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instance method Kernel#convertible_int

convertible_int(type, headers = nil, opts = nil)[permalink][rdoc] [added by mkmf]
convertible_int(type, headers = nil, opts = nil) { ... } [added by mkmf]
Returns the convertible integer type of the given +type+.  You may
optionally specify additional +headers+ to search in for the +type+.
_Convertible_ means actually same type, or typedefed from same type.

If the +type+ is a integer type and _convertible_ type is found,
following macros are passed as preprocessor constants to the
compiler using the +type+ name, in uppercase.

* 'TYPEOF_', followed by the +type+ name, followed by '=X' where 'X'
  is the found _convertible_ type name.  * 'TYP2NUM' and 'NUM2TYP,
  where 'TYP' is the +type+ name in uppercase with replacing '_t'
  suffix with 'T', followed by '=X' where 'X' is the macro name to
  convert +type+ to +Integer+ object, and vice versa.

For example, if foobar_t is defined as unsigned long, then
convertible_int("foobar_t") would return "unsigned long", and define

  #define TYPEOF_FOOBAR_T unsigned long