:45:20 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


split long conditions.

Mon Oct 7 20:29:31 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] typo in Time.rb overview by @srt32 [Fixes GH-416]

Mon Oct 7 20:07:20 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/time.rb (Time.strptime)

Use :offset. Patch by Felipe Contreras. [ruby-core:57694]

Mon Oct 7 16:47:27 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


rename class C to something long name because one test depends on absence of class ::C.

Mon Oct 7 16:33:10 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


test/-ext-/debug/test_profile_frames.rb: add a test for new C-APIs.

Mon Oct 7 16:12:36 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add backtrace collecting APIs for profiler. * int rb_profile_frames(int start, int limit, VALUE *buff, int *lines); Collect information of frame information. * VALUE rb_profile_frame_path(VALUE frame); * VALUE rb_profile_frame_absolute_path(VALUE frame); * VALUE rb_profile_frame_label(VALUE frame); * VALUE rb_profile_frame_base_label(VALUE frame); * VALUE rb_profile_frame_first_lineno(VALUE frame); * VALUE rb_profile_frame_classpath(VALUE frame); * VALUE rb_profile_frame_singleton_method_p(VALUE frame); Get information about each frame. These APIs are designed for profilers, for example, no object allocation, and enough information for profilers. In this version, this API collects only Ruby level frames. This issue will be fixed after Ruby 2.1.


implement above APIs.

iseq.c (rb_iseq_klass)

return local_iseq's class.

Mon Oct 7 14:26:01 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


catch up last commit. Type of return value of rb_iseq_first_lineno() is now VALUE.

vm_insnhelper.c (argument_error)


vm_method.c (rb_method_entry_make)


Mon Oct 7 14:07:45 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

iseq.c, internal.h

change to public (but internal) functions * VALUE rb_iseq_path(VALUE iseqval); * VALUE rb_iseq_absolute_path(VALUE iseqval); * VALUE rb_iseq_label(VALUE iseqval); * VALUE rb_iseq_base_label(VALUE iseqval); * VALUE rb_iseq_first_lineno(VALUE iseqval); And new (temporary) function: * VALUE rb_iseq_klass(VALUE iseqval);

iseq.c. vm_core.h (int rb_iseq_first_lineno)

remove function `int rb_iseq_first_lineno(const rb_iseq_t *iseq)'. Use `VALUE rb_iseq_first_lineno(VALUE iseqval)' instead.

proc.c. vm_insnhelper.c, vm_method.c

catch up this change.


Sun Oct 6 08:37:39 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] fix grammar in WEBrick overview [Fixes GH-413] Based on patch by @chastell


Sat Oct 5 11:21:01 2013 Aaron Pfeifer <>

thread.c (terminate_atfork_i)

fix locking mutexes not unlocked in forks when not tracked in thread. [ruby-core:55102] [Bug #8433]


Fri Oct 4 19:54:09 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Fix wrong constant name in DBM by @edward [Fixes GH-409]

Fri Oct 4 19:49:42 2013 Aman Gupta <>


rename heap.free_num as heap.swept_num to clarify meaning and avoid confusion with objspace_free_num().

Fri Oct 4 19:02:01 2013 Aman Gupta <>

gc.c (objspace_free_num)

new method for available/free slots on heap. [ruby-core:57633] [Bug #8983]

gc.c (gc_stat)

change heap_free_num definition to use new method.


test for above.

Fri Oct 4 18:53:42 2013 Aman Gupta <>


add rb_objspace.limit to keep accurate count of total heap slots [ruby-core:57633] [Bug #8983]

Fri Oct 4 09:32:33 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/csv.rb (CSV.foreach)

support enumerator. based on a patch by Hanmac (Hans Mackowiak) at [ruby-core:57643]. [ruby-core:57283] [Feature #8929]


Thu Oct 3 18:20:47 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/win32.c (console_emulator_p, constat_handle)

disable built-in console colorizing when console-emulator-like DLL is injected. [Feature #8201]

Thu Oct 3 18:01:44 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


define gc_profile_record::allocated_size if CALC_EXACT_MALLOC_SIZE is true.

Thu Oct 3 13:42:51 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (yes-test-sample)

use RUNRUBY instead of MINIRUBY to set runtime library path and run the built ruby. [Bug #8971]

Thu Oct 3 00:17:15 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>


Properly quote the body. An unquoted body given to eval-after-load is evaluated immediately!


Wed Oct 2 21:38:30 2013 Yusuke Endoh <>

ext/socket/ifaddr.c (rsock_getifaddrs)

fix possible memory leak. When a system had no interface, this function used xmalloc for root but did not return any reference to it. This patch fixes it by immediately returning an empty array if no interface is found. Coverity Scan found this bug.

Wed Oct 2 21:37:04 2013 Yusuke Endoh <>

random.c (make_seed_value)

a local array declaration was accessed out of scope. Coverity Scan found this bug.

Wed Oct 2 18:52:40 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


relax GC condition due to malloc_limit.


change default value

gc.c (vm_malloc_increase, vm_xrealloc)

do not cause GC on realloc.

gc.c (gc_before_sweep)

change debug messages.

Wed Oct 2 16:26:49 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

io.c (rb_io_close_read)

duplex IO should wait its child process even after close_read.

Wed Oct 2 15:39:13 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>


use __has_attribute() instead of __clang__major__ because clang says “Note that marketing version numbers should not be used to check for language features, as different vendors use different numbering schemes. Instead, use the Feature Checking Macros.”

Wed Oct 2 14:19:57 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

io.c (rb_io_close_write)

detach tied IO for writing before closing to get rid of race condition. [ruby-list:49598]

io.c (rb_io_close_read)

keep fptr in write_io to be discarded, to fix freed pointer access when it is in use by other threads, and get rid of potential memory/fd leak.


Tue Oct 1 23:44:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>


use __attribute__((unused)) in UNINITIALIZED_VAR on clang 4.0+ instead of just on 4.2. Clang has supported the unused attribute since before version 4, so this should be safe.

Tue Oct 1 22:03:48 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/tempfile.rb (Tempfile#unlink)

finalizer is no longer needed after unlinking. patched by by normalperson (Eric Wong) at [ruby-core:56521] [Bug #8768]

Tue Oct 1 20:54:33 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

file.c (stat_new_0)


file.c (rb_stat_new)

constify and export. based on a patch by Hanmac (Hans Mackowiak) at [ruby-core:53225]. [Feature #8050]

Tue Oct 1 16:03:42 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (ruby_safe_level_4_warning)

needed by extension libraries which check safe level 4. [ruby-dev:47517] [Bug #8652]


Mon Sep 30 23:14:36 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Cleaned up many rdoc formatting issues and several duplicate grammar bugs.

Mon Sep 30 23:01:01 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Adjust rdoc formatting and fix small grammar typo

Mon Sep 30 17:28:39 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


[DOC] add some notes for ObjectSpace.trace_object_allocations.

Mon Sep 30 16:46:58 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add new 3 methods to control tracing. * ObjectSpace.trace_object_allocations_start * ObjectSpace.trace_object_allocations_stop * ObjectSpace.trace_object_allocations_clear And some refactoring.


add a test for new methods.


add a description for new methods.

Mon Sep 30 11:18:04 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (rb_gc_disable)

do rest_sweep() before disable GC. This fix may solve a failure of TestTracepointObj#test_tracks_objspace_events [test/-ext-/tracepoint/test_tracepoint.rb:43].

Mon Sep 30 10:40:20 2013 Shugo Maeda <>

vm_method.c (rb_undef)

raise a NameError if the original method of a refined method is not defined.

vm_insnhelper.c (rb_method_entry_eq)

added NULL check to avoid SEGV.


related test.


Sun Sep 29 23:45:42 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (rb_id_attrset, intern_str)

allow junk attrset ID for Struct.

parse.y (rb_id_attrset)

fix inconsistency with literals, allow ID_ATTRSET and return it itself, but ID_JUNK cannot make ID_ATTRSET. and raise a NameError instead of rb_bug() for invalid argument.

Sun Sep 29 18:45:05 2013 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_callee_setup_arg_complex, vm_yield_setup_block_args)

clear keyword arguments to prevent GC bug which occurs while marking VM stack. [ruby-dev:47729] [Bug #8964]


tests for the above.


Sat Sep 28 23:25:56 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

math.c (math_log, math_log2, math_log10)

fix for Bignum argument. numbits should be add only when right shifted.

Sat Sep 28 14:30:29 2013 KOSAKI Motohiro <>


{libc, libm} detection now handle GNU/Hurd correctly. Patch by Gabriele Giacone ( [Bug #8937]



Sat Sep 28 00:19:41 2013 Shugo Maeda <>


check the size of chtype.

ext/curses/curses.c (NUM2CH, CH2NUM)

use proper macros for the size of chtype. [ruby-core:56090] [Bug #8659]


Fri Sep 27 18:33:23 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add two GC tuning environment variables. RUBY_GC_MALLOC_LIMIT_MAX and RUBY_GC_MALLOC_LIMIT_GROWTH_FACTOR. See r43067 for details.

gc.c (rb_gc_set_params)

refactoring. And change verbose notation. Mostly duplicated functions get_envparam_int/double is not cool. Please rewrite it.


fix a test for this change.

Fri Sep 27 17:44:41 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


8,000,000 -> 8 * 1,024 * 1,024.

Fri Sep 27 17:19:39 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_before_sweep)

cast to size_t to suppress warnings.

Fri Sep 27 17:07:55 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add some fine-grained profiling codes to tuning marking phase. If you enable RGENGC_PRINT_TICK to 1, then profiling results by RDTSC

Fri Sep 27 16:32:27 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


simplify threshold of GC caused by malloc_increase. Now, malloc_limit is increased/decreased by mysterious logic. This fix simplify malloc_limit increase/decrease logic such as: if (malloc_increase > malloc_limit) /* so many malloc */ malloc_limit += malloc_limit * (GC_MALLOC_LIMIT_FACTOR-1); else malloc_limit -= malloc_limit * (GC_MALLOC_LIMIT_FACTOR-1)/4; Default value of GC_MALLOC_LIMIT_FACTOR is 1.8. malloc_limit is bounded by GC_MALLOC_LIMIT_MAX (256MB by default). This logic runs at gc_before_sweep(). So there are no effect from caused by lazy sweep. And we can remove malloc_increase2.


rename to GC_HEAP_MIN_SLOTS, GC_FREE_MIN, GC_HEAP_GROWTH_FACTOR respectively. Check them by `#ifndef' so you can specify these values outside gc.c.

gc.c (ruby_gc_params_t)

add initial_malloc_limit_factor and initial_malloc_limit_max.

gc.c (vm_malloc_prepare, vm_xrealloc)

use vm_malloc_increase to add and check malloc_increase.

Fri Sep 27 01:05:00 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] arguments of Regexp.union receive to_regexp [Bug #8205]

Fri Sep 27 00:39:27 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] grammar of ArgumentError in [Bug #8936] Patch by Prathamesh Sonpatki


Thu Sep 26 22:11:56 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] several fixes by @chastell This includes fixing the capitalization of Infinity, return value of example “'NaN') == 0.0”, and code style in example. [Fixes GH-398]

Thu Sep 26 22:08:11 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] syntax improvement in example by @chastell [Fixes GH-400]

Thu Sep 26 22:03:15 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] typo in overview by @chastell [Fixes GH-399]

Thu Sep 26 22:00:42 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] typo in example by @zoranzaric [Fixes GH-401]

Thu Sep 26 21:07:49 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>

misc/ruby-electric.el (ruby-electric-delete-backward-char)

Add support for smartparens-mode.

misc/ruby-electric.el (ruby-electric-cua-replace-region-maybe, ruby-electric-cua-delete-region-maybe)

New functions that combine `ruby-electric-cua-*-region` with `ruby-electric-cua-*-region-p`, using a slightly better way to detect if it is in cua-mode.

Thu Sep 26 16:51:00 2013 Shota Fukumori <>

insns.def (opt_regexpmatch2)

Check String#=~ hasn't overridden before calling rb_reg_match().


Test for above.

vm.c (vm_init_redefined_flag)

Add BOP flag for String#=~ [ruby-core:57385] [Bug #8953]

Thu Sep 26 16:43:42 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>


Avoid use of the interactive function `self-insert-command` which fires `post-self-insert-hook` and `post-command-hook`, to make the ruby-electric commands work nicely with those minor modes that make use of them to do similar input assistance, such as electric-pair-mode, autopair-mode and smartparens-mode.

Thu Sep 26 16:24:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>

insns.def (opt_regexpmatch1)

check Regexp#=~ is not defined before calling rb_reg_match()


add test

vm.c (ruby_vm_redefined_flag)

change type to short[]

vm.c (vm_redefinition_check_flag)

return REGEXP_REDEFINED_OP_FLAG if klass == rb_cRegexp

vm.c (vm_init_redefined_flag)

setup BOP flag for Regexp#=~


add REGEXP_REDEFINED_OP_FLAG [ruby-core:57385] [Bug #8953]

Thu Sep 26 14:46:49 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

gc.c (mark_locations_array)

disable AddressSanitizer. based on a patch by halfie (Ruby Guy) at [ruby-core:57372]. [ruby-core:56155] [Bug #8680]


Wed Sep 25 17:41:29 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


remove description of RARRAY_PTR() and add a caution of accessing internal data structure directly. Also add a description of rb_ary_store(). [Bug #8399]

Wed Sep 25 17:12:08 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


rename RARRAY_RAWPTR() to RARRAY_CONST_PTR(). RARRAY_RAWPTR(ary) returns (const VALUE *) type pointer and usecase of this macro is not acquire raw pointer, but acquire read-only pointer. So we rename to better name. RSTRUCT_RAWPTR() is also renamed to RSTRUCT_CONST_PTR()

array.c, compile.c, cont.c, enumerator.c, gc.c, proc.c, random.c, string.c, struct.c, thread.c, vm_eval.c, vm_insnhelper.c

catch up this change.

Wed Sep 25 16:58:33 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

internal.h (rb_float_value, rb_float_new)

move inline functions from ruby/ruby.h.

numeric.c (rb_float_value, rb_float_new)

define external functions for extension libraries.

Wed Sep 25 15:37:02 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add a guard for windows.

Wed Sep 25 09:53:11 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Fix CVE-2013-4363. Miscellaneous minor improvements.


Tests for the above.


Tue Sep 24 17:38:56 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_str_inspect)

get rid of out-of-bound access.

string.c (rb_str_inspect)

when a UTF-16/32 string doesn't have a BOM, inspect as a dummy encoding string.

Tue Sep 24 17:15:10 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

enc/encdb.c (ENC_DUMMY_UNICODE)

make BOM-encodings dummy.

encoding.c (enc_autoload)

keep dummy encodings dummy.

Tue Sep 24 16:41:15 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/win32/lib/win32/registry.rb (Win32::Registry#write)

data size is in bytes, not chars. terminators should be placed automatically.

Tue Sep 24 16:39:36 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/win32/lib/win32/registry.rb (Win32::Registry#each_value)

encode name.

ext/win32/lib/win32/registry.rb (Win32::Registry#each_key)


ext/win32/lib/win32/registry.rb (Win32::Registry#export_string)

encode to locale encoding if default internal is not set.

Tue Sep 24 16:35:09 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/win32/lib/win32/registry.rb (Win32::Registry::API#EnumKey)

size of the name is in WCHARs, not in bytes.

Tue Sep 24 14:07:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>

gc.c (free_method_cache_entry_i)

unused function

gc.c (rb_free_mc_table)


internal.h (method_cache_entry_t)

unused struct

vm_method.c (verify_method_cache)

remove unused variable

vm_method.c (rb_method_entry)


Tue Sep 24 14:01:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>

class.c (class_alloc)

remove mc_tbl

gc.c (obj_free)


internal.h (struct rb_classext_struct)


method.h (rb_method_entry)

remove ent param


restore the global method cache. Per class cache tables turned out to be far too slow. [ruby-core:57289] [Bug #8930]

Tue Sep 24 12:51:07 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/win32/lib/win32/registry.rb (Win32::Registry::API)

need Constants.

ext/win32/lib/win32/registry.rb (Win32::Registry::API#EnumValue)

size of the name is in WCHARs, not in bytes.


