class IRB::Notifier::LeveledNotifier

A leveled notifier is comparable to the composite group from CompositeNotifier#notifiers.



The current level of this notifier object

Public Class Methods

new(base, level, prefix) click to toggle source

Create a new leveled notifier with the given base, and prefix to send to

The given level is used to compare other leveled notifiers in the CompositeNotifier group to determine whether or not to output notifications.

Calls superclass method IRB::Notifier::AbstractNotifier::new
# File lib/irb/notifier.rb, line 186
def initialize(base, level, prefix)
  super(prefix, base)

  @level = level

Public Instance Methods

<=>(other) click to toggle source

Compares the level of this notifier object with the given other notifier.

See the Comparable module for more information.

# File lib/irb/notifier.rb, line 199
def <=>(other)
  @level <=> other.level
notify?() click to toggle source

Whether to output messages to the output method, depending on the level of this notifier object.

# File lib/irb/notifier.rb, line 205
def notify?
  @base_notifier.level >= self