class Gem::Resolver::Molinillo::CircularDependencyError

An error caused by attempting to fulfil a dependency that was circular

@note This exception will be thrown iff a {Vertex} is added to a

{DependencyGraph} that has a {DependencyGraph::Vertex#path_to?} an
existing {DependencyGraph::Vertex}



the dependencies responsible for causing the error

Public Class Methods

new(nodes) click to toggle source

Initializes a new error with the given circular vertices. @param [Array<DependencyGraph::Vertex>] nodes the nodes in the dependency

that caused the error
Calls superclass method Exception::new
# File lib/rubygems/resolver/molinillo/lib/molinillo/errors.rb, line 46
def initialize(nodes)
  super "There is a circular dependency between #{' and ')}"
  @dependencies =