Mon Sep 23 22:16:09 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

enc/encdb.c, enc/utf_16_32.h (ENC_DUMMY_UNICODE)

Unicode with BOM must be based on big endian variants, so that actual encodings would work. [ruby-core:57318] [Bug #8940]

Mon Sep 23 12:11:26 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

hash.c (env_each_pair)

do not call rb_assoc_new() if it isn't needed.

Mon Sep 23 10:42:30 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

test/ruby/test_module.rb (TestModule#test_include_toplevel)

test for top level main.include. based on a part of the patch by kyrylo at [GH-395].

Mon Sep 23 05:07:49 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/intern.h (rb_ary_cat)

move from internal.h, since it is described in README.EXT.


Sun Sep 22 20:55:20 2013 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_make_proc_with_iseq)

fix bug message. This is follow up to changes in r42637.

Sun Sep 22 20:35:38 2013 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

ext/-test-/tracepoint/tracepoint.c (Init_tracepoint)

prevent from GC.

Sun Sep 22 19:00:28 2013 Benoit Daloze <>


revert r42990, benchmark scripts should be self-contained and avoid dependencies, especially such small one. See


Sat Sep 21 20:11:06 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

process.c (rb_fork_internal)

remove cloexec setting on pipes created by rb_cloexec_pipe. patch by normalperson (Eric Wong) at [ruby-core:56523]. [Bug #8769]

Sat Sep 21 01:04:25 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] grammar of Benchmark#bm [Bug #8888] Patch by Prathamesh Sonpatki

Sat Sep 21 00:50:02 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Enumerator#each arguments documentation [GH-388] Patch by @kachick

Sat Sep 21 00:49:16 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Enumerable#to_a accepts arguments [GH-388] Patch by @kachick

Sat Sep 21 00:47:44 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_str_conv_enc_opts)

make sure to scan coderange to get rid of unnecessary conversion.

Sat Sep 21 00:21:08 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Document OpenSSL::SSLServer Based on a patch by Rafal Lisowski [Bug #8758]


Fri Sep 20 23:54:03 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] correct gserver.rb license [Bug #8913]

Fri Sep 20 23:48:34 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] merge upstream typo fix by @GreenGeorge

Fri Sep 20 23:37:40 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] SecureRandom.hex length argument [Fixes GH-394] Patch by @avdi

Fri Sep 20 23:34:48 2013 Zachary Scott <>


removed duplicate code [Fixes GH-393] Patch by @gouravtiwari

Fri Sep 20 23:24:08 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (btest, btest-ruby, test-knownbug)

add $(RUN_OPTS) to ruby to be run, so that tests are runnable before making exts. (test-sample)

ditto, and use $(MINIRUBY) as rubytest.rb does not need extension libraries.


pass $(RUN_OPTS) to testing ruby using –run-opt.

Fri Sep 20 15:01:46 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (intern_str)

sigil only names are junk, at least one identifier character is needed. [ruby-dev:47723] [Bug #8928]

parse.y (rb_enc_symname_type)

fix out of bound access.

Fri Sep 20 14:14:32 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

ext/-test-/printf/printf.c (printf_test_call)

Fix an end of buffer argument.


Thu Sep 19 16:59:02 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (lambda)

adjust position to the beginning of the block.

Thu Sep 19 16:25:06 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vsnprintf.c (BSD_vfprintf)

initialize cp so that size is 0 in the commented case. fix an accidental bug at r16716.

Thu Sep 19 14:33:14 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add a news for r42974.

Thu Sep 19 14:12:02 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


make Symbol objects frozen. [Feature #8906] I want to freeze this good day, too.


catch up this change.


add a test to check frozen symbols.

Thu Sep 19 09:11:33 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update for RDoc 4.1.0.preview.1 and RubyGems 2.2.0.preview.1

Thu Sep 19 08:59:41 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Fix trailing whitespace. Previously kpeg (which generates this file) added trailing whitespace, but this bug is now fixed.



Thu Sep 19 08:33:14 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RDoc 4.1.0.preview.1 RDoc 4.1.0 contains a number of enhancements including a new default style and accessibility support. You can see the changelog here:



Thu Sep 19 07:16:26 2013 Aaron Patterson <>


updating Psych version



Thu Sep 19 06:39:40 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Switch the iterative resolver algorithm from recursive to iterative to avoid possible SystemStackError.

Thu Sep 19 06:29:30 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems 2.2.0.preview.1 This brings several new features to RubyGems summarized here:




Wed Sep 18 23:14:58 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

string.c (rb_str_enumerate_lines)

make String#each_line and lines not raise invalid byte sequence error when it is called with an argument. The patch also causes performance improvement. [ruby-dev:47549] [Bug #8698]

test/ruby/test_m17n_comb.rb (test_str_each_line)

remove assertions which check that String#each_line and lines will raise an error if the receiver includes invalid byte sequence.

Wed Sep 18 16:32:15 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

proc.c (mnew_from_me)

allocate structs after allocated wrapper object successfully, to get rid of potential memory leak.


Tue Sep 17 15:54:03 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/shell/command-processor.rb (Shell::CommandProcessor#find_system_command)

return executable file only, should ignore directories and unexecutable files. [ruby-core:57235] [Bug #8918]

lib/test/unit/assertions.rb (Test::Unit::Assertions#assert_throw)

assertion for throw. MiniTest::Assertions#assert_throws discards the caught value.

lib/test/unit/assertions.rb (Test::Unit::Assertions#assert_nothing_thrown)

returns the result of the given block.

Tue Sep 17 12:55:58 2013 Eric Hodel <>


[DOC] Replace paragraphs in verbatim sections with plain paragraphs to improve readability as ri and HTML.


Mon Sep 16 07:32:35 2013 Tadayoshi Funaba <>


removed meaningless lines.



Mon Sep 16 00:44:23 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>


define MSG_FASTOPEN. [ruby-core:57138] [Feature #8897]


Sun Sep 15 13:31:23 2013 Tadayoshi Funaba <>

rational.c (nurat_div)

reverted r28844, r28886 and r28887. REASON: Nobuyoshi Nakada <>'s commits are buggy. So Rational#/ may produce exact number with inexact number. Moreover, without reducing. REALLY NONSENSE COMMITS. A bug report by me [ruby-dev:44710] is also caused by this behavior. Kenta Murata <> patched it up. But he did not fix the origin. Today, the bug is still alive in ruby 1.9.3 and 2.0.0.


Sat Sep 14 06:08:10 2013 Eric Hodel <>

dir.c (dir_s_glob)

[DOC] Improve wording and layout.

dir.c (file_s_fnmatch)


dir.c (Init_Dir)

[DOC] Document File::Constants::FNM_XXX constants. (These won't show up in RDoc until a new RDoc is imported.)


Fri Sep 13 10:40:28 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems 2.1.3 Fixed installing platform gems Restored concurrent requires Fixed installing gems with extensions with –install-dir Fixed `gem fetch -v` to install the latest version Fixed installing gems with “./” in their files entries


Tests for the above.


Updated for RubyGems 2.1.3


Thu Sep 12 14:58:58 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>

lib/uri/generic.rb (URI::Generic.find_proxy)

return nil if http_proxy environment variable is empty string. [ruby-core:57140] [Bug #8898]

Thu Sep 12 22:40:03 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (RUBY_CHECK_SIGNEDNESS)

macro to check signedness of a type. (size_t)

must be unsigned. [ruby-core:57149] [Feature #8890]

Thu Sep 12 22:37:08 2013 Anton Ovchinnikov <>

ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c, ext/digest/md5/md5.c, ext/json/fbuffer/fbuffer.h, ext/json/generator/generator.c

Eliminate less-than-zero checks for unsigned variables. According to section 4.1.5 of C89 standard, size_t is an unsigned type. These checks were found with 'cppcheck' static analysis tool. [ruby-core:57117] [Feature #8890]

Thu Sep 12 21:35:46 2013 Naohisa Goto <> (libruby-static.a)

change LDFLAGS order. LDFLAGS may include library path that should be specified before LIBS. [ruby-dev:47707] [Bug #8901]

Thu Sep 12 20:07:29 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vsnprintf.c (MAXEXP, MAXFRACT)

calculate depending on constants in float.h.

vsnprintf.c (BSD_vfprintf)

limit length for cvt() to get rid of buffer overflow. [ruby-core:57023] [Bug #8864]

vsnprintf.c (exponent)

make expbuf size more precise.


Wed Sep 11 17:30:45 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (RUNRUBY)

append – only after runruby.rb, not cross-compiling baseruby, so that $(RUN_OPT) can be command line options. [ruby-dev:47703] [Bug #8893]

Wed Sep 11 07:55:17 2013 KOSAKI Motohiro <>

thread.c (rb_mutex_unlock)

Mutex#unlock no longer raise an exception even if uses on trap. [Bug #8891]


Tue Sep 10 14:37:01 2013 Shota Fukumori <>

vm_backtrace.c (vm_backtrace_to_ary)

Ignore the second argument if it is nil. [Bug #8884] [ruby-core:57094]

test/ruby/test_backtrace.rb (test_caller_with_nil_length)

Test for above.

Tue Sep 10 12:39:17 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

class.c (method_entry_i)

should exclude refined methods from instance method list. [ruby-core:57080] [Bug #8881]

Tue Sep 10 12:05:04 2013 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>

io.c (rb_f_printf)

[DOC] add missing parenthesis in rdoc.

Tue Sep 10 10:08:00 2013 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>


Update RubyGems note.

Tue Sep 10 09:51:22 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Update to RubyGems 2.1.0. Fixes CVE-2013-4287. See for CVE information. See for release notes.


Tests for the above.


Mon Sep 9 21:31:45 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


Remove spaces between SI prefix and unit to follow SI brochure.





Mon Sep 9 16:55:59 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_method.c (rb_add_refined_method_entry)

clear cache in the refined class since refining a method entry is modifying the class. [ruby-core:57079] [Bug #8880]

Mon Sep 9 09:14:58 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

tool/rbinstall.rb (Gem::Specification#initialize)

default date to RUBY_RELEASE_DATE. [ruby-core:57072] [Bug #8878]

tool/rbinstall.rb (Gem::Specification#to_ruby)

add date.


Sun Sep 8 16:01:54 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

rational.c (f_gcd)

Relax the condition to use GMP.

Sun Sep 8 13:56:38 2013 Masaki Suketa <>

ext/win32ole/win32ole.c (folevariant_initialize)

check type of element of array.

test/win32ole/test_win32ole_variant.rb (test_s_new_ary)



Sat Sep 7 21:33:10 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

math.c (math_log)

Test the sign for bignums.





Sat Sep 7 20:25:47 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

math.c (math_log)

Support bignums bigger than 2**1024.





Sat Sep 7 15:36:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>

vm_eval.c (vm_call0)

fix prototype, the id parameter should be of type ID, not VALUE

vm_insnhelper.c (check_match)

the rb_funcall family of functions does not care about refinements. We need to use rb_method_entry_with_refinements instead to call === with refinements. Thanks to Jon Conley for reporting this bug. [ruby-core:57051] [Bug #8872]


add test

Sat Sep 7 13:49:40 2013 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

variable.c (classname)

the name of class that has non class id should not be nil. This bug was introduced in r36577.


test for change.

Sat Sep 7 13:29:22 2013 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

lib/find.rb (Find.find)

respect the encodings of arguments. [ruby-dev:47530] [Feature #8657]


add tests.

Sat Sep 7 10:40:32 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

ext/socket/mkconstants.rb (TCP_FASTOPEN)

Defined for TCP fast open. [ruby-core:57048] [Feature #8871] patch by Masaki Matsushita.


Fri Sep 6 23:53:31 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

use RUNRUBY instead of MINIRUBY because MINIRUBY can't require extension libraries. The patch is from nobu


for build ext/thread/thread.c.






removed and replaced by ext/thread/thread.c.


Queue, SizedQueue and ConditionVariable implementations in C. This patch is based on patches from panaggio

(Ricardo Panaggio) and funny_falcon (Yura Sokolov) and ko1 (Koichi Sasada). [ruby-core

31513] [Feature #3620]

test/thread/test_queue.rb (test_queue_thread_raise)

add a test for ensuring that killed thread should be removed from waiting threads. It is based on a code by ko1 (Koichi Sasada). [ruby-core:45950]

Fri Sep 6 22:47:12 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

Define ac_cv_func_clock_getres to yes for mingw*.

Fri Sep 6 21:04:10 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


Include gmp.h if GMP is used.


New macro.


New function.


Renamed from f_gcd.


New function.


Invoke rb_gcd_gmp or f_gcd_normal.

internal.h (rb_gcd_normal)





New directory.


New directory.

Fri Sep 6 14:23:22 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/win32.c (clock_getres)

required as well as clock_gettime(). [ruby-dev:47699] [Bug #8869]

Fri Sep 6 11:45:27 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

transcode.c (rb_econv_append)

new function to append a string data with converting its encoding. split from rb_econv_substr_append.

Fri Sep 6 02:37:22 2013 Aaron Patterson <>


use double quotes when strings start with special characters.


test for change.

Fri Sep 6 00:05:14 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

class.c (rewrite_cref_stack)

remove recursion.


Thu Sep 5 18:05:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>

string.c (fstring_cmp)

take string encoding into account when comparing fstrings [ruby-core:57037] [Bug #8866]


add test

Thu Sep 5 17:25:49 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_fstring, rb_str_free)

use st_data_t instead of VALUE.

string.c (rb_fstring)

get rid of duplicating already frozen object.

Thu Sep 5 14:01:22 2013 Eric Hodel <>


The Integer acceptable now allows binary and hexadecimal numbers per the documentation. [ruby-trunk - Bug #8865] DecimalInteger, OctalInteger, DecimalNumeric now validate their input before converting to a number. [ruby-trunk - Bug #8865]


Tests for the above, tests for all numeric acceptables for existing behavior.

Thu Sep 5 13:49:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>




add rb_fstring() prototype

string.c (rb_fstring)

deduplicate frozen string literals

string.c (rb_str_free)

delete fstrings from frozen_strings table when they are GC'd

string.c (Init_String)

initialize frozen_strings table

Thu Sep 5 12:48:00 2013 Kenta Murata <> (with_gmp)

set with_gmp no if it is empty.

Thu Sep 5 10:41:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_getivar)

use class sequence to check class identity, instead of pointer + vm state

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_setivar)


Thu Sep 5 08:20:58 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (GMP_DIV_DIGITS)

New macro.


New function.






Use bary_divmod_branch.



internal.h (rb_big_divrem_gmp)


Thu Sep 5 06:22:42 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bary_divmod_normal)

Reduce temporary array allocations.

Thu Sep 5 02:17:06 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (rb_big_divrem_normal)

Add GC guards.

Thu Sep 5 00:38:32 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (rb_big_divrem_normal)

New function.

internal.h (rb_big_divrem_normal)



New file.


New file.

Thu Sep 5 00:08:44 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bigdivrem_normal)



New function.


Use bary_divmod_normal.


Use bary_divmod_normal.


Wed Sep 4 23:02:12 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bigdivrem)

Useless declaration removed.

Wed Sep 4 22:56:49 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

numeric.c (NUM_STEP_GET_INF)

split from NUM_STEP_SCAN_ARGS(), since inf is not used in num_step_size().

Wed Sep 4 20:22:43 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bigdivrem_normal)

Add assertions.

Wed Sep 4 19:18:40 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

internal.h (vm_state_version_t)

prefer LONG_LONG to uint64_t.

Wed Sep 4 16:28:14 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

internal.h (vm_state_version_t)

use uint64_t when it is larger than LONG_LONG, and fallback to unsigned long.

