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singleton method

new(host=nil, path=nil, port=nil, proxy_host=nil, proxy_port=nil, user=nil, password=nil, use_ssl=false, timeout =nil)[permalink][rdoc]

Creates an object which represents the remote XML-RPC server on the given host host. If the server is CGI-based, path is the path to the CGI-script, which will be called, otherwise (in the case of a standalone server) path should be "/RPC2". port is the port on which the XML-RPC server listens. If proxy_host is given, then a proxy server listening at proxy_host is used. proxy_port is the port of the proxy server.

Default values for host, path and port are 'localhost', '/RPC2' and '80' respectively using SSL '443'.

If user and password are given, each time a request is send, a Authorization header is send. Currently only Basic Authentification is implemented no Digest.

If use_ssl is set to true, comunication over SSL is enabled. Note, that you need the SSL package from RAA installed.

Parameter timeout is the time to wait for a XML-RPC response, defaults to 30.