class Net::IMAP::BodyTypeText

Net::IMAP::BodyTypeText represents TEXT body structures of messages.



Returns the size of the body in text lines.

And Net::IMAP::BodyTypeText has all fields of Net::IMAP::BodyTypeBasic.

Public Instance Methods

media_subtype() click to toggle source

Obsolete: use subtype instead. Calling this will generate a warning message to stderr, then return the value of subtype.

# File lib/net/imap.rb, line 2004
def media_subtype
  $stderr.printf("warning: media_subtype is obsolete.\n")
  $stderr.printf("         use subtype instead.\n")
  return subtype
multipart?() click to toggle source
# File lib/net/imap.rb, line 1997
def multipart?
  return false