Wed Sep 4 15:37:05 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>


fix r42789. Fix conversion table and logic. [ruby-dev:47680]

Wed Sep 4 14:08:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>

class.c, compile.c, eval.c, gc.h, insns.def, internal.h, method.h, variable.c, vm.c, vm_core.c, vm_insnhelper.c, vm_insnhelper.h, vm_method.c

Implement class hierarchy method cache invalidation. [ruby-core:55053] [Feature #8426] [GH-387]

Wed Sep 4 11:13:40 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (str_gsub)

use BEG(0) for whole matched position not return value from rb_reg_search(), for K matching. [ruby-dev:47694] [Bug #8856]

Wed Sep 4 11:11:37 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (SOLIBS)

LIBRUBY_SO also needs linking with gmp, to run worker processes in test-all on non-ELF platforms.


Tue Sep 3 23:01:41 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>

test/rexml/parser/test_tree.rb (TestTreeParser::TestInvalid#test_unmatched_close_tag)

Compute expected value from test value.

Tue Sep 3 22:59:58 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>

lib/rexml/parsers/treeparser.rb (REXML::Parsers::TreeParser#parse)

Add source information to parse exception on no close tag error. [Bug #8844] [ruby-dev:47672] Patch by Ippei Obayashi. Thanks!!!


Add a test for the above case.

Tue Sep 3 22:57:57 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>


Fix test name to describe test content.

Tue Sep 3 22:54:46 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>

lib/rexml/parsers/treeparser.rb (REXML::Parsers::TreeParser#parse)

Remove needless nested parse exception information. [Bug #8844] [ruby-dev:47672] Reported by Ippei Obayashi. Thanks!!!


Add a test for the above case.

Tue Sep 3 22:03:49 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (rb_enc_str_new_cstr)

new function to create a string from the C-string pointer with the specified encoding.

Tue Sep 3 21:41:37 2013 Akira Matsuda <>

eval.c (Init_eval)

Make Module#include and Module#prepend public [Feature #8846]

test/ruby/test_module.rb (class TestModule)

Test for above

Tue Sep 3 21:35:19 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

thread_pthread.c (sys/dyntune.h)

for gettune().

thread_pthread.c (hpux_attr_getstackaddr)

fix missing *. [ruby-core:56983] [Feature #8793]

Tue Sep 3 20:12:46 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


New macro.


New function.


Use str2big_gmp for big bignums.


New function.

internal.h (rb_str2big_gmp)


Tue Sep 3 19:44:40 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

ext/win32/lib/win32/registry.rb (Win32::Registry#values)

added. [Feature #7763] [ruby-core:51783]

Tue Sep 3 18:26:00 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>

misc/inf-ruby.el (inf-ruby-keys, run-ruby)

Add magic autoload comments.

misc/rdoc-mode.el (rdoc-mode)


misc/ruby-electric.el (ruby-electric-mode)


misc/ruby-style.el (ruby-style-c-mode)


Tue Sep 3 17:06:15 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

test/ruby/test_rubyoptions.rb (TestRubyOptions::SEGVTest::ExpectedStderr)

the URL was changed at r42800.

Tue Sep 3 14:48:25 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] CV#wait typo by @avdi [Fixes GH-386]

Tue Sep 3 14:37:53 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Update bug tracker url by @ScotterC [Fixes GH-390]

Tue Sep 3 12:45:23 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (rb_str2big_poweroftwo)

New function.





internal.h (rb_str2big_poweroftwo)







New file.


New file.


Add the dependency for str2big.c.

Tue Sep 3 12:09:08 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (rb_clock_gettime)

Support times() based monotonic clock.



Tue Sep 3 12:03:02 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (str2big_scan_digits)

Extracted from rb_cstr_to_inum.

Tue Sep 3 11:23:57 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

win32/win32.c (rb_w32_select_with_thread)

rounding up the fraction of tv_usec instead of rounding down. this change is an experiment to get rid of failures on vc10-x64 CI.

Tue Sep 3 11:00:28 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

win32/win32.c (do_select)

constify timeout.

win32/win32.c (rb_w32_select_with_thread)

constify 10ms wait and 0ms wait structs.

Tue Sep 3 10:03:42 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

test/openssl/test_pair.rb (OpenSSL::TestPair#test_write_nonblock_no_exceptions)

on some CIs such as Debian 6.0, Ubuntu 10.04, CentOS and vc10-x64 (maybe depend on OpenSSL version), writing to SSLSocket after SSL_ERROR_WANT_WRITE causes SSL_ERROR_SSL “bad write retry”.

Tue Sep 3 08:20:46 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>


update conversion table to recent OS X. Previous table is used on Mac OS X 10.1 or prior. This table is used on 10.2 or later. [ruby-dev:47680]

Tue Sep 3 07:49:25 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>

numeric.c (NUM_STEP_SCAN_ARGS)

On second thought, keep Numeric#step backward compatible in that it raises TypeError when nil is given as second argument.

test/ruby/test_float.rb (TestFloat#test_num2dbl)


test/ruby/test_numeric.rb (TestNumeric#test_step)

Fix test cases for the above change.

Tue Sep 3 07:39:58 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bytes_2comp)

Define it only for little endian environment.

Tue Sep 3 07:31:29 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>

numeric.c (NUM_STEP_SCAN_ARGS)

Numeric#step should raise TypeError if a non-numeric parameter is given.

test/ruby/test_float.rb (TestFloat#test_num2dbl)

Allow nil as step, as with the keyword argument.

test/ruby/test_numeric.rb (TestNumeric#test_step)

Add tests for nil as step or limit.

Tue Sep 3 07:28:49 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

internal.h (bit_length)

Add casts to fix compilation error with clang 3.0 -Werror,-Wshorten-64-to-32. [ruby-dev:47687] reported by SASADA Koichi.

Tue Sep 3 03:17:26 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_search_super_method)

use ci->argc instead of ci->orig_argc. ci->argc can be changed by splat arguments. [ruby-list:49575] This fix should be applied to Ruby 2.0.0 series.


add a test for above.


Mon Sep 2 23:46:29 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>

numeric.c (num_step)

Default the limit argument to infinity and allow it to be omitted. Keyword arguments (by: and to:) are introduced for ease of use. [Feature #8838] [ruby-dev:47662] [ruby-dev:42194]

numeric.c (num_step)

Optimize for infinite loop.

Mon Sep 2 22:55:59 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (ISDIGIT)

Unused macro removed.

Mon Sep 2 22:49:15 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (str2big_poweroftwo)

Extracted from rb_cstr_to_inum.





Mon Sep 2 14:39:29 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>

ruby.c (Process#setproctitle)

[DOC] Fix and improve rdoc.

ruby.c (Process#argv0)

[DOC] Improve rdoc.

Mon Sep 2 14:15:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>


fix description of number literal suffixes.

Mon Sep 2 14:01:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>


add space after string literal to prevent conflict with string options syntax “foo”opts



Mon Sep 2 12:28:38 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

test/ruby/test_bignum.rb (test_interrupt_during_to_s)

Disable it when GMP is used.

Mon Sep 2 07:02:10 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (Init_Bignum)

Define Bignum::GMP_VERSION when GMP is used.

Mon Sep 2 01:46:14 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (big2str_generic)

Reduce arguments.




Follow the above change.

Mon Sep 2 00:08:08 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (get_mach_timebase_info)

Extracted from rb_clock_gettime.


Use get_mach_timebase_info.




Sun Sep 1 23:30:47 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


New constant.


New function.


Use big2str_gmp for big bignums.

internal.h (rb_big2str_gmp)


ext/-test-/bignum/big2str.c (big2str_gmp)

New method.

Sun Sep 1 22:37:51 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bary_mul_gmp)

Use mpz_init and mpz_clear instead of mpz_inits and mpz_clears. Older GMP don't have them.

Sun Sep 1 21:17:54 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

test/net/http/test_http.rb (test_bind_to_local_port)

Choose an open port more reliably.

Sun Sep 1 20:32:40 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (big2str_base_poweroftwo)

Renamed from big2str_base_powerof2.


New function for test.


Extracted from rb_big2str1.


New function for test.

internal.h (rb_big2str_poweroftwo)





New file.


New file.

Sun Sep 1 15:21:21 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (big2str_2bdigits)

Renamed from big2str_orig.

Sun Sep 1 13:02:24 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


Remove BITSPERDIG >= INT_MAX test. The static assertion, SIZEOF_BDIGITS <= sizeof(BDIGIT) is enough.

Sun Sep 1 11:38:26 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (maxpow_in_bdigit)


Sun Sep 1 10:30:42 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

numeric.c (rb_fix_bit_length)

Moved from bignum.c.

Sun Sep 1 09:55:45 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

internal.h (bit_length)

Moved from bignum.c.









Sun Sep 1 03:32:22 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bit_length)

Renamed from bitsize.

Sun Sep 1 00:07:09 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (rb_big_bit_length)

New method.


Ditto. [ruby-core:56247] [Feature #8700]


Sat Aug 31 22:18:29 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (rb_clock_getres)

New method.


New function.

Check clock_getres. [ruby-core:56780] [Feature #8809] accepted as a CRuby feature at DevelopersMeeting20130831Japan

Sat Aug 31 21:02:07 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


Use GMP to accelerate big Bignum multiplication.


New function.


Use bary_mul_gmp.


Use different threshold with GMP.

Detect GMP. [ruby-core:56658] [Feature #8796]

Sat Aug 31 15:03:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>

compile.c (NODE_MATCH3)

pass CALL_INFO to opt_regexpmatch2

insns.def (opt_regexpmatch2)

use CALL_SIMPLE_METHOD to call =~ if the receiver is not a T_STRING [Bug #8847] [ruby-core:56916]

Sat Aug 31 14:07:11 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

lib/securerandom.rb (random_bytes)

Use Process.clock_gettime.

Sat Aug 31 00:25:15 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/encoding.h (rb_{ascii8bit,utf8,usascii}_encindex)

get rid of conflict with macros defined in internal.h.


Fri Aug 30 22:37:57 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

thread_pthread.c (native_thread_init_stack)

wait the creator thread to fill machine stack info, if get_stack_of() is available.

thread_pthread.c (native_thread_create)

fill the created thread stack info after starting, if get_stack_of() is available.

thread_pthread.c (native_thread_create)

define attr only if it is used, and merge pthread_create() calls.

thread_pthread.c (get_main_stack)

separate function to get stack of main thread.


Thu Aug 29 18:05:33 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

struct.c (rb_struct_define_without_accessor_under)

added. This function is similar to rb_define_class_under() against rb_define_class().


add a declaration of this function.

Thu Aug 29 17:03:10 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_call_method)

a method entry refers the based class/module, so should search superclass from the origin i-class where the entry belongs to, to get rid of infinite loop when zsuper in a prepended class/module. [ruby-core:54105] [Bug #8238]

Thu Aug 29 05:35:58 2013 Eric Hodel <>

ext/zlib/zlib.c (zstream_run)

Fix handling of deflate streams that need a dictionary but are being decompressed by Zlib::Inflate.inflate

(which has no option to set a dictionary). Now Zlib

:NeedDict is raised instead of crashing. [ruby-trunk - Bug #8829]

test/zlib/test_zlib.rb (TestZlibInflate)

Test for the above.

Thu Aug 29 02:40:45 2013 Aaron Patterson <>


invalid floats should be treated as strings.


test for change


Wed Aug 28 17:20:07 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

thread_pthread.c (hpux_attr_getstackaddr)

basic support for the get_stack() under HP-UX. based on the patch by

(Michal Rokos) at [ruby-core

56645]. [Feature #8793]

Wed Aug 28 11:24:20 2013 Michal Rokos <> (sys/pstat.h)

fix missing header check for missing/setproctitle.c on HP-UX. [ruby-core:56644] [Bug #8792]

Wed Aug 28 04:54:33 2013 Eric Hodel <>

ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ossl_ssl_read)

Replace duplicate wait_writable with wait_readable.


Tue Aug 27 17:18:40 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/timeout.rb (Timeout#timeout)

skip rescue clause only when no exception class is given.

Tue Aug 27 17:02:58 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

io.c (copy_stream_body)

should write in binary mode. based on a patch by godfat (Lin Jen-Shin) at [ruby-core:56556]. [ruby-core:56518] [Bug #8767]

Tue Aug 27 17:02:33 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

io.c (copy_stream_body)

move common open flags.

Tue Aug 27 16:56:50 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

enumerator.c (enumerator_size)

use rb_check_funcall() instead of respond_to? and call.

enumerator.c (enumerator_each)

ensure that argument array size does not overflow at appending.

Tue Aug 27 16:46:05 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

array.c (rb_ary_index, rb_ary_rindex)

use optimized equality to improve performance. [Feature #8820]

vm_insnhelper.c (rb_equal_opt)

optimized equality function.

Tue Aug 27 16:11:05 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_insnhelper.c (opt_eq_func)

use RBASIC_CLASS() instead of HEAP_CLASS_OF().

insns.def (opt_plus, opt_minus, opt_mult, opt_div, opt_mod, opt_lt), (opt_gt, opt_ltlt, opt_aref, opt_aset, opt_length, opt_size), (opt_empty_p, opt_succ)


Tue Aug 27 16:08:26 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_eval.c (rb_check_funcall, rb_check_funcall_with_hook)

constify argv.

Tue Aug 27 13:03:33 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_read_nonblock)

declare local variables at the first of function.

Tue Aug 27 11:46:31 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_profile_clear)

do rest_sweep() before clearing profile.current_record.

Tue Aug 27 07:35:05 2013 Aaron Patterson <>

io.c (io_read_nonblock)

support non-blocking reads without raising exceptions. As in: `io.read_nonblock(size, exception: false)` [ruby-core:38666] [Feature #5138]

ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ossl_ssl_read_internal)


ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_sysread)


io.c (rb_io_write_nonblock)

support non-blocking writes without raising an exception.

ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ossl_ssl_write_internal)


test/openssl/test_pair.rb (class OpenSSL)


test/ruby/test_io.rb (class TestIO)


test/socket/test_nonblock.rb (class TestSocketNonblock)


test/stringio/test_stringio.rb (class TestStringIO)


Tue Aug 27 05:24:34 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Import RubyGems 2.1.0 Release Candidate




Mon Aug 26 16:24:58 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (parser_nextc)

warn carriage return in middle of line. [ruby-core:56240] [Feature #8699]

Mon Aug 26 15:27:39 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/timeout.rb (Timeout#timeout)

should not be caught by rescue clause. [Bug #8730]

Mon Aug 26 14:44:26 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

array.c (rb_ary_splice)

use RARRAY_PTR_USE() without WB because there are not new relations.

enum.c (enum_sort_by)


struct.c (setup_struct)


vm_eval.c (yield_under)


ext/pathname/pathname.c (path_entries)


ext/pathname/pathname.c (path_s_glob)


Mon Aug 26 13:11:10 2013 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>

array.c (ary_ensure_room_for_push)

fix typo in r42658.

Mon Aug 26 12:37:10 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


generate automatically by extracting RUBY_CHECK_SIZEOF from

Mon Aug 26 10:16:59 2013 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>

process.c (gcd_timetick_int)

Renamed from gcd_timtick_int.


Sun Aug 25 21:02:15 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

sizes.c (Init_sizes)

Define the size of clock_t.

Sun Aug 25 01:47:47 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (BARY_SHORT_MUL)

Renamed from BARY_MUL1.


Renamed from bary_mul1.


Sat Aug 24 10:35:09 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (rb_clock_gettime)

The emulated clock names changed.


Fri Aug 23 22:22:07 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (rb_clock_gettime)

Add a cast to fix compile error by -Werror,-Wshorten-64-to-32.

Fri Aug 23 22:12:13 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

process.c (rb_intern)

no symbol cache while initialization.

Fri Aug 23 22:07:45 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (clock_t)

needs time.h.

Fri Aug 23 21:37:28 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (reduce_factors)

New function.


Use reduce_factors.




Follow the above change.



Fri Aug 23 21:00:55 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (timetick_int_t)

Renamed from timetick_giga_count_t.


Renamed from gcd_ul and make the arguments timetick_giga_count_t.


Make the arguments timetick_int_t.






Fix the return type.


Use timetick_int_t.

Fri Aug 23 20:50:40 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (gcd_ul)

New function.










Use timetick2dblnum and timetick2integer.


Follow the make_clock_result change.

Fri Aug 23 18:39:04 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

array.c (ary_make_shared)

shared ary as shady. Need more effort to make it normal object.

array.c (rb_ary_modify)

use RARRAY_PTR_USE() without WB because there are not new relations.

array.c (ary_ensure_room_for_unshift)

use RARRAY_RAWPTR() because there are not new relations.

Fri Aug 23 11:25:57 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


introduce ARY_SHARED_OCCUPIED(shared).

Fri Aug 23 11:07:08 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/Makefile.sub (config.h)

now SIZEOF_CLOCK_T is needed for unsigned_clock_t.


Thu Aug 22 22:01:04 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (rb_clock_gettime)

Strip “s” from unit names.

Thu Aug 22 20:14:59 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (unsigned_clock_t)



Consider clock_t overflow for ISO_C_CLOCK_BASED_CLOCK_PROCESS_CPUTIME_ID.

Check the size of clock_t.

Thu Aug 22 16:22:48 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

compile.c (build_postexe_iseq)

fix to setup the local table.

Thu Aug 22 15:42:43 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

compile.c (rb_iseq_compile_node)

accept NODE_IFUNC to support custom compilation.

compile.c (NODE_POSTEXE)

compile to “ONCE{ VMFrozenCore::core#set_postexe{…} }” with a new custom compiler `build_postexe_iseq()'.

vm.c (m_core_set_postexe)

remove parameters (passed by a block).

Thu Aug 22 06:54:15 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (rb_clock_gettime)

Change emulation symbols for Process.clock_gettime.

Thu Aug 22 06:24:54 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (make_clock_result)

Extracted from rb_clock_gettime.


Wed Aug 21 22:30:51 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (rb_clock_gettime)

clock() based CLOCK_PROCESS_CPUTIME_ID emulation implemented.

Wed Aug 21 21:02:37 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (rb_proc_times)

Use RB_GC_GUARD to guard objects from GC.

Wed Aug 21 20:33:01 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (get_clk_tck)

Extracted from rb_proc_times.


times() based CLOCK_PROCESS_CPUTIME_ID emulation is implemented.

Wed Aug 21 19:31:48 2013 Tanaka Akira <>



Wed Aug 21 19:17:46 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (rb_clock_gettime)

CLOCK_PROCESS_CPUTIME_ID emulation using getrusage is implemented.

Wed Aug 21 17:34:27 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

gc.c (getrusage_time)

Fallback clock_gettime to getrusage when clock_gettime fails. Reported by Eric Saxby. [ruby-core:56762] [Bug #8805]

Wed Aug 21 02:32:32 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


fix regexp's once option behavior. fix [ruby-trunk - Bug #6701]


remove `onceinlinecache' and introduce `once' instruction. `once' doesn't use `setinlinecache' insn any more.


`union iseq_inline_storage_entry' to store once data.


catch up above changes.



vm.c, vm_insnhelper.c

ditto. fix `m_core_set_postexe()' which is depend on `onceinlinecache' insn.


add tests.


ISEQ_MINOR_VERSION to 1 (should increment major?)

Wed Aug 21 02:30:15 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (rb_gcdebug_print_obj_condition)

add printing information.


Tue Aug 20 13:38:00 2013 Naohisa Goto <>


skip TestGDBM#test_s_open_lock on Solaris. On Solaris (and platforms which do not have flock and have lockf), with GDBM 1.10, gdbm_open(3) blocks when opening already locked gdbm file. [Bug #8790] [ruby-dev:47631]

Tue Aug 20 02:32:52 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Document Test::Unit, hide most submodules and classes from rdoc. Since lib/test is only present as a compatibility layer with the legacy test suite many test/unit users will be using minitest or the test/unit gem instead. It is recommended to use one of these alternatives for writing new tests. This patch was based on a patch submitted by Steve Klabnik. [ruby-core:56694] [Bug #8778]

Tue Aug 20 02:10:19 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Document for constants by Steve Klabnik [ruby-core:56705] [Bug #8798]

Tue Aug 20 02:01:10 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Hide legacy constant from rdoc Patch by Steve Klabnik [ruby-core:56708] [Bug #8799]

Tue Aug 20 01:52:05 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Document accept




[DOC] Fix indentation of documentation


ditto Patches by David Rodr'iguez [ruby-core:56734] [Bug #8802]

Tue Aug 20 01:19:22 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

Define ac_cv_func_clock_gettime to yes for mingw*.


Mon Aug 19 21:31:35 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


Fix a compilation error with i586-mingw32msvc-gcc of gcc-mingw32 package on Debian squeeze. ruby/missing.h should be included before include/ruby/win32.h because struct timespec, used in the clock_gettime declaration in include/ruby/win32.h, is defined in ruby/missing.h instead of system headers.

Mon Aug 19 20:55:12 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


fix around GC_DEBUG.

gc.c (RVALUE::line)

should be VALUE. On some environment

gc.c (newobj_of)

add an assertion to check VALUE alignment.

gc.c (aligned_malloc)

`&' is low priority than `=='.


define GC_DEBUG everytime and use it as value 0 or 1.

Mon Aug 19 17:43:44 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


collect garbage fibers immediately.

Mon Aug 19 17:41:49 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add `failed?' information.

Mon Aug 19 17:00:53 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

process.c (retry_fork)

retry with GC if ENOMEM occurred, to free swap/kernel space.

Mon Aug 19 13:28:47 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

include/ruby/win32.h (CLOCK_MONOTONIC)



removed duplicated declarations.

Mon Aug 19 13:03:08 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (clock_gettime)

should not overwrite cache variable with different condition. otherwise -lrt is not linked and the link fails, after reconfig.

Mon Aug 19 12:56:49 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (Init_process)



Sun Aug 18 20:17:41 2013 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

variable.c, vm_method.c

remove dead code.

test/ruby/test_fiber.rb, test/ruby/test_thread.rb

change accordingly.

Sun Aug 18 19:32:26 2013 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

error.c, file.c, gc.c, hash.c, thread.c, variable.c, vm_eval.c, bin/erb

$SAFE=4 is obsolete.

Sun Aug 18 14:30:47 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (rb_clock_gettime)


Sun Aug 18 14:22:45 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

Revert r42604. It causes linking librt on systems with newer glibc uselessly.

Sun Aug 18 13:18:38 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (Init_process)


Sun Aug 18 12:41:50 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (clock_gettime)

need to check with -lrt prior to check for the function only. otherwise -lrt is not linked and the link fails, when ac_cv_func_clock_gettime is cached as yes.

Sun Aug 18 10:05:12 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (rb_big2str1)

Make an expression more explicit.

Sun Aug 18 03:18:45 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (rb_big2str1)

Use power_level instead of bitsize(xn).

Sun Aug 18 00:44:58 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


Redefine to 1.








Sat Aug 17 23:25:19 2013 Benoit Daloze <>


use the in_timezone() helper and define it at the top with other helpers.

Sat Aug 17 22:20:47 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

time.c (time_mload)

ignore auxiliary data, offset and zone, if invalid. [ruby-core:56648] [Bug #8795]

Sat Aug 17 20:11:49 2013 Benoit Daloze <>


[DOC] MACH_ABSOLUTE_TIME_CLOCK_MONOTONIC is an available emulation for a monotonic clock on Darwin.


Fri Aug 16 18:12:05 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


fix typo.

Fri Aug 16 18:09:20 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


remove space characters from test names.

Fri Aug 16 17:32:02 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


refactoring memory profiling tool for test-all. Add profiling targets /proc/meminfo and /proc/self/status.


accept other than 'true'.

Fri Aug 16 11:23:35 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

file.c (rb_file_size, rb_file_flock)

improve performance of Windows.

file.c (rb_file_truncate)

removed unnecessary ifdef.

test/test_file.rb (TestFile#test_truncate_size)

added an assertion for File#size.

Fri Aug 16 10:07:59 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bigdivrem_single1)

Renamed from bigdivrem_single. Add x_higher_bdigit argument.


Just call bigdivrem_single1.


Use bigdivrem_single1 to avoid memmove.

Fri Aug 16 09:17:00 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bary_small_rshift)

Specify the higher BDIGIT instead of sign bit.


Follow the above change.

Fri Aug 16 02:20:39 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bary_mul_toom3)

Reduce a branch.

Fri Aug 16 02:14:09 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>

process.c (rb_clock_gettime)

add CLOCK_MONOTONIC support on OS X. [Feature #8658]

Fri Aug 16 01:37:43 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bigdivrem_single)

Use shift when y is a power of two.

Fri Aug 16 01:09:33 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bigdivrem_restoring)

Use bigdivrem_single if non-topmost BDIGITs of y are zero.

Fri Aug 16 00:33:12 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (rb_big2str1)

Truncate topmost zeros of x.

Fri Aug 16 00:00:57 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bary_divmod)

Simplify an expression.


Thu Aug 15 23:26:12 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bigdivrem_normal)

Remove a local variable.

Thu Aug 15 23:08:32 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (big2str_karatsuba)

Use bigdivrem_restoring directly to reduce working buffer and memory copy.


Allocate working buffer for big2str_karatsuba here.

Thu Aug 15 20:51:29 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

io.c, internal.h (rb_io_flush_raw)

new function to select calling fsync() (on Windows).

io.c (rb_io_flush_raw)

use above function.

file.c (rb_file_truncate)

use above function.

test/ruby/test_file.rb (TestFile#test_truncate_size)

test for above changes.

Thu Aug 15 18:39:31 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

win32/win32.c (clock_gettime)

improve precision when freq is less than and nearly equals 10**9.

Thu Aug 15 17:43:15 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_lazy_sweep)

remove heap_increment() here because heap_inc may be 0.

Thu Aug 15 16:59:56 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

io.c (rb_io_rewind)

remove fsync() for Windows to improve the performance.

Thu Aug 15 16:30:23 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

test/fileutils/test_fileutils.rb (TestFileUtils#test_rmdir)

FileUtils#rmdir ignores Errno::ENOTEMPTY, so, in such cases, this assertion is nonsense.

Thu Aug 15 15:49:35 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (rb_clock_gettime)


Thu Aug 15 14:30:23 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

include/ruby/win32.h, win32/Makefile.sub, win32/win32.c (clock_gettime)

[experimental] emulates clock_gettime(2) of posix.

Thu Aug 15 02:32:40 2013 Zachary Scott <>

hash.c (rb_hash_aset)

[DOC] Document key dup patch by @kachick [Fixes GH-382]


Wed Aug 14 14:28:39 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

proc.c (rb_mod_define_method)

now they return the symbols of the defined methods, not the methods/procs themselves. [ruby-dev:42151] [Feature #3753]


documents about above change and def-expr (see r42337).


tests about above change.

Wed Aug 14 00:51:14 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bigdivrem_restoring)

xn argument removed.


Follow the above change.

Wed Aug 14 00:18:39 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (big_div_struct)

Remove xn and j field. Add zn field.


Follow the above change.




Tue Aug 13 23:38:17 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (big_div_struct)

ynzero field removed.


Follow the above change.



Tue Aug 13 23:01:16 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bigdivrem_restoring)

Extracted from bigdivrem_normal.

Tue Aug 13 22:12:59 2013 Kenichi Kamiya <>

random.c (rb_random_ulong_limited)

coerce before check negative. [Fixes GH-379]

Tue Aug 13 21:52:15 2013 Kenichi Kamiya <>

object.c (Init_Object)

undef Module#prepend_features on Class, as well as Module#append_features. [Fixes GH-376]


Added test for above. And ensure type checking on similar methods as module_function.

Tue Aug 13 08:52:18 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] String literal concat by @cknadler [Fixes GH-380]


Mon Aug 12 23:07:21 2013 Masaya Tarui <>

gc.c (gc_marks_test)

inhibit gc for st's operation.

Mon Aug 12 15:59:50 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (parser_whole_match_p)

treat CR in middle of a line as a mere whitespace.

Mon Aug 12 15:16:58 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

class.c (rb_prepend_module)

make T_ICLASS object shady because this T_ICLASS object seems to share method table with other class objects. It was causes WB miss. TODO: need to know the data structure.


add a test for WB miss.

Mon Aug 12 13:47:54 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] RDoc formatting of Process.clock_gettime

Mon Aug 12 13:29:09 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Document call-seq for YAML::DBM

Mon Aug 12 12:57:26 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Hide from RDoc Some libraries might want to document extconf.rb so RDoc treats it like any other ruby program. However, DBM users shouldn't care about these methods.

Mon Aug 12 12:53:39 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Reformat headings of DBM class

Mon Aug 12 12:46:31 2013 Zachary Scott <>

lib/yaml.rb, lib/yaml/

[DOC] Document YAML::DBM#key and add references to similar methods with more detail. This patch brings lib/yaml to 100% documentation coverage.

Mon Aug 12 02:51:32 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>

ext/readline/readline.c (readline_s_set_input)

on OS X with editline, Readline.readline doesn't work because readline_get doesn't use rl_getc. The difference is introduced by r42402 [ruby-dev:47509] [Bug #8644]. Before it rb_io_stdio_file set ifp->stdio_file. Therefore add manually setting the value.

ext/readline/readline.c (readline_s_set_output)



Sun Aug 11 23:27:00 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

file.c (rb_str_encode_ospath)

OS path encoding on Mac OS X is also fixed.

Sun Aug 11 22:57:24 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

test/ruby/test_require.rb (assert_require_nonascii_path)

OS path encoding on Windows is fixed, so encoding of __FILE__ should be it. [ruby-core:56498] [Bug #8764]

Sun Aug 11 19:11:45 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>


Expand abbreviated class name.

Sun Aug 11 19:06:03 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>

lib/rexml/sax2listener.rb (REXML::SAX2Listener#notationdecl)

Fix wrong number of arguments in the template listener. [Bug #8731] [ruby-dev:47582] Reported by Ippei Obayashi.


Add tests for parsing notation declarations with SAX2 API.

Sun Aug 11 18:44:04 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>

lib/rexml/sax2listener.rb (REXML::SAX2Listener#elementdecl)

Fix wrong examples. [Bug #8731] [ruby-dev:47582] Reported by Ippei Obayashi.

Sun Aug 11 18:42:13 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>

lib/rexml/parsers/sax2parser.rb (REXML::Parsers::SAX2Parser#handle_entitydecl)


Sun Aug 11 18:40:25 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>

lib/rexml/parsers/sax2parser.rb (REXML::Parsers::SAX2Parser#parse)

Fix wrong “%” position in parameter entity declaration event argument.


Add tests for the above case.

Sun Aug 11 18:08:40 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>

lib/rexml/parsers/sax2parser.rb (REXML::Parsers::SAX2Parser#parse)

Support NDATA in external ID entity declaration.


Add tests for the above case.

Sun Aug 11 18:07:39 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>

lib/rexml/parsers/baseparser.rb (REXML::Parsers::BaseParser#pull_event)

Support optional NDATA in external ID entity declaration.

Sun Aug 11 17:54:07 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>

NEWS (REXML::Parsers::SAX2Parser)

Add about this change.

lib/rexml/parsers/sax2parser.rb (REXML::Parsers::SAX2Parser#parse)

Fix wrong number of arguments. Document says “an array of the entity declaration” but it passes two or more arguments. This is a bug but it break backward compatibility. Reported by Ippei Obayashi. [Bug #8731] [ruby-dev:47582]

lib/rexml/sax2listener.rb (REXML::SAX2Listener#entitydecl)

ditto. The listener template accepted two arguments.


Add tests for external ID case.

Sun Aug 11 17:41:41 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>


Add SAX2 API test.

Sun Aug 11 15:10:40 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (rb_enc_symname_type)


Sun Aug 11 13:17:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>


Reduce ENCODING_INLINE_MAX to 127 as this should be sufficient to represent all the encodings Ruby supports.

Sun Aug 11 11:54:38 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

process.c (rb_clock_gettime)

New method. This is accepted in the meeting: This method is accepted as a CRuby feature. I.e. Other Ruby implementations don't need to implement it. [ruby-core:56087] [Feature #8658]

Sun Aug 11 10:40:48 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Correcting rdoc visibility of time.rb constants Reported by Tanaka Akira [ruby-core:56517]

Sun Aug 11 04:48:14 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>

file.c (rb_str_normalize_ospath)

HFS Plus (Mac OS Extended) uses a variant of Normal Form D in which U+2000 through U+2FFF, U+F900 through U+FAFF, and U+2F800 through U+2FAFF are not decomposed (this avoids problems with round trip conversions from old Mac text encodings). Therefore fix r42457 to exclude the range.

Sun Aug 11 03:26:07 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bitsize)

Fix a conditional expression.

Sun Aug 11 02:44:03 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Document constants by @markijbema [Fixes GH-377]

Sun Aug 11 01:28:52 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

Revert r42458. It removes the HAVE_CLOCK_GETTIME from config.h.


Sat Aug 10 13:53:22 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (rb_id_attrset)

allow other than ID_ATTRSET.

parse.y (intern_str)

ditto. try stem ID for ID_INSTANCE, ID_GLOBAL, ID_CLASS, ID_JUNK too. [Bug #8756]

Sat Aug 10 12:49:50 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>

lib/rexml/parsers/baseparser.rb (REXML::Parsers::BaseParser::CDATA_END)

Use “A” instead of “^”. It is not an used constant but I fix it. (Or should I remove it?)

Sat Aug 10 12:47:19 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>

lib/rexml/parsers/baseparser.rb (REXML::Parsers::BaseParser)

Fix wrong constant name. “]>” pattern match is the same but it is used for “<!DOCTYPE” end mark not “<![CDATA[” end mark.

Sat Aug 10 12:43:15 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>

lib/rexml/parsers/baseparser.rb (REXML::Parsers::BaseParser)

Use “A” instead of “^” in document type declaration patterns because they are used as the head match in content not the head match in line. They don't cause any problems in the current code but it should be fixed.

Sat Aug 10 12:39:00 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>


Add tests for parsing document type declaration.

Sat Aug 10 12:00:45 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>

lib/rexml/parsers/baseparser.rb (REXML::Parsers::BaseParser::SYSTEM)

Fix loose “head” match regular expression. It doesn't cause any problem in the current code but it should be fixed because readers may confuse it. Patch by Ippei Obayashi. Thanks!!!

Sat Aug 10 11:58:24 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>

test/rexml/parse/test_notation_declaration.rb (#test_system_public)

Add a test for PUBLIC notation and SYSTEM notation order case.

Sat Aug 10 11:31:35 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>

lib/rexml/parsers/baseparser.rb (REXML::Parsers::BaseParser::PUBLIC)

Fix loose “head” match regular expression. [Bug #8701] [ruby-dev:47551] Patch by Ippei Obayashi. Thanks!!!

test/rexml/parse/test_notation_declaration.rb (#test_system_public)

Add a test for the above case.

Sat Aug 10 09:20:21 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] typo in example reported by @moretea

Sat Aug 10 09:19:04 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] rdoc code formatting

Sat Aug 10 09:12:01 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (rb_id_attrset)

check if the argument is valid type as an attribute.

Sat Aug 10 05:44:08 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Hide RSS::Trackback from rdoc Patch by Steve Klabnik [Bug #8755] [ruby-core:56456]

Sat Aug 10 04:52:21 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (big_div_struct)

Use size_t.












Fri Aug 9 23:47:15 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>


Remove needless REXML version check. Both RSS Parser and REXML are bundled in Ruby. RSS Parser can always use the latest REXML. [Bug #8754] [ruby-core:56454] Patch by Steve Klabnik. Thanks!!!

Fri Aug 9 22:51:10 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <> (XLDFLAGS, LIBRUBYARG_STATIC)

CoreFoundation framework option is now needed always, regardless enable-shared. [ruby-core:56467] [Bug #8759]

Fri Aug 9 22:20:51 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ruby.c (load_file_internal)

use rb_parser_compile_string_path and rb_parser_compile_file_path, String path name versions. [Bug #8753]

Fri Aug 9 07:16:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>


delete redefinition of rb_cloexec_open. drop support for 1.8 and 1.9 from the next release of io-console gem.

Fri Aug 9 19:13:54 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


update about new methods for Binding.

Fri Aug 9 18:48:09 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add Binding#local_variable_get/set/defined? to access local variables which a binding contains. Most part of implementation by nobu.


add a tests for above.

vm.c, vm_core.h (rb_binding_add_dynavars)

add a new function to add a new environment to create space for new local variables.

Fri Aug 9 14:02:01 2013 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>


Fix order of priority for option parameter.

Fri Aug 9 12:06:49 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

file.c (rb_str_normalize_ospath)

normalize to Normalization Form C using CFString.

Fri Aug 9 10:53:57 2013 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

time.c (get_timeval, get_new_timeval)

use rb_obj_class() instead of CLASS_OF() because CLASS_OF() may return a singleton class.

Fri Aug 9 10:42:11 2013 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_invoke_block)

returning from lambda proc now always exits from the Proc. [ruby-core:56193] [Feature #8693]

NEWS, test/ruby/test_lambda.rb

ditto. Patch by nobu.

Fri Aug 9 00:10:32 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

enumerator.c (lazy_zip_func)

fix non-single argument. fix out-of-bound access and pack multiple yielded values. [ruby-core:56383] [Bug #8735]


Thu Aug 8 23:01:20 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

object.c (rb_mod_singleton_p)

new method Module#singleton_class? to return whether the receiver is a singleton class or not. [ruby-core:51087] [Feature #7609]

Thu Aug 8 21:56:44 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

time.c (time_overflow_p)

Avoid signed integer overflow.


Fix overflow condition.

Thu Aug 8 19:58:02 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

thread.c (rb_threadptr_pending_interrupt_check_mask)

use RARRAY_RAWPTR() instead of RARRAY_PTR() because there is no new reference.

Thu Aug 8 19:56:52 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

string.c (rb_str_format_m)

use RARRAY_RAWPTR() instead of RARRAY_PTR() because there is no new reference.

Thu Aug 8 19:55:51 2013 Koichi Sasada <>



Thu Aug 8 16:44:25 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add old macro name `RUBY_EVENT_SWITCH'. This macro name is obsolete because it is renamed to RUBY_INTERNAL_EVENT_SWITCH, but it has compatibility problem using this macro name like ruby-prof. I want to remove this macro after ruby 2.1.

Thu Aug 8 15:37:53 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

test/coverage/test_coverage.rb (TestCoverage#test_big_code)

use `1' instead of `p' to get rid of a side effect. Kernel#p without any argument seems to do nothing, but flushes stdout. and, if stdout is redirected to file, fsync() will be called on Windows. so, when running test-all on Windows with redirection, such as CI environment, this test took a lot of time.

Thu Aug 8 14:54:18 2013 Shugo Maeda <>


add description of incompatibility introduced by r42396. [ruby-core:56329] [Bug #8722]

Thu Aug 8 14:50:36 2013 NARUSE, Yui <> (mini)

portable target to build miniruby (bisect)

run git-bisect with miniruby (bisect-ruby)

run git-bisect with ruby


script for git-bisect

Thu Aug 8 12:11:43 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

test/webrick/test_httpresponse.rb (test_send_body_*_chunked)

these expectations assumes that the IOs are binmode. fixed test failures introduced at r42427 on Windows.

Thu Aug 8 10:27:18 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

range.c (range_last)

revert r42400. [Bug #8739]

Thu Aug 8 10:26:25 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

file.c (rb_str_normalize_ospath)

extract and move from dir.c.

Thu Aug 8 05:59:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>


Fix test for CVE-2013-4073. Patch by Antonio Terceiro. [Bug #8750] [ruby-core:56437]

Thu Aug 8 03:37:38 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Allow body to be an IO-like object that responds to readpartial and read. [ruby-trunk - Feature #8155]


NEWS for above


Tests for above.


Wed Aug 7 23:06:26 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>

ruby.c (Process.argv0)

New method to return the original value of $0. [Feature #8696]

Wed Aug 7 23:05:55 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>

ruby.c (Process.setproctitle)

New method to change the title of the running process that is shown in ps(1). [Feature #8696]

Wed Aug 7 20:05:38 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (rb_big_odd_p)

Check the bignum length.



Wed Aug 7 19:29:26 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (dbl2big)

A condition simplified.

Wed Aug 7 16:34:30 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

test/webrick/test_cgi.rb (TestWEBrickCGI#{start_cgi_server,test_cgi})

mswin is not only mswin32 but also mswin64. [Bug #8746]

Wed Aug 7 16:19:12 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

cont.c (rb_fiber_start)

use RARRAY_RAWPTR() instead of RARRAY_PTR() because there is no new reference.

proc.c (curry)


proc.c (rb_proc_call)

remove line break.

Wed Aug 7 13:20:12 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

random.c (random_load)

use RARRAY_RAWPTR() instead of RARRAY_PTR() because there is no new reference.

Wed Aug 7 12:58:23 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

thread.c (thread_start_func_2)

use RARRAY_RAWPTR() instead of RARRAY_PTR() because there is no new reference.

Wed Aug 7 09:00:24 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Description of rb_str_equal [Fixes GH-375] Based on a patch by @markijbema

Wed Aug 7 08:30:38 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Documentation for OpenSSL::HMAC based on a patch by @repah documenting-ruby/ruby#14

Wed Aug 7 07:46:23 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] RSS::Utils by Steve Klabnik [Bug #8745]

Wed Aug 7 07:38:39 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (nlz16)









New function.


New function.


New function.


New function.


Follow above changes.


Follow above changes.


Tue Aug 6 22:38:15 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Typo in Time overview by @sparr [Fixes GH-374]

Tue Aug 6 22:35:32 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Document RSS10 by Steve Klabnik [Bug #8740]

Tue Aug 6 22:14:11 2013 Kouji Takao <>

ext/readline/readline.c (readline_s_delete_text)

remove checking “$SAFE == 4”.


fix rdoc, remove “Raises SecurityError” and add “Raises NotImplementedError”.

Tue Aug 6 22:04:38 2013 Kouji Takao <>

ext/readline/readline.c, test/readline/test_readline.rb

fix indent.

Tue Aug 6 21:59:56 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

range.c (range_last)

return nil for empty range, or in the case the predecessor is smaller than the begin. [Bug #8739]

Tue Aug 6 21:48:31 2013 Kouji Takao <>

ext/readline/readline.c (readline_s_set_point, Init_readline)

add Readline.point=. Patched by naruse. [ruby-dev:47535] [Feature #8675]

Tue Aug 6 21:14:11 2013 Kouji Takao <>

ext/readline/readline.c (Init_readline, readline_s_set_output, clear_rl_outstream, readline_s_set_input, clear_rl_instream, readline_readline)

fix causing SEGV if closed IO object that is set Readline.input or Readline.output. Patched by akr [ruby-dev:47509] [Bug #8644]

Tue Aug 6 17:56:40 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_push_frame)

change type of stack_max to size_t.

Tue Aug 6 17:42:47 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

range.c (range_last)

exclude the last number of the exclusive range if the end is Numeric. [ruby-dev:47587] [Bug #8739]

Tue Aug 6 17:42:21 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/win32.c (rb_w32_conv_from_wchar)

converted string to CP_UTF8 should have UTF-8 encoding. otherwise no conversion takes place later.

Tue Aug 6 17:21:38 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_push_frame)

fix stack overflow check codes. Stack overflow check should be done after pushing a stack frame. However, some stack overflow checking codes checked before pushing a stack frame with iseq->stack_max. To solve this problem, add a new parameter `stack_max' to specify a possible consuming stack size.


add to share the stack overflow checking code.


catch up this change.

vm.c, vm_eval.c



add a stack overflow test. This code is reported by nobu.

Tue Aug 6 17:02:17 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/win32.c (rb_w32_conv_from_wchar)

use WideCharToMultiByte(), as like as mbstr_to_wstr(), in the first step of the conversion from WCHAR.

Tue Aug 6 16:14:32 2013 Shugo Maeda <>

vm_eval.c (eval_string_with_cref)

copy cref to limit the scope of refinements in the eval string. [ruby-core:56329] [Bug #8722]


related test.

Tue Aug 6 12:23:12 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (rb_big_realloc)

Use VALGRIND_MAKE_MEM_UNDEFINED to declare undefined memory area.




Moved from gc.c



Tue Aug 6 01:40:37 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Document caveats of command form of Process.spawn with regard to the shell and OS. Patched by Steve Klabnik [Bug #8550]

Tue Aug 6 01:28:35 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Typo in example [Bug #8732]

Tue Aug 6 01:22:37 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Document RSS::Rss by Steve Klabnik #8740


[DOC] Typo in rdoc by Steve Klabnik


Mon Aug 5 23:47:59 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


Rename local variables.

Mon Aug 5 22:23:59 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Fix TracePoint return values in examples Based on a patch by @sho-h [Fixes GH-373]

Mon Aug 5 17:38:15 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/win32.c (rb_w32_write_console)

use MultiByteToWideChar() for the last step of conversion to WCHAR, to get rid of warnings from rb_enc_find() in miniruby. [ruby-dev:47584] [Bug #8733]

win32/win32.c (wstr_to_mbstr, mbstr_to_wstr)

fix wrong trimming. WideCharToMultiByte() and MultiByteToWideChar() do not count NUL-terminator in the size for conversion result, unless the input length is -1.

Mon Aug 5 11:51:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>


document which user flags are used by ENCODING_MASK for better greppability

Mon Aug 5 10:01:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>

object.c (rb_class_inherited_p)

allow iclasses to be tested for inheritance. [Bug #8686] [ruby-core:56174]


add test

Mon Aug 5 06:13:48 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Remove reference to Enumerable#cycle Patch by @kachick [Fixes GH-372]

Mon Aug 5 03:57:16 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Document RSS09 by Steve Klabnik [Bug #8732]

Mon Aug 5 03:35:11 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Update example for namespace Patch by Ippei Obayashi [Bug #8685] [ruby-core:56173]


Sun Aug 4 21:08:29 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_ary_zip)

performance implement by using ALLOCA_N() to allocate tmp buffer.

Sun Aug 4 07:14:49 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


Mention rb_integer_pack and rb_integer_unpack.

Sun Aug 4 01:54:45 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (BARY_TRUNC)

New macro.

















Sun Aug 4 00:57:58 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (big2str_karatsuba)

Don't allocate new temporary buffer if the buffer is enough for current invocation.

Sun Aug 4 00:22:34 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bary2bdigitdbl)

New function.




Use bdigitdbl2bary.




Use bary2bdigitdbl.






Sat Aug 3 22:47:11 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


The branch condition of selecting multiplication algorithms should check smaller argument because Karatsuba and Toom3 is effective only if both arguments are big.


Compare the smaller argument to TOOM3_MUL_DIGITS.


Compare the smaller argument to KARATSUBA_MUL_DIGITS.

Sat Aug 3 22:23:31 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (big2str_orig)

Receive the number to stringize as BDIGIT array and size.


Receive the number to stringize as BDIGIT array and size. Use an temporary array of BDIGIT.


Follow the above change.

Sat Aug 3 13:30:04 2013 Tanaka Akira <>




Renamed from big2str_power_cache.


Renamed from big2str_numdigits_cache.

Sat Aug 3 10:33:52 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (parser_set_integer_literal)

use rb_rational_raw1() for integral rational because no reduction is needed with 1.

Sat Aug 3 09:46:07 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/etc/etc.c (setup_passwd, setup_group)

set proper encodings to string members.

Sat Aug 3 09:30:57 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

struct.c (rb_struct_define_under)

new function to define Struct under the given namespace, not under Struct. [Feature #8264]


use rb_struct_define_under.

Sat Aug 3 06:55:29 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

parse.y (value_expr_gen)

now NODE_DEFN and NODE_DEFS are not void value expressions. get rid of wrong warning with -w, and make to pass tests with chkbuild. ref. [Feature #3753]

Sat Aug 3 04:23:48 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Remove mention of instance_eval and module_eval from scope section per:

Sat Aug 3 02:22:05 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (big2str_orig)


Sat Aug 3 01:20:19 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bigadd_core)



Use bary_add instead of bigadd_core.

Sat Aug 3 00:52:43 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (rb_big2str1)

Simplify power_level calculation.

Sat Aug 3 00:34:20 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_ary_zip)

use rb_ary_new2() to create buffer if rb_block_arity() > 1.

Sat Aug 3 00:12:00 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>


Add the description that IO#seek supports SEEK_DATA and SEEK_HOLE.


Fri Aug 2 23:57:57 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

vm.c (m_core_define_method, m_core_define_singleton_method)

now the value of def-expr is the Symbol of the name of the method, not nil. ref. [ruby-dev:42151] [Feature #3753]

test/ruby/test_syntax.rb (TestSyntax#test_value_of_def)

test for above changes.

Fri Aug 2 23:54:11 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_ary_zip)

performance improvement by avoiding array creation if rb_block_arity() > 1.

Fri Aug 2 23:50:53 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (power_cache_get_power)

Apply bigtrunc to the result of bigsq.


Fix number of leading zero characters.

Fri Aug 2 23:48:36 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (parser_yylex)

calculate denominator directly as powers of ten, not parsing string.

parse.y (parser_number_literal_suffix)

return bit set of found suffixes.

parse.y (parser_set_number_literal, parser_set_integer_literal)

split from parser_number_literal_suffix to set yylval.

parse.y (parser_yylex)

parse rational number literal with decimal point precisely.

parse.y (simple_numeric)

integrate numeric literals and simplify numeric rules.

ext/ripper/eventids2.c (ripper_init_eventids2)

ripper support for new literals, tRATIONAL and tIMAGINARY.

Fri Aug 2 18:33:28 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (big2str_karatsuba)

Reduce power_level more than one at recursion, if possible.


Follow the above change.

Fri Aug 2 12:25:15 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bary_mul)

Swap x and y for bary_mul1 if x is longer than y. [ruby-dev:47565] [Bug #8719] Reported by Narihiro Nakamura.

Fri Aug 2 10:39:00 2013 Charlie Somerville <>

parse.y (negate_lit)

add T_RATIONAL and T_COMPLEX to the switch statement, and call rb_bug() if an unknown type is passed to negate_lit(). [ruby-core:56316] [Bug #8717]

bootstraptest/test_literal_suffix.rb (assert_equal)

add test

Fri Aug 2 09:14:47 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Improve description of where you may activate refinements.

Fri Aug 2 07:45:55 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (big2str_orig)

Remove len argument.




Follow above change.

Thu Aug 2 02:32:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>


Add the description of number literal suffixes.

Thu Aug 2 00:02:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>


add two test cases to examine that “1if true” and “1rescue nil” are recognized as 1.


Thu Aug 1 23:45:00 2013 Kenta Murata <>

rational.c (rb_flt_rationalize_with_prec)

new public C function to rationalize a Float instance with a precision.

rational.c (rb_flt_rationalize)

new public C function to rationalize a Float instance. A precision is calculated from the given float number.


Add rb_flt_rationalize_with_prec and rb_flt_rationalize.


implement number literal suffixes, 'r' and 'i'. [ruby-core:55096] [Feature #8430]


add tests for parser to scan number literals with the above tsuffixes.

Thu Aug 1 23:55:08 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (rb_big2str1)

Remove a local variable.

Thu Aug 1 23:33:01 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (rb_cstr_to_inum)

Use power_cache_get_power.

Thu Aug 1 21:02:48 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (rb_big2str1)

Raise an error for too big number.

Thu Aug 1 20:46:29 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (power_cache_get_power)

Hide cached Bignum objects.

Thu Aug 1 19:15:05 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (rb_big2str1)

Remove non-trim mode.


Non-trim mode implemented here.


Change the result type to long again.


Don't take arguments: len and trim.


Follow above change.

Thu Aug 1 12:37:58 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (big2str_alloc)

New function to allocate the result string. It is called after actual length is calculated.


Add fields: negative, result and ptr.


Write out the result via b2s->ptr.




Don't allocate the result string at beginning.

Thu Aug 1 07:36:27 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (big2str_orig)

Use temporary buffer when trim mode.

Thu Aug 1 06:28:48 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (big2str_orig)

Simplified because RBIGNUM_LEN(x) <= 2 now.


Two fields added: hbase2, hbase2_numdigits.


Initialize above fields.

Thu Aug 1 04:06:17 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/rdoc/options.rb (RDoc#finish)

include root path in include paths, to work in another directory than the source directory. [ruby-core:56282] [Bug #8712]

test/test_rdoc_markup_pre_process.rb (TestRDocMarkupPreProcess#setup)

fix input_file_name, as the test script is not pre-processed.

Thu Aug 1 01:45:18 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (big2str_karatsuba)

Fix a condition of power_level.

Thu Aug 1 01:09:02 2013 Tanaka Akira <>






New variable.


Merged with power_cache_get_power0. This function returns maxpow_in_bdigit_dbl(base)**(2**power_level).


use power_cache_get_power.


Wed Jul 31 23:59:28 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (big2str_find_n1)

Change the return type to size_t.






Follow the above changes.

Wed Jul 31 23:19:06 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (power_cache_get_power)

Change numdigits_ret to size_t *.


Change len argument to size_t.




Follow the above changes.

Wed Jul 31 22:59:47 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>


Change class name to follow file name change.

Wed Jul 31 22:57:50 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>


Rename to …


… this.

Wed Jul 31 22:54:39 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>


Remove duplicated tests.

Wed Jul 31 22:52:55 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>


Fix typos in expected value. pubilc -> public ^^

Wed Jul 31 22:50:51 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>


Add tests that focus system literal in external ID system notation declaration.

Wed Jul 31 22:36:21 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bary_cmp)

Extracted from rb_big_cmp.


Change n1 argument (number of digits) to power_level which is just passed to power_cache_get_power0.




Calculate the initial power_level.

Wed Jul 31 22:04:36 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>


Fix a typo. Extern ID -> ExternalID ^^

Wed Jul 31 22:01:36 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>


Add tests that focus public ID in external ID notation declaration.

Wed Jul 31 22:01:24 2013 Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA <>


fix build error with bison-3.0.

Wed Jul 31 21:58:53 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>


Split test patterns.

Wed Jul 31 21:42:33 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>


Group tests.

Wed Jul 31 21:37:51 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>

test/rexml/test_notationdecl_mixin.rb (TestNotationDecl#test_name)

Move to …

test/rexml/test_notationdecl_parsetest.rb (TestNotationDecl#test_name)

… here.

Wed Jul 31 21:37:47 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>

Wed Jul 31 21:31:49 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>


Remove setup because it doesn't share anything with other tests.

Wed Jul 31 21:24:55 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>


Remove a needless shebang.









Wed Jul 31 21:20:08 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>


remove a needless shebang.

Wed Jul 31 20:11:01 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

string.c (rb_str_rindex)

fix bug introduced in r42269. “”.rindex(“”) should return 0.



Wed Jul 31 19:55:33 2013 Tanaka Akira <>




Add rb_bug call for too bit i argument.



Wed Jul 31 18:32:25 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>

lib/uri/common.rb (URI.decode_www_form_component)

Use String#b.

Wed Jul 31 18:24:02 2013 Shugo Maeda <>

eval.c (rb_mod_refine, mod_using, top_using)

don't show warnings because Refinements are no longer experimental. [ruby-core:55993] [Feature #8632]


related test.


fixes for the above change.

Wed Jul 31 17:55:55 2013 Shota Fukumori <>

lib/uri/common.rb (URI.decode_www_form_component)

Don't raise error when str includes multibyte characters.

Wed Jul 31 17:45:39 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

string.c (rb_str_rindex)

performance improvement by using memrchr(3).

Wed Jul 31 16:43:30 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

string.c (rb_str_rindex)

refactoring and avoid to call str_nth() if pos == 0.

Wed Jul 31 14:41:36 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>


[DOC] Add a couple of notes on Hash as storage. ref. [Feature #6589]

Wed Jul 31 14:38:52 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>


[DOC] Fix example result. Hash is now ordered.

Wed Jul 31 14:38:10 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>


[DOC] Use the term “sorted” instead of “ordered” when mentioning SortSet.

Wed Jul 31 12:18:47 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (big2str_struct)

New structure.


Use big2str_struct.





Wed Jul 31 12:02:16 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] typo in url patch by @Red54 [Fixes #369]

Wed Jul 31 07:09:07 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Import RubyGems from master as of commit 523551c




Tue Jul 30 22:21:54 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>


add a test for enumeration order of Hash.

Tue Jul 30 18:52:27 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>

lib/set.rb (Set#intersect?, Set#disjoint?)

Add new methods for testing if two sets have any element in common. [ruby-core:45641] [Feature #6588] Based on the code by marcandre.

Tue Jul 30 17:16:15 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

sprintf.c (ruby__sfvextra)

add QUOTE flag to escape unprintable characters.

Tue Jul 30 11:00:52 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] nodoc to reduce Object pollution

Tue Jul 30 08:19:42 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

sizes.c (Init_sizes)

Define sizes only if the type actually exists.


Mon Jul 29 22:55:26 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

sizes.c (Init_sizes)

define RbConfig::SIZEOF. [Feature #8568]

Mon Jul 29 22:25:20 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Update location of samples


Move Curses samples and refactor from mixin The samples are included in rdoc for module and use of mixin is confusing

Mon Jul 29 22:16:11 2013 Tanaka Akira <>





Mon Jul 29 22:04:45 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

hash.c (rb_hash_compare_by_id)

add function prototype.

Mon Jul 29 21:53:41 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

hash.c (rb_hash_compare_by_id)

don't call rb_hash_rehash() if self.compare_by_identity? == true.

Mon Jul 29 21:29:48 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

hash.c (rb_hash_assoc)

performance improvement by replacing compare function in RHASH(hash)->ntbl->type temporarily like r42224. it falls back to rb_hash_foreach() if st_lookup() doesn't find the key.


add a test for above.

Mon Jul 29 21:15:30 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>

test/ruby/test_lazy_enumerator.rb (TestLazyEnumerator#test_initialize)

Make sure Enumerator::Lazy#initialize raises error if the object is frozen. The check was performed by rb_ivar_set() before rb_check_frozen() was added to enumerator_init().

Mon Jul 29 21:06:42 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>

enumerator.c (enumerator_init)

Add a frozenness check to prevent a frozen Enumerator object from being reinitialized with a different enumerable object. This is the least we should do, and more fixes will follow. [Fixes GH-368] Patch by Kenichi Kamiya.

enumerator.c (generator_init)


Mon Jul 29 20:14:24 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

hash.c (rb_hash_assoc)

revert r42224. table->type->compare is called only if hashes are matched.


add a test to check using #== to compare.

Mon Jul 29 17:00:31 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (yycompile)

store file name as String to keep the encoding.

parse.y (rb_parser_compile_string_path, rb_parser_compile_file_path)

new functions to pass file name as a String.

parse.y (gettable_gen)

return a copy of the original file name, not a copy in filesystem encoding.

vm_eval.c (eval_string_with_cref)

use Qundef instead of “(eval)”.

Mon Jul 29 16:53:18 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (rb_hash_initialize_copy)

copy st_table type even if empty. [ruby-core:56256] [Bug #8703]

Mon Jul 29 16:34:29 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (rb_hash_initialize_copy)

clear old table before copy new table.

Mon Jul 29 16:34:09 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

hash.c (rb_hash_assoc)

aggregate object can be initialized only with link time constants.

Mon Jul 29 14:54:44 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

hash.c (rb_hash_assoc)

performance improvement by replacing compare function in RHASH(hash)->ntbl->type temporarily.

Mon Jul 29 14:52:46 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

lib/mkmf.rb (xsystem)

expand environment variable in all macros not expanded with RbConfig. [Bug #8702]

test/mkmf/test_framework.rb (create_framework)

replace all $@ not only once.

Mon Jul 29 06:54:30 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/win32.c (rb_w32_pipe)

use enum for compile time constants, instead of const int for debugging.

Mon Jul 29 00:11:49 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bigdivrem)

Specialized implementation added for nx == 2 && ny == 2


Sun Jul 28 20:28:41 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

io.c (io_getpartial)

use rb_str_locktmp_ensure(). [ruby-core:56121] [Bug #8669]

io.c (rb_io_sysread)



add tests for above.

Sun Jul 28 20:10:49 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/extmk.rb (extmake)

should make static libraries for extensions to be statically linked. [Bug #7948]

Sun Jul 28 17:38:32 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>


add internal API rb_str_locktmp_ensure().

io.c (io_fread)

use rb_str_locktmp_ensure(). [ruby-core:56121] [Bug #8669]


add a test for above.

Sun Jul 28 13:04:39 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

io.c (interpret_seek_whence)

support SEEK_DATA and SEEK_HOLE. These are whences for lseek(2) supported by Linux since version 3.1. [ruby-core:56123] [Feature #8671]


Add tests for above.

Sun Jul 28 12:41:39 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (absint_numwords_generic)

The char_bit variable changed to static constant.

Sun Jul 28 12:03:23 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


Constify bary_* functions.

Sun Jul 28 11:12:07 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

include/ruby/intern.h (rb_absint_size)

Declaration moved from internal.h to calculate required buffer size to pack integers.




Ditto. [ruby-core:42813] [Feature #6065]

Sun Jul 28 10:54:26 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/win32.c (rb_w32_pipe)

fix pipe name formatting. as “%x” may not contain '0' at all, fill at fixed position instead.

Sun Jul 28 00:35:14 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (rb_big_size)

Return the bignum “bytewise” size. [ruby-core:55578] [Feature #8553] This is accepted by matz on DevelopersMeeting20130727Japan.

Sun Jul 28 00:07:48 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

include/ruby/intern.h (rb_integer_pack)

Declaration moved from internal.h.


Ditto. [ruby-core:42813] [Feature #6065]


Fri Jul 26 23:18:13 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>


Add a new feature that REXML::Parsers::StreamParser supports “entity” event.

Fri Jul 26 23:14:31 2013 Kouhei Sutou <>

lib/rexml/parsers/streamparser.rb (REXML::Parsers::StreamParser#parse)

Add “entity” event support to listener. [Bug #8689] [ruby-dev:47542] Reported by Ippei Obayashi.

test/rexml/test_stream.rb (StreamTester#entity)

Add a test for the above case.

Fri Jul 26 23:05:27 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

parse.y (parser_yylex)

separate numeric literal from succeeding token, and treat 'e' as floating point number only if followed by exponent part.

Fri Jul 26 22:14:10 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


surround with do/while (0), and remove unnecessary casts.

Fri Jul 26 20:12:07 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>

ext/syslog/lib/syslog/logger.rb (Syslog::Logger)

Add facility to Syslog::Logger. [Fixes GH-305] patch by Max Shytikov

Fri Jul 26 19:25:17 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_exec.h, tool/instruction.rb

not an error, but a BUG if stack overflow checking failed just before/after the beginning of an instruction. It should be treated as a BUG. Please tell us if your code cause BUG with this problem. This check will removed soon (for performance).

Fri Jul 26 18:30:14 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

array.c (ary_memcpy)

cast to int to suppress a warning.

Fri Jul 26 18:21:58 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

array.c (ary_memcpy)

try to enable optimization. At least on my environments, I don't see any errors with many trials. Please tell us if you find any GC bugs.

Fri Jul 26 17:49:26 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/file.c (fix_string_encoding)

fix target encoding. the parameter `encoding' is not the target encoding but the original encoding.

Fri Jul 26 14:05:19 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] More doc on dlopen and RTLD_DEFAULT from r42184

Fri Jul 26 13:08:53 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Document Fiddle#dlopen


[DOC] Document

Fri Jul 26 13:04:15 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

load.c (rb_load_internal)

use rb_load_file_str() to keep path encoding.

load.c (rb_require_safe)

search in OS path encoding for Windows.

ruby.c (rb_load_file_str)

load file with keeping path encoding.

win32/file.c (rb_file_load_ok)

use WCHAR type API assuming incoming path is encoded in UTF-8. [ruby-core:56136] [Bug #8676]

file.c (rb_str_encode_ospath)

simplify using rb_str_conv_enc().

win32/file.c (fix_string_encoding)

simplify with rb_str_conv_enc().

win32/file.c (convert_mb_to_wchar)

use bare pointer instead of VALUE, and remove useless argument.

Fri Jul 26 11:42:07 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

rational.c (f_round_common)

Rational is expected to be returned by Rational#*, but mathn.rb breaks that assumption. [ruby-core:56177] [Bug #8687]

Fri Jul 26 01:37:45 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>



Fri Jul 26 01:21:41 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>

file.c (rb_file_expand_path_internal)

fix r42160; skip '~'.


Thu Jul 25 17:53:18 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>

lib/net/http.rb (Net::HTTP#connect)

disable Nagle's algorithm on HTTP connection. [ruby-core:56158] [Feature #8681]

Thu Jul 25 17:49:42 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>

re.c (rb_reg_to_s)

convert closing parenthesis to the target encoding if it is ASCII incompatible encoding. [ruby-core:56063] [Bug #8650]

Thu Jul 25 17:21:21 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

encoding.c (is_obj_encoding)

new macro to check if obj is an Encoding. obj can be any type while is_data_encoding expects T_DATA only.

Thu Jul 25 17:17:52 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

file.c (rb_file_expand_path_internal)

should clear coderange after copying user name as binary data.

Thu Jul 25 16:17:55 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

encoding.c (check_encoding)

Check T_DATA or not. is_data_encoding(obj) assumes that `obj' is T_DATA.

Thu Jul 25 13:06:46 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

dir.c (dir_s_home)

use rb_home_dir_of and rb_default_home_dir.

file.c (rb_home_dir_of)

split from rb_home_dir() for the home directry of the given user, and the user name is a VALUE, not a bare pointer. should raise if the user does not exist.

file.c (rb_default_home_dir)

split from rb_home_dir() for the home directry of the current user.

Thu Jul 25 12:32:11 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


support additional three thread synchronization functions. [ruby-trunk - Bug #8386]

Thu Jul 25 07:15:58 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Import RubyGems from master as of commit 4ff70cc




Wed Jul 24 20:57:44 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

compile.c (iseq_set_arguments)

use RARRAY_RAWPTR() instead of RARRAY_PTR() because there is no new reference.

compile.c (iseq_set_exception_table)


Wed Jul 24 19:49:54 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>

lib/uri/generic.rb (find_proxy)

raise BadURIError if the URI is a relative URI. [Bug #8645]

Wed Jul 24 18:56:06 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_expandarray)

use RARRAY_RAWPTR() instead of RARRAY_PTR() because there is no new reference.

vm_insnhelper.c (vm_caller_setup_args)


vm_insnhelper.c (vm_yield_setup_block_args)


Wed Jul 24 18:40:11 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

array.c, gc.c

move ary_unprotect_logging() into rb_gc_unprotect_logging() which is general version



Wed Jul 24 17:37:50 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

file.c (rb_file_expand_path_internal)

preserve the file name encoding in an exception message.

Wed Jul 24 08:04:49 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add GC on/off to count GC events strictly.


Tue Jul 23 23:19:24 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>

ext/openssl/extconf.rb (CRYPTO_THREADID)

check exist or not.

ext/openssl/ossl.c (ossl_thread_id)

use rb_nativethread_self() implemented at r42137 to allow threads which doesn't associated with Ruby thread to use openssl functions.

ext/openssl/ossl.c (Init_ossl_locks)


(OpenSSL 1.0.0 or later has it) use CRYPTO_THREADID_set_callback() instead of CRYPTO_set_id_callback() because its argument is unsigned long; it may cause id collision on mswin64 whose sizeof(unsigned long) < sizeof(void*). http


ext/openssl/ossl.c (ossl_threadid_func)

defined for above.

Tue Jul 23 20:47:36 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


Move functions.

Tue Jul 23 20:14:55 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bary_divmod)

Add special cases for x < y easily detected and nx == 2 && ny == 2.

Tue Jul 23 19:48:38 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


rename rb_thread_cond_t to rb_nativethread_cond_t.

thread.c, thread_pthread.c, thread_win32.c, vm_core.h

catch up renaming.

Tue Jul 23 19:44:32 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add rb_nativethread_self() which returns current running native thread identifier.


implement rb_nativethread_self().

Tue Jul 23 19:34:11 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

thread_pthread.h, thread_win32.h

rename rb_thread_id_t to rb_nativethread_id_t.

thread_pthread.c, vm_core.h

use rb_nativethread_id_t.

Tue Jul 23 18:56:11 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


use system native (system provided) thread locking APIs added by last commit. This patch fixes [Bug #8386]. “rb_mutex_*” APIs control only “Ruby” threads. Not for native threads.

Tue Jul 23 18:44:15 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


added. Move native thread related lines from vm_core.h. And declare several functions “rb_nativethread_lock_*”, manipulate locking.

add thread_native.h.


add functions “rb_nativethread_lock_*”.

thread.c, thread_.[ch]

rename rb_thread_lock_t to rb_nativethread_lock_t to make it clear that this lock is for native threads, not for ruby threads.

Tue Jul 23 16:14:57 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_before_sweep)

fix spacing.

Tue Jul 23 15:57:11 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (heap_get_freeobj)

clear slot->freelist here. This means that this slot doesn't have any free objects. And store this slot with objspace->heap.using_slot.

gc.c (gc_before_sweep)

restore objspace->freelist into objspace->heap.using_slot->freelist. This means that using_slot has free objects which are pointed from objspace->freelist.

gc.c (gc_slot_sweep)

do not need to clear slot->freelist.

Tue Jul 23 09:34:49 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] migrate DRb sample READMEs to rdoc

Tue Jul 23 09:28:05 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] nodoc InvokeMethod18Mixin

Tue Jul 23 08:44:37 2013 Eric Hodel <>

ext/openssl/ossl_asn1.c (asn1time_to_time)

Implement YYMMDDhhmmZ format for ASN.1 UTCTime. [ruby-trunk - Bug #8664]


Test for the above.

Tue Jul 23 08:11:32 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Fix examples in REXML::StreamListener#entitydecl patch by Ippei Obayashi [Bug #8665]

Tue Jul 23 07:44:59 2013 Eric Hodel <>


Import RubyGems from master as of commit b165260



Tue Jul 23 07:14:31 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bary_mulsub_1xN)

New function.


Use bary_mulsub_1xN.

Tue Jul 23 03:32:23 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


New macro.






Relax a condition.









Tue Jul 23 01:34:45 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bigdivrem_mulsub)

Extracted from bigdivrem1.


Use bary_add.


Mon Jul 22 18:39:52 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

string.c (rb_str_enumerate_chars)

specify array capa with str_strlen().

string.c (rb_str_enumerate_codepoints)


Mon Jul 22 18:01:33 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

string.c (rb_str_enumerate_chars)

specify array capa.

Mon Jul 22 17:24:14 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

string.c (rb_str_each_char_size)

performance improvement by using rb_str_length().

Mon Jul 22 16:32:48 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_eval.c (eval_string_with_cref)

check by Check_TypedStruct instead of rb_obj_is_kind_of.

Mon Jul 22 13:19:22 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

array.c (ary_resize_capa)

use RARRAY_RAWPTR() because this code creates no new references.

Mon Jul 22 12:58:18 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

array.c (ary_memfill)


array.c (rb_ary_initialize)

use ary_memfill().

array.c (rb_ary_fill)


array.c (rb_ary_slice_bang)

use RARRAY_RAWPTR() because this code creates no new references.

Mon Jul 22 10:09:46 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (gc_slot_sweep)

need to add empty RVALUE as freeobj.

Mon Jul 22 09:48:31 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

vm_eval.c (eval_string_with_cref)

use the given file name unless eval even if scope is given. additional fix for [Bug #8436]. based on the patch by srawlins at [ruby-core:56099] [Bug #8662].

Mon Jul 22 09:24:19 2013 Kouji Takao <>

ext/readline/readline.c (Init_readline)

added Readline.delete_text. [ruby-dev:45789] [Feature #6626]


check for rl_delete_text() in Readline library. Thanks, Nobuyoshi Nakada, for the patch.

Mon Jul 22 03:15:54 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/date/date_parse.c (rfc2822_cb)

check if wday is given, since it can be omitted.

Mon Jul 22 00:15:20 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bary_sq_fast)

Refine expressions.


Sun Jul 21 21:08:59 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bary_mul)

Use simple multiplication if yl is small.


Invoke bigsq instead of bigmul0.




Invoke bigsq if two arguments are identical.

Sun Jul 21 09:58:19 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bary_mul_toom3)

New function based on bigmul1_toom3.


Call bary_mul_toom3.











Sun Jul 21 08:12:16 2013 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

proc.c (proc_to_s)

use PRIsVALUE to preserve the result encoding.

Sun Jul 21 03:36:18 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>

hash.c (rb_hash_flatten)

use NUM2INT to raise TypeError on 32bit platform. it's introduced by r42039

Sun Jul 21 01:07:45 2013 Benoit Daloze <> (help)

Fix environment variable name and argument. Actually it can also be a directory or any argument for test/unit runner. [Fixes GH-363]


Sat Jul 20 22:44:50 2013 Zachary Scott <>

Document running a single test [Fixes GH-363] Patch by Avdi Grimm

Sat Jul 20 22:39:56 2013 Zachary Scott <>


whitespace patch by Sergio Campama [Fixes GH-364]

Sat Jul 20 22:33:13 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Fix typo in example [Fixes GH-365] Patch by Juanito Fatas

Sat Jul 20 17:46:03 2013 NARUSE, Yui <>

string.c (rb_str_succ)

add missing case NEIGHBOR_WRAPPED. r42078 caused buggy behavior like “xFF”.b -> “x01xFF”.b

Sat Jul 20 15:22:38 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

array.c (rb_ary_resize)

use simple memcpy because there are no new references.

Sat Jul 20 15:02:51 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

safe.c (ruby_safe_level_4_warning)

define for old extension libraries. [Bug #8652]

Sat Jul 20 14:38:00 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

array.c (ary_make_shared)

make shared array shady. Making non-shady shared array causes SEGV (see rubyci). It seems a bug around shared array.

Sat Jul 20 12:14:07 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (enc_succ_char, enc_pred_char)

consider wchar case. [ruby-core:56071] [Bug #8653]

string.c (rb_str_succ)

do not replace with invalid char.

encoding.c (rb_enc_code_to_mbclen)

add new function which returns mbclen from codepoint like as rb_enc_codelen() but 0 for invalid char.

include/ruby/encoding.h (rb_enc_code_to_mbclen)

declaration and shortcut macro.


Fri Jul 19 21:59:12 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


declare type_name() at the beginning of file.

Fri Jul 19 21:35:09 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


reduce shady operations.

array.c (rb_ary_modify, ary_make_partial, rb_ary_splice, rb_ary_replace, rb_ary_eql, rb_ary_compact_bang)

use RARRAY_RAWPTR() instead of RARRAY_PTR().

array.c (rb_ary_shift)

use RARRAY_PTR_USE() without WB because there are not new relations.

array.c (ary_ensure_room_for_unshift)


array.c (rb_ary_sort_bang)


array.c (rb_ary_delete_at)


array.c (rb_ary_reverse_m)

use RARRAY_RAWPTR() because there are not new relations.

Fri Jul 19 20:58:20 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


reduce shade operations.

array.c (rb_ary_modify)


array.c (ary_make_substitution, rb_ary_s_create, ary_make_partial, rb_ary_splice, rb_ary_resize, rb_ary_rotate_m, rb_ary_times)

use ary_memcpy().

Fri Jul 19 19:55:28 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

array.c (ary_mem_clear)

added. This operation doesn't need WB because this operation creates a reference to Qnil.

array.c (ary_make_shared, rb_ary_store, rb_ary_shift_m, rb_ary_splice, rb_ary_resize, rb_ary_fill)

use ary_mem_clear() instead of rb_mem_clear().

array.c (ary_make_shared)

use RARRAY_RAWPTR() instead of RARRAY_PTR().

Fri Jul 19 19:18:51 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


fix commit miss. RGENGC_UNPROTECT_LOGGING should be 0.

Fri Jul 19 19:15:30 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

array.c (rb_ary_resurrect)

use RARRAY_RAWPTR() because there is no writing.

array.c (rb_ary_new_from_values)

use ary_memcpy().

Fri Jul 19 19:07:31 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

array.c (ary_memcpy)

add a function to copy VALUEs into ary with write barrier. If ary is promoted, use write barrier correctly.

array.c (rb_ary_cat, rb_ary_unshift_m, rb_ary_dup, rb_ary_sort_bang, rb_ary_replace, rb_ary_plus)

use ary_memcpy().

Fri Jul 19 15:32:57 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

array.c (rb_ary_store)

use RARRAY_PTR_USE() instead of RARRAY_PTR(). Clearing memory space doesn't need WBs.

Fri Jul 19 15:19:37 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

array.c (ary_ensure_room_for_push)

use RARRAY_RAWPTR() instead of RARRAY_PTR. In this code, there are no “write” operation.

array.c (rb_ary_equal)


array.c (recursive_equal)


Fri Jul 19 15:09:22 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c, internal.h (rb_gc_writebarrier_remember_promoted)

add a new function to remember an specified object. This api is only experimental (strongly depend on WB/rgengc strategy).

Fri Jul 19 14:56:00 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

array.c (ary_unprotect_logging)

use (void *) for first parameter because VALUE is not defined before including ruby/ruby.h.

Fri Jul 19 14:19:48 2013 Kazuki Tsujimoto <>

ext/pathname/pathname.c (path_inspect)

use PRIsVALUE to preserve the result encoding.

Fri Jul 19 12:35:41 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

test/socket/test_tcp.rb (test_initialize_failure)

Use EADDRNOTAVAIL to test an error message generated by bind() failure.

Fri Jul 19 11:27:38 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Capitalize “Ruby” in documentation Patch by Dave Worth

Fri Jul 19 11:26:28 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Capitalize “Ruby” in documentation Patch by Dave Worth

Fri Jul 19 11:25:12 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Capitalize “Ruby” in documentation Patch by Dave Worth

Fri Jul 19 11:23:55 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Capitalize “Ruby” in documentation Patch by Dave Worth

Fri Jul 19 11:16:54 2013 Akinori MUSHA <>

lib/set.rb (Set#to_set)

Define Set#to_set so that Set#to_set returns self. [Fixes GH-359]

Fri Jul 19 11:10:23 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Capitalize “Ruby” in documentation Patch by Dave Worth

Fri Jul 19 01:04:14 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


Renamed from ext/-test-/bignum/pack.c.


Renamed from Init_pack. Reported by Naohisa Goto. [ruby-dev:47526] [Bug #8655]

Fri Jul 19 00:54:27 2013 Benoit Daloze <>

test/ruby/test_array.rb (test_count)

add a test case for count with an argument. See Bug #8654.


Thu Jul 18 23:45:06 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_ary_eql)

compare RARRAY_PTR() for performance improvement in case of that self and other are shared.

Thu Jul 18 22:46:42 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] Capitalize “Ruby” in documentation [Fixes GH-341] Patch by Dave Worth































Thu Jul 18 21:30:50 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bary_sq_fast)

Specialize the last iteration of the outer loop.


A condition simplified.

Thu Jul 18 21:15:41 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_ary_equal)

compare RARRAY_PTR() for performance improvement in case of that self and other are shared.

Thu Jul 18 20:44:51 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_ary_fill)

use memfill().

Thu Jul 18 20:35:14 2013 Benoit Daloze <>

array.c (rb_ary_count)

check length to avoid SEGV while iterating. Remove other pointer loop when arg is given.

test/ruby/test_array.rb (test_count)

add test for bug. [ruby-core:56072] [Bug #8654]

Thu Jul 18 18:14:36 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

array.c (rb_ary_count)

iterate items appropriately. [Bug #8654]

Thu Jul 18 17:35:41 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

hash.c (rb_hash_flatten)

performance improvement by not using rb_hash_to_a() to avoid array creation with rb_assoc_new().

Thu Jul 18 16:16:17 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


add logging feature for RGenGC's write barrier unprotect event.

Thu Jul 18 15:45:47 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (RUBY_SAFE_LEVEL_CHECK)

make only rb_set_safe_level(4) an error always but make rb_secure(4) an error only in the core. [ruby-dev:47517] [Bug #8652]

Thu Jul 18 15:42:01 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


fix spell miss.

Thu Jul 18 15:11:11 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

include/ruby/ruby.h (ruby_safe_level_4)

get rid of special character. [ruby-dev:47512] [misc #8646]

Thu Jul 18 14:51:39 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

array.c (ary_alloc)

slim setup process.

Thu Jul 18 14:37:57 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

string.c (str_alloc)

no need to clear RString (already cleared).

Thu Jul 18 12:57:47 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (BDIGITS_ZERO)


























Thu Jul 18 06:30:02 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


rename gc related functions with prefix “gc_”. * before_gc_sweep() -> gc_before_sweep(). * after_gc_sweep() -> gc_after_sweep(). * lazy_sweep() -> gc_lazy_sweep(). * rest_sweep() -> gc_rest_sweep(). * slot_sweep() -> gc_slot_sweep().


rename a heap management function with prefix “heap_”. * get_freeobj() -> heap_get_freeobj().


rename markable_object_p() to is_markable_object().


Wed Jul 17 22:57:40 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

hash.c (delete_if_i)


Wed Jul 17 22:34:47 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


An static assertion for relation of SIZEOF_LONG and SIZEOF_BDIGITS is added.


Reduce comparisons.


Invoke bary_sq_fast or bary_mul1 if the bignum size is small.


Resize the argument bignum here.


Don't call bigtrunc after bigfixize.

Wed Jul 17 22:13:26 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

hash.c (rb_hash_replace)

performance improvement by using st_copy().

Wed Jul 17 17:19:54 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


rename heap management functions with prefix “heap_”. * allocate_sorted_array() -> heap_allocate_sorted_array(). * slot_add_freeobj() -> heap_slot_add_freeobj(). * assign_heap_slot() -> heap_assign_slot(). * add_heap_slots() -> heap_add_slots(). * init_heap() -> heap_init(). * set_heap_increment() -> heap_set_increment().

gc.c (initial_expand_heap)

inlined in rb_gc_set_params().

Wed Jul 17 17:12:23 2013 Matthew M. Boedicker <>

hash.c (env_fetch)

Add key name to message on ENV.fetch KeyError, as well as Hash#fetch. [ruby-core:56062] [Feature #8649]

Wed Jul 17 15:59:33 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


catch up last changes for debugging/checking mode.

Wed Jul 17 15:50:10 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (rb_objspace_free)

free slot itself.

gc.c (objspace_each_objects)

fix condition. Use slot->body instead of slot.

gc.c (count_objects)

use “slot” variable.

Wed Jul 17 15:21:10 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (unlink_heap_slot)

fix memory leak. free slot itself at free_heap_slot(). Reproduce-able code is here: N1 = 100_000; N2 = 1_000_000 N1.times{ary = []; N2.times{ary << ''}} Maybe this problem is remaining in Ruby 2.0.0.

gc.c (unlink_heap_slot)

remove not working code.

Wed Jul 17 14:31:13 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


re-design the heap structure.

(1) The heap is consists of a set of slots. (2) Each “slot” has a “slot_body”. slot

:start and slot::limit specify RVALUE beginning address and number of RVALUE in a “slot_body”.

(3) “slot_body” contains a pointer to slot (slot_body

:header::slot) and an array of RVALUE.

(4) heap

:sorted is an array of “slots”, sorted by an address of slot::body. See for more details (figure).


Avoid “heaps” terminology. It is ambiguous.

Wed Jul 17 13:29:16 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


fix heaps_header and heaps_slot to reduce memory consumption.

(1) move heaps_header

:start and limit to heaps_slot.

(2) remove heaps_header

:end which can be calculated by start+limit.


catch up above change.

Wed Jul 17 12:30:05 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

include/ruby/st.h (st_strcasecmp)

Macro defined for compatibility.



Wed Jul 17 11:57:45 2013 Takeyuki FUJIOKA <>

lib/cgi/util.rb (CGI::Util#escape, unescape)

Avoid use of regexp special global variable. [Feature #8648] Thanks to fotos.

Wed Jul 17 11:57:10 2013 Takeyuki FUJIOKA <>

lib/erb.rb (ERB::Util#url_encode)

Avoid use of regexp special global variable. [Feature #8648] Thanks to fotos.

Wed Jul 17 08:12:41 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

st.c (st_locale_insensitive_strcasecmp)

Renamed from st_strcasecmp.


Renamed from st_strncasecmp.


Follow above changes.



Wed Jul 17 00:14:59 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bigmul1_toom3)

Use bigdivrem_single instead of bigdivrem.




Don't initialize big_three.


Tue Jul 16 21:46:03 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

revert r42008. strcasecmp() uses the current locale.



st.c (st_strcasecmp)


Tue Jul 16 21:07:04 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

check strcasecmp().


use strcasecmp() as st_strcasecmp() if it exists.

st.c (st_strcasecmp)

define the function only if strcasecmp() doesn't exist.

Tue Jul 16 20:21:28 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bigsq)

Renamed from bigsqr.

Tue Jul 16 19:42:08 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (USHORT)

Unused macro removed.

Tue Jul 16 19:18:51 2013 Koichi Sasada <>


slim a path of newobj_of().

gc.c (objspace)

add a new field objspace::freelist, which contains available RVALUEs.

gc.c (newobj_of)

simply call new function `get_freeobj()'. get_freeobj() returns objspace::freelist. If objspace::freelist is not available, refill objspace::freelist with a slot pointed by objspace::heap::free_slots.

gc.c (before_gc_sweep)

clear objspace::freelist.

gc.c (slot_sweep)

clear slot::freelist.

gc.c (heaps_prepare_freeslot)

renamed to heaps_prepare_freeslot.

gc.c (unlink_free_heap_slot)

remove unused function.

gc.c (rb_free_const_table)

remove unused function.

Tue Jul 16 19:05:12 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (big_shift3)

Big shift width is not a problem for right shift.

Tue Jul 16 18:50:08 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

array.c (rb_ary_count)

[DOC] fix typo. Array#count uses ==, not ===. a question at asakusa.rb ML.

Tue Jul 16 18:35:48 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bary_mul_karatsuba)

Avoid duplicate calculation when squaring.



Tue Jul 16 17:43:22 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (link_free_heap_slot)


gc.c (slot_sweep)

use `heaps_add_freeslot' instead of `link_free_heap_slot'.

gc.c (assign_heap_slot)

use local variable `slot' instead of `heaps'.

Tue Jul 16 17:21:39 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (assign_heap_slot)

refactoring variable names.

gc.c (slot_add_freeobj)


gc.c (heaps_add_freeslot)


gc.c (finalize_list, rb_gc_force_recycle, slot_sweep)

use `slot_add_freeobj' instead of modifying linked list directly.

Tue Jul 16 16:30:58 2013 Koichi Sasada <>

gc.c (lazy_sweep)


Tue Jul 16 13:32:06 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

encoding.c (enc_set_index)

since r41967, old terminator is dealt with in str_fill_term(). should not consider it here because this function is called before any encoding is set.

Tue Jul 16 11:12:03 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

proc.c (rb_block_arity)

raise ArgumentError if no block given.

Tue Jul 16 08:15:22 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] document top-level classes from BigDecimal utils native extensions

Tue Jul 16 03:23:03 2013 Zachary Scott <>


[DOC] improve rdoc formatting for parameters and links


Mon Jul 15 14:40:00 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

include/ruby/intern.h (rb_big2str0)


bignum.c (rb_big2str1)

Renamed from rb_big2str0.


Deprecated wrapper for rb_big2str1.


Invoke rb_big2str1 instead of rb_big2str0.

Mon Jul 15 14:13:02 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

struct.c (rb_struct_each_pair)

use rb_yield_values(2, key, value) instead of rb_yield(rb_assoc_new(key, value)) if rb_block_arity() is greater than 1.

Mon Jul 15 13:46:26 2013 Tanaka Akira <>


Add static assertions.

Mon Jul 15 13:36:02 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

hash.c (rb_hash_each_pair)

performance improvement by using rb_block_arity().

Mon Jul 15 13:15:37 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

proc.c (rb_block_arity)

create internal API rb_block_arity(). it returns arity of given block.

Mon Jul 15 13:07:27 2013 Yuki Yugui Sonoda <>

lib/prime.rb (Prime::EratosthenesGenerator, Prime::EratosthenesSieve)

New implementation by robertjlooby <robertjlooby AT>.


updated with new method name

Mon Jul 15 11:32:46 2013 Zachary Scott <>

numeric.c (rb_cNumeric)

[DOC] Added comment for Numeric to fix doc

Mon Jul 15 11:24:48 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (maxpow_in_bdigit_dbl)

Useless if removed.

Mon Jul 15 11:10:46 2013 Zachary Scott <>

bignum.c (rb_big_coerce)

[DOC] Add docs for Bignum#coerce Based on patch by Juanito Fatas [Fixes GH-360]

Mon Jul 15 10:56:01 2013 Zachary Scott <>

thread.c (mutex_sleep)

[DOC] Awake thread will reacquire lock By Tim Abdulla [Fixes GH-342]

Mon Jul 15 10:45:09 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (nlz16)

Use __builtin_clz if possible.


Use __builtin_clz or __builtin_clzl if possible.


Use __builtin_clzl or __builtin_clzll if possible.


Use __builtin_clzll if possible.

Check __builtin_clz, __builtin_clzl and __builtin_clzll.

Mon Jul 15 09:39:07 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (power_cache_get_power)

Use bitsize instead of ceil_log2.








Removed. (__builtin_popcountl)

Don't check.

Mon Jul 15 02:47:09 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

localeinit.c (rb_locale_charmap, Init_enc_set_filesystem_encoding)

move from encoding.c.

miniinit.c (rb_locale_charmap, Init_enc_set_filesystem_encoding)

define miniruby specific functions only.

Mon Jul 15 02:32:58 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

encoding.c (rb_enc_init)

no longer needs NO_PRESERVED_ENCODING.

encoding.c (enc_inspect)

defer loading autoloaded encoding.

encoding.c (enc_check_encoding)

use is_data_encoding() to check type consistently.

encoding.c (must_encoding)

return rb_encoding* instead of encoding index.

encoding.c (enc_check_encoding)

use is_data_encoding() to check type consistently.

encoding.c (must_encoding)

return rb_encoding* instead of encoding index.

Mon Jul 15 02:21:39 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

string.c (str_fill_term)

consider old terminator length, and should not use rb_enc_ascget since it depends on the current encoding which may not be compatible with the new terminator. [Bug #8634]

encoding.c (enc_inspect)

use PRIsVALUE to preserve the result encoding.


Sun Jul 14 23:21:47 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

Check __builtin_popcountl, __builtin_bswap32 and __builtin_bswap64.

internal.h (swap32)

Use the configure result for the condition to use __builtin_bswap32.


Use the configure result for the condition to use __builtin_bswap64.

bignum.c (ones)

Use the configure result for the condition to use __builtin_popcountl.


Use appropriate types for swap argument.

Sun Jul 14 22:21:11 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bary_subb)

Support xn < yn.




Don't compare before subtraction. Just subtract and get the two's complement if the subtraction causes a borrow.

Sun Jul 14 00:36:03 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (DIGSPERLONG)

Unused macro removed.



Sun Jul 14 00:32:51 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (rb_big_aref)

Less scan when the number is negative.

Sun Jul 14 00:17:42 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (big_shift)

Avoid signed integer overflow.

Sun Jul 14 00:14:15 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bary_mul_precheck)

Use bary_small_lshift or bary_mul_normal if xl is 1.


Sat Jul 13 22:58:16 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (big_shift3)

New function. big_lshift and big_rshift are merged.


New function.


Use big_shift3.






Use big_shift2 and big_shift3.







Sat Jul 13 15:51:38 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bary_small_lshift)

Use size_t instead of long.



Sat Jul 13 15:33:33 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (bary_small_lshift)

Functions moved to remove declaration.



Sat Jul 13 12:27:34 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

encoding.c (rb_enc_associate_index)

fill new terminator length, not old one.

Sat Jul 13 12:24:24 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>


move from ext/dl and ext/fiddle. since ext/extmk.rb builds extensions in alphabetical order, compiled?('fiddle') under ext/dl makes no sense.

Sat Jul 13 09:26:09 2013 Tanaka Akira <>

bignum.c (biglsh_bang)





Use bary_small_lshift and bary_small_rshift.

Sat Jul 13 01:04:43 2013 Zachary Scott <>


Ignore Psych docs here


Fri Jul 12 18:10:46 2013 NAKAMURA Usaku <>

ext/fiddle/win32/lib/win32/registry.rb (Win32::Registry::API#make_wstr)

same as r41922.

Fri Jul 12 16:28:37 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

encoding.c (rb_enc_associate_index)

refill the terminator if it becomes longer than before. [ruby-dev:47500] [Bug #8624]

string.c (str_null_char, str_fill_term)

get rid of out of bound access.

string.c (rb_str_fill_terminator)

add a parameter for the length of new terminator.

Fri Jul 12 11:26:25 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

hash.c (rb_hash_reject_bang)

do not call rb_hash_foreach() if RHash has ntbl and it is empty.

Fri Jul 12 11:17:41 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

hash.c (recursive_hash)

use RHASH_SIZE() to check hash size.

Fri Jul 12 00:20:00 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

hash.c (rb_hash_size)


Fri Jul 12 00:08:24 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

hash.c (rb_hash_values)

set array capa to RHASH_SIZE().


Thu Jul 11 23:54:45 2013 Masaki Matsushita <>

hash.c (rb_hash_keys)

set array capa to RHASH_SIZE().

Thu Jul 11 21:30:17 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

win32/win32.c (rb_w32_pow)

undef pow to get rid of infinite recursive call. re-fix [Bug #8495]. [ruby-core:55923] [Bug #8621]

Thu Jul 11 20:18:13 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>

ext/dl/win32/lib/win32/registry.rb (Win32::Registry::API#make_wstr)

remove workaround to append WCHAR terminator.

transcode.c (str_encode_associate)

fill terminator after conversion.

string.c (rb_enc_str_new, rb_str_set_len, rb_str_resize)

fill minimum length of the encoding as the terminator.

string.c (str_buf_cat, rb_str_buf_append, rb_str_splice_0)


string.c (str_make_independent_expand, rb_str_modify_expand)

make the capacity enough for multi-byte terminator.

string.c (rb_string_value_cstr)

fill minimum length of the encoding as the terminator.

string.c (rb_string_value_cstr)

check null char in char, not in byte.

Thu Jul 11 14:48:35 2013 Zachary Scott <>


Replace confusing example for reverse_each in overview Patch by Earl St Sauver [Fixes documenting-ruby/ruby-12]

Thu Jul 11 14:22:37 2013 Zachary Scott <>


Use localhost for drb tests [Bug #7311] Patch by Vit Ondruch [ruby-core:49101]





Thu Jul 11 13:48:03 2013 Zachary Scott <>


Fix typo patch by @hynkle [Fixes GH-357]

Thu Jul 11 13:00:34 2013 Zachary Scott <>


Refactor conditions by Rafal Chmiel [Fixes GH-326]

Thu Jul 11 12:04:47 2013 Tanaka Akira